If They Are Happy Let Them Be Quotes

The world is a better place if people are allowed to be happy without people’s opinions. People should be able and free to feel happy in a way that suits them and isn’t hurting anyone else.

If someone is happy, let them be. We must accept that everyone deserves to be happy, and being happy doesn’t mean that they lack your friendship. It just means that you should find your happiness and accept them instead of breaking them.

So, now are you interested in letting people be if they are happy with or without you? Below is a wonderful compilation of if they are happy let them be quotes and sayings.

If They Are Happy Let Them Be Quotes

Being happy for those around you may not seem like much, but it’s the ideal way to live. For just a small moment, put your concerns aside and be happy for other people. Let them know that you genuinely enjoy their happiness and will start feeling better about yourself. Be a happier person because of it.

1. Happiness is like a butterfly. It flies all around. That’s the way their happiness is. Leave them. Let them be.

2. Life is a gift, and we should always be thankful for it. We don’t know when our time will come to die, but if you love someone, tell them.

3. Don’t bother them when someone says they’re doing something they love; it brings you joy. Be happy they’re allowed to be themselves regardless of your thoughts.

4. When you know someone is happy without you, it’s their birthday or day at the beach—you don’t want to ruin that for them. Let them be.

5. When someone’s having a good time without you, avoid the temptation to call or text. You’d hate for your fun to be ruined by something as simple as a buzzing phone.

6. Don’t bother someone happy; they’re not hurting anyone, so why do you care anyway? For other people’s happiness, let them be who they want to be and never talk about how weird or wrong it is.

7. It’s a time of happiness for them, and you know happiness can not be hidden. Let them be happy.

8. Just because somebody is happy without you doesn’t mean you don’t have value. Be happy for the person, but let them be.

9. If your friend is happy and you make them feel good about themselves, don’t worry about the hurt feelings that could come from the bad times. You are their friend, not a doctor!

10. Everyone needs a little support now and again, but it can be hard to give it to some people. Sometimes you just have to let people be who they are.

11. True happiness is when you’re happy for someone else. And life is too short to spend it with people who suck the happiness out of you.

12. Sometimes, you have to let people be who they are and do what they want. Some people don’t want accountability, and it’s not up to us to save them.

13. Let people be who they are. Stand back and watch how beautiful it is. You can only be happy if you are kind. Being kind will make the world a better place and make you happier.

14. Some relationships last, and some end, but in the end, it doesn’t matter because we all learn to let go of the things that used to control us.

15. Life is too short to stress out about the small stuff. You have everything you need if you have what it takes to be happy and content.

16. You don’t need a reason to go out of your way to make someone smile, but it is always nice when they return the favour. Life is better when you’re happy. Be the person they need, not the one they deserve.

17. If someone’s happy, let them be and live the life you’ve always imagined. Be happy with who you are. Stop trying to change who you are and start being who you want to be.

18. You don’t have to be a doctor or a lawyer to know that happiness is a matter of perspective. And if someone is happy without you, let them be.

19. Let people be happy if they want to be, and let the world be a better place. They are not here to judge your life, so don’t judge theirs.

20. Sometimes, it is better to let someone be happy with their life without you. Let them be. Let’s all be happy, healthy and successful in life.

21. You should never compromise your happiness for anyone else’s. Be proud, be strong, and love who you are. Happiness is the best thing in life, so spread it around.

22. Sometimes, you must let the people you love be happy. Remember to let people be; the best way to get what you want is to give up what you have.

23. You’re only one tiny little person and have all the time in the world. Let go, let yourself be happy, stay in your feelings and don’t worry about doing or saying anything.

24. If you are happy, I’m happy. That’s all there is to it. I’d rather be happy for others than miserable for myself.

25. Happiness is as close as your next friend. You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough, and all you have to lose is your fears. All the things you want to do, are possible if you want them bad enough.

26. You never know who you are affecting or how. Live in the moment, be the best version of yourself, and if someone is happy — let the person be.

27. Don’t worry too much about the consequences of your actions; just be yourself. And when you make someone’s day better, it’s a bonus.

28. Love, peace and positivity are the foundations of a good life. Be kind always; spread joy and happiness wherever and whenever you can.

29. If they are happy, let them be. And if the person is not, it’s their loss, not yours. Remember, it’s not about the things you have or the places you visited; it’s about the people you met or the conversations you had.

30. You never really know who’s out there watching you. The world is full of unfriendly people who want to bring others down. Avoid the hate, be kind to the world, and stand up for the weak.

31. Let people be; they don’t need you to be their definition of happiness. Letting people be is one of the greatest gifts you can give.

32. When someone is happy and smiling, it can make you feel good too. Let people enjoy their moment. I’d rather be happy for someone’s happiness than sad that they’re not with me.

33. People have diverse personalities and tastes. You don’t need to retain them with a certain idea of happiness. Every individual has the freedom to live their life as they want.

34. If someone is happy, let the person be; if they are sad, share their company and tell them it will pass. Be the kind of friend they can lean on when the worst comes; be the music of their life, not its echo.

