Happy 27th Birthday Husband Wishes and Quotes

Happy 27th Birthday Husband Wishes and Quotes

Super-amazing husbands are lifetime companions who care and show love to their wives. Many a time, wives may likely reciprocate this love and care by celebrating their lovely husbands on a special day like their birthdays.

As a wife that desires to make her husband happy and feel loved on his birthday, you deserve to get the right words that will easily convey your heartfelt wishes to your amazing husband especially on his 27th birthday.

Your husband’s birthday is here again, and yay! It is his 27th. I know how excited you must be, especially as the assistant celebrant, because his special day is yours too, right? Words can’t exactly do justice to the wonderful feelings surging through your heart at the moment, but they would still help in conveying your heartfelt message to your husband in a better way.

These happy 27th birthday husband wishes and quotes are put together for you, to celebrate your husbands 27th birthday. These messages will communicate your heartfelt wishes for your husband, just the way you want them to.

So, here you go! Go on, make a choice!
You can even pick more than one of these messages.

Cheers to your husband’s new year!

Best 27th Birthday Wishes for Husband

You are my best man! The one I prayed for, the one with whom I journey through life. Babe, what is life without you? I am grateful that you go all the way out for me. My wishes for you on this day are that you get lifted beyond your expectations and that you live a long, healthy life. Happy 27th birthday, sweetheart.

1. Dear husband of my youth, I couldn’t have asked for a better man! It’s your 27th birthday today, and I can only imagine the amazing years ahead of us. Happy birthday, baby! I love you!

2. I do not regret choosing to choose you for life. On this 27th birthday anniversary of yours, I am reminded of all the beautiful memories you brought me. You have been the best husband in the whole universe. Happy 27th birthday, husband.

3. To the one who goes all out, just to come through for myself and the kids. The past 27 years of your life have been worth it because I can’t imagine all this goodness in one man. I’m glad we have centuries to go. Happy 27th birthday, darling.

4. So many women just have their husbands as bedmates, but I’m so lucky to have one who cares for me, adores me and treats me like his queen. He is 27 today, and that’s the best thing to happen today! Happy birthday, husband!

5. To the world’s best husband, and the king of all honourable men, I say happy 27th birthday. Cheers to health, peace and flourishing love.

6. I’m sending love-filled cheers to my amazing husband on his 27th birthday. Baby, you alone have held my hands through all the storms; I want to be by your side on every birthday occasion, today, and forever. Happy birthday, my king.

7. ‘Birthdays are for thanksgiving’, they say. Well, what will I not give thanks for? God has blessed me with a husband that is worth more than a treasure box; He is my own treasure island, filled with precious stones and everlasting jewels. Happy 27th birthday, my dear.

8. As vibrant as the sun, as bold as the bear, as fierce as a flame, yet as loving as a father, and as gentle as lavender; so is my darling husband. Happy 27th birthday, honey. Thank you for being a true father to our family.

9. On this occasion of your 27th birthday, I just want you to know that I’m grateful to you for adding colour to my grey skies. Happy birthday, my dear husband.

10. No one will ever be able to do the things that you do for me, my darling. You are a fulfilled man so, I’m grateful to God, that, I got married to you, and for making you a daily gift to me. I wish you more years of good health, blessed life and a more fulfilled life. Happy 27th birthday, my love.

11. I’m so excited right now, I could burst open from all this joy. The man I’m spending my life with is 27 today! He’s becoming a better husband, father, lover, friend, and brother every day of our lives, and that’s really worth celebrating. Happy 27th birthday, sweetheart.

12. Just as the raindrops bring a fresh scent, this man refreshed my life and now, just as it was when we met, I’m head over heels in love with him. Dear Husband, it’s your 27th birthday today and all I want to do is to see you enjoy each day we spend together, till the end of time. Happy Birthday, Baby.

13. Dear, you have shown me what pure and true love looks like. It’s joyful that I get to celebrate you on your 27th birthday. You deserve the best in life, and most especially on your birthday. Happy Birthday!

14. Find me 27 ways to love my husband better on his 27th birthday anniversary, and it still won’t be enough. You are God’s perfection in shirt and shorts; it can’t be overemphasized. Happy Birthday, my love.

