Happy 16th Birthday Wishes and Messages for Best of Friends

Happy 16th Birthday Wishes and Messages for Best of Friends

Friendships thrive in appreciation and love but we tend to get carried away with life that we forget that, we don’t need occasions to remind us to show appreciation. However, it is when there is an occasion that we remember, and one of such occasions is a birthday celebration.

So, it’s your best friend’s 16th birthday. You can show appreciation and make it even more special by celebrating him/her with one or more of these happy 16th birthday wishes for friends with messages for best of friends below.

16th Birthday Wishes for a Best Friend

Cheer up your friend on his/her special day with these Sweet Sweet Birthday Messages for a Special Friend.

1. You are sweet, loveable and enough. Happy 16th birthday sweet friend. Keep being you.

2. Happy 16th birthday, darling. I say amen to all your prayers. Continue to prosper.

3. This day/date every year reminds me of the goodness of the Lord to us and you are my friend are one big goodness to my life. Happy 16th birthday.

4. Happy 16th birthday to my best friend. You are my favourite person in the world.

5. As you give meaning to friendship so shall your life be meaningful. Happy 16th birthday, darling.

6. My day one paddy in life’s journey. I celebrate with you. Happy 16th birthday, my special friend. You are fine like that.

7. My ride or die chick. My day one friend. Happy birthday, my friend you are special.

8. You are special in a sweet kind of way. May this new year bring you joy and happiness. Happy 16th birthday.

9. Like new wine, may you get better with age. Happy 16th birthday, darling. Be the best.

10. You are perfect in your imperfections just the way you are. You are the best version of yourself. Happy birthday, you deserve the best.

11. Happy 16th birthday to the one who has given me friendship so powerful.

12. You are a wonderful friend and I couldn’t have asked for better. Happy Birthday, my special friend. Remain special.

13. Not everyone is so gracefully endowed but you carry such grace and Charisma, that’s why you are so special. Happy birthday.

14. Your life is a motivation. It refreshes my inspiration to be more. Happy 16th birthday, darling. Enjoy your day.

15. You were born not to be shaken. You are solidly rooted in Christ and you will not be shaken. Happy birthday, dear friend. You are special.

16. I just want to let you know that with friends like you, I don’t even need my family. I wish you a happy birthday.

17. You are my friend and you are also my sister. I just want to let you know that you are special. Happy birthday.

18. I just want to wish you a happy birthday. You always make me happy so you deserve to be happy.

19. I won’t be the person I am without you. You are a friend indeed. Happy 16th birthday to sweetheart.

20. Just as you are my best friend, may this birthday bring you the best that life has to offer.

21. You are one of the special reasons why my life is special. Happy special birthday. You are special.

22. Happy birthday, dear friend. I believe in you.

23. Birthdays are special, today is more special and you, my dear are most special.

24. Being special is your speciality, it’s in you. Wishing you a special day. Just as special as you are.

25. Even though your birthday is not every day, I wish that every day is special for you. Enjoy your birthday dear friend. You are the bomb.

26. Having you as a friend is one of the best things to happen to me. Happy 16th birthday dearie.

27. You are not perfect but you are wonderful and you are enough. Above all, you are special to me. Happy 16th birthday.

28. I want you to know that there is nobody in the whole world like you. You are the best kind of you and nobody can be like you. Remain the best.

29. Your friendship has taught me to remain in God’s hands. Happy birthday, my dear. You are safe in his everlasting arms.

30. I wish you a happy birthday not because you are special to me but because you are special to God. Always bear in mind that you are. Happy 16th birthday.

31. Mere thinking of you get me inspired. That’s why you are so special and irresistible. Happy birthday sweet 16.

31. On this occasion of your birthday, I want to let you that I feel special and lucky to have you. Happy birthday.

32. I can’t find the right words to say happy birthday beautiful lady. May the universe obey you.

33. May all the love and care you give me come to you a million fold. Happy 16th birthday, sweet friend.

34. Thank you for being with me through the good times and the bad. I promise to be by your side through the good and the bad. I wish you a happy birthday.

35. You are so sweet and imperfectly perfect. May all you need be provided to you. Happy 16th birthday darling.

36. Thanks for standing by me all these years. May nature do you well on this your birthday and forever. Happy birthday.

37. Happy birthday to the only friend who reminds me of myself. May all you do favour you.

38. May this birthday bring you love, joy and happiness and may you remain special to me. Happy birthday darling friend, I love you

39. To the only friend that I call special may you have answers to all life’s questions. Happy birthday, dear.

40. Happy birthday to my one and only special friend. May you find wisdom and all that gives meaning to life.

41. May you find all the love that your heart can hold and more. Have a splendid day.

42. Birthdays are special because of the people who are celebrating. Today is special because it is your birthday. May the next 365days be more special than the last. Happy birthday, special friend.

