Happy New Month Message to My Love

150+ Happy New Month Messages to My Love for July 2024

The joy of a new month lies in the privilege of whispering the popular “happy new month messages to my love” greeting to a loved one. It gets even more exciting when coated with romantic words and wishes.

So, as soon as the new month sashays in through the night, be the first to wish your lover the very best of the month.

Do you think your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife is deserving of this Month of July 2024 happy new month my love messages? Then, go ahead and hit them with one.

Happy New Month Text Messages for Her or Him

Sweetest happy new month sms for lovers. Romantic new month sms for lovers. Sweet happy new month messages of boyfriend or girlfriend.

1. First kiss of the month to you. Happy new month to my love. Keep on living, keep on loving!

2. The new month matters because it’s a fresh start for our love to blossom. Happy new month, my darling.

3. Along came with the new month is my love for you. A splendid new month to you, my love.

4. Get the month started with love. I’ll get it started with you. Happy new month, my love.

5. There’s only one darling I know, there’s only one human I could love; that person is you. Happy new month, baby.

6. Every start of the month makes me live the future with you. A fabulous new month to my husband.

7. These lips are dry, bring them alive again. Happy new month, my love.

8. Only you can be my wife, only you will I love so shamelessly. Happy new month, my wonder woman.

9. Because kisses are special, mine would land on your lips alone. Happy new month, sweet wife.

10. The sweetest love flows from your heart. And with joy my heart receives it all. Happy new month, baby.

11. I’m in awe of your love like I am when it comes to your smile. Happy new month, sweet girlfriend.

12. A man like you is rare and refreshing. I hope we last forever, my darling. Happy new month to you.

13. Like the beautiful mountains, you surround me with love and care. Happy new month, sweet boyfriend.

14. At the dawn of a new month, my heart will start to love you anew. Kisses to you, my love.

15. Do not disbelieve the kisses wondering in the sky like the sun. Simply receive them with love from me to you. It’s a lovely new month, my darling.

16. Just like you, all I want for the new month is you. Enjoy a bountiful harvest of love, sweetheart.

17. Love does not die no matter the numbers of months that pass through it. So, forever you’ll have me. Happy new month, my love.

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18. My love has got eyes to see and it’s you alone they admire. Happy new month, my darling.

19. The month is full of surprises. But I can assure you, even if you’ve known how I feel for you, the manner in which I’d love you this time would be greater and deeper. Happy new month, sweet love.

20. I can feel you in my heart just like I can feel the new month approaching us with bliss.

21. My eyes won’t forget your figure, neither would my mind your name. Happy new month, my special one.

22. Forgive my past offences, for I’ve welcomed the new month just to love you so unconditionally.

23. If you choose me once, I’ll choose you over a million times. Happy new month, my love.

24. Prosperity is mine, for you’re my wife every day. Happy new month to my four-leaf clover.

25. Nothing in this month would break my vow to you. Nothing in forever would take you away from me. Happy new month, my love.

26. May the month bring you to a place of kindness and bliss. Happy new month, sweet soul.

27. You seize my breath for a minute, most especially when you yell out, I love you to me. Happy new month, my darling.

28. On this journey of love, it’ll be just us, I promise. A lovely new month to my baby.

29. My heart is deep inside the ocean of love. Consume me more and more, my darling. A very lovely new month to you.

30. Life may take everything away, but not my love for you. For it is engraved in the very core of my soul. Happy new month, my love.

31. I’ll take this time to say, I love you and to wish you a blissful new month.

32. I hope the new month serves you right and treat you like the wonderful king of my heart that you’re.

33. I write with you in my mind. I sing with your name at the tip of my breath. Happy new month, my love. May you find bliss and joy in it.

34. Life is all about love, as I am all about you. Happy new month, my special one.

35. The moon has chosen to be friends with the stars and I a lover to you always. Happy new month, sweet love.

36. When I’m lost for words, it’s because your love has swept me off my sensibility. Happy new month, my darling.

37. I feel the joy in my heart when you sing my name. It is how I know that I love you. Happy new month to my love.

38. A usual but heartfelt confession to you; I love you, my darling. Happy new month to my love.

39. I’ll make my way to you in the dark. I’ll make love to you because you’re mine. Happy new month, sweet wife.

40. Forever, I’ll find peace and love by your side. A fantastic new month awaits your smile, my darling.

41. The trees wave in awe cause not any has known this type of love that I feel for you. Happy new month, beautiful.

42. My eyes are blinded to the world. Only you can see and adore. Happy new month, sweet love.

43. No turning back on my words to you. Forevermore, I’ll love you without sin. Happy new month, my darling.

44. Let our love lead us into forever. Cause it’s where we belong together. Happy new month, my love.

45. On this day, I reminisce on the first time we met. So, may you be met with pleasant surprises this month, my love.

46. It’s never enough even if we share eternity together. I love you with my soul, sweet love. Happy new month.

47. Your love has found me like the rainbow does find the earth. Happy new month, my love.

48. You’ve won the crown of my heart. With pride do wear it. Happy new month, my love.

49. All I want is for you to be mine as the new month becomes old. Wishing you a remarkable new month of love and prosperity, my darling.

