Happy 17th Birthday Wishes and Messages for Best of Friends

Happy 17th Birthday Wishes and Messages for Best of Friends

Many people believe that a person’s personality changes as he reaches the 17th birthday. It does, but for many different reasons. In fact, as a person grows older as he/she faces new challenges and responsibilities, his personality will change because of those challenges and responsibilities. Life is all about challenges and learning from them.

A 17th birthday is a special day for everyone, including your friends and loved ones. It reminds you of all the good times and bad times with your friends and family. If you want to convey birthday wishes to your dearest friend and loved ones on their 17th birthday, I have some great happy 17th birthday wishes and messages for the best of friends which you can use to make the moment special for them.

Amazing Birthday Messages for Friends You Love

“You’ve given reasons that great people exist. You’re such an amazing figure and you deserve the best of birthday wishes. You are loved beyond words, dear. Happy Birthday in an amazing way!”

1. Other birthdays are mere observations, but yours is so special that everybody needs to stay at home and observe your day. I wish you a joyful 17th birthday celebration.

2. You are one of the reasons the sun widens her cheeks whenever it wakes up in the morning. For your birth is a great blessing to humanity. Wishing you all the best blessings that come with birthdays.

3. Dear friend, whenever I look at the calendar, it makes me wish I had the powers to take us into your 17th birthday and slow the wings of time to make you enjoy every bit of your day. Happy birthday!

4. I pray that your day will be one of the happiest celebrations ever. Happy 17th birthday, bestie.

5. May you live to observe more and more birthdays in bliss and achieve all that your heart craves. Happy 17th birthday.

6. Now that you’ve added another year, may you become more successful than before.

7. You will live healthy to see more prosperous, joyful and felicitous years. Happy 17th birthday, my friend.

8. I hope and pray that the year you are about to clock, gives you and your loved ones one more good reason to cheer up despite all the downsides of life.

9. This added year will continually be a time of unexpected favours and grace.

10. You will soon carry a new age, friend. I pray that it carries a new story that brings about contentment and well-being.

11. I hope that your heart becomes filled with inner joy now that you have added another year to your age.

12. Times might be hard, but I pray this new age will give you strength and courage to cope despite its challenges.

13. You have been a great source of motivation to me, and now that you are about to celebrate your 17th birthday, may the good Lord make it a memorable event in your heart.

14. May your barn, store and account be filled with more valuables my dear hard-working friend as you become a year older.

15. Everybody has a 17th birthday to celebrate but this one will be differently blissful and full of love.

16. They say good people are only known in times of despair, but may those that will share in your birthday celebration be those that really care.

17. Congratulations on adding another year, may God grant you all your heart cravings.

18. I don’t know what tomorrow holds but, I’m hopeful that you will become strong enough to scale through the hurdles of life as you age.

19. May the calm, wisdom and knowledge that comes with ageing be upon you.

20. I sometimes wonder why birthdays are not observed twice a year so that the world will celebrate your worth. Well, you are already a valuable person and so may it be forever.

21. Had it been time can be slowed down, I won’t hesitate to do that so that I will celebrate every bit of second in your 17th birthday – wishing you more favours.

22. I wish you a birthday that is completely void of regrets and sorrows.

23. One thing I will forever wish you is that your day starts and end in perpetual felicity.

24. May you achieve more feats as you continue to add more years on earth.

25. I checked my calendar just to realise your day is fast approaching, so let it be that it comes with tranquillity.

26. What sort of friend will I be if I don’t pray that you age in abundance and comfort every year?

27. People like you are like stars in the sky, let your light continue to gleam in people’s lives annually.

28. We will not live to buy or think of purchasing your coffin anytime soon. I wish you a long and peaceful lifespan.

29. Your birthday will not be a BAD day like it happened last year when you fell ill. Happy 17th birthday, friend.

30. Because of your support and the way, you heed my advice, may your new age give you more understanding.

31. I have been trying to figure out how to tell you how happy I feel about your upcoming birthday but, my diction store is void of words to describe my feelings. Happy 17th birthday, dear.

32. I believe that as people come to join you in this celebration, their air won’t just be wasted blowing candles, for you will now be way wiser and better than before.

33. Your story will not be like Methuselah’s own, yours will be an added and more years of wisdom.

34. I pray that today marks the end of your struggle to scale the hurdles of life and the opening of a new happy phase in your life, happy 17th birthday dear.

35. May your big day be way sweeter than the delicacies you always prepare for me, my love.

36. They say poets are good with words right? But, what if I tell you that my diction has failed to paint how happy my heart feels and craves that you feel the same on your birthday?

37. They say “when there is no money there is no friend” but for the assistance, you’ve been doing to me in times of trouble. What will make me not wish that you live long enough to reap your toil, dear friend?

38. I pray that this year’s birthday becomes distinct, unlike other years that come and pass like zephyr without much positive impact.

39. You may not have been able to achieve what we wished you on previous birthdays but, this year’s wishes will come into reality like photocopied documents. I wish you all the best dear.

40. May you wake up daily to chuckle your cheeks as you mark another year on this planet.

41. Some friends might be FIENDS but, I see you as a pillar to lean on when I can’t stand on my two feet. And now that you have added another year may your lost energy be replenished.

42. May your face not be wrapped with rimple due to despair and depression but, that of hearty smiles. A happy new age!

43. You will not live to regret why you first peeped out of your mother’s skin as you add a year again.

44. Some years ago, people gathered to rejoice at your birth, and today we are here to celebrate another anniversary. Happy birthday.

45. Life is indeed a circle, just a few months ago you celebrated your birthday and here are you in another. May this continue to be your life’s story, my love.

