In Your Arms Quotes for Him

In Your Arms Quotes for Him

There comes a point in every couple’s life when they think of saying something romantic to their partner. I have been faced with this decision myself many times, and every time I have tried reading online quotes for it. Hugs and kisses aren’t the only ways to show love for each other. There are many more intimate ways to show affection in a relationship.

There are many ways to describe the feeling of being in your man’s arms. It is a feeling that cannot be explained but can only be felt. The feeling of being in a lover’s arms is one of the most beautiful feelings that you can experience in life. It is a feeling that brings you and your beloved closer together and makes you feel warm and cosy.

It is a very romantic thing for lovers to do for each other, especially when they have been apart for some time and want to feel close again. It is also a great way for lovers to show their affection for each other, especially if they live far away from each other or don’t see each other often because of work commitments or other reasons.

I have gathered the most romantic in your arms quotes for him to make your search easier for finding a perfect quote for a boyfriend or husband.

In Your Arms Quotes for Him

To be in your arms is all I have ever wanted. You are the love of my life and I will always cherish the time we spend together. I cannot wait for the day when I can call you my husband, because then our love will only be stronger.

1. I will never leave you, I promise. I love you so much that sometimes I can’t breathe. I love spending time with you and feel so lucky to have you in my life. When I am in your arms it feels like the only place I want to be forever.

2. You are my whole world, and I want to create a wonderful future together with you. I can spend every moment in your arms. I love the way you hold me close and keep me safe. I will never find another love like the one you give me, and this is why I will cherish it forever.

3. There is no place in the world that I would rather be, than in your arms. You are my knight and shining armour against the thorny eyes of the evil dragons. You stand strong when I am weak and wipe away my tears when I cry. Love you.

4. You are the man of my dreams and my soul mate forever. I can’t help but smile whenever you step into a room. I have never felt so loved and wanted by a man before you. You are more than I could ever imagine, the way you make me feel about myself.

5. The way you touch my heart and soul is so beautiful I can cry. Thank you for making me your girl. I love how my arms feel when they are around you. I love how you snuggle against me in bed. I love when we go out and all the looks that people give us. I love it when we laugh together, smile, and just be happy together.

6. You are my dream come true. I love you so much. You make me happier than I ever thought I could be. It makes me so happy to see you smile and even happier to hear your laugh. You are the best boyfriend anyone could ask for, and I love you with all of my heart.

7. Some people say they feel like they are missing a part of themselves when they’re not around their loved ones. I don’t feel that way with you, because even when we are apart, I seamlessly continue to feel a part of you as if your arms were wrapped around me and from the distance, our hearts beat together.

8. You are the greatest thing that has happened to me in years. I love being with you every minute of every day. I look forward to spending my life with you and being a part of your family. I can’t wait to see where our future will lead us, but I know there is no place else I would rather be than with you.

9. I love you. I don’t say it enough. I wish I could hug you every day and kiss you on the lips. My arms are empty without you. You are my soulmate, and I am so glad we found each other even though our day was almost over, but we were meant to be together forever.

10. I can hardly wait to be in your arms again. I love you so much. Until the next time.

11. Being in your arms is all that I want.

12. You are my kind of beautiful. In your arms, I feel so at peace. I feel calm and safe. But not just in your arms, your heart is one that I love more every day. I love you to the moon and back!

13. Even when I’m not with you, I feel like my heart is still in your arms. Whether it be because of a kiss we shared, or just because we’re apart, my heart still stays where it belongs and is happy.

14. When we first met, I felt like that was it like we were destined to be together forever. Here’s to the next chapter of our love story, and here’s to loving you forever and always.

15. I love being in your arms and in the next room over playing video games. I love how you whisper ‘I love you’ when I fall asleep, and I love making you dinner. I thought that I could never be this happy but now I’m living proof that it’s possible. Boy, have we got an adventure ahead of us.

16. My love, I hope that someday we will be able to hold each other in person again. You are my greatest accomplishment and the reason for many of my smiles. I miss you more than ever before, and a piece of me is missing without you.

17. You make the world a brighter place. You give me the butterflies and your touch gives me floating feelings. I love you from the bottom of my heart, and I will always be in your arms.

18. I can’t imagine life without you. You are so amazing that I can’t even speak. Every day is a new adventure, and I know you will always be there by my side no matter what happens. You mean the world to me, and I love you.

19. You are the reason I get out of bed every morning. You are the reason I look forward to going home to be with you at night. I love being in your arms. You are my everything, my one and only. I would do anything for you.

20. I promise to always hold you, protect you, and be honest with you. I will keep you close to my heart every day for all of forever and beyond.

