I Always Lose Quotes

Losing hurts. Whether it’s a sporting event or the latest political campaign, it sucks to lose. Losing is hard. Whether you don’t get the job you wanted, your team doesn’t make it to the finals, or even if you don’t win a grand prize on some game show, losing can be very hard.

Losing is a part of life. You win some, you lose some. That’s just how it goes. While we can’t enjoy winning forever, at least we can take comfort in the fact that losing will always be there to give us perspective on triumph and joy. When you lose, it doesn’t mean the world is ending — it just means you’re one step closer to winning.

You should always be prepared to lose. Don’t psyche yourself out and think you will win no matter what. You need to go in thinking anything can happen, and I might just get knocked out before the finals.

That’s why quotes about losing are so inspirational because they bring hope when all seems lost. These wonderful I always lose quotes will help cope and manage your lose and ignite hope in you. 

I Always Lose Quotes

I always lose. I’ve always been told that my self-worth should not be based on my accomplishments or achievements, but that I am valuable and loved because of who I am. This has never been something I could grasp. The idea of being loved for just being me seems too simple and abstract to understand or believe.

1. I always lose, but I never really lose hope. I bow down every time that I have to move on and say goodbye, even when it breaks my heart into a thousand pieces.

2. I always lose at everything, but that doesn’t mean that my life isn’t important.

3. I always lose my phone, I always lose my keys. They will always be lost when I need them.

4. I always lose my keys. I use to leave them on the kitchen counter, but now I always forget where I put them.

5. I always lose. I can go to the store and get anything I want, but I’m still sad because it doesn’t fit.

6. I always lose, no matter what I do. I just get punished over and over again.

7. I always lose myself in this haze of feeling nothing, so I attempt to forget.

8. I always lose hope of getting on this. It seems to be impossible. I try hard but fail. I feel down and depressed about it.

9. No matter what I do, I lose. It’s not just material things either. I try to be positive and look on the bright side, but that does nothing to improve my life.

10. I always lose. I suppose because I keep trying so hard to win, but the harder I try, the more apparent it becomes that I don’t understand this game.

11. I always lose the remote. You know, that little black plastic thing for controlling the television? It has a battery in it, and that’s how it works.

12. I always lose my keys, I never win anything, or miss the most important conference calls.

13. I always lose. I can’t win anything, not even when the other person is cheating.

14. I always lose but I don’t see what’s wrong with being so disappointed and depressed.

15. I always lose. I’m constantly running out of money and falling behind on payments. I can’t even do the basics like buy gas or groceries without having to sacrifice something else (something else being fun.)

16. I always lose. I never win. I’m bad at everything, and everyone hates me.

17. I always lose. I never win. I screw up every chance I get. There’s no hope left for me; it’s all been blown out of the water.

18. I always lose; time, money, and things I try to hold onto. And it’s getting worse. It used to be once in a while, but lately, it’s all the time.

19. I never win anything, not even the smallest of the lottery. Every time I enter a raffle or grab a ticket at the door, my luck is out.

20. I always lose the things I love, and it takes me a long time to realize what I have lost.

21. I lose things all the time. My glasses, my keys, my mind. I’m always losing something. It’s a problem that creates lots of unnecessary stress and anxiety for me.

22. I always lose. I am sorry to say that losing is my biggest fear. I get scared when life loses meaning and purpose because we are also losing our energy, creativity, and enthusiasm for what we love.

23. I always lose my stuff. My wallet, phone, keys—something seems to disappear every day. With all the places I lose them, it’s no wonder they are never where I put them.

24. I am always said to be unlucky when it comes to winning. I never win anything, and the only time I may get lucky is with scratchers or at the casino.

25. I always get so tired of losing that I just want to sit at home and not do anything. But I am going to try harder to not lose.

26. I say “I always lose” because I truly believe that everything in my life is a game or a competition of one kind or another. So, why not play when it comes to something as important as health.

