Happy 25th Birthday Brother Wishes and Quotes

Happy 25th Birthday Brother Wishes and Quotes

To clock 25 is reaching the age of adventure and getting more prepared for the life ahead. It is an age of so much strength as it’s all about youthfulness and agility.

As your brother hit his silver jubilee today, celebrate him and share in his happiness with not just a pack of gifts in bags and sacks but much more the gifts of words from the heart, words of lovely wishes, quotes, and messages.

He will be extraordinarily happy to receive at least one of these happy 25th birthday brother wishes from you, especially at the dawn of his birthday.

Then, don’t hesitate to send these lovely wishes and quotes to wish your brother a happy birthday.

Come on!

Happy 25th Birthday Quotes for Brother

Your life is a blessing to many people around, you are a very sweet man in the making. I am happy to be related to you. As you mark your silver jubilee today, may new things be said of you in light. Happy 25th birthday, brother.

1. You are wonderfully made, you’re beautifully made you belong to God and you resemble, that the devil trembles anytime he see you. You are a blessed brother. Happy 25th Birthday.

2. You are a good, good brother, yes! It is who you are and I am beloved by you, yeah so proud to be your sister. Happy 25th birthday.

3. How I wished this day could stay even longer because I enjoyed the company of our relatives and friends that visited to celebrate with us on this special day of yours. Happy Birthday to you and may you stay to witness many more of this day.

4. 25 is an important number of the year, of age, and even date so feel important brother with your shoulders high, be proud because I am proud to have you as my brother. Happy 25th birthday brother.

5. As you mark your 25th birthday, may your light prosper and shine round the earth because you a light of God. Happy Birthday, sweet brother.

6. Understanding is what I call being an elder, thanks for your understanding even of my shortcomings and truly you are a good elder brother. Wishing you the best on your 25th birthday.

7. Happy 25th birthday to my handsome brother, having you as my brother is the greatest joy in my life.

8. May the day star arise in your heart and may every day of your life be blessed with rays of hope, joy, love, and sunshine. Happy silver jubilee, Brother!

9. Birthdays are seasons of greatness, achievement, and progress. As you mark a new year today, all I can wish you is more greatness, achievement, and progress. Happy 25th birthday, brother!

10. Happy 25th birthday to you bro, I wish u sunshine of laughter and a rainbow of smiles, and I pray the Lord to continue to shine his light on you and you keep winning.

11. Birthdays bring lots of winning and prosperity, as you experience this birthday my brother more wins and prosperity shall be yours.

12. Living to experience one birthday is a joyful occurrence, I pray that your wish is granted in this new year of yours.

13. Blessings coupled with splendid experience and a cool year filled with the breeze of gladness be yours, my lovely brother. Happy 25th birthday

14. On this Birthday, glorious day of yours, I want to use this medium to thank you for being the best brother. anyone could ask or request for, my love for you keeps growing each day. Happy 25th birthday to your darling brother.

15. I might say today begins with the aroma of nice, delicious dishes blowing up in the air but all the same, and that’s all because of you, brother. Happy 25th birthday!

16. Times passes away, fashion fades away, songs fade away, trends turn to old fashioned, but your personality has never changed, keep being who you are. Happy 25th birthday, brother

17. Happy birthday to the best treasure, today I send you blessings of peace, joy, grace, and happiness. Happy 25th anniversary of life.

18. Having you as my brother is the greatest joy I ever have, As you are celebrating your 25th birthday. May you rise high like the sunset in the morning, Happy 25th birthday, brother.

19. To the best brother that I always look up to, thanks for being my champion. Happy 25th birthday, brother!

20. Words can’t describe how wonderful you have been. 25 years has been so sweet and I wish you a more glorious year ahead. Happy birthday, brother.

21. Look who was born today 25 years ago, my wish is that you flourish and expand on every side. Welcome to your best year and more to come, brother, I love you!

22. Hurray a legend was born today, may you continue to be relevant and blossom just like a tree by the river. Happy 25th birthday, brother.

23. Best of wishes and good things on your 25th Birthday, aged mightily and wonderfully.

24. Finally it’s your day bro, may you soar higher like an eagle. Happy 25th birthday brother!

25. An hero was born today, thanks for the great advice and always fighting on my behalf, wish you the best birthday ever. Happy 25th birthday, my fighter.