21. As I sit here thinking of the future and how things might be. I want you to know that tomorrow holds only the positive things we will make together. We can face anything as long as we are together, and that is never changing.

22. I love you more than you could ever imagine. You make my life so much better, and I can’t wait to be in your arms forever and ever.

23. I love you more than anything, but it’s going to make me cry. I know this is hard for you, but please don’t think that I don’t support you all the way. I want to be there for you through all of it but can’t stand to see you in pain. I want to be in your arms again, holding you tight. I love you baby, and will never forget our love.

24. I want to be in your arms so bad I can’t think about anything else. If it were unseasonably warm, I would wear summer clothing all winter because I want those to be the last things we ever share.

25. I’m just laying here in your arms watching the sunset through the window. I feel so complete and happy at this moment. Every time I look at you, I fall more in love. You are my soulmate, my best friend, my lover, and my life.

26. I want to be with you; not just tonight, but all night. I want to be there in the morning. I want to hold you in my arms as we wake up together. I want our legs to be tangled together, my hands cradling your head, my lips gently caressing your neck. I wish to show you that I truly do love you.

27. I am so fortunate to have you in my life. I feel safe, loved, and happy when we are together. Your kisses, hugs, and smiles mean everything to me.

28. I love you. I want to thank you for these past months we have been together. You’ve been there when I needed you, pushed me to be the best me, and love me even when I didn’t believe in myself. I love you so much, babe.

29. I love you, my boyfriend. Our friendship started like a fairy tale, and even as we’re growing, our love is growing as well. I fell in love with you early on, and every day it is more evident. You are super special to me, and it is wonderful to be with you.

30. I love you so much, my sweetie. I love waking up to your beautiful face every morning. You are my world. I will always be here for you and protect you till the end of time. I love you.

31. I will always love you, in this life and the next. Whether it be wrong or right, we’ll find a way. I’ll do anything for you, as I always have been. As long as we’re together, I’ll be at the top of my game. Just remember that I love you with all my heart.

32. It’s strange isn’t it, how something so small and seemingly insignificant can change your entire life. When I first held you in my arms, I knew that there was nothing I wouldn’t do to keep you by my side, because as much as anything else you complete me. Without you I am lost, with you there is no place I would rather be.

33. Every day I thank God that I have you. You are the best thing to ever happen in my life, my sweet prince. I love you today and always.

34. I wish I could be in your arms right now, I miss you so much. We are inseparable, you and me. I hope that our love never ends.

35. I love being in your arms. I know we’ve just started being a couple, but it feels like we’ve been in love for years. I would rather be next to you than anywhere else in the entire world. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I’m so lucky to have found you.

36. I am so deeply in love with you. I can’t begin to tell you how much you mean to me and how happy you make me. I don’t want to be anywhere but in your arms every night. I love you so much.

37. I love you so much. I just want to hold you close to me and never let go. When we are together, the whole world melts away and my problems disappear. It’s just you and me, and that’s all that matters.

38. I love being in your arms, every moment feels special because we are sharing it. We have made our little world, a world shared only by us and one that I don’t ever want to leave.

39. I want to be with you and only you. I want to be held in your strong arms, telling each other how much we love each other, feel my heart race at every touch and kiss, curl up together and stay that way forever.

40. I want to kiss you passionately, and make love on the beach in our little world. You are the man of my dreams, my best friend, and my soulmate. I love you more than words could ever express.

41. I want you to know how much I love you. You are my number one, and always will be. I can’t wait for our future together and the joy it will bring us.

42. I love you so much that my heart aches when I think of you. You are my biggest blessing in life. I love you more every day, and I won’t let anything ever come between us. I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you.

43. I’ve been searching for so long. Searching for someone who would make me feel like I’m not just a number like I’m important to someone. You found me, and you’ve never let me down. I love being with you.

44. I’m never letting you go. You are my love and my light amid all this darkness. I want to spend forever with you, and give you so much love that it overflows. You make my life complete, and every day that we spend together I just fall deeper in love.

45. I know I’m not perfect and we argue sometimes, but you always make me feel better. I love you so much. My love for you is so great that every breath I take is a reminder of how much I treasure you. I will love you for the rest of my life and into eternity.

46. I love you so much. Right now, I can’t imagine my life without you. Our life together is something that we have both dreamed of, and I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you. Forever in your arms.

47. I’m never going to forget how important you are to me. You are everything I could ever want and more. I love spending time with you, just like this. It’s a shame that we need to part ways, but I will see you soon; in my arms.