35. Nobody is perfect, including you – and that’s okay. You don’t have to be the best at everything. Truly great people aren’t always the best. The people who show great love, compassion, or empathy are often the most powerful.

36. Life is full of obstacles; sometimes, you must let people be who they are and do what they want, even if it’s happy.

37. We all have days when we feel like we can’t handle the world. But that doesn’t mean you should run and hide. You’re enough. Always be kind to yourself, even if it seems like no one else is.

38. Being happy for someone makes you a better person to them. If they are happy, it means you did something right. And if it was something you did wrong, just ignore them and be happier about yourself because you will be doing better things in life.

39. Being happy for someone else is important. It tells the person you care about what they’re doing and makes you part of the team. It creates an environment of happiness and success in your life.

40. Nothing is wrong with being happy for someone else’s success. When someone is happy, it spreads to people and makes their day awesome.

41. If they’re happy, let them be. If someone’s unhappy, it’s not your problem; you don’t have to like every person you meet in life—some are just annoying and difficult.

42. Don’t worry about what they’re thinking. You don’t have to try and be everyone’s best friend; you’re not responsible for their happiness.

43. Let people be; if they’re happy—let them be. They have a right to their feelings. If they’re hate-filled and mean, remember: it’s not your problem. People are very different; some will push your buttons, so don’t take their lunacy personally.

44. When people describe something as perfect, be happy for them. It doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect for you or not. Enjoy the experience with them.

45. Make sure that you let others be happy and at peace. You don’t have to get along with them, but you can certainly show them love and respect.

46. Be kind to everyone you meet. You don’t need to be friends with everyone, but you can certainly try to like them.

47. I hope that you can be a kind and honest person. Make sure you don’t spread hate or anger toward anyone. It will only make them upset, alienate people away from you, and make life miserable.

48. You have the right to disagree with others and try to change their minds. But at some point, you must consider what they might be going through and decide you will respect them despite your differences.

49. Being angry with someone is impossible if you remain kind and respectful. A calm heart allows for a more pleasant life for everyone.

50. It’s so important to let people be happy. If they like you, don’t try to change them or make them like you back—they’ll only get resentful.

51. Happiness is the best gift someone can give to another. And when you’re happy, share that joy with the people around you.

52. Happiness is not about how much money you earn or what you own but how much inner peace you have. Remember to be patient with people because it takes a while to grow up. And remember that there is always something to learn so that life can go on forever.

53. When you love doing something, it’s because you’re passionate about it. It brings you happiness, joy and fulfilment. The people who live to give others joy are the people we all should aspire to be.

54. If a friend is excited about something, let them be. It’s not easy, but you must let a friend be happy.

55. When someone tells you how they feel, don’t tell them how you think. How someone feels is the person’s true authentic self. Accept people for who they are.

56. Someone is always happy when you’re there for them, even if it’s only for a moment. To be happy for someone else is the best way to happiness.

57. So many people try to make everyone around them happy, but they don’t realize that someone doesn’t need to force happiness. It just happens when you’re kind and open-minded.

58. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell the difference between loving someone and being fond of someone. If you love someone, the person will always be yours.

59. Life may not be perfect, but it’s amazing. Life is already good enough, and true happiness is a choice; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

60. So many people wear masks, pretending to care about things they don’t, saying things they don’t, doing things they don’t. Don’t be that way. If you care, wear your heart on your sleeve and show it. If you don’t, let them be.

61. I don’t understand why people care so much about others when they have personal troubles. It’s not your responsibility to fix everyone’s problems. We all have our own lives to live.

62. Be friendly and nice to people. Maybe they will be your friend someday if they need someone to talk to. If they are a great person and worth knowing, then you need to be the one that makes a new friend.

63. Our personalities, likes, and dislikes are all unique. Life is too short to deal with the small-minded and miserable. Let them be happy without you. Let them be in their own space, with their people. It’s their time to be, not yours.

64. Happiness is a choice. Let people be and know that you are doing good in the world. Don’t try to change them; just let them be.

65. No matter who you are or what you do, don’t let anyone bring you down. You can do anything you put your mind to. And if you want people to be happy, practice compassion. Suppose you want to be happy; practice compassion.

66. In the end, you must let people make up their minds. You can’t force them to be your friend.

67. Sometimes, the best things in life are free. If you have a friend or family member who’s down in the dumps, let them know that they are loved, and they can find some cheerfulness in the most unexpected places.

68. There’s no need to wait for a reason to be happy. Be happy for yourself now and take care of your own happiness.

69. Live life, not on someone’s schedule. Life is too short to be doing what people say you should do or be. The only person you should be trying to impress is yourself.

70. Sometimes, you have to let people be. So they can be more themselves. Let people be the way they are. If they are happy, that’s good enough for me.

71. When someone is happy, let them be. Being there for friends in times of joy is important, but so are the moments of sadness and pain.

72. Be a loyal companion but never let yourself be a doormat. When people are happy, let them enjoy that happiness and don’t try to drag them into the darkness.

