Graduation Messages for My Son from Mother or Father

Graduation Messages for My Son (from Mother or Father)

Having a son who’s graduating, gives another level of pride and happiness entirely. The fact that you can boast about having a graduate as a son, is the real deal.

The fact that the days of spending too much money finally come to an end or watching him move to the next level gives some level of peace. You just think it over again, and you’re thankful for all you did, especially if your son has always been the best.

If it’s your son’s graduation, and you just want to make his day colourful, then you’re on the right page, and you’re reading the right content.

The graduation messages for my son (from Mother or Father) below are just the best. Whether you’re a father or mother, you can send any of them. And trust me, whichever you choose to send, is just fine. Your son will feel proud and happy over again, for having you.

Happy Graduation Messages from Parents to Son

As proud parents, it gives us so much joy to celebrate you on this great milestone. It’s a huge thing to finish school, and we’re so proud of how you held yourself through it all. Happy graduation, dear son. With love, from your mother and father.

1. Dear son, you have been a very good son to us, and a nice person to people, generally. We both want to thank you for never disappointing us, and it is on this note we congratulate you on your graduation ceremony. You have done very well, and we are proud of you. Happy graduation.

2. Nothing in this world can sum up how amazing you’ve been to us your parents and everyone. You are the dream of every parent, but we are so glad that you made it into this family. Thank you for always finding the need to do well and make us all proud. Happy graduation to you.

3. We can’t believe that you’re a graduate, already. Throughout your time in school, you never really disturbed us for anything; you always had ways to sort yourself out, so you can give us peace of mind. We can’t thank you enough for choosing to be kind and considerate. Happy graduation.

4. Today, we join the rest of the world in wishing you very happy graduation. You have been a wonderful person and a great addition to this family. Nothing makes us happy and free like your presence. We are so happy to welcome you into this new stage of your life. We hope that things go as you’ve planned. Happy graduation.

5. You are now a very big boy. Nothing makes us happy than to see you do well. You’ve always been a great boy who has the interests of his parents at heart. We will forever love and support you, for giving us the peace we’ve always yearned for. Happy graduation to you, dear son.

6. If every family has a son like you, maybe the world will be a better place. You’ve never stopped being a blessing, ever since we had you. You keep getting better and better, with each passing day. It’s a wonderful thing to see how much you’ve grown. Welcome to the next phase of your life. Enjoy your graduation ceremony.

7. Being your parents has been great. No matter how busy we are, you always make us believe that you can sort yourself, which you always do. We are grateful to God for a thoughtful son like you, and we’re hoping this is just the beginning of greater things to come. Happy graduation, our son.

8. Taking care of yourself has never been easy, as your lists of needs are always endless. Well, we are grateful to God for providing us with the needed resources to groom you into who you are now. Your growth is the sweetest thing to ever happen to us. We both wish you happy graduation. Love you.

9. We have never thought we made a mistake, by bringing you into this world. Even though we weren’t ready when it happened, we always look back and thank God for making it happen when it did. It’s so good to see that you’re now a big boy. We both are wishing you happy graduation. Have fun.

10. Your existence has always been a blessing to us and so many others. We still don’t understand how you do it, but we love to see how much you’re loved and accepted by others. You’re a great guy, and we can’t wait to see the man you will eventually grow into. Happy graduation day to you.

11. When we look at you, we are inspired over again. You’re such a delight to see. You’re the most perfect human being ever, and we count it a blessing to have you in this family. We hope that this is the least you’d ever be. Make sure you enjoy yourself, while you get ready for the next phase. Happy graduation.

12. We are your parents, but we’ve learned so much from you. Your well of knowledge and understanding is very deep and wide. It’s your graduation day, and we just wanted you to know how much you’ve made us proud. We hope that you don’t stop, as proud moments make us love you more. Happy graduation.