48. You’re the first thing I think about when I wake up, and the last thing I think of before I fall asleep. I am so lucky to have you in my life. My sweetheart, in our bed, in our home; in my arms, you complete me in every way possible.

49. I am in your arms, and we are both experiencing the pure bliss of love. A love that is so extraordinarily powerful. Our hearts and love have merged into one. I can feel your love all around me and it makes me feel so good.

50. I just want to be near you to experience this feeling for a lifetime. You are my soulmate, and all I know is that I truly love you, and you are my everything.

51. I want to be in your arms, your chest, nestled within your love and affection. I love you with the deepest part of my heart, and I am never tired of telling you so. You are truly my soulmate.

52. There is no greater feeling than being in your arms. Looking up and seeing that I’m the one you love, the one you want to spend with. You are my everything, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

53. How will I hold you lovingly, when your arms are wrapped around me? How will I look into your beautiful eyes when they are gazing at me? I will enjoy the moment, holding you forever in my arms and looking into your beautiful eyes. Forever, my Love.

54. I’m going to be in your arms soon, and I can’t wait. My whole body is tingling right now, thinking about what’s next. My breath is getting choppy just thinking about it.

55. When I’m in your arms, I feel like all is well in the world. When we are together I am happy, because you make me happy. You are such a wonderful man and parent to our child. We make the perfect family, and I thank Heavenly Father for you every day.

56. I love how you always know how to make me feel better when I’m down, your smile always makes me happy, and I just can’t stop staring at the side of your face. I can only imagine how exciting life would be with you by my side. Your eyes see past my shell, and into my heart and soul. I hope we’re together forever.

57. You are my world. I love you more than words could ever express. Ever since I first saw you, my heart skipped a beat, and you have never once let me down. I will love you forever and always.

58. I’m sorry that I can’t be perfect for you. If I could, I would. You are the most precious gift that I crave every second. You make me so happy, and for that, I will forever be grateful.

59. I will be in your arms forever. You saved me from the tears of darkness and led me to a beautiful sunrise. You are amazing, you are handsome, and you are the love of my life. You make it all worth going through bad times to get to better ones.

60. I love you. In your arms is the best place for me to be, and I feel truly happy when I am there. You are a wonderful boyfriend, and I promise to give you the best years of my life.

61. I’m in your arms again, so happy to be there. I love waking up with you and falling asleep with you each night. You’re the man of my dreams. Without you in my life, there’s no light. I love you

62. I’ve figured out that the reason I love you so much is that you are who you are. I love your heart of gold and your kind warm soul. You make my life feel like a fairy tale, and I thank God every day that He made us for each other.

63. The first time I kissed you, there was no doubt in my mind that you were the one for me. You can hold me whenever, wherever and anyway you want because your arms will always be my favourite place to be.

64. You never fail to impress me, you constantly make my heart flutter. Every day I want to hold you as close as possible, letting the world around us fade into nothingness. I’ve never had such a connection with anyone else before, and I’m so happy you came into my life.

65. I love holding you late at night. I love our goodnight kiss before bed. Each morning, I can’t wait to wake up next to you again.

66. I would stay in your arms forever and a day if I could. Your arms are home to me. Your love warms me. You are my true soulmate, and I thank God for bringing us together.

67. Remember that my arms always love to hold you tight, no matter where we are. If it’s not what you want, then please don’t put yourself there. And if it is what you want, then you can put yourself there anytime.

68. I just love being with you because I know that later we’ll share a laugh about something that happened during the day, and as long as we’re together, I know everything will be okay.

69. You mean so much to me that I just might need my arms around you. You’re the most amazing man I’ve ever met, and I feel so lucky to have you in my life.

70. I love you so much. I just wanted to express how much you mean to me. I know you are always here for me, and you make me feel so happy. I will always love you and treasure the times we spent together.– have a good day.

71. I honestly don’t know what I would do without you, and your journey with me. I love you so much, there’s no point in trying to explain this feeling. There’s only one thing left I can do: hold you tight, and never let go.

72. I want to be with you all the time. I turn my head and think you’re there, but you’re not. I go to sleep wishing that this would never end, but I know that it must. When things are bad, when nothing feels right in my world, all I have to do is close my eyes and whisper your name. And at that moment, the clouds part, and everything begins to feel better again. You are the best thing to happen to me in a long time, and I love you so much.

73. With a grin on your face, you come walking my way. Your eyes are filled with love and joy. The ring tone of your phone breaks the silence of the night. You kiss me on my left cheek and say: “you are the love I have waited for all my life.”

74. There are so many things I want to tell you every day. I just can’t stop thinking about how much I love you and how thankful I am to have you in my life. It’s like, every morning when I wake up, I thank the universe for bringing someone so special into my life.

