Birthday Wishes Messages for Friends Son

Happy Birthday Wishes Messages for Friend’s Son

A friend’s son is also like one’s son and you are his uncle or godfather, aunt or godmother. It’s wonderful to be the uncle or aunt of your friend’s son. And you wish for him to get whatever he desires in life. And it can also come naturally to you to explain and tell him about how things work in this world.

You enjoy telling him about your childhood, about how you and your siblings grew up. And most importantly, how you and his mother or father became friends. That’s very interesting especially on the occasion of his birthday.

To celebrate him, send some charming and lovely birthday greetings to your friend’s son. These birthday wishes messages for friend’s son are a wonderful collection of best wishes that you can send to your friend’s son to wish him a good birthday.

Below are some sweet birthday messages to send to a friend’s son who is celebrating his special day.

Brace yourself and get ready to saturate your friend’s son with heartwarming messages and wishes on his birthday.

Best Birthday Quotes for Friend’s Son

My second baby, this is another season of a new beginning for you. You have been a blessing to your Mom right from childhood and I believe you will continually be a blessing throughout your lifetime. Happy birthday, my dear friend’s son.

1. You were once a baby, and now are grown up. someday you will become a father of a baby. But I will always see the boy in the man you’ve become those memories of school days, playing in the garden and helping your mom out in the house chores. We love you son and will always do. Happy Birthday, son.

2. Be sweet, be kind, be a gentleman, care and share and always be fair, and remember though now you are a man and have taken a wife. You will always be my son, I love you, from a friend’s mum. Happy Birthday, son.

3. When your dad first told me about how extraordinary and fascinating you are, I was excited to meet you, but now I know you are an incredible young man. Happy Birthday, son.

4. I was so glad when I heard your mom gave birth to you that day. My heart almost got burst with happiness throughout that week seeing you as a baby boy of few days old. Today is like a day of remembrance, happy birthday to you.

5. Like I used to tell you from the beginning, you have been a special child I have known you. I believe your stay in this world is for a better reason and I hope you will accomplish that reason. Happy birthday to you

6. My life has been a great journey that I have gotten some special steps and one of them is getting to meet your mother who has a great and lovely son like you, you are like a son to me. Happy birthday, son.

7. I know you are like an angel sent to comfort both your parents and people around you, that makes you a good kid and I believe good ones last forever. Happy birthday to you, good kid.

8. Happy birthday, my son; one’s friend’s son is also a son. Wishing on the stars, moments may be lost somewhere in time but sweet memories are never left behind. Now, you have grown so fine and come so far, and am so proud of the man you’ve become.

9. My good child, a son from another mother, I know my friend is blessed to have you as her own; remain a blessed son. Happy birthday.

10. Be good my child, be respectful and obedient…it adds more value to your potentials.

11. Be good, fair, and kind. Help the poor when you have and in return, you will be blessed and remembered for your good. Good advice from your second mom. Happy Birthday, son.

12. In those days when you usually help your mum with her work and she was so proud of you and I was proud of you, son. Be happy, my son, Eat good food and be strong.

13. The best option for you my son is to remain humble and honest and you shall enjoy your day on earth. Happy Birthday, dear.

14. Do not dwell on the past my son, because it makes you lose focus and be derailed. Better days are ahead of you. And go and do well to make your mom proud like always. Happy Birthday, son.

15. Seek Wisdom, be happy, and be contented my son because it is better than gold and riches. Happy birthday to you

16. A good child always listens to advice. My son listens to good advice and your life will be valuable. And do good always to make your mom and me happy. Happy birthday, son.

17. A good tree always produces good fruits. My son you are a tree with many fruits, may you always bear good ones. Happy Birthday, son.

18. A born is a born, is good to have you been born and given to us on this day. Keep shining and radiating since God is involved. Age gracefully son.

19. Sometimes, you can be humorous and caring Happy birthday handsome.

20. Happy birthday to your son. Wishing you all the best. May the Lord perfect everything about you.

Best Birthday Wishes for Friend’s Son

Happy birthday to you, my special friend, you are not just my friend’s son but also my bosom friend. Today is your birthday and I wish you remarkable moments of your life.

21. Since you came into our lives, all colours have become clearer. You brought light and colours to your best friend, A million magical wishes to you.

22. My wish for you is to be prosperous and be fruitful in all that you do and great things shall come forth from your hands. Happy Birthday, son.

23. I have loved you right from the very moment I saw you, you are such a smart kid gotten from a smart mother. Happy Birthday, son.

24. I’m the happiest human on earth witnessing our dear child growing in grace and achievement. He is going to greater height this season. Happy birthday to him.

25. Kudos to you friend for raising such a wonderful boy growing into a perfect man. Happy Birthday to him.

26. Mama’s pride wishing you the very best of today in peace and joy, thanks for making my friend proud Mother. Happy Birthday.

27. I congratulate you, kid, and wish you a happy birthday. I love you!

28. Happy birthday, dear son. May you continue to be a role model to other kids and a blessing to not only your parents but to all family and friends. Live to the fullest.

