Lab Grown Diamonds

Here’s Why More and More Couples Are Choosing Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are diamonds that have been manufactured under similar conditions of temperature and pressure of real diamonds. The only difference is that these man-made diamonds are created in labs under controlled conditions. These tend to be more uniform than the natural diamonds due to the controlled nature of factors added to them.

These Lab-made diamonds are cheaper and more even than natural diamonds. These gems are free of many inclusions as well. Most of these lab-grown diamonds have metal contents that are not very clearly visible, thus making them as good as a naturally mined pure diamond.

These diamonds, even though they are real, cost less than the conventionally mined diamonds. Many couples are choosing lab-created diamonds over conventional diamonds as they are equally beautiful and with more benefits.

Lab made diamonds come packed with a lot of advantages:

  • They cost less money to be made than mined diamonds (Cost includes the whole process cost).
  • They consume less electricity and water than the amount needed to mine diamonds.
  • These lab made diamonds have less carbon footprint than that of mined diamonds.

Lab-Grown Diamond 4C’

The four Cs are considered while buying the diamonds- namely the Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat. These four Cs determine the quality and the shine of the diamond.

In the case of lab-grown diamonds, there is very little chance of color inclusion or even impurities, since the elemental content is previously added while making the diamond. The carat and color purity will have a considerable impact on the price tag of any naturally mined diamond since they are the rarest of all. With the lab grown variety of diamonds, the carat and color quality is assured to the couples, at a price they can afford without it causing a dent in their savings.

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Are lab-grown diamonds fake?

The lab’s variety of diamonds might give an idea of the diamonds being fake, but that is not the case. The diamonds are completely similar in composition and the lab manufactured ones are often more pure in clarity and color than the natural ones. The reason why they are in large demand right now is due to the awareness of climate and environmental safety practices. The nature of these diamonds and their manufacturing process are greener than the energy needed for naturally mining diamonds. The environmental impact is quite a concern in modern times and this seems to be an effective as well as an efficient way to cope up with the global issues, while addressing the global demands of diamonds, simultaneously. There are certain companies that have been certified as sustainable or climate neutral.

The climate-neutral factor shows that there is absolutely negligible pollution in the production, unlike the mining of natural diamonds which causes heavy pollution and will consume more sources like electricity and water in the whole process. These diamonds will have to yet again be cleaned and will need defined cuts, which is yet another lengthy process. The resources as well as the time has been consumed in this whole mining and presenting of the diamond to the buyer.

The other factor is that the natural diamonds might be running short on the reserve. The diamonds in nature are not abundant and at this point due to heavy mining, there might be a shortage of diamonds in a short span of time. The lab made diamonds are actually an alternative to a finite resource, which is way better for the environment as well.

Diamonds are always linked to their emotional values, which makes them so rare and unique and truly exquisite. The diamonds which are grown in the lab, have much less economic return than the naturally mined ones. Hence, it can be a negative point. But, with so many positive aspects we are still getting the diamond which has been emotionally enriched and is a symbol of love. According to people the financial value of a diamond stands nowhere near its emotional value. But yes these beauties are expensive, but the lab made ones are slightly less expensive, imparting the same amount of beauty as the natural ones.


These factors have led the younger couples to choose the lab grown alternative of diamonds over natural diamonds. The large difference in cost is a huge factor. Another factor which is climate awareness has led people to understand the environmental hazards more. This understanding has led people to make conscious life choices which might be negatively impacting the world around them. The quality of diamonds that they receive is also very less inclusive, due to the manufacturing technique. These lab grown diamonds are a better and safer alternative to natural diamonds in aesthetics, finance as well as environmental concerns.

Thus, the younger couples these days are choosing a better option than the mined diamonds. All they want is a symbol of love and affection which will convey their emotions to their partners. This is what makes it even exquisite. Hence, mined or lab grown, a diamond will always be a precious gem that has a lot of sentimental value attached to it.

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