15. I want to scream out loud that it’s my husband’s birthday today! 27 hearty cheers and 27 million kisses to you, babe. I can’t begin to tell the world how wonderful you’ve been since we got married. They would never understand my joy! Happy 27th, my darling husband. I love you so much!

16. Hey, Lucky Charm! You’re 27 today, and right here, right now, I feel like I have all the luck in the world just because I am your wife. I’m such a lucky wife to an extraordinarily stunning man. Happy Birthday to you!

17. Every memory with you deserves a space on the Hall of Fame. As I begin this new year of your life with you, I pray we make more memories and prosper in love and togetherness. Happy 27th birthday, my darling.

18. Your arms have comforted me, and have carried our child lovingly. You have loved us, even at your lowest. I wish you strength, cheerfulness and vigour as you celebrate your 27th birthday today. Happy Birthday, Babe.

19. Happy 27th birthday to my perfectly delightful and awesome husband. I pray that as you receive the best birthday gift today, your joy stays full. Lots of Love from your Wife.

20. Dear Husband, may you remain blessed all the days of your life. The past 27 years of your life have been sweet; the years to come are filled with ecstasy, pure bliss, relief, joy, and of course, unending romance. Happy 27th birthday, sugar. I love you.

Happy 27th Birthday Quotes for My Husband

My dearest husband, you colour my world and I love living life with you. You are the extra to my ordinary, the icing on my cake and the flowers in my garden. I want you to know that I will choose you again and again, over and over. Happy 27th birthday, husband of my youth. I love you so much!

21. It’s another year to celebrate you, my love. Your birthday anniversary always gives me joy, and it has only increased this year. Thank you for giving our family the very best! Happy 27th birthday, my man.

22. I’m a happy woman today because a man keeps giving his all for me to stay happy. Honey, on this 27th birth anniversary, I promise you that I’d give you all the best things that a good man deserves on his birthday. No party; just you, me and the love we share. Happy birthday, Lover Man!

23. Our lives have more meaning, just because you haven’t stopped loving us. The kids and I are wishing you a blessed birthday today! Happy Birthday, babe!

24. I haven’t had the chance I desire to say how much I appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity to friends and family. My darling, you’re a role model to so many people around. May this 27th Birthday birth with incredible experiences and achievements. Happy Birthday, love.

25. On the days when I’m at my lowest, you have always held me up high with so much support and encouragement. Happy birthday, my superhero husband.

26. This family is held together by your doggedness and your persistence. I have seen you strive to be better in such a short time. I’m glad my unborn sons will have to look like, and look up to you! Happy Birthday, my sweetest husband.

27. You keep inspiring me to be a better wife; I am always looking for the next opportunity to show the world what my husband just taught me. Happy 27th, Man! I’m a proud wife of yours.

28. Day one till now, has been bliss with you. Your ability to take me to cloud nine is so remarkable and I don’t regret every moment I’ve had you as my husband. We still have more clouds to climb, as long as we live! Happy Birthday, Mr Mine.

29. There’s only one man on earth who can turn things around, just by sitting to brainstorm with you. That brilliant man is the man I said ‘Yes, I do’ to. Happy Birthday, pumpkin! Your wife is grateful.

30. Hey, Sweet! It’s your 27th birthday today, and I want you to know that I’d be dancing to your beats, and twisting and turning to the tunes you play, even when we are old and frail. Stay Jiggy, Boo! I love you much more. Happy Birthday to you!

31. Dear Birthday Boy, you remain the answers to my heartfelt prayers. I blew my candles, and got my wishes granted; you are my granted wish! Happy 27th birthday, my husband. I can’t wait to see you blow all 27 candles on your cake, and make your own wish too!

32. Husband of the Century! Yes, babe. In my books, you’re the winner of that award. Even at 27, Your elegance and style still allure me like you were still my teen boyfriend, and it always will. Thank you for ensuring that I stay on track! I love you, and I wish you a Happy Birthday, baby.

33. They say I’m a pretty woman. I tell them that my husband takes good care of me. I doubt if they know how much of a good man he is. I’m celebrating his birthday today and he’s still making me feel like I’m the celebrant! Happy Birthday to him!