50. I thirst for you and long for your caresses as this month opens its arms to us. Happy new month, my love.

51. No matter what we go through, my love will go through you and you alone. Happy new month, my darling.

52. Sweetheart, be mine again as we cross the oceans and swim the rivers. Happy new month, my love.

53. The only thing I know for sure is my love for you. Till forever, I’ll hold on to you. Happy new month, my darling.

54. Your smiles and your laughter; I want to see again. Happy new month, my angel.

55. Life was void and without form until you came into mine with the light of love. Happy new month, my darling.

56. Like an angel, you’ve nudged me to love. By far the greatest call of my life. Happy new month, sweet hubby.

57. With love, everything feels right. With you, the world is a planet to be. Happy new month, my darling.

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58. All my eyes can see is you. All my nostrils can smell is your perfumes. Happy new month, my love.

59. I can’t hide my love for you just like no one can stop the new month from becoming old. Happy new month, my darling.

60. I’m set to be your hero regardless of the place and time. May the joy and peace of this month be yours forever.

61. From the time of the stars, I was made to love you. Happy new month, my only true love.

62. I’m glad I caught the flu of love. I hope you stand by me till the end. Happy new month, my love.

63. You’ve eased me of loneliness and cure me of boredom. Now life is a meaningful planet of love. Happy new month, sweetness.

64. I sent out a colorful butterfly of love. I’m glad it chose to rest upon your heart. Happy new month, my love.

65. Be it the night or the day, you look more than perfection and beauty to me. Happy new month, my love.

66. Let’s hold hands through this month. Let’s stare into each other’s eyes till the month grows old. Happy new month, my darling.

67. You’ll always have me even when you don’t need me. Happy new month, my lover.

68. Again I choose your love and romance. Happy new month, my darling.

69. Nobody knows when this love would come to an end, cause it was created to last longer than the sun. Happy new month, my love.

70. Love is tasty and delicious from the plates of your heart. I’d be glad to be your guest for the rest of my life. Happy new month, my love.

71. There is none outside to love me better than you. There is none to hold the umbrella of love better than your hands fit. Happy new month, sweet soul.

72. You’re my sweetest dream. Forever, we’ll make this dream come true. Happy new month, my darling.

73. Your love is my home and comfort, for it refreshes my mind and heart every day. Happy new month, my love.

74. You’ve freed my heart with love. I’ll fly into your arms more than a million times. Happy new month, my darling.

75. There is no denying that I need you more and more as the sun rises and sets. Happy new month, my love.

76. I’ll be thinking about your love, for it is a light to my path in this new month.

77. The value of the new month is in you. Happy new month, darling.

78. The new month will begin for me when I set my eyes on you.

79. The sweetest thing about you is loving me just the way I am. Happy new month, honey.

80. The after taste of every kiss we shall exchange in this new month shall tarry till eternity.

81. My heart is set upon you; to make you happy beyond the new month.

82. In every new month, I’ll ask you all over again ‘will you be my love?’

83. I may forget everything, but not the gorgeous teary smile you had on your face while I confessed my feelings to you on that day. Happy new month, darling.

84. The sun will shine brighter this new month if only you’ll never quit thinking about me.

85. You’re the most beautiful element in the world. Happy new month, my love.

86. Our love was formed at the dawn of a new day just as a new month.

87. May I be the one to dry your sad tears and wet your eyes with happiness? Happy new month, honey.

88. Yesterday has vanished. Here comes the new month like a new star in the sky. Happy new month, love.

89. For the rest of this new month, I’ll always create happy moments for you to relish in.

90. Once have you made me cry, but a million times have you made my heart happy beyond words. Happy new month, baby.

91. The blessings of the new month were brought to me when you opened your lovely eyes to behold the new day.

92. Nothing will make me happier than your eternal presence by my side in this new month, honey.

93. Every pain I had was washed away when you buried your head on my chest. Do more of that to me in this new month.

94. There’s a celebration in my heart, cause you’re mine, this month and till forevermore.

95. The roof will be set ablaze with your love if you set my heart on fire with just a kiss from you to me. Happy new month, honey.