13. Ain’t you just a wonderful son? You always have ways of making us happy. No matter how busy you are when you were in school, you always made sure to come around every weekend. We are happy to congratulate you, as everything comes to an end, today. You can now spend as much time as you want with us. Happy graduation.

14. The joy and prayer of every parent, is to witness the good of their children. Today, we are happy to see that all the years of labour and hard work didn’t go to waste. They paid off, and this makes us very happy. We hope that you don’t stop dreaming. Happy graduation to you.

15. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions for us since the day broke. I’m not sure you know exactly what you mean to us. You are our idol, and it gives us so much joy to always celebrate you. On your graduation day, we congratulate you on trying your best. Do have a great celebration.

16. I have never seen a young man as hard-working as you are. Even when you were in school, you still had side jobs, just to make sure that everything didn’t come from us. We can’t wait to finally know who you’ve been talking about. For now, it’s a happy celebration, and we wish you the best in life.

17. For always bringing us proud moments, you deserve the award for being the best son in the world. Nothing else matters to you other than your parents. We are glad to let you know that you mean the world to us. You’ve made us proud, yet again, and we are happy. Make sure you have happy graduation.

18. Being your parents is the most wonderful blessing ever. It’s that particular blessing we can’t stop thanking God for. You’ve filled our lives with sunshine and undeserved love. We are hoping to make it up to you, by being the exact version of the parents you deserve. Happy graduation, our darling son.

19. You’re the most brilliant boy ever. It’s so sad that we didn’t get to know this because we were always busy with work. We honestly regret the sweet times we ought to have spent with you. We hope that you give us one last chance to make things right. Happy graduation, our sweet son.

20. You’re so forgiving and kind. I doubt there’s a boy like you out there. Never have you stopped making us proud, despite always falling short of our responsibilities. I doubt if we’ve ever made you proud as much as you’ve been doing over the years. We promise to do right by you. Happy graduation.

21. Nothing makes a parent happier than seeing their children do great things in life. This is rather a major achievement than to be swept under the carpet. We will make sure that we have a very big celebration of this. We hope you’re enjoying your day. Happy graduation, our son. All the best with everything.

22. You always achieve anything you lay your mind on. I have never seen any boy as determined and focused as you. It’s so good to see that you’re channelling the right energy into bettering your life. We will never starve you of our full and maximum support. We wish you a happy graduation ceremony.

23. You work so damn hard not to be celebrated. You dreamed it, worked towards it and achieved it. What a great son you are! We have always been blessed to have you, but today, it just seems like the blessing has tripled. Thank you for always coming out in flying colours. Happy graduation to you.

24. Nothing makes us happier than to see how you’re fairing. You’ve always had this responsibility of taking care of yourself, whether or not we decide to help. We saw ourselves through school with little or no help from us. We are grateful for the sacrifices you make for yourself, even while you still have parents. Happy graduation to you.

25. Our darling son, it’s your graduation day, and we are very happy and delighted to see that the day is finally here. A sweet son like you deserves all the love he can get, on a day like this. We are all going out of our way to make this day a success. We hope you enjoy yourself. Happy graduation to you.

Graduation Messages from Mother to Son

Being your mother remains the best gift to me. I’m eternally grateful to God for making this day a success. It was not easy for you, but you pulled through, so I can be proud of you. Trust me, I am a proud mother. Happy graduation, my son. Love you.

26. It’s a blessing to have an amazing son like you. You’re not just a blessing to me, you’re a blessing to the family, your friends and the world at large. You have given me yet another reason to smile and be proud. I can’t thank you enough for always making it an intentional thing for me to be happy. I wish you an amazing graduation ceremony.

27. I already promised you a grand party, and nothing is stopping that. I have all my friends and everyone invited. We all want you to know what you mean to us. I especially, want you to know that I am nothing without you. Happy graduation to you. Wishing you the best in all your endeavours.