26. A brother is someone supportive, caring, and loving, thanks for everything you do. Welcome to the year of full responsibility than the previous year, happy 25th birthday, brother.

27. A steadfast believer, a hardcore lover of the true God and truth. Thanks for loving God and everyone around you. Happy 25th birthday, my handsome brother.

28. A hard worker, an awesome giver, an icon, the best commander. My big brother is a man that stands by his words, love you so much, brother. Happy 25th birthday.

29. My dynamic brother, thank you for loving me and everyone in the family. May you find grace to love us more without getting wearied, cheers to the greater year ahead. Happy 25th Birthday.

30. Happy anniversary on another edition of life brother, may nothing come in between you and your happiness. Happy 25th birthday, brother.

31. An extraordinary year and remarkable as the 25th year for an extraordinary person. Best wishes brother.

32. Happy birthday to you my brother, it seems like the more we stay living together as siblings, the more the love and affection I got for you as a brother and best friend grows too. Bro, you mean everything to me and the family in general. Happy birthday.

33. Happy birthday to you dearest brother, I have always looked up to you as a younger one while I was growing up. Thanks for looking after me as a younger one big bro. Happy 25th birthday to you once again.

25th Birthday Wishes to Brother

My wishes for you are life and favours. May you enjoy the blessings of your youthful age. May all that you do be graced with excellence and uniqueness. May you find favour with God and men. I love you, brother. Happy 25th birthday!

34. Nothing is satisfying and luxurious on earth than having a brother like you, a loving and caring brother, I am certainly honoured, and thankful to God for getting such a brother like you. I love you so much, my brother. Happy 25th Birthday.

35. It’s another new year of life for you, yeah! it’s your 25th birthday! My desire for you is that more blessings, life, and more thing that God has designed for you will locate you in every path you tread, Love so much brother. Happy birthday and many happy returns.

36. You’re ageing and you are prospering in judgment in your personality within and outside. May you have abundant extraordinary things bring forth greatness into your life, we all cherish you, brother. Happy 25th birthday to you.

37. Sweet brother I will never forget all you’ve done for me, when am down you lift my spirit in your kind and cheerful words, thank you so much, brother. Best wishes for your 25th birthday.

38. I am the happiest girl in the world because I’ve got the best brother that got my back anytime, anywhere, love you so much, brother. Happy richly 25th birthday.

39. Prayers for your birthday; wealth, good health, prosperity, life, favour, love, joy, happiness, and numerous more of it. Happy 25th birthday, brother.

40. Wow! It’s my little brother’s 25th birthday, you are growing steadily and graciously soon to be called a husband and a father. Happy Birthday grows in grace.

41. To the best brother, my heart desire is that the LORD shall guide thee continually, and satisfy thy soul in drought, and make fat thy bones: and thou shalt be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters fail not. Happy 25th birthday to you.

42. Happy birthday dear brother, as you are marking another year, may your light break forth as the morning, and your health shall spring forth speedily.

43. Brothers are the most beautiful gift from God, thanks for taking care of me and loving me always. Happy birthday to you.

44. I thank God for giving me a brother like you. On your birthday I want to thank you for being the best brother anyone could ever have. Happy 25th birthday brother.

45. I’m grateful to you for always offering your arms in the hours of need, do have a wonderful 25th birthday.

46. It is your day brother, picturing you with a nice pair of trousers, a shirt with great colours, looking so good and cute and happily dressed and preparing for the day. Do have a great day brother it’s for you. Happy 25th Birthday.

47. Happy Birthday brother, your birthday is here again, friends all over are always anticipating your day because it is always an epic one. Wishing you the very best this year. Happy Birthday 25th birthday, brother.

48. On this special day, I pray that God blesses you with every good thing, with love, with wisdom, and with joy. Thank you for always being there for me and giving me your support and strength.

49. You are such a wonderful brother in the world, so protective, supportive, caring, and loving. I wish you all the best as you are celebrating another year of greatness and enlargement, happy 25th birthday brother.

50. On this special day, may thou find favour and good understanding in the sight of God and man. Happy 25th birthday brother!

