Happy 38th Birthday to Me Wishes and Quotes

Happy 38th Birthday to Me Wishes and Quotes

Sometimes, life can be exhausting because there’s just so much for you to do with so little time but in all that, you should make out time to get some positivity in your life and doses of love for yourself each and every day.

Part of making an extra effort to love yourself more is to make sure that you celebrate your birthday in a more special way just like you do for others. This will include using happy birthday to me quotes and /I love myself no matter what quotes/ as a reminder that you deserve to love and appreciate yourself on your birthdays and beyond that.

To make sure that you have the perfect birthday wishes and quotes for your 38th birthday, I have written these beautiful happy 38th birthday to me wishes and quotes for you.

All you need to do is sit back, relax, scroll through and find the one that best suits your heart wishes.

Remember, it’s your birthday so, you’re allowed to use as many birthday quotes and wishes as you like.

A happy 38th birthday to you.

Best 38th Birthday Quotes for Myself

Sometimes, letting go is the bravest thing I can do; my 38th year will be for letting go of people and things that no longer inspire and motivate me to be my best self.

A happy and cheerful 38th birthday to me.

1. I deserve all the happiness in the world and I’m going to have it every day of my 38th year.
Happy birthday to me.

2. Calling forth this new age to be one of the great celebrations, success and all-around fulfilment.
A happy 38th birthday to me.

3. Being extra positive and thankful today for this new age.
I can’t wait for what year 38 has in store for me.
Wishing myself a fantastic birthday.

4. This feels like a new beginning and I intend to make the most of every day that comes to me.
A wonderful 38th birthday to me.

5. The first day of my 38th year is here, I’m going to soak in all the excitement and good wishes for what will be a remarkable birthday and year.

6. A new year and another chance to live out my dreams in the best possible ways.
Happy 38th birthday to me.

7. A beautiful 38th birthday to me.
This is me embracing this new year of my life and choosing to be every inch my best self all year round.

8. There’s always going to be something to celebrate in my life and today, I celebrate my amazing 38th birthday.

9. I continue to age like fine wine and I couldn’t be happier to witness my 38th birthday.
Cheers to all the success and happy moments to come.

10. Nothing will take away the joy that has filled my heart today.
Thankful for my 38th year and birthday.

11. Alive and happy to celebrate my 38th birthday.
All the best wishes to me today and always.

12. I receive the gift of this new age with all gratitude.
Cheers to my 38th birthday and the wonderful journey ahead.

13. It’s already feeling like an incredibly amazing year, happy 38th year to me.

14. I have made it to another wonderful year and I believe that this 38th year will be greatly improved from last year.

15. Another year around the sun and I’m more than ready to keep thriving in all things.
A beautiful 38th birthday to me.

16. Wishing myself all round 38th year of excellence and joy in everything I do.
Birthday happiness and love to me.

17. Every day of this new year will count for something powerful, beautiful and rewarding.
Happy 38th birthday to me.

18. With an open heart filled with joy, I welcome myself to my 38th birth anniversary.
It shall indeed be an awesome year.

19. Getting another wonderful opportunity to keep living my best life, happy 38th birthday to me.

20. A big part of life is remembering the things that matter.
My life matters and so does my happiness and I’ll celebrate all of that throughout my 38th year.

Happy Birthday to Me 38 Years Old

I woke up today as a 38 years old person, how cool is that.
I feel so great about this new chapter of my life and I can’t wait for the year to unfold.
As always, I hope to have a beautiful 38th birthday.

21. I made it to another awesome year, happy birthday to my 38 years old self!

22. Cheers to being a fabulous 38 years old lady, happy birthday to me.

23. I’ll enjoy every minute of my 38 years old life with so much gratitude for each day that I get to live.

24. Announcement: I’m officially the coolest 38-year old that you know.
A wonderful birthday to me.

25. Tis the day to celebrate becoming a 38 year old guy.
It’s going to be a great year and birthday.

26. It’s quite a special feeling to wake up to my 38th year today.
I feel so grateful and happy for all that year 38 holds for me.