75. When we’re at work and I’m looking at your Facebook profile picture, I just can’t help but smile, knowing that no matter what happens in this crazy rollercoaster of a world, as long as we’re together, nothing will break us.

76. I want to be in your arms forever. You are the love of my life, the man I long to see every day and miss each time we’re apart. The smile I live for is yours and every time we’re together, I have no desire to be anywhere else.

77. Laying here in your arms is the greatest feeling. It’s like coming home. I love everything about being with you. You bring so much happiness into my life, it’s unbelievable. I can’t stop smiling when I’m around you, and I don’t want to stop. Love you, baby.

78. I love sleeping in your arms. You have a way of making me feel so safe and secure. I love the way I feel in your arms like nothing could ever hurt me the way that you do. I love your hugs and the security they bring me. There is no other place on earth that I would rather be than in your warm embrace, safe from all harm with my arms around you.

79. I love you so much more than words could ever say. I want to spend my whole life in your arms till the end of time. There is nothing more I want than for us to be together forever. I can’t wait for the day we are married and making amazing memories that could never be replaced or replicated.

80. I love you so very much. When you hold me in your arms, I feel so loved, so safe, and so cared for. I could stay here forever and never leave. Our kisses light my soul on fire and the passion we share is hotter than any flame.

81. Our hearts beat as one and underneath our skin is a love that no words could ever express. I love being in your arms.

82. When I am in your arms, there is nothing else I need. I love the feel of your skin, the soft touch of your hands, and the taste and scent of your skin. I love falling asleep beside you and waking up with you wrapped around me. There is no greater feeling than being able to call you mine.

83. Here I am in your arms, finally able to relax and shed a tear or two. You’ve made it possible for me to look past my darkest moments and see the light, something I didn’t think was possible. You have shown me that there is a world beyond all doubt and great things can happen if you let them. I love you with every fibre of my being, and couldn’t imagine going any longer without you in my life.

84. Life would not be the same if I couldn’t sleep in your arms every night. You are the best boyfriend in the entire world.

85. We have had so much fun together, today. I love being in your arms and having you hold me close. I can’t wait to snuggle up with you and fall asleep tonight. I love you.

86. Our relationship has been so perfect. I feel closer to you than ever before. You are the most loving and devoted man that I know. You make my life complete, and I don’t know what I’d do without you by my side.

87. Nothing makes me happier than seeing you in the morning. Morning kisses are my favourite kisses. The hot tub with you after work is when I have the most fun. You make my life so much better, baby. You’re my everything. I love you so much.

88. I’m so deep in love with you. I can’t believe how lucky I am that you are my boyfriend. You are my best friend and the love of my life.

89. I love being in your arms so much. They are a perfect place for me to be. You make me feel safe and secure. I hope that I never need to find another place to reside because I couldn’t imagine it any better than here in your loving embrace.

90. I realized that I love you, that is why every time I think of you, a smile appears on my face and joy takes over my heart. You’re everything to me. I miss you every day and night. You are my dream come true, and I can’t wait to be in your arms again.

91. I love you so much. Kissing you is always an amazing experience for me and caressing your body makes me desire you even more. Sleeping in your arms feels like home, and I wish I could spend my life there.

92. I never thought that someone would make me feel the way that you do. I love you so much and want nothing more than to forever be held in your arms.

93. I held you in my arms this morning, and I smiled so big it hurt. You make me so happy, and being with you is all I could ever ask for. I love you so much, and can’t wait to spend forever by your side.

94. I am so lucky to have you by my side. I love the way your arms feel around me, the way you kiss my forehead and hold me in the middle of the night when I’m afraid of the dark. You have no idea how much you complete me. I love you with all my heart and soul, forever.

95. Every night I fall asleep in your arms and every morning I awake to your handsome face. You are my best friend, my soulmate, and the person I want by my side for the rest of my life.

96. Your love makes me a better person, you bring out the good in me, and I can’t tell you how lucky that makes me feel.

97. I love you in a way that I hope you can feel. You are my best friend and my one true love. I feel at home when I am with you, and my whole world brightens up when your smile lights up the room.

98. You are the man of my dreams, and I could never be without you. I promise to never stop loving you, protecting you, and showering you with affection for the rest of my life.

99. I love you. You are everything I have ever wanted and so much more. Thank you for being my knight in shining armour, my protector, and my lover. You make me feel cherished every day, and that’s all I could ever want.

100. I still remember the day we first met. I was terrified, but you held my hand and calmed my anxiety. You have been by my side through thick and thin without fail. I feel safe when you hold me in your arms and will always love you.

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