28. No one else deserves to be as happy as you. You always go out of your way to make people happy and feel comfortable. I honestly haven’t seen anyone like you. It’s so good to see someone great come out of my womb. Today, I celebrate you and the grace of God upon you. Happy graduation, my love.

29. Nothing has ever been about you alone; you have always been considering me in everything you do. Even though I don’t have the best words to express myself today, I hope you know that you’re more than anything word I eventually put down. Happy graduation, a great son. I love you.

30. The fact that we have always been best friends, makes me very happy. Other boys bully you for always telling everything to your mother, but you never let that stop you. I’m so proud of how far you’ve come, and I honestly can’t wait to see what you have in store for the world. Happy graduation.

31. Celebrating you gives me peace. I don’t have to wait for any remarkable day, to make my intentions known to you. You’re worth celebrating, every single day, even though your graduation day is today. I wish you a good time, as you keep pursuing your career. Happy graduation to you.

32. You have the best character ever. I doubt if anyone has ever complained to me about how you treated them. I’m so happy to have such a gentleman for a son. You’ve unlocked another new level in your life, today. I hope it brings all your dreams into reality. Here’s wishing you all the best. Happy graduation.

33. You’re the reason people call me the best mother, even though you’re my only child. You mean the world to me, and I celebrate and flaunt you at any given opportunity. While I congratulate you for being a graduate today, I hope you don’t ever stop making me proud. Happy graduation to you.

34. Ever since I had you, things of joy have never ceased in this family. It has always been from one sweet experience to another. We all are grateful to have you, most I will always remain the most grateful of us all. Happy graduation, my handsome son. Keep making us all proud. I love you till the end of the world.

35. I know I am done with making major sacrifices, but if I have to do it again, I will gladly welcome the idea. You’re worth every of my sweat and tears. None of my labour over you has been regretted, ever since. I want you to know that you are a great boy. I can’t wait to see you be a real man. Happy graduation.

36. You just always smile, no matter what happens. Sometimes, I feel like you’re too soft for a man. But honestly, every woman needs a man like you in their lives, as much as every mother does. You’re the most amazing ever, and this achievement is ours. Today, I celebrate you. Happy graduation.

37. You’re such a strong-willed person. The spirit of “never giving up” dwells in your life. I honestly thank God for this spirit, because without it, you would’ve given up. After all, the journey wasn’t an easy one. Here you are! I’m so excited for what’s to come. Happy graduation to you.

38. I honestly don’t care if the world celebrates you or not, all I know is, you’re a great person and celebrating you will always be the easiest thing for me to do. How exactly are you feeling, as a graduate? It’s another win for you, my love. I wish you many more. Do have a wonderful graduation time.

39. You’ve been the best son ever. Never have I had to complain to God for giving me such a son. You’re my very own answered prayer and a great blessing to the world. It’s a privilege to be your mother and to celebrate you on this big win of you’re. Happy graduation, my brilliant son. I love you.

40. While others played away their time, you always had your books in front of you. I have never seen a more serious and focused young man. Your siblings never did any of this, but that doesn’t discourage you. I’m so proud of you, my darling. I can’t wait for what’s to come. Happy graduation to you.

41. You make my heart pray for you. I have always wanted to have the best son, but I didn’t know how to go about it, as I am not the one that gives children. But the One who gives children decided to surprise me by answering my prayers. It’s been so wonderful with you, son. Happy graduation to you.

42. Whenever I count my blessings, I count you more than twice. You’re the major blessing in my life, and I will do everything in my power to make sure that you always get what you deserve. This is the best news this year, and I can’t wait for many more to come. Happy graduation, my son. You’re blessed.

43. I know I have not been the best mom, but you know that I love you with everything I have. I have never let you out of my mind, whether or not you’re close. I’m so grateful for the connection that exists between us, as it has given room for positive energy. I celebrate you today, son. Happy graduation to you.