27. So I became 38 years old today but I’m honestly still a child at heart; ready for more laughter and fun adventures.

28. The best thing about today is turning into a 38 years old man.
Birthday blessings to me!

29. Say hello to the newest 38 year old in the world.
Giving myself permission to be happy all year round.

30. My happiness today knows no bound.
Happy to become a graceful 38 year old in every sense of the word.

31. I love myself enough to proudly identify as a 38 years old person today.
The happiest of birthdays to me with all the good wishes.

32. Glowing like the 38 year old that I am.
A joyful and happy birthday to me.

33. At 38 years old, I feel like such a queen.
It will be a beautiful year for me, wishing myself a beautiful birthday.

34. Celebrating my 38th birthday in grand style because life is too short to not celebrate every milestone.

35. I celebrate the 38 year old woman that I am today because it has been quite a journey.
Wishing myself many more breakthroughs.

36. My first time being a 38 year old and I’m absolutely loving every minute of it.
Happy 38th birthday to me.

37. I have just been upgraded to the 38th year of my life and what a special feeling it is.
Wishing myself a fruitful year moving forward.

38. It’s an absolute delight to celebrate me today for my 38th year.
Happy to be alive and healthy.

39. My 38th birth anniversary is here and it’s all joy and happiness for me.

40. I don’t know how to be a 38 year old just yet but I’m more than happy to learn and explore the beauty of this new age.
Happy birthday to me.

38th Birthday Messages for Myself

Taking out a moment to wish myself a happy 38th birthday with this message because I deserve all the good things over and over again.
This already feels like an absolutely fantastic year and I can’t wait to see how this chapter of my life plays out.

41. This will be nothing short of an amazing year, wishing myself a beautiful 38th birthday.

42. Life is to be lived with beauty and expectations for great things and that’s exactly how I intend to spend my 38th birthday and year.

43. First, I celebrate myself for making it through this past year.
I celebrate myself for this wonderful 38th birthday.

44. I am my own biggest fan and cheerleader and I’m cheering myself on to what will be a fantastic 38th year of my life.
Happy birthday to me.

45. Giving myself a day off to celebrate this special day of my life.
Wishing myself an excellent 38th birthday.

46. Another year to live a life of purpose and many happy returns.
Happy 38th birth anniversary to me.

47. It’s always so fun to celebrate the beginning of a new age.
Today is another happy beginning and I wish myself an incredible 38th year ahead.

48. I’m happy for waking up to this day again. 38th year is a big deal to me. happy birthday to me.

49. I’m here to be my best self and live my best life and chapter 38 will be all of that and more.
A fantastic birthday to me.

50. My sweet soul deserves the most beautiful 38th birthday today and I shall have it.

51. Wishing myself a merry 38th birthday of peace and joy.
It shall be an unbelievably beautiful year.

52. I’m preparing for what will be an awesome 38th year, a cheerful birthday of love to me.

53. It is a pleasure to celebrate my 38th birthday today, I already know that the year will be such a beautiful one.

54. I deserve to have beautiful moments like today, a day in honour of my 38th birthday and the amazing things in store for this new chapter of my life.

55. Once again, I get another opportunity to start a new age.
I wish myself the absolute best for my 38th birthday.

56. Thankful to be a year older today, cheers to 38 years of existence.
A joyful birthday to me.

57. What a beautiful and bright day it is to mark the wonderful beginning of my 38th year on earth.

58. My favourite day of the year is here; happy 38th birthday to me, it will be an amazing year.

59. I have every belief in my heart that my 38th year will be pretty awesome in every way.
Happy birthday to me.

60. I want to spend this 38th year of my life living and thriving in the best way I can.
So today, I celebrate what will be an amazing year for me.

Birthday Wishes to Self at 38

My birthday is here! With so much excitement and gratitude, I welcome myself to year 38.
I couldn’t be happier to have another wonderful year to be alive on this earth. I wish myself the best year filled with rewarding and loving moments.

61. The future looks brighter than ever and I can’t wait to get started on chapter 38.
Happy birthday to me.

62. Is this how being 38 feels like because I feel pretty awesome!
Birthday cheers to me.

63. What a pure delight it is turning 38 today!
I do have a feeling that this year will be incredibly fantastic.

64. A year older and better, year 38 will surely be awesome for me.
Happy birthday to me.

65. I can confirm that 38 just became my favourite number and for obvious reasons.
Happy 38th birthday to me.

66. Every new year of my life is a dream come true so cheers to year 38 and all the beautiful dreams that will come true with it on this birthday and beyond.