27. I always lose. I am bad at getting things done, or finishing projects. I do not have enough willpower to just do it.

28. I can’t make it. It’s just impossible for me to be punctual, and I’ve tried everything.

29. I always lose. I am the guy that comes in last for everything and anything. I’m terrible.

30. I always lose because of my health. I have diabetes and high blood pressure.

31. I can’t help but feel sad and regretful in finding out that I always lose in life.

32. I always lose my keys. I tend to leave them in odd places, like on the kitchen counter or in the car.

33. I’m really bad at losing. I assume things will always go my way, so when they don’t, I get so upset. My team can’t handle it.

34. I always lose. I never win. I’m not very lucky, and I feel like no one understands me.

35. I always lose. I start things and never finish them. My friends think I’m lazy. I wish I could change but it’s hard.

36. I always lose my television, remote, charger, and phone. Currently, my lost items are a TV remote, Kindle connector adapter and phone charger.

37. I am the one who always loses. I have lost a lot in my life. No matter what it is, I always lose.

38. I always lose. It’s a fact of my life. I’m always the one who loses, the one who feels left out, the downtrodden one, and doesn’t have anything going for me.

39. I always lose. I’m not very good at things. I don’t want to be disappointed, but I know I am going to be disappointed. It’s just a natural part of life.

40. I always lose. When the game is on the line, my opponent always seems to win. It’s not fair.

41. I always lose. I could lose at anything; if there are only two of us, either the other person wins or I do. Sometimes when the other person loses, I win — but that happens in raising children too.

42. I am always losing things. I lose things at home, at work, and in the car. I lose them in my head, and when I try to explain what happened, no one understands me. Even when I find my lost things, it is never as satisfying as you would think it would be; at least not to me.

43. I always lose. I lose myself, my sense of self-worth, and my trust in the universe. I lose my future and my dreams. Losing you was the worst thing that could have ever happened to me.

44. I always lose. Once, I thought I could control my destiny. But someone else has always been steering me toward that fatal end.

45. When I lose, I feel like a failure. It takes me time to recover from this feeling of loss and move on.

46. I always lose. People can see it, I can feel it. It’s an instinct with me—the things that others get right, I get wrong.

47. I always lose. My friends say that no one will ever beat me, but I still lose. It’s like fate has something against me. I’m so bad, even my parents feel bad for me. I can’t help it, though.

48. I always lose. I have the best content, and people don’t even comment. I can’t express how disappointing that is.

49. My life has always revolved around loss. Because of this, I am constantly moving forward and never turning back.

50. I always lose. I always feel like I’m going to lose, and so when I don’t, I can’t process it. It leaves me with a sense of failure that no one will ever see.

51. I always lose my phone. I lose it everywhere: at work, at home, in the car, at the airport. Lost in thought, lost in a crowd, lost in the night. If only there were a way for me to track its location so I could keep track of it without a text message alert going off every time, I would get dangerously close to it.

52. I always lose. I daydream about winning, but I never achieve what I dream of and I am left frustrated with my lack of success.

53. I always lose. It’s because I am so good at winning. It’s like a curse. Why do you think the person who always wins never wins?

54. I always lose. Well, not always, but I lose a lot. Whether it’s losing in games or losing my car keys or something else entirely, I can’t help but feel like my luck is cursed.

55. I always lose. I haven’t found anyone else like me, so I’m going on a journey to find out who has the worst luck of all. Maybe there is something wrong with me after all.

56. I always lose. I’m always running out of time. My world is one of overwork and heartache, filled to the edges with stress.

57. I always lose things. I’m not happy about it, and I’m on a mission to do better.

58. I am always losing things. I have had so many problems with losing keys and other valuables.

59. I always lose. Whatever I do, I always lose. I’ve been thinking about this for a very long time, and I don’t know what to do anymore.

60. I always need to lose weight. As much as I can, I try to eat healthily. But in the end, I lose to my cravings.

61. I always lose. Sometimes I make friends, but they insist that losing isn’t so bad. They say it’s a necessary part of life and helps you get better just like running or practising. I’m not convinced, but maybe they’re right. Perhaps, I should give up trying to be the best, and just try to enjoy the journey instead.

62. As a person who has lost so much, I have found that losing is my thing. I lose at a high level, and I pride myself on it.

63. I always lose. I always end up as the sidekick. The loser of the game, the one who everyone ignores and doesn’t count on.