44. When I graduated, my parents weren’t even there to rejoice with me. I did all by myself because I had no parents. I’m glad that I. didn’t make you go through the same old story. I’m happy that your story is sweeter and more inspiring than mine. Happy graduation, my dear son. This is the least you’d ever be.

45. Saying that I am proud of you, is an understatement. Not when you’ve never stopped making me proud. I don’t know what else to use in celebrating you, as I have exhausted all ideas. I just hope to be a better mom than I always have. Happy graduation to you, son. You will continue to be a great man.

46. You have always proven that you have no limits, and truly, you don’t. You’re like a forest that never gets tired of producing fresh trees. You have started well, and it’s so good to see where you’re headed. The dream is so clear now. I pray God helps you to achieve every one of them. Happy graduation, my dear.

47. I’m so happy to be beside you, on a day like this. This has always been my prayer, and witnessing it live, is something I can’t explain. God has been so good to us, and we can’t even deny it. I hope that He continues what He has started in your life. Always hold onto Him. Happy graduation to you, son.

48. It’s a wonderful celebration, today. Coming out of school is no child’s play at all. All the years of sacrifices, just to make sure that you don’t disappoint me, didn’t go to waste. I witnessed the days you cried and talked about giving up. I’m so glad you didn’t. It’s your day. Do have the greatest graduation celebration ever.

49. The fact that I have always been present in your life, makes me feel like the best mother. I do not deserve a son like you, as you’re too good to be true. Being your mother is a reality I will never let go of, even if I am offered a billion dollars. I will choose you over and over again if it’s anything like an afterlife. Happy graduation to you.

50. It feels so good to finally welcome you into this new phase of your life. You’ve been a wonderful boy, right from the beginning. That you graduate as the best student, isn’t even a surprise to me. You’ve always been the best, and I wish you never go down. Happy celebrations, my son. I love you.

Graduation Messages from Father to Son

I’m only sending this message because I am not around. When I get back, I will do the proper thing. I hope you’re enjoying yourself, over there. Lest I forget, I’m super proud of you, son, because you’ve added more feathers to your badge. Happy graduation.

51. Being a father comes with so many sacrifices, but being your father comes with so much more. I’m so happy that God has always helped me to be the best I can be. On your graduation day, I can’t tell exactly how happy I am. I just know that you’ve made me proud, and your children will do the same. Happy graduation, son.

52. You have the brightest smile ever. That was exactly what deceived me when you were in school. I never knew you were going through hell until your friends do tell me about it. I thank God it’s all over now. You can be a happy boy as I have always known you to be. Have a happy graduation.

53. That you came out in flying colours, isn’t a surprise to me. Greatness has always been your thing; it has always been in you. I’m so happy that your lecturers saw the light in you, and gave you exactly what you deserve. I’m so happy for you, dude. Today, we party hard, because it’s your day. I love you so much.

54. The best thing that’s ever happened to me, is being a father to the most wonderful son ever. Such a rare privilege! I’m very intentional about doing right by you. I never want you to go through anything alone. I’m glad to have been there, throughout your school days. No, I’m not going to have a holiday, as a good father. Happy graduation.

55. Each time your teacher told me about you topping the class, I always feel this peace within me. It’s so amazing to see that I am grooming you into a good man. I’m glad that I have a son who takes after me know in everything. You’re even better than me, and that has always been the aim. Happy graduation.

56. Whenever I set my eyes on you, I always feel at peace with myself. Thank God I didn’t listen to my friends, back then. They legit told me to ditch your mom and continue with another woman. If I had done that, this day might not have happened. I’m grateful for this blessing. Happy graduation, son.

57. You have always been a good boy. Everyone loves you because you spread positive energy. You’re so stubborn, but that has never made you distracted. You only keep getting better, as the stubbornness keeps doubling. I’m glad to have you as my son. Here’s wishing you what’s next for this new phase. Happy graduation.