43. May you find all that you seek. May you get answers to all life’s questions. Happy 16th birthday, my darling friend.

44. My sister, my friend, my strength. I wish you a blessed and exciting birthday.

45. For standing by me through another year, may all that you desire come to you. Happy 16th birthday to my friend. You are special.

46. I love you not only because you are my friend but you are so loveable. Happy birthday, the special one

47. Don’t try to change because you are different. You are wonderful just the way you are. Happy birthday to the most special person in my world.

48. May all the good people and things of life find you. Happy birthday, darling, enjoy life.

49. Today marks your birth and therefore evidence of your existence. I wish that all that you desire come into existence with evidence today. Happy 16th birthday, my friend.

50. Feel as special as you are. You truly are special. Enjoy your birthday, enjoy your life. Happy 16th birthday.

50. Count your blessings and you will discover that last year was amazing. May this new year be more than you can ever imagine.

51. Seeing another birthday is a sign of better things to come. May it bring you love, joy and happiness.

52. Wishing you a happy birthday makes me feel special. Happy birthday to a special woman.

53. Congratulations to a great friend for witnessing another great year. May this new year be greater than others. Happy 16th birthday.

54. The world would be incomplete without your presence in it. Happy 16th birthday, my darling special friend.

55. Thanks for gracing the world with your amazing self. Happy birthday, my graceful friend.

56. You are priceless and I would never be able to afford to pay for you because all the money in the world would not have been enough. happy birthday to a priceless person.

57. More than anything in the world, know that you mean more, can be more, you are enough. Be happy. It is your birthday. Enjoy.

58. You are not what people say you are, you are who you are, special and beautiful. Happy birthday, to you.

59. Happy birthday to my loving friend. I could never wish for a better friend. Know that you are the best and no one is better than you.

60. Happy 16th birthday, princess. You make the world liveable.

61. I wish that the universe be gracious to you for being so gracious. Happy gracious birthday.

62. How did I ever get so lucky? You came straight into my life and it became meaningful. Happy 16th birthday, my dear friend. You are appreciated.

63. Happy birthday to the most special person in my life.

64. You are the greatest reason for my smile, even when there are a thousand reasons not to. Happy birthday to you my friend.

63. Today in my life is complete because of you in it. I would never have such a beautiful life if you were not in it and my life would be incomplete without this day. Happy birthday to you.

64. They say time flies when you’re having fun. This applies to us as so many years have passed since we began our friendship. Happy birthday to you my special friend. May your day of joy never end.

65. May your life knows no sorrow. Happy birthday.

66. Your impact on my life is evident every passing day. I pray that you have an awesome impact from God this new year. Happy 16th birthday.

67. It is a birth anniversary. It is worth celebrating because it is my special friend’s birthday. Happy 16th birthday to my special friend.

68. I want you to know that there is something out there that is bigger than what you can ever imagine. Go grab it because you can. Happy 16th birthday.

69. Having you as a friend is a pure bliss. Have a blissful year ahead. Happy birthday.

70. Friends are angels sent from heaven to guide people through their walk on earth. You are my friend, my angel and I pray that you find your angel. Happy birthday.

71. Happy 16th birthday, dear, you shall be blessings to the rich the poor and your generation.

72. You will grow, life will change for the better, things will work out. Happy birthday. May your tomorrow be better than today.

73. You have made our friendship last long and wax strong. Happy birthday.

74. You gave friendship a new definition. Friendship is so much fun with you. Happy birthday, my beloved friend. Soar!

75. Heal the past, live the present, dream the future. Dear friend. Happy 16th birthday.

76. May you wax stronger as you add another age today. Happy birthday to my friend.

77. Work to become a better person, not just to acquire money. Happy birthday to my loving friend. You are yet to see your best.