51. You are my role model and supporter in every sphere of life. I am indebted to you beyond repayment and I wish you the very best on this special day. Happy 25th birthday brother!

52. On this special day, the LORD your God bless you, as he promised you: and you shall lend to many nations, but you shall not borrow, and you shalt reign over many nations, but they shall not reign over you, Happy 25th birthday brother!

53. May the Lord, the God of your fathers, make you a thousand times as many as you are and bless you as He has promised you. Happy 25th birthday brother!

54. Blessed have been your days on Earth and blessed it will continue to be, and all your needs are supplied in this new year, wishing you a glorious 25th birthday.

55. We started together roughly being the only children of our parents and here we growing more in greatness and fulfilment, cheers to more success. Happy 25th Birthday, sweet brother.

56. I smiled to myself as the thought of our wondrous adventures being together back then in the house came across my mind again, it’s great to have you as a kid brother and I hope the Lord will bless those days for us even until this very day. Happy birthday, bro. You’re blessed this day.

57. I am so glad to celebrate a wonderful soul, a brother so respectfully, caring, submissive, loving, and kindhearted is all I wished for and I got it. Happy 25th Birthday, brother.

58. Happy 25th birthday brother, you are blessed amongst all brothers. May you be blessed forever, wishing you the best of all.

59. Happy Birthday brother, I love your tenacity in the things of God. Wishing you many more years in light and truth. Best of a 25th year, brother.

60. Happy 25th birthday brother. May you continue to shine brighter and brighter every day, every year, and better days ahead brother.

61. Happy birthday blood, wishing a closer walk to God’s will and more of his. Happy 25th year, sweet brother.

62. With a grateful heart to God who is all things, I celebrate you my wonderful brother and a creature of God, wishing the best 25th year of your life.

63. Thank God it’s today another day of celebration because it is your birthday and you are the celebrity of the day so enjoyable. Happy 25th year, sweet brother.

64. Eventually, I had looked back at our pasts as a brother from little kids that we used to be up to this moment and I can say confidentially in public that you’re a very great person of honour and I’m proud to have you as a brother. Happy birthday.

65. You’re the only one true friend I got, my partner to share thought with, my roommate, my mirror always telling how I look each time, and my best buddy, it’s your day again bro. And once again, happy 25th birthday to you my dear brother and friend.

66. I have imagined owning a house, a home that can be shared with you as a brother because you’re grown to be a blessing to me and the family and I hope that blessing gets multiplied on this special day. Happy 25th birthday.

67. I can’t think of an existence without you in it brother. I can only assume it would have suffered and been not complete without you. You are one of the people that contributes the most to my happiness in life. Wishing you the best of the year and ahead. Happy 25th Birthday, sweet brother.

68. As your sister it’s my responsibility to wish you a happy birthday and prompt you that you’re getting old and it’s time to bring a wife home, chuckles. Happy Birthday 25th birthday, brother.

69. I am feeling blessed, and I know it’s because extraordinary things are happening today and that’s because you are blessed and your day is blessed. Happy 25th Birthday, brother.

70. You’ve been my mentor and guidance angel sent to me by God and today I’m wishing a happy birthday and also wishing that all the great things you ever wished to do on earth come to reality. Happy 25th birthday to my blood brother.

71. I can’t love you less brother and I show a sense of appreciation and compliment for all the things you’ve done for you as a brother to you and for the entire family. Happy 25th birthday to you once again brother, have a wonderful day of celebration.

72. Mama’s dignity, we are blessed to have in this family and I want you to know that you’re loved by many. I believe your purpose in this world is for a special reason and I know you will accomplish that. Wishing you the very best of today in peace and joy. Happy 25th Birthday, brother.

Funny 25th Birthday Wishes for Brother

As you clock 25 today, It’s more of a time to go and press more in gaining more money, cause you will now have more responsibility of giving me pocket money. Laughter! Happy 25th birthday, my beloved brother.

73. Coming into this world was good but meeting you as my elder brother was the best because I get to have a lot of things inherited from you, a lot of gifts and wears, love you so much. Happy 25th birthday.