73. Happiness is not something that you can force someone to be. If someone is happy, let the person be. And if they don’t know they are happy, just let them be alone.

74. You can’t make someone happy by taking the happiness out of your own life. You are an awesome person. Take pride in your strength and keep moving forward.

75. Happiness is a choice; if someone is happy, then who are we to try and make them not? Because if people are not aware that they’re happy, forcing it on them would take away from their happiness.

76. Instead of trying to help someone feeling down, just let them be. If people don’t know they’re happy, there’s probably nothing you can do to change that.

77. Let them be; let them live their best life, and you’ll reap the rewards. If you want to be happy for someone, just get out of their way.

78. Be yourself. You don’t need anyone to be happy except you. Be happy with who you are (with or without others).

79. If you see a happy person, don’t try to change their mood. Leave them; you can’t be happy for people. It’s time for you to be happy for yourself. You’ve been working hard, and it’s time to play a little.

80. Let your friends and family be themselves. Never force your feelings and opinions on them. They won’t remember any of it when you are gone, so let them live as they wish.

81. Happiness is a choice. When you choose to be happy, you set yourself free to follow your dreams and improve the world.

82. When you’re happy, be happy. When you’re sad, let it be. Don’t try to change anything. Be true to your feelings, and don’t worry about what others think.

83. You should never put limits on the life you want to live because if you do, you will surely meet someone who thinks differently.

84. Don’t stress; make your friends happy, and they’ll be there for you when it counts. Above all, don’t sweat the small stuff. Remember to be kind and let others be.

85. No one on this planet is you, so do what makes you happy. You’ve got a lifetime to live, and no one can take that away from you.

86. When life gets tough, face it head-on. Let others handle their problems; you’re allowed to worry about yours. It’s up to you how your life plays out – it’s your stage, so be the star.

87. People indeed deceive others and themselves. Maybe their hearts are crying because they think they will never be happy.

88. As long as you know a person’s heart, you know what they want. Let them be happy and let them do what they want to do. You can’t take it with you anyway.

89. When someone is happy, let them be. Be there for your friends in times of joy, but don’t become a vortex for their pain.

90. Be spontaneous, live life to the fullest and learn from your mistakes. Be yourself, set clear intentions and let others be happy with or without you.

91. If you know someone’s heart, you know what they are interested in. Give people what they want and wish for their happiness.

92. All the great things you do for others will find their way back to you. All we need is our friends, a little sunshine, and a love that never ends.

93. The best things in life are free, including being happy. Live life to the fullest. Make mistakes, learn and grow. Let others be happy without you.

94. Everybody dreams of a second chance. The world would be better if we could start over and do it right the second time.

95. Don’t compare your struggles to other people’s success. There’s only one way to define success: measuring your progress against your goals, not someone else’s.

96. Live life fully; do what you want and make yourself happy. Learn, grow, and have fun along the way. Everybody makes mistakes, so don’t beat yourself up over it. Just learn from it and move on.

97. Could you imagine a world where we truly loved and accepted each other for who we are? Slow down, take a deep breath and live life in the present moment. Enjoy friends and family without distraction.

98. Someone in your life may be happier without you, but don’t let them go. I know it doesn’t feel like that when you’re lonely, but be patient and trust that life will bring you back to them soon.

99. Express your love and make the people around you happy. Love grows back to you when those you love show their love towards you too. Spread love in your own way!

100. If someone’s happy, healthy and whole, let them be. Be happy for everyone and wish everyone well. And if you delight in the companionship of friends, set them a good example.

101. You’re worth more than your actions or appearance. You’re valuable just because you exist.

102. It’s easy to be a friend. Just listen, laugh, and be a comfort when they need it. While this may sound simple, it’s easy to forget. From a quick chat or note to a long conversation over coffee, let your friends know that you support them.

103. Always be there for the people you care about. It’s not easy to make friends. But if you are truly a friend, you will always be one.

104. Happiness is a state of being that makes you feel good about life and yourself. Create happiness in your life by living the life you love!

105. Let your friends and family be happy because happiness grows on you. If you love them back, they smile back at you. If you smile, the world smiles with you. If you laugh, so does the world. If you are happy, the world is happy too.

106. Letting people be is the best gift you can give them, and I am not the centre of the universe; I want to be in it.

107. The best things in life are simple, like happiness, love, and smiles. So, happiness is a choice, but the right to choose happiness for others is something we all have.

108. Let them be happy. Do not try to make everyone happy all the time, even though you might think that is what happiness is.

109. If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands. If you’re rich and you know it, flaunt it! But if you’re busy being happy and doing something about it, don’t worry about what others think of you because they are jealous of what’s inside.

110. If a man is happy, let him rejoice, but if he mourns, let him still recall that, by noble self-control and manly resolution, he has conquered fate and preserved the peace of mind, which alone is the golden jewel of existence.

Don’t think of yourself as a burden; if they are happy, let them be. Love is the heart of life, not the object. People need to feel free. Enjoy these if they are happy let them be quotes. Share and leave your comments below.

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