I Miss You Paragraphs for Ex Boyfriend

I Miss You Paragraphs for Ex Boyfriend

Relating peacefully with an ex may be pretty difficult, and enjoying good friendship without holding on to the pains can be harder especially if they still hold a big part in your life.

You don’t have to dig up old and bad memories to get even with them. But you can choose to express their good attributes and verbalise your words carefully without arousing their emotions unnecessarily. You can still have a peaceful and platonic relationship with an ex by carefully selecting how you tell him or her how you miss them.

With these few 100 adorable collections of I miss you paragraphs for ex boyfriend, you will be guided on the best way to express your true feelings without hurting each other anymore. And they are also perfect for you to use if you want him back.

Emotional I Miss You Paragraphs for your Ex Boyfriend

That I wasn’t devastated after the breakup is an understatement. It has affected me so badly ever since. Moving forward has been pretty difficult. These aren’t meant to get you unnecessarily emotional. Hoping they will help us realise our wrongs and possibly help us get back together. I miss you and I cannot deny it, my ex-boyfriend.

1. I might have messed up big time, but nothing changes the way I feel about you. How I wish nothing could change the way you also feel about me. I miss you so much and I cannot deny it.

2. We’ve shared good times together which still makes my heart longs for you. In my heart, the good times and the good qualities about you have overridden our ugly moments. I really appreciate you and I miss you dearly.

3. I know it doesn’t harm to tell you how much I miss you. I will like us to hang out anytime soon if you’ll allow me. Please don’t decline. Just give me a chance to make you feel more like the man that you are.

4. I’m glad to tell you that I still miss you despite not wanting to love you anymore. We have forgiven each other, but we can still remain very good friends like we did before the relationship sprung up.

5. Probably if you can teach me to stop missing you and thinking about you as you do now, I may find it easier to heal quickly and forge ahead with my life. I miss you.

6. I’m seriously and constantly resisting the urge to give you a dial whenever the thought of you crosses my mind. I cannot deny that I still miss you, but it’s difficult to admit that I still love you. It’s just so useless to do this at this time.

7. I don’t want to love you anymore because I don’t want to get punished by your newfound love. I am so happy about this latest development but I hope I’m permitted to miss you whenever I choose to.

8. Beyond the memories we both shared, my utmost concern now is to develop a great passion for something that will outlive me. I can’t achieve this while I keep thinking about you. I’ve got to fight for my sanity with every sense of responsibility within me.

9. Never did I blame you for all that happened. It shows how great I esteem you as a person. You still fill my thoughts with every passing moment. Despite all, I can’t stop missing you.

10. Things might not have played out as expected, but I never regretted going into a relationship with you and still breaking up eventually. It’s worth it to give it a try. Loving was sweet with you, we weren’t just meant to be.

11. We obviously were worlds apart. I wish we could take the relationship afar, it just wasn’t working. I cannot deny not missing you despite all we both went through. The relationship was never meant to be.

12. Never did I blame you for all that happened. It’s obvious the devil doesn’t like seeing love and unity dwell in any relationship. We could have applied more wisdom, and things might have worked far better. I miss you still.

13. I’m not ashamed to tell you that I miss you. You’re the one proving not to. Don’t forget that I know you like the palm of your hands. Saying it doesn’t make you less of a man and neither does missing you reduce my own worth. I feel more proud to miss you.

14. Though my mind wants to stop thinking about you so it can accept someone else’s love, it couldn’t stop missing you despite all that happened. I want to forget you completely, but I keep missing you dearly.

15. I’ve lamented and asked questions countless times. Why our relationship had to end is still a mystery to me. I’ve decided to leave everything to God. He will surely make a way through for us. Meanwhile, I miss you.

16. I need not break your heart again by telling you the things that couldn’t make me go on with you. But I can tell you emphatically the things that make me feel the relationship was worth considering. I can’t help thinking about those things constantly. I miss our old memories.

17. Having a child together wasn’t enough to tie us together forcefully. We just weren’t meant to be together. While you move on, know that I still love you and can’t deny missing you.

18. We could have fallen out of love endlessly, but it doesn’t mean we have to stop missing each other totally. You already left a part of you with me and now, it seems we’re unavoidably stuck together for life.

19. Our son gives me good memories of you. If at all I have to forget you for many reasons, he’s enough reason to remember you constantly. He is your perfect resemblance. I miss you.

20. You were the one who hurt me and you still feel unperturbed. Being unable to get you off my mind is more painful than the hurts released into my heart. Just show you care a little, and I will stop thinking about you.

21. I’m trying, but maybe I wasn’t doing enough. I will keep trying harder till I’m able to overcome. Better still, since it’s easier for you to forget me so soon, teach me how to stop missing you and so I can get you off my mind as well.