58. Keeping up with all the school stress is not a child’s play. I have been there, so I know exactly what I am talking about. I was even on the verge of giving up, but I got the motivation I needed and changed my mind. I’m so happy that you never thought in that direction. Here you are. Happy graduation, son.

59. You may despise everything, but not reading. You love to read, even the little instructions on new things. I have never seen anyone so keen on making it like you. It’s good to know that you’re aiming at being greater than me. I promise to give you the love and support to make your dreams come true. Happy graduation.

60. This is not the end; it’s rather the beginning. I want you to double the level of your focus and determination. Make it more than it has always been because this is the time to start living life. Don’t worry about the needed support, you will always get it. Happy graduation to you, my son.

61. I’m the happiest man today because it’s my son graduation day. I’m naturally emotional, so the tears won’t stop flowing. But at the same time, I’m happy that they are tears of joy. Thank you for giving me yet another reason to be proud. I hope that this is the beginning of more things to come. Happy graduation.

62. I haven’t been so happy in a long time. I’m glad that my happy days are coming back, and you’re the reason for this. It’s your graduation day, son. You’ve not come this far just by coming this far. You’ve come this far because you put in the works. I’m so proud of you. Happy graduation.

63. I know exactly how you feel because I have been there. On my graduation day, I made sure to wake the whole street, with my noise. I know you’re happy as I was, but you just forming a big boy, lol. I’m so happy for you, son. Now, start thinking of how to execute your next plan. Happy graduation.

64. The journey was not easy, but you made your way out with a grand exit. You’re a king already, and even your lecturers know that. How about we throw a little party, just to celebrate the faithfulness of God in your life. I’m sure it won’t be a bad idea. Get ready, because it’s going to be with a long day. Happy graduation, son.

65. I’m so happy to know that the days of bonding with you, didn’t go to waste. We have always been best friends, and it’s so good to see that you now understand what it truly means to work towards achieving something. Look what you got yourself; a degree. I’m so proud of you, son. Happy graduation.

66. As long as I live, I will never stop celebrating you, but you’re the reason I still live. You make being a father feel like a blessing, and it sure is. I’m so happy that I get to father a great son like you. I can’t wait to witness what you have in store, because I know it’s going to be explosive. Happy graduation, son.

67. You are always happy. Nothing gets to you. You make sure to smile, as much as you can. The smile even gets more beautiful, as you celebrate your last day of school. I’m so proud of all you’ve achieved in the process, and can’t wait to see what you will achieve outside of school. Happy graduation.

68. I bet you don’t want to know how I feel right now. I feel like a proud parent. I feel like the best father in the world. I never knew my day of reaping the benefits of my labour, will come so fast. I love the feeling this brings, and can’t wait to experience more. Happy graduation to you, son.

69. If this is what fatherhood looks like, then I don’t ever want to stop being a father. Every single day, it’s always from one surprise to another. Today, I received the greatest of them all. You graduated with a First Class. I can’t believe this. Thank you for not letting me labour in vain. Happy graduation.

70. I have never stopped believing in God and His plans. I have always known He had great plans for you. It makes me feel great, seeing that they’re now beginning to manifest. It’s your graduation day, and we really can’t deny the fact that God has been faithful. I hope He does so much more, as you proceed with life. Happy graduation to you.

71. This remains the greatest celebration of the year. Trust me, I never knew you would make it so big. It’s not like I have been doubting how brilliant you are, I just didn’t expect it to be this great. You shocked me, and I’m sure this is exactly how your mother feels. From henceforth, you have all you want. Happy graduation, once again.

72. Never have you ever disappointed me. You always make sure to go all out, just so you can make me feel like the best father. Honestly, I have never felt anything less. You always come through for me. You’ve done it again, and this time, it’s so huge. I love you, son. Happy graduation to you. Make sure you have fun.