67. I’m a year older and for year 38, I’m ready to live my best life.
All the birthday love to me.

68. They say that time flies when you’re having fun and that’s all I intend to do for this 38th year of my life.
A beautiful birthday to me.

69. I celebrate every day like it’s my birthday but today, as I turn 38, I celebrate in a special way for the blessings of a new age.

70. To be happy, fulfilled and grateful is all I want for year 38, a merry birthday to me.

71. Each birthday is a chance to make some sort of fresh start; a happy fresh start to me at 38, love and light.

72. Cheers to more intentional living and loving; happy 38 to me.
It will surely be a fantastic year.

73. Older by age, kinder at heart.
Cheers to year 38 and the many beautiful moments that this new age will bring to my life.

74. I wish for my 38th year to be beyond amazing and I’ll do what I can to make it work.

75. Getting older isn’t bad, the bad thing is not living enough.
Year 38 will be fruitful, happy birthday to me.

76. I intend to be at my happiest for the 38th year of my life.
A super special birthday to me.

77. I love being alive and thriving at the things I do.
Pretty sure I’m going to love being 38 years, a fantastic birthday to me.

78. With love and gratitude, I wish myself a happy 38th birthday today.
It will be a wonderful year.

79. Another excellent year to have beautiful moments and make new memories.
Happy 38 to me.

80. Looking forward to all the amazing things that year 38 will bring.
Happy birthday to me.

38th Birthday Prayers for Myself

My birthday is here! I do not take the gift of my life for granted and even more, the gift of another wonderful year.
Thank God for my 38th year. I wish myself all the best in life and I pray that this new age will bring me steps closer to the things that will make my life more whole and fulfilling.

81. Counting my blessings because God has been so good to me.
Happy 38th birthday to me.

82. I feel so blessed to wake up to my 38th birthday, I pray for this year to be fruitful and fulfilling in all areas of my life.

83. God did it again!
Another wonderful birthday to celebrate what will be a beautiful 38th year.

84. The blessings of God will continue to manifest in my life for this 38th year and beyond, happy birthday to me.

85. I give God all the glory for my 38th birthday and I pray for the rest of the year to be amazing.

86. This is a day that the Lord has made, I shall rejoice and be glad in it.
Happy 38th birthday to me.

87. Today marks the beginning of my 38th year and I couldn’t be more grateful to God.
I know that God will bless this year abundantly for me.

88. Heavenly blessings and grace will be upon me for my 38th birthday and beyond.

89. The joy and peace of the Lord will be with me all through the year and always.
It will be a wonderful 38th year for me.

90. It shall be a year of abundant prosperity and fulfilment, amen.
Happy 38th birthday to me.

91. The Lord will provide for all of my needs and help me succeed in this new age and always.
Wishing myself a merry 38th birthday.

92. Dear (insert your name), you are highly favoured by God and you shall have an excellent 38th year on earth.

93. Every day of my 38th year will be full of joy, love and peace, amen.
Happy birthday to me.

94. My special day is here and I’m so thankful to God for bringing me thus far.
It will be 38. It’s a year of all round beauty.

95. God will make everything new and marvellous for my 38th year, happy birthday to me.

96. I shall have the comfort of mind and body in this 38th year of my life.
What a beautiful year it will be.

97. This will be a year of excellence and unending breakthroughs, wishing myself a wonderful 38th birthday.

98. I am going to have an abundantly successful 38th year because I am highly favoured by God.

99. I affirm that year 38 will be amazingly beautiful for me.
All the best birthday wishes to me.

100. I begin my 38th year with thanksgiving and I shall end it with even more thanksgiving.
Happy birthday to me.

Once again, I celebrate you as you mark this special day of your 38th birthday. You should know that you deserve all the good wishes, prayers and inspirational life quotes to lead you all through the year and beyond. I know that you found the happy 38th birthday to me quotes and wishes perfect for you.

If you have any absolute favourites, do not hesitate to share them with your friends.

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