22. Since you left, my life has been stuck to past memories of you. I really want to forge ahead. I really want to love again. I know it will happen soon, maybe from the very moment I stop missing you.

23. I never expected perfection from you, I wasn’t perfect either. But as a man that you are, I expected more from you. While you don’t treat me less than the queen that I am, I will learn to stop loving and missing you.

24. Even though we stopped dating, but it shouldn’t make you treat me like trash. I gave you the best of me, which was loving you wholeheartedly. I don’t regret that, but I have simply learnt to cut my boundaries as regards what I still feel towards you.

25. You left and held on to the locks of my heart still. It appeared my world was at a standstill and nothing seems working. I’d like you to right your wrong so I can learn to love again. I miss you dearly.

26. I now find it pretty difficult to watch romantic movies or real love notes. They usually remind me of our good old days together, and it automatically makes me miss you more.

27. I’m beginning to feel disillusioned without you in my life. I can’t think straight anymore, and I now do everything so wrong. I just hope this feeling won’t eat me up with time, just because I couldn’t stop thinking about you.

28. The first day you asked me out still remain evergreen in my memory. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. The day we called it quit was like having my world crumble. It was the worst thing I could ever imagine in life. I can’t help not missing you.

29. I wish we could start afresh, so I can stop missing you. I know it can never be as it used to be. But I will treasure every beautiful moment we shared as lovers. Permit me to tell you that I still find you attractive.

30. We decided to call it to quit, but never to ignore each other completely. You may choose to stop calling me, and even ignore my calls. Though it hurts me deeply, I won’t stop missing you.

31. Missing you won’t make me less of a person. It showed I truly loved you with every sense of responsibility. I can be loyal to a fault; it’s just painful my love had to be taken for granted this way.

32. Our love had to end abruptly, but loving you was never a mistake. It has made me more mature in thinking and reactions. I couldn’t believe I could still be reasonable with you despite all that happened. I miss you notwithstanding.

33. Even if I delete your lines from my phones, I cannot delete them from my memory. I cannot forget every little detail about you. The more I tried to think less of you, the more my memory seems to be formatted. I’m missing you I must confess.

34. When a man loves, it’s undeniable. And when a woman loves, it gives her joy and makes her strong. Each day I think about you and realise we’re not going to end up together, my strength diminishes and my zeal runs out.

35. Realizing this relationship is another mistake is a big blow to me. I wish I knew earlier and could avert it even before it started. I’m finding it hard to deal with it realizing how hard it is for me to stop missing you.

36. I know it can’t be as it used to be with us. While I deal with the reality that we are no longer together, I will work on my mind to stop thinking about you. I don’t wanna miss you anymore.

37. I’m learning to forgive myself for loving easily and allowing my heart to get broken by you. That my heart is so flexible and fragile reveals I’m a passionate lover. It may appear that I still miss you, but I’ve learnt to take full charge of my heart now.

38. You cheated me so badly and you know it. We parted ways immaturely. I wish you could undo the past and make me realise you never meant to be unfaithful. I never stopped overlooking your weaknesses because I couldn’t stop missing you.

39. It’s painful to realise you never loved me as much as I do to you. I know it’s my weakness to have declared my feelings too early. I have no regrets, and I have learnt my lessons. I could still miss you once in a while, but I am stronger than I was.

40. Never did I imagine life without you, not even for once. Life is so unbearable without you. But I’m striving to cope and live without you. Going back to my old single life seems unbearable. But with time, I will surely adjust.

41. I still hold every good time we spent together in high esteem. What happened between us doesn’t make any of us less of a person. It’s just a matter of irreconcilable differences. We get better with each passing time.

42. I hold you, dear. You mean a lot to me. I may not be able to love you like I used to, but I won’t stop missing you. I’m willing to rechannel my thoughts if only we can both decide to help ourselves heal and move on.

43. I bear no grudge in my heart towards you. Truly you hurt me, and the pain still remains as fresh as it just happened. I’m learning to move on and stop missing you. I do this by just focusing my thoughts on my passion.

44. Your departure has left a huge gap in my heart. I still feel kind of empty without your presence. Though I haven’t found a replacement, I’ve found it easier to let go and let God.

45. It’s so useless to still think about you this much when you rarely think or care about me. No matter how hard it seems or how long it will take, I will stop loving you; but I may not stop missing you.

46. I wish I have all it takes to make things right. But seems your mind is now closed up. My thoughts still dwell on you most of the time. I’m trying hard to release you completely since you no longer bulge about me.

47. I enjoyed every bit of my relationship with you from the beginning. So sad it had to end the way it did. It’s far beyond our control, but my heart won’t stop yearning for you.

48. I may try to stop loving you, but I can’t stop missing you. I’ve tried hard; it seems so difficult the more I try. I know you haven’t stopped missing me as well. Maybe we could still work things out if only you’re willing.