78. To my friend who never gets tired of my troubles, may your days be long. Happy 16th birthday.

79. You are an antonym for the word disappointment. I celebrate you today my friend, Happy 16th birthday.

80. Thank you for defying all impediments to remain my friend. Happy birthday, beautiful one.

81. You have been for me a pacesetter. Happy birthday, wonderful creature. You inspire.

82. Your resilience is an attitude that I covet. Happy birthday my special friend.

83. I saw the seed of greatness in you and it has blossomed over the years. Happy 16th birthday, darling friend.

84. The world has seen nothing yet where you are concerned. Happy 16th birthday, friend.

85. Been your friend is the best experience I have ever had.

86. You are a keeper and I won’t let you know that you are precious to me. Happy birthday, to my quintessential friend.

87. My special friend, you make us friendship goals to others and I’m grateful for that. Happy birthday.

88. Happy birthday my friend may life do to you what you are doing to me.

89. Congratulations on celebrating another birthday of your life. May you celebrate more with plenty of good things.

90. The world has seen nothing of you yet. Happy birthday, to you.

91. I feel privileged to have you in my life as a friend. Happy 16th birthday.

92. My life would have been so boring without you in it. Thank you for bringing zest into my life. Happy birthday, my friend. You are special.

93. Friends like you deserve to be celebrated not only on their birthdays but every day. Happy birthday to my friend.

94. Happy birthday to the most amazing being in the world. You are special and I love you.

95. Amazing is the word and you are the person. Friends are what we are. Happy birthday, dearie.

96. Happy birthday, I believe in you. Happy birthday special one.

97. Because you are so special! Everyone can’t have you. I’m glad I have you. Happy 16th birthday sweetheart.

98. I’m exceptionally honoured to be friends with the most amazing human on earth. Happy birthday, sweetie.

99. Thank you for inspiring me to be the best version of myself by being the best. You are the best friend anybody can ever have. Happy birthday, my special friend.

100. I never knew you were this sweet when I first met you. Happy birthday, my dear friend. Thank God our paths crossed.

101. May nature bless and favour you with all the blessings that money cannot buy. Happy 16th birthday.

102. More money in your account. You need all the money you can get. Happy superlative birthday to you my special friend.

103. Happy birthday, my friend. More health in your body, more vitality in your bones, more wisdom in your head and more love in your heart.

104. The more you give yourself, the more you become. You are so much more every time and I wonder how you do that. You are so loaded. Happy 16th birthday, my friend.

105. Happy birthday, darling friend. You are much more than you see. Explore, enjoy, dominate. The earth is yours.

106. Thank you for daring to be different. You are special in a different kind of way. Happy birthday, dear friend. I celebrate with you.

107. Whenever it is your birthday, I’m at the want of what to wish you. Happy birthday, to the best friend in the world.

108. You were just a seed that defied the weather and became a mighty tree. Continue to blossom. Happy birthday.

109. Your life exists as a solution to problems in your generation and beyond. I pray that you fulfil your purpose. Happy 16th birthday.

110. I’m happy to be the product of this quality relationship – our friendship. You are of great quality and I celebrate you today. Happy birthday, to a great person.

111. I am excited about my association with you every day because it helps to reinforce my relationship with God. Happy 16th birthday, to a God-lover.

112. You are the best thing to happen to the world. You will soon be announced. Keep keeping the faith, keep shining. Happy birthday.

113. This is just to let the world know that it is your birthday so that they can help me celebrate you. I alone can not celebrate you enough. Happy birthday.

114. You can do more, you can be more, you can achieve more than you have ever achieved. You are all that you need and more. You are the best. Happy 16th birthday, darling.

115. Not everyone’s birthday is special to me because they are not. You are my friend special and your birthday is one of the most important dates in our friendship. Happy birthday.

116. It’s your birthday. Another opportunity to remind you that you are special and beautiful just the way you are. Happy 16th birthday, dear friend. I love you.

117. I’m a reflection of the choice I made – being your friend. I’m glad I did. Happy 16th birthday to you.

118. You are a combination of hard work, dedication, perseverance, sacrifice persistence and discipline. That is why you are such a success. Happy birthday my dear friend. You are worth celebrating.

119. You make me see possibilities and opportunities in every problem I encounter. You are so optimistic. Happy birthday, to the most hopeful person alive.

120. You make our friendship a lot more meaningful than people think that friendship is. You are more than a friend to me and I love you. Happy sweet 16 birthday.

121. Today is the day you were born into this world. Be happy because you are not just another person but you are special and you bring sunshine to all who come in contact with you. Happy birthday, sunshine.

122. May the sun of joy shine on you on this birthday of yours and always. Even as you bring sunshine into my life. Happy birthday, sweet friend. I love you.

I hope you found one or more happy 16th birthday messages and wishes for best friends to send to your friend to show them that you care about them and their special days mean a lot to you.

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