29. Cheers to you my son on your birthday, wishing you the very best life can offer. Happy birthday, son.

30. To you my best guy son I know, I hope your birthday is as great as you are. Happy Birthday, son.

31. Whenever you feel alone in life, I just want you to know it is not only you a parent that got your back, I will always be there for you. Happy Birthday, son.

32. I want you to know that when mom scolds you, it’s only because they love and care, you’ve got the best parent. Happy Birthday, son.

33. Wishing you all blessings and May you have much of what your heart wishes for. You are more than just my friend’s son to me. I wish you a happy birthday.

34. I’ve been hearing about birthdays but I haven’t experience the one as great as yours my dear boy, it was an amazing event last night and I believe it will forever be in our memories. Happy Birthday to you

35. This day has been the brighter one ahead of you and I want you to know that I’m proud of you. Happy Birthday to your son.

36. The happiness and joy I have derived this day are more than what the eyes can see and the ears can hear when the most brilliant man in the world can’t count or imagine. Happy Birthday to you my cutie.

37. You are like a son to so feel free to call me when you need someone to call on and my hugs will keep you warm. May you feel nothing but everlasting affection and endless support on your birthday.

38. The Heavens knew today as one of the joyous days in the universe all because a king was born to this world a few years ago was brought to recognition this very day. Once again, happy birthday to that king brought unto us. Enjoy your day and be happy.

39. I might not be your biological parent but I wish for only the best in life for you, and may your birthday be filled with lots of presents and laughter.

40. You are wonderfully made being a son and I want you to know that you are loved by all of us. Your behaviour is a strength to you mom, keep the good works going. I wish you many happy returns. Happy birthday to your son.

Best Friend’s Son Birthday Quotes

A friend’s son is also a son, a very special one indeed. I celebrate and felicitate with you. May this day be a wonderful day for you. A year of happiness and joy shall this year be to you. Happy birthday to you!

41. Your mom is my best friend and has always been, but you are my best baby wishing you long life, prosperity, and the best day ever. Happy Birthday, darling

42. Being your mom’s best friend is the best thing I have and something I will never joke with, having you like a son from her will always be the best. May your days be the long son. Happy Birthday, son.

43. Happy birthday cutest, grow into a man of wisdom, knowledge, and a man of integrity in our society, happy birthday Son.

44. A great teacher knows how to, motivates, and helps their student evolve. You are one because you have taught us how to smile and be happy with your ever-smiling face. I wish you a happy birthday and many more to come, son.

45. Happy birthday, boy! We might not often tell you those discovered Qualities in you, but you’re such an important part of our life! You’re my very best friend treasure and I cherish you for making her a happy woman

46. A son like you is what every parent dream of, accept my happy wishes son cause am happy you brought light and happiness to my friend’s life

47. This song of praise can’t stop either will Thanksgiving because you are an everlasting testimony to my friend. Happy birthday Son

48. Happy birthday to the most joyous species I have ever seen, your mum is so lucky to have given birth to such a gorgeous soul, Age with abundant grace son.

49. Dear son, with every year that passes you became more special than before, through every age I love you more, happy birthday dear, I think I love you as equal as your mum, my friend.

50. Happy birthday son, you are a treasure from above, your laughter warmth our soul and it’s a special charm that brings happiness. May you grow into a man of Fulfilment. We Love you

51. I’m sure my friend never knew she would be a proud mother of a heroic son, as you plus another beautiful year today, may God continue to bless your path. Happy birthday to you.

52. I remembered when your mom and I grew up together having all the sweet memories, seeing you growing bring up the sweet memories, Happy birthday Son.

53. God bless this special best friend son of mine with all happiness and accomplishments in life. I’m truly blessed to have u as my bestie son. Happy birthday, son.

54. Your mom’s best days on earth and treasured moments are all linked with your smile and laughter and somehow that makes me happy love you with all my heart. Happy birthday cutest son.

55. Every birthday reminds me of the day, my bestie said, it’s a boy. Happy birthday, my sweet!

56. Sending joy and happiness your way on your day, much love from your fairy godmother.

57. Happy birthday to my best friend handsome son, taking care of you when you were in your mother’s womb till when you were born, I can’t forget how you disturb your mother in the womb. Have a great one

58. Another year is another great reason to celebrate your son, Happy Birthday boy.

59. What is love? When you have someone so cute as your bestie, Happy birthday!

60. Your birthday is special to me because it gives me the chance to remember the day that someone I love and honour came into the world. Happy Birthday to you!

My Friend’s Son Birthday Wishes

I wish you a life of joy, happiness and peace. May you enjoy wealth, solitude and abundance of peace in this new year of your life. Nothing shall in no wise harm you. A good year shall this be to you! My hearty wishes, son!

61. Warmest wishes for a very reason my friend became a mother. May you grow older in the abundance of mercy. Happy birthday to you!

62. On this beautiful day, God will bless you with everlasting energy with love, luck, and joy. Happy birthday, dear.

63. Warm birthday wishes to my dearest friend’s son, more of it!

64. Dear friend, I wish your son the very best in life today. He deserves all the good things of life. May he prosper without hindrance. Happy Birthday and many happy returns.