49. After the heartbreak, my heart ceased from loving you, but it never stopped missing you. The reason for this I’m yet to comprehend. I may have to format all the memories we shared so I can stop thinking about you.

50. As much as I try to stop loving you and then forget everything about you, I couldn’t forget you completely because I still find myself missing you once in a while. I’m lost without your love.

Missing You Paragraphs for Ex Boyfriend after Breakup

Our breakup wasn’t an easy experience for me at all. The hurts are real and the memories are still fresh. I know it will take more time to heal. But I can’t deny not missing you. I know these messages will make you realise how much I still miss you, my ex-boyfriend.

51. I plead with you to release me completely in your heart. While you do, I hope it will make me think of you less and miss you less. While I stop missing you, I choose to love all over again. This time, I know I cannot miss it.

52. I cried my eyes out anytime I think about our good times together. I wish we could go back to the past and allow things to play into the present. But if giving up is this cheap, I will try missing you less so I can give love another chance.

53. While I tried controlling the relationship to make it work endlessly, I got exhausted and drained of trying fruitlessly. Now, I’ve come to the end of me, I’m learning really fast to stop missing you relentlessly.

54. When you came into my world, I thought I’d gotten to my last bus stop. Little did I realise it was just a stopover, and the journey wasn’t complete. While I move further in my journey to the love land, I may decide to stop by and just tell you that I miss you.

55. Out love may be halted, but I will never stop living. The relationship does not define us, we define the relationship. It’s more of friendship now, and it’s more fulfilling than it was before. All the same, I will never stop missing you.

56. I really hope to be found by someone else soonest so I can stop missing you and think less about you. I’m confident the newfound love will make me a better lover because I’ve learnt so much from our breakup.

57. You were my big strength and the reason for my happiness. I never loved any man as I did to you. I’m finding it hard to realise that I still crave for you and miss you this much.

58. Saying I miss you is an understatement. You sure have left a huge gap only God can help to fill in my heart. In fact, the miles between us have succeeded in pulling us apart. I wish you’re nearby for I am seriously missing you.

59. I know I can’t wish you dead, because I want to stop missing you. I’ve promised myself never to love any man as I did to you. I’m scared of having my heartbroken and missing a second time.

60. Why my persuasion fell on deaf ears still amazes me. We could have tried a little more if only you were patient with me. The day you eventually realises my value, I hope it won’t be too late by then. Pending the time, permit me to tell you that I miss you.

61. I seem to be the hard and inconsistent lover. But your insistence on ending the relationship like you did wasn’t a good resolve. I wish I could still hold you close to me. I wish we could try a better means. As it is, I hope to stop missing you as quick as possible.

62. It’s very unlike me to miss a man once he leaves my heart. But yours is a different case. It showed you really made a big difference in my life. Now that I’m finding myself thinking about you more often, I realise how much I’m missing you.

63. You’re still very special to me. You may not know your worth with me, I know because I have always valued you. Despite all, you still meant a whole lot to me. I miss you my ex-boo.

64. Forgive me if calling you my boo makes you cringe. I’m already used to calling you sweet names and making myself feel loved. This is just to let you know that I still miss you and our good old times together.

65. Why do I have to miss you this much? You’ve really imprinted yourself in my heart in ways I never could imagine. I wish I could easily erase those memories but they seem to glue so strong.

66. Telling you this may not make any sense to you at the moment. But the truth stands that I miss you so much my ex boo. So many things I miss about you: our talks, jokes, outings and everything that always make us lively.

67. Never will I play on your emotions or intelligence the way you did to me. But I sure miss you dearly. Telling you this doesn’t mean I want us back. It’s just to let you know that I want to move on without getting bitter or bearing grudges about the whole thing.

68. We really had a good time together. Though I’m learning to heal but never as much as I’d wanted it to be. This is because the memories of you still linger in my thought. I miss you.

69. I tried moving on, I couldn’t love anyone as I loved you. Your memories are sweet and unforgettable. I will only watch and see how it all end. I just hope it has a good ending.

70. Truly, the constant thought of you paralyses me more than I could imagine. While I try to stop loving you, I keep missing you. Now, I’m willing to give all it takes. I want to move on and try something new for myself.

71. Though it didn’t work the first time, I’m thinking it will work a second time. I can’t take this loneliness anymore. It’s not been easy letting go completely. I’m missing you and wish we could try all over again.

72. It’s difficult to get rid of everything that constantly reminds me of you. Those gifts were a good reminder of your awesomeness and blessedness. The more I think about you, the more I hold every gift dear to my heart.

73. I know how you used to shower me with great care and affection. It’s unbelievable how it’s all gone and run down the drain. I want to be happy again and quit whining over the past memories. I miss you.