96. Let’s remember this new month for good like it were your birthday, my love.

97. Wrap yourself in my arms and make that your gift to me. Happy new month, babe.

98. A gift of kiss from you to me is worth more than an inestimable prize in a treasure box. Happy new month, love.

99. This new month shall host you in the palace of happiness and love. Happy new month, my love.

100. The new month feels more like Valentine’s day, cause I feel every breath of love for you inside of me.

101. You’re the reason the new month has a striking resemblance with a starry new day.

102. You’re a perfect girl; lo, the new month takes after you.

103. You look amazing, next to me. So, let’s be together in every living moment of this new month.

104. I can’t wait to celebrate the new month with you, cause you’re the angel that opened my heart to love.

105. Yay! Because it’s the new month, I’m in love all over again with the same girl.

106. It feels like being wrapped around the caresses of pleasant water, once you take my lips into yours. I hope we share that feeling again. Happy new month, darling.

107. I’ll tell the world that I love you, cause you’re my greatest gift. Happy new month, love.

108. Everyone including the new month knows that I’m in love with you.

109. I’ll pour out each of my breath on you, cause it’s the breath of love. Happy new month, honey.

110. I may be able to count the days of the month, but I’ll be unable to count the numbers of time you make my eyes watch after you like an angel at night. Happy new month to my dearest wife.

111. I can’t live this new month without you. Hence, take your place in my heart and then in my home. Happy new month to the world best husband.

112. There’s something about your cheerful steps that make me want to walk up to you quickly. Happy new month, girlfriend.

113. You have all of me like you own each day of this new month, boyfriend.

114. I’m crazy about you like the sun is about the earth.

115. You held my heart and made my world a better place. Happy new month, wifey.

116. Your smile made the previous month worthwhile. Give me your blessings in this new month and my life will be like a new dawn.

117. Happy new month, hubby. If I say everything on my mind, the new month will be gone in no time.

118. Don’t wonder about my feelings for you, cause they are incomprehensible. Happy new month, my girlfriend.

119. What I feel for you is a love to last beyond the new month.

120. I’m here today because I was saved by your greatest love, last month. Happy new month, darling.

121. It’s time you hear every sonorous lovely beat of my tender heart. Happy new month, hubby.

122. If I live this life without you, I wouldn’t last for a day. Happy new month, girlfriend.

123. I know I’m in love, cause every new month makes me want to do something breathtaking for you.

124. The new month is only spectacular when you usher me into it with your hopeful words, my love.

125. Happy new month, darling. I wouldn’t hide what my heart tells me to relay to you anymore, cause this is the month of my love confession to you.

126. I’m sure you’ll live long in my heart like an ageless wine from the richest winery. Happy new month, honey.

127. I’m crazy about you, that’s why I make every new month all about you more than anything else. Happy new month, my love.

128. I failed miserably when I tried to live this life without you, but my heart enjoys perfect bliss when you’re involved with me. Happy new month, love.

129. Walk on the moon of love in my heart and my whole life will be set ablaze with love.

130. My heart is like a sea, but you’re the pearl that makes it beautifully blue in appearance. Happy new month, love.

131. Breath on the face of my world instead of the palm of my hands and I’ll never feel unloved again. Happy new month, my baby.

132. Of all the depths of love under the face of the earth, yours is the greatest. Happy new month, beautiful.

133. The sun and the stars in the wide sky lost their beauty because God gave you all of it without holding back. Happy new month, sweety.

134. Nothing beats your uniqueness, not even the mystery of heaven nor the scenery of the deepest fountain. Happy new month, handsome.

135. The fragrant forest does not teem with life as much as the brightness of your apple eyes.

136. I’m living this life with you because you’ve stolen my heart away. Happy new month, love.

137. Your sweet smelling aura reminds me of an angel I’m yet to meet. Happy new month, love.

138. I have you in my thought every hour of the day, hence I’m fulfilled. Happy new month, love.

139. Put your lips on mine and live your sweet smell on my existence. Happy new month, baby.

140. I’m here to make every time of this new month a perfect day and a moonlighting night for you.

141. I’ll fix every wrong between us and beautify the love between us. Happy new month, darling.

142. Nothing is as productive as loving you by the day and caring for you in the dark. Happy new month, love.

143. I just want to listen while you talk. This is my desire, this new month.

144. I feel like I’m still dreaming, and that’s because you’re still my boyfriend. Happy new month, honey.

145. I want to run to you every time of the month. I hope you’ll welcome me into your loving arms.

146. I promise to build our love with the bricks of love and not pride as we start the new month together, my only one.

147. Kiss me slow, so the new month do not pass by so quickly, my love.

148. I walk barefooted in your heart because it’s free of thorns. Have a happy new month, my love.

149. Bare more than my secret, but as well my dreams and passion. Happy new month, baby.

150. My favourite song is formed when I hear the beat of your loving heart. Happy new month, love.

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