34. Good husbands are rare; you are one of the rare. Your love keeps shining on me, and you never stop supporting me, even when I refuse it. Thank you for being a wonderful husband. Happy 27th birthday to you, my darling.

35. I pray for you; that your hands are never slack, your life is refreshed, your strength remains and you are celebrated everywhere you go. My love, God has blessed me with you, and I don’t take it for granted. Have a blissful 27th birthday anniversary.

36. Truly, my husband has been my crown. I promise that I will wear this crown with poise, elegance and strength. On your 27th birthday, today, I will show the world how beautiful you really are, inside out. Happy Birthday, Baby Boy.

37. My husband, I love to watch you dance; your steps are graceful and beautiful. Tonight, I’d be having a birthday dance with you, and I pray that all through our life together, you never lose this dance. Happy 27th birthday, dearest.

27th Birthday Prayer Messages for Husband

Dear husband, today, we celebrate your 27th birthday. As you begin a new calendar, my prayer for you is that God blesses you so much that you can do all that you desire for your family. Messages won’t express my love for you enough. But, it is a sure thing that I love you, babe. Happy birthday!

38. It’s my desire for you, on your 27th birthday, that you stay as bright as the Sun, fair as the sky on a sunny day, calm as the cool evening breeze, sweet as honeycomb and joyful as a child. I love you so much, dear.

39. Honey, If I come to the world over and over again, I will still choose you! I want to relive every memory with you. I want to be the mother of your child, over and over again. I want to shower all of my love on you, after all. Happy 27th birthday, best husband.

40. You’re the spark that lights up my whole life. Being your wife has been a new experience, daily. Happy birthday, love. Cheers to forever, in perfect wellness and wealth!

41. Even when it’s all peace and quiet, your love still calls out to me with reverberating sounds. All I want to give you is endless peace, and a life filled with pleasant surprises. Happy 27th birthday, my darling husband.

42. Last night, I kept asking myself, ‘How did I deserve to get this man?’. I still can’t figure it out. You’re a bundle of abounding blessings, and I’d be eternally grateful for your life. It’s a super awesome new year for you, and for us. Happy birthday, dear.

43. Everything about you is just so breathtaking; even now, you still take my breath away. You’re still the dashing, handsome and superb man I married 2 years ago. It’s your 27th birthday, baby and all I wish is that you stay handsome for life, and never lose your style.

44. Until you brought splashes of paint, I used to be an empty, dull and lifeless room. My precious husband, you have changed me and brought radiance to my life. Happy Birthday, My Man. I’d be here, always, to brighten your days, I love you.

45. You have walked with your head up high during the most turbulent times, and we have weathered every storm, together. Happy 27th Birthday to the strongest man in my life. May you never collapse, no matter what.

46. I do not think I’d be ever able to give you what you deserve; I doubt if it exists. With the oars of this family in your hands, you have rowed us to success and bliss. Thank you, my Hunny bunny, for truly leading this home. Happy Birthday, Husbae.

47. When my hands couldn’t reach, you stretched out yours and helped me reach. I’m an accomplished woman and mother, right now, because you are my husband and the father of our kids. Happy 27th Birthday, Cupcake.

48. Hey, Hubby! It’s that time of the year when we look back and thank the Almighty for helping you overcome all hurdles. God really refined you and kept you for me. You are his perfection, a masterpiece and my own irresistible work of art. Happy 27th Birthday, Honey Bunny.

49. Much more beauty, than the world sees, I have experienced with you. Every scene has been beautiful, just because you’re in it, or I’m seeing it with you. Happy 27th Birthday, Baby Boy. May I see more beautiful scenes with you in it.

50. My love, even when it’s not your birthday, I always celebrate with you. Now, it’s your birthday and I can’t help but do extraordinary things for you. You deserve it. Happy 27th Birthday to you.

I can assure you that your husband would be so excited to receive any of these happy 27th birthday husband wishes and quotes messages from you. Why don’t you share with your female friends and loved ones? They should also get to celebrate their husbands, don’t you think?

Oh! The age? They can always tweak it to suit their own husbands’ age.
Thank you!
Happy celebrations to you and yours.
I sincerely wish your husband a great year ahead, even as I wish you both many more years together.


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