65. Dear friend our son has made it through another year in joy and satisfaction, He blesses abundantly. Happy birthday to him.

66. With great joy in me, I want to seize this opportunity to surreptitiously wish you a happy birthday and sending in my regards on this special day of yours. May the Creator of the universe behold this day to bless you in abundance.

67. Apart from sharing things, the most beautiful gift my friend gave me was having a wonderful son like you. Happy birthday. son.

68. Your mom might be the connection between us two, but there’s no hiding the fact that you will always still be my son whom I cherish. Happy birthday, son.

69. Dead friend, Look how far we have come, We do everything together. The love is deep. Hope you will enjoy this day to the fullest. Happy Birthday, stepson is not the right word, my son.

70. You are always seen as an of wisdom in marvellous ways. You are the type of son I will love all my kids to be. I admire you so much, Stay blessed. Happy Birthday, son.

71. All you have to do today is to chill and cool down your body. Take your time to express your excitement because if you don’t, no one will do that for you. Happy Birthday, Sweetie.

72. Like I used to say, always remember this one thing that through every night, there is a brighter day after that. Wishing you a brighter future ahead. Happy Birthday, son.

73. So many stars are born on this special day as fallen elements so, but you are a rare one from a rare friend. Happy Birthday, son.

74. Happy birthday to you my son, a rare gift God blessed me with through my friend. May God bless you abundantly.

75. So thankful you are alive shining like a diamond in d sky. Happy birthday to your son.

76. May your day be as bright as the star and taste like honey, wishing you good wishes. Happy birthday, son.

77. No more backwardness in your life son, may you move forward to greater things. Happy Birthday, son.

78. Wishing your son the very best of life Do have a pleasant birthday.

79. Hurray! happy birthday to you son, it is another new chapter of life in joy. May you enjoy joy fullness all stretch in this fresh stage of your life.

80. Your dad says quality things about you, even when you were not around, he still talks about you being the best son he would ever wish for. I know you are such a delightful and outstanding person to be with. Happy birthday, dear son

Wishing My Friend’s Son Happy Birthday

My friend’s son you are, yet like a dear son you are to me. Your mum and I have been all the way good friends and most definitely, you are also my son. I wish you the best things in life and a year filled with an abundance of joy. Happy birthday!

81. You are a son God as ordained to bless my friend and everyone around her and we all love you so much, keep the good works going, son. Wishing you the very best of your day.

82. It still amazes me how you grow so big in a short time, may this birthday brings you excess happiness and success, we are proud of you son. And am happy to witness you in my friend’s life

83. You are the most amazing kid among all my friend’s kids, full of wonderful dreams and goals as a Teen. Love you and wish you the sweetest birthday!

84. Congratulations on another spin around the sun, wishing you a good life ahead son. Happy Birthday.

85. Congratulations on surviving another year. Wishing you long life and prosperity, age with sufficient grace.

86. Live long son your success is certain. Age with massive grace.

87. My wishes for you are vigour and a pleasant one at that. May you be blessed vigorously in all that you do. Happy birthday, son.

88. I will forever call you my son because that is my desire and am happy you are more like a son than my friend’s son to me. May this year be a remarkable year for you. Happy birthday, son.

89. May you enjoy peace, betterment, and pleasure from now henceforth. I wish you an excellent year ahead. Happy birthday, my wonderful son.

90. To my favourite son from another mother, having you in my life is a thing to celebrate but I celebrate you as you add another year to your life. Happy birthday, many happy returns to you.

91. You are always the reason for your mom’s smiles and her pleasures and I pray you don’t degrade it. May God bless you with the same happiness that you bring in her life every day! Happy Birthday

92. Come on boy it’s your birthday! make your parents step out elevated because of your good behaviour. Happy birthday.

93. Happy birthday to my funny, respecting, and awesome friend son, may this birthday be the opening of good tidings of good may the Lord bless you with favourable characteristics. Happy birthday, son.

94. Congratulations God has made it another year for you with goodness and lots of good luck. Happy Birthday, son.

95. Happy birthday to you son my dear boy, May God’s love and protection never depart from him, may he continue to grow in success and prosperity.

96. Wishing your little one a wonderful birthday, may the lines of this world continue to fall in pleasant and beautiful places for you. Happy Birthday, son.

97. Happy birthday to your son, my dear friend’s baby, may the worst days of his future be better than the best of his past.

98. Wishing your son a lovely birthday, as you grow older, may your world continue to be filled with the good things of this life. Happy Birthday, son.

99. Happy birthday to your son dear friend and my godson, wishing a year filled with joy, happiness, success, and all the good things of life

100. Wishing your son the very best wishes on his birthday, may you continue to grow in happiness and joy. Amen.

Most definitely, your friend’s son will be happy and joyful to have his mum’s or dad’s friend send him a cool happy birthday message and wishes on his special day.

You can’t tell the joy that will feel his heart.

Get in the groove by sharing your comments on this post and also sharing this post with that lovely friend of yours whom you feel needs to send these messages and wishes to a very special friend’s son on the occasion of his birthday.

Your kind gestures will be highly appreciated.

You are most welcome!

A happy and memorable birthday to your fiend’s son.
Thank you!

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