46. What will my life be or look like if I had not met someone special like you? Your life is a great blessing to me, happy birthday.

47. I know you may be engrossed in preparation for your birth celebration that you may not remember to send me an invitation, but for the affection, you’ve been showing me all these years. My wish is that you enjoy every serenity that comes with birthdays.

48. You will live long to see next year’s birthday again, happy 17th birthday in arrears, dear.

49. Your mother will never live to loathe the day she delivered you. Happy 17th birthday to you.

50. This new age will surely be a bunch of joy-inducing troves to you.

51. May those heart-rifting moments of depression end today, as you turn a year older.

52. My words may talk less than you expect but, my heart throbs for you in earnest and may that be what your loved ones will do from now on. Happy 17th birthday.

53. We may not have the money to spend on this special day. But what I pray that you find is tranquillity. Happy birthday.

54. Pretty soon, I know your story will change to a blissful tale. Happy birthday in advance.

55. You have been an influential personality in people’s lives. May you continue to be an extraordinary figure as you age more.

56. Days like this are meant for sober reflection on what one has used his life for. May your reminiscence remind you of good moments and better ones that lie ahead. Happy birthday my good friend.

57. I can’t predict exactly what your future will look like but, there is a flame of hope that makes me believe your 17th birthday will be a fun-filled one.

58. I pray that after this celebration, we will soon gather again to add another candle to the number we blew off their flames tonight.

59. They say count your blessings and name them one by one, but this new age you are about to opt into will get you tired of counting your abundant possessions.

60. There comes a time when we will sing birthday songs for you with grandchildren. Sire, happy birthday.

61. Next year’s theme for your birth celebration will be one more hearty cheers to your present age.

62. Birthdays are meant to be a time of new visions, thoughts and aspirations, may your day be one of such – leading to you to greater heights.

63. Some spend their birthdays on a sickbed, but I believe that won’t be your portion, dear friend.

64. Let this day of birth celebration come with tons of love from even those you don’t expect.

65. May the smiles, giggles and laughter that will fill your birthday not be acted, but out of hearty excitement.

66. May the bridges between you and your loved ones be abridged as you begin to prepare for your 17th birthday.

67. Unlike before, joy will be part of your life story, not an experience that comes when the blue moon rises. Happy birthday, dear.

68. They say that every year is a step closer to our graves, but as you do annually; you will have that feeling of living a fulfilled life.

69. May God give you strength and perseverance to face every life challenge that comes your way as you add more years.

70. What will I wish you, other than blessings, peace and merry throughout your birthday celebration? Happy amazing birthday to you.

71. Let your skills and abilities be honed annually, as you age.

72. This upcoming 17th birthday celebration won’t be an event to regret about my dear friend.

73. My heart feels happy and excited when I heard about your birthday. May your heart also, find joy too.

74. I know your birthday may be void of cakes but, you will find more reasons to smile in life as you age.

75. I hope that your birthday turns out to be a celebration of utilized yesteryears dear.

76. May the knowledge you ought to know before you get old to be taught to you by life as you age in favour.

77. Don’t let yourself be down by events that temper with your peace of mind dear. Happy birthday in advance.

78. On your upcoming birthday, I hope you find things that are given freely; fun, friends and love.

79. This 17th birthday is yours, may it turn out to be a memorable one – for it comes once a year.

80. People tend to worry about their age on birthdays because they are afraid of ageing. But I pray that you will become younger in this and next years celebrations.

81. May this day of birth celebration not be a sulking experience for you and your loved ones dear.

82. Don’t get bordered that your teeth are falling off, a lot of people wish to have that experience in their lifetime, so may you live long to see your grandkids.

83. I wish you more decades of merry and success on earth. Have an amazing 17th birthday, dear.

84. Now that you are getting older and will be thinking about your life’s purpose, I pray that you find happiness as you ponder about them.

85. They say, “there is time for everything” – time to be young and time to be old. Now that you are celebrating your birthday may it keep coming like a joyful unending bout dear.

86. May the warmth of love from well-wishers on your birthday give you comfort even your blanket cannot. Lol. Happy birthday best friend.

87. May you be cursed with uncountable woes of blessings dear, as you observe your birthday.

88. May this day be full of joy and happiness for you and your friends both online and offline.

89. Your day will become an opened door to exceptional success. Happy 17th birthday, dear.

90. I remember the countless times I had forgotten about my friends birthdays but woke up this morning with the hope that your loved ones won’t forget about you by caring from now on.

91. You will not live to forget your birthday this year because it will be a joy-bringing celebration like never before.

92. How can I call myself a friend and fail to pray that your birthday becomes the end of your life’s tunnel and the scratch of a positive down?

93. A lot of good years still lurks for you to enjoy dear, happy 17th birthday to you.

94. One more candle will be blown for you around this time next year, I pray. Happy 17th birthday, my best friend.

95. You will soon be spreading your cheeks in joy as your birthday approaches in a short while, so dry your tears.

96. Although I was on medication during my birthday, I hope that yours comes when you are healthy and strong to enjoy. Happy birthday in advance.

97. Your essence in my life has really shaped my thoughts, may your new age give you more wisdom to impact positively on the life’s of others too.

98. You have been a generous giver right from the first time I heard about you. I hope that your zeal towards giving will wax stronger. Happy 17th birthday.

99. May you be blessed in myriad ways you can’t even fathom as you age in wisdom and stature.

100. I know my words may say something, but may the grace that will fall on you from your birthday henceforth, be more than what my lips can shape.

Everyone’s 17th birthday deserves to be celebrated, and that includes your friends and family. If you want to make their day even more special, then these birthday messages and wishes are what you need.

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