74. Hurray! It’s the king’s 25th birthday, yeah you are a king but of your world. Happy best birthday, brother.

75. Happy 25th Birthday Big B exclusively comes around once a year but luckily your extraordinary brother’s abilities in loving and caring are outstanding.

76. Happy Birthday 25th Birthday brother just know that whatever you want today I will give but still with your money, so think well. love you so much, brother.

77. Thanks for the monthly supplier of my cookies, Wishing you the best birthday ever. Happy 25th birthday brother!

78. Hurray! Happy bit supernatural wishes, 25 looks so good on you just like jam looks good on bread, do have a blast birthday.

79. You have been the most loving brother, my best friend I love the way usually beat you when playing, love you so much, brother. Wish you a happy 25th birthday.

80. A billion supernatural wishes to you on your 25th birthday, don’t forget to send my cookies.

81. It’s your birthday brother, rock your day with bountiful wishes from everyone, wishing you the longest life ever.

82. Happy Birthday to my brother, getting married very soon, don’t be too shy always. Happy 25th Birthday, blood.

83. I had composed a poem in my heart for this occasion even though the lines did not rhyme but all the same it was in my heart to you. Happy 25th birthday brother.

84. Hmmm, what a journey with great memories, a funny one though, This day took my e back to our childhood days when you were afraid of so many things like thunder, lightning, and darkness always running to dad or mom but here we are today you are already 25, wow! Happy Birthday, man.

85. Happy Birthday to you, my darling brother. Your breakthrough and happiness are sure this year. Happy 25th Birthday, brother.

86. Wishing you to the fullest of life and find love this year, and make sure your love is very cute. Happy 25th Birthday sweet brother.

87. All creations are so glad today because it’s your birthday, even the air smells so nice because it’s your day, the trees can’t even contain their joy, of course, it’s your birthday brother. Happy 25th birthday, my handsome gee.

88. To the second in command of the house, to mummy’s best son, well that’s because you are the only son. Wishing you all mom’s best cooking today in which I will partake of. Happy 25th birthday, brother.

89. To my fairy Godfather. Happy 25th birthday, sweet brother.

90. Thank you for being my only best buddy Happy 25th birthday brother! Still looking forward to the things you want to give me.

91. Happy Birthday to my world’s best brother, cheers to more money, cheers to big living and cheers to freedom. Wishing you more life and prosperity. Happy Birthday, 25th birthday.

92. Happy Birthday brother of mine, thank you for staying on, I love your staying abilities not getting tired of all our troubles and stress, keep enduring. Happy Birthday, brother.

93. Happy Birthday to the handsome man of the house, wishing you will be more beautiful in soul and character. Happy 25th birthday, brother.

94. To my dearest and lovely brother, even though you can be so annoying and aggressive at times, I still thank the Lord for giving me a brother. Love you so much, bro. Happy birthday

95. I opened the door expecting the same routine each morning, but instead, there was you happily rejoicing with screams and shouts of joy in your excitement so you forgot someone was watching you from you behind, it was such a great experience seeing you in that exciting mood and I know it’s just the beginning of joy and gladness for you my dear. Happy 25th birthday, handsome dude!

96. I can’t forget the memories we share from childhood and most school days, thanks for always saving me from the bullying guys, Happy 25th birthday brother.

97. Happy birthday to my handsome brother who is never scared of anything but can’t kill a cockroach. Wishing you a happy 25th birthday.

98. To the best counsellor without going to counselling school, thanks for being there for me all the time, May you grow more in understanding. Happy 25th birthday, brother!

99. Happy Birthday to the brother of the most beautiful lady on earth, yeah I know right I am the most beautiful girl among us. Happy Birthday to you my handsome brother.

100. Happy Birthday to the best option given to me as a brother, if you were not in the option I would rather go for none. Can’t love you less brother. Happy Birthday 25th birthday.

I am confident that you have been able to collect from this collection of sweet happy 25th birthday for brothers to wish your sweet loving brother a happy silver jubilee as he hit this major landmark of his life.

Do well to share your thoughts on this post as your thought will be so much appreciated. I am always here for you!

You can also tell your friends and mates to come and collect from this post to send to their brother on the occasion of their birthdays.

Happy 25th birthday to your brother, may all that he lays his hands to do from now henceforth be blessed and favoured.


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