64. I always lose people. But I’m still here, and I will always be here. So don’t fret, because one day you won’t need me anymore, but I will always know where to find you.

65. I always lose. I don’t know why it takes me longer to learn than others. It probably has something to do with being left-handed, but I have no idea if that’s true or not. I hope that someday I will remember how to ride a bike without assistance.

66. I always lose. Everything I do turns out wrong, and I can’t understand why.

67. I always lose my way and get confused in the middle of trying to do something.

68. I always lose things, and the fear of losing things keeps me from using my imagination.

69. I lose items all the time. It’s a problem, but I’m trying to fix it. Maybe if I subscribe to a few of these boxes, at least I’ll stop losing my keys and wallet!

70. My life is like a game of roulette. I always lose, even when it comes to the most trivial things.

71. I always lose. I don’t understand why it happens. I try my hardest, but in the end, it’s just not good enough.

72. I always lose. I don’t know if that’s just me or not, but I lose a lot.

73. I’m sorry. I know you value your time, but I always get distracted on the way to the next thing and lose track of where I was going.

74. I always lose my phone. I’m an absent-minded person, and I often leave my phone somewhere or forget it at home.

75. I lose my things. I lose my keys, my wallet, my phone, and even my contacts when I’m out of the house.

76. I always lose. I’ve never been much good at sports, music, or anything where I have to compete with other people. I just can’t get the hang of it.

77. I have a long record of losing. It’s true, I have lost my time, my money, and my energy over the years because I did not know better.

78. I have a history of losing things. My keys, my phone, my wallet. This time, it’s my brand new home stereo system. I feel sick to my stomach.

79. I always lose. People want me to do well and they’re disappointed when I don’t. If this is the case, I would just like the support of my friends, family, and colleagues to help me get through it and over it so I can focus on more important things that matter — which is being positive!

80. I always lose something. Last time, it was my keys. This time, it is my phone.

81. I always lose. I have always lost. You are either winning or losing, and I always lose. I lose time after time. The only time I win is when I lose, which doesn’t happen very often.

82. I always lose, I can’t seem to win and no matter how hard I try, it seems that life is not on my side.

83. I’m always losing. I lose everything I have and don’t have anything to show for it.

84. I always lose things. My purse, my phone, the remote. But it’s not my fault – I was designed that way!

85. I always lose. I know most people think it doesn’t matter, but it does. Even if you don’t notice it, your own opinion doesn’t mean anything to you. You’re just not sure why you didn’t get what you wanted. Even though everyone cares about it and everybody needs to be acknowledged.

86. I always lose things. I lose remotes. I lose my keys. I even lose family members (not on purpose) and then we have a few minutes of panic until we find them again — then we blame each other for losing/her in the first place.

87. I always lose at everything. I mean, no one has ever seen me win anything. I’m just bad at stuff and never get anything right.

88. I always lose. I’ve been trying to get rid of this habit for years now, and it’s still here.

89. I always lose. Whether it’s a game of chess, a game of life or just about anything I try to accomplish, I always seem to be destined for failure.

90. I always lose my keys. I don’t know what to do. Please help me find my keys.

91. I always lose my phone charger, I always lose my wallet, and I always lose my keys.

92. I always lose my keys. And then spend a good amount of time looking for them before having to order a replacement. I would love to have a key finder that works and is accurate.

93. I always lose my phone charger. I always forget where I put it, and it’s so frustrating.

94. I always lose the most important things: my keys, my phone, my mind. And it’s not like I can afford to lose any of them.

95. I always lose. To a point that I don’t seem to care about it anymore, regardless of how important it should be.

96. I always lose my keys. My friends are always helping me find them, but it never helps. It’s bad enough losing one, but by the time that happens, I’ll have lost several, and I always lose them altogether.

97. I always lose. I always disappear. I need to learn how to not be ashamed of who I am and what I have done.

98. I am sad to say that I always lose. I regret not making a difference in people’s lives.

99. I always lose. I lose because my good is evil spoken of; I lose, because gruesome and horrible things are done.

100. It’s sad to lose. Losing feels bad, but it’s inevitable. To get better at winning, I must also improve my ability to handle the failure of losing.

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