74. I’m yet to get over the fact that our relationship ended the way it did. You broke up without any tangible reason. I’m still in shock. I want to stop missing you in order to get over the pain.

75. Every time I lay on my bed I’m haunted by the sweet memories we shared. I’ve invested so much in this relationship and watching it go down the drain breaks me so much. No matter what, I wish we could reunite if possible.

76. Since our break-up, I make myself happy by relishing our old memories. I no longer blame myself or you for all that happened. I know God understands it all and will surely bring His best across our ways.

77. I really cried my eyes out when you called it to quit. I don’t even know how to nurture another relationship now. It’s pretty difficult to start all over and let go of those beautiful memories we both shared. I miss you dearly.

78. You know what? I didn’t realise how serious I’ve been scaring potential suitors away until I was told…all because of you. I haven’t gotten over the pain. I’m tied to your love and find it so difficult to back off completely.

79. You‘ve held on to my heart so much. You are the only man I’ve ever been with all my life. My heart aches for you every blessed day. I’m missing you here.

80. I lost so much weight because I kept thinking about you. But ever since I found a new vibe and passion, my strength has been renewed. Now, I’m glad a better version of myself is evolving. But sometimes feel like being beside you.

81. I was certain the relationship wasn’t a wrong move at the very start. We were good friends until our emotions played a trick on us. Now it’s difficult to let go and miss you less because I’ve been stuck to your love.

82. When I met you and started a relationship with you, I felt happy and different. I was willing to start a relationship with you. But you hurt me so bad because I loved you with everything.

83. Life has never been beautiful being solitary without your love. You’ve taken over my attention and no longer am I cool with not having you around.

84. I feel so dejected with the way the relationship ended. I am crazy about you and desire we could end up in marriage. But now that we’re miles and souls apart, I trust God for our future. It is well!

85. I feel like I gave in so easily. And now, I can’t help feeling at loss for quitting the relationship just like that. You always find a way to creep into my mind because I know your heart is still with me.

86. Though it seems it’s a long month and I’ve tried loving someone else. But it’s obvious my heart still beats for you. I miss everything and wish we could get back together again.

87. Moving on has been a whole lot of tedious. The more I tried the more I fail. You seem to be the only solution to my weariness. I’ve seriously missed you, and I really need you to make my heart move again.

88. I’ve tried living in the present in preparation for the lovely future I’d always envisaged with my lover. However, I still found myself living in the past. The memories of you follow me all around. I need you and miss you a lot.

89. I want to love again, and you seem to be the only one. I wish you could come back, so we can start all afresh. Your absence has left a huge gap in my heart. I seem not to get myself anymore.

90. There is so much hope in giving love another try. I’d like to do life with you again if given another chance. The more I try to get over you, the more difficult it becomes.

91. Despite all that happened I never felt resentful. Despite all your spitefulness towards me I never felt bitter. It wasn’t easy maintaining my cool self in the midst of the heart pain. I could endure this much because I still feel your thought constantly in my heart.

92. To be honest with you, I feel less burdened having no man to choke me with his presence. However, I can’t deny not missing your presence once in a while. What I used to complain of has not become a scarce commodity for me.

93. I know you weren’t a bad person because of how the relationship turned out to be. You do have your good sides and all which I cherish and now miss about you. I just wish I could see your face again and hug you close.

94. We had our different values and dreams. We couldn’t get along as a result. You were a good man to the latter, but I can’t quickly erase all the beautiful moments we shared together.

95. Well, you may have left me. But the seed you deposited in me gives a constant reminder of you. I won’t because of that deny you nor wish you bad. I can only pray the more for you. I miss you, all the same.

96. You don’t have to be a perfect man nor I, a perfect woman to make it work. We did our best but maybe it wasn’t enough. I missed all the efforts we put in place back then. It makes the relationship worthwhile for me and gave me good memories of you.

97. If I choose to forget you for anything, I can’t forget the many things you did for me while I was down with my health. You helped me recuperate so fast with your presence and care. Oh, I miss you dearly.

98. To be honest, since I left you, life has been pretty difficult moving forward without you. You seem to be a lucky charm that made life easier and meaningful for me. Now, fortune is telling me I’ve made a big mistake for turning you down. I miss you.

99. I can’t deny how much your presence brought so much luck and progress into my life. The very moment you left were as if you left with all the fortunes. I wish I could see you and get back all the lucks connected to you.

100. Our breakup made me realise our maturity needs to step a little higher. We could have tried harder to protect each other make things work. We were so full of ego. Now, we’re paying dearly for it. If wishes were horses, I wish we could get back and right our wrongs. I miss you.

It’s good to have you here, and I’m so excited you showed interest in this content. While you get the best selections from these I miss you paragraphs for your ex-boyfriend, you can be assured they will make him thrill for you all over again.

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