73. Today, I’m officially apologizing for doubting your brilliance. Because you’re fond of having fun, I always thought you weren’t the serious type. But today, I take back all my thoughts. I promise to be a better father, by having positive thoughts for you. I’m so sorry for the years I doubted you. Happy graduation, my handsome son.

74. Nothing in this world will ever make me stop being that father whom you’ve always been proud of. I’m only doing all of these because you make it easy for me. If not, I could’ve been one of the deadbeats. I’m so happy to be alive on such a wonderful day. I’m so happy for you, my son. Happy graduation to you. I love you.

75. You have so many needs, but I’m always very happy to grant them because you deserve it. If there’s anything you’re good at, it’s making me proud as a father. I honestly can’t thank you enough for always being the best you can be. It’s with great joy that I congratulate you on your latest achievement. Happy graduation to you.

Graduation Greetings for Your Son

Here’s sending you warm greetings, on this great day. It’s an occasion that we are all happy about. Thank you for being a son with a difference. I can’t wait to celebrate you properly when I finally see you. Happy graduation, my son.

76. I know I am far from being the best father, but I’m closer than I was yesterday. For you, I will always be willing to make sacrifices. Even if it takes me to walk inside a burning fire, I will, because I want a comfortable life for you. What do you want for your graduation? Enjoy your day, my son.

77. You are good at everything, including topping your class with a long margin. You’re the best son and the best graduating student. I’m sure you’re the best to your friends, as well. Thank God that terminating your pregnancy never crossed my mind. I would’ve loved to regret it for the rest of my life. Happy graduation, my son.

78. Your latest achievement makes me so happy with you. I know we haven’t been cool, and that’s because of your stubbornness. But today, I choose to make peace, because of this great achievement. I’m super proud of you. I hope making peace won’t stop you from doing better. Happy graduation, son.

79. You always look out for other people, and I’m sure that’s one of the reasons good things keep happening to you. As a proud mother, I cherish proud moments like this. It’s so good to see that you’ve been up to greater things. I wish you always get the desired outcome of all you do in life. Happy graduation to you.

80. You’ve worked so damn hard, to get yourself here. Whoever knows you, knows that you don’t joke with education. You believe it deserves your all, and that’s what you give to it. It doesn’t surprise me that you made it this far. I think you deserve even better than this. But in all, we give God the glory. Happy graduation, son.

81. You’re the most brilliant young man I know. Your brain works round the clock. You’ve never rested from making researches. It’s finally your graduation day, and everyone is very happy for you. This is something very huge, and it deserves a big celebration. Shall we? Happy graduation, my sweet son. I wish you many more achievements.

82. Your father and I am very proud of how much you make us proud. It takes you a lot, but you don’t mind. You have decided to give us the needed value for the money spent throughout your stay in school. We’re so happy that you eventually made it. We hope that you enjoy it even more, as you go into the world. Happy graduation.

83. I’m the happiest mom on earth, because my son finally leaves high school, today. We’ve all been waiting for this moment, but I’m the one who’s always wanted it to be here as soon as it can. It gives me the joy to celebrate you today, my lovely son. I hope you enjoy all the love it brings. Happy graduation to you.

84. The Lord has shown us mercy. No one ever thought you would come out with such massive grades, but you did. Despite all you went through in school, you still made us proud. I don’t have the best gift for you today, but I hope to celebrate you as much as you deserve. Happy graduation, my dear son.

85. It didn’t promise to be easy, and I accepted it like that. I made sure to do even the jobs I never thought I could, just to see you through school. I’m so happy to see that all my sacrifices paid off. I’m so happy to see that you didn’t disappoint me, after all. I promise to do even more, as long as you keep making me proud. Happy graduation.

86. It’s official; it’s your graduation day. Your dad and I are so emotional right now. The journey was very rough and tough, but we are glad that it ended in praise. You’re officially a graduate; how does that make you feel? We are super proud and excited about this. Happy graduation to you.

87. Considering how you always forgot things when you were little, I never knew you would do so well in your academics. I was really for whatever comes, but you gave me the biggest surprise of my entire life. Thank you for positively surprising me. Thank you for making it all worth it. I wish you have a happy graduation.

88. I want you to know that getting here isn’t by mistake, you worked very hard for it. Whoever isn’t happy with this, can go jump in the lagoon for all I care. I’m so proud of you, and I think that’s all that matters. I can’t wait to experience the next phase with you. Here’s wishing you the best graduation feeling ever. I love you, my boy.

89. It’s been so difficult, but God made a way, at the end of the day. We’re all happy to be celebrating this milestone with you. Many started with you, but couldn’t finish, because of spillover or two. Thank you for making our faces come alive again, by making us smile. Happy graduation, our son.

90. You didn’t hide anything from me throughout your stay on the college, so I knew everything that happened. I knew it wasn’t easy, but I kept cheering you on. You had just too much to deal with, but you pulled through, with great determination. I’m super proud of you, son. Have a wonderful graduation ceremony.

91. How about we just have a little party, today? You deserve a very big one, but we’re just going to make it as simple as possible. I hope you know that I am extremely happy to be beside you, on this special day. I hope that moments like this never go on break in this family. Happy graduation to you, my dear son.

92. I love you more than life itself, and it’s good to see that you feel just the same way. You’ve never for once disappointed me. All you’ve been doing is making me proud. I can’t thank you enough for making it a priority to always be the best you can be. Today, I celebrate you for being the best graduating student. I wish you many more achievements. Happy graduation.

93. I always seize every opportunity to show you how much I love and care about you. You’ve never stopped doing the same. Today, I’m short of words. I don’t even know what to say, as you’ve swept me off my feet with this latest achievement. Thank you for everything, dear son. I wish that things get better, so you forge ahead. I love you.

94. With you, every single thing is always worth it; no disappointments or embarrassment. I’m so proud of you, to say the least. I honestly feel like the best mom right now, even though I haven’t earned the title. I hope to do so much more, so I can be crowned. Happy graduation, my lovely son. Enjoy your day.

95. You’ve been the best. It takes nothing from you to be the best. You’re such a rare breed, and I still don’t know how God placed you in my life. You’re my greatest blessing, and you’ve proven it yet again. The whole world now knows that I have the best son. I hope I don’t die of their envy, lol. Happy graduation day, my son.

96. You’ve always been someone who believes so much in hard work, so it doesn’t surprise me that you made this powerful grade out of school. All through, you never stopped putting in the works. Even when it was getting unbearable, you still made sure to be soaked and stuck in it. You made it, eventually. Happy graduation, love.

97. I have always known that you will be able to achieve greater success because it has always been in you. You’re an inspiration to so many, including the older ones. I’m so happy to be called your mother. Seeing all you’ve achieved, gives me goosebumps all over. I will be anticipating more. Happy graduation to you.

98. What manner of son are you? Despite everything going on in this family, you never got tired of bringing home the best result. What have we done to deserve you? You always make it a habit to make us happy and proud. We are proud of you, and that’s the least we could say. Congratulation and best of luck on your graduation.

99. I want you to know that this is just the new beginning of your shining path. You still have a very long way to go, but don’t be discouraged or distracted. With the help of God and myself, you will do just fine. Best of luck for the future, my son. So proud of you. Congratulations on your graduation.

100. Trust me, things like this will never stop happening, as long as you keep on believing yourself. Achievements like this will only be the tip of the iceberg. I want you to keep on going, no matter the distraction. Congratulations on your graduation, son. Thank you for giving us yet another reason to celebrate. We love you.

Hey there. I still wonder what always pops on your mind, whenever you stumble on this page. You’ve been a huge part of the success of this page. Here’s saying thank you, as I hope that the graduation messages for my son (from Mother or Father) up there are up to what you expected. Don’t forget to share with others. Thank you.

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