Indirect Breakup Quotes

Indirect Breakup Quotes

No one wants to hurt someone they love, and being dumped is never fun. That’s why when you’re in a relationship, and you break up with someone, your thought process is generally to express to that person directly why you are ending things. But some people do not have the courage to be so direct about breaking up with someone they once loved, so they end up using the indirect approach. You have below some eye-opening indirect breakup quotes to better enlighten you on breakups in an indirect manner.

An indirect breakup is one where one party makes it known that they would like to break up with the other person but has yet to explain anything in person. This also involves cell phone use as a way of sending text messages or calling later on when the other person is not present. The idea is to avoid hurting the other person, but sometimes it can worsen things. Some people who do this say that it makes the breakup easier for them because they don’t have to deal with someone being upset with them. Others say that it’s just how things are done in their culture or country. The truth is an indirect breakup comes off as being cowardly and cutting corners. Those who do this want to quickly get rid of their partner without having to see him or she suffer.

The situation between you and your ex-lover may not be straightforward for you, but at the end of the day, it’s important to stand up for yourself. The truth is that indirect breakups aren’t easy for anyone, but they can happen by accident when one person worries about hurting their partner’s feelings or does not know how to confront the subject. So, if you’ve been rejected indirectly, I hope I’ve provided a few insights into how indirect breakups occur, as well as some tips on how to handle them and even make them more effective from this lovely and expository collection of indirect breakup quotes.

In the end, indirect breakups are often the most hurtful of all. No matter what it takes, you need to regain your confidence and be happy again. But, just take a good look at this collection of indirect breakup quotes and learn more about how breaking up in a relationship without saying the words in clear terms.

Indirect Breakup Quotes

Breaking up with someone by indirect means is more helpful and healing to the person who did not want to split up. Rather than openly telling the person that you wish to break up, you will use other means such as avoiding them by not answering their calls or messages, spending less time with them, being harsh and critical towards them, being less emotional and affectionate towards them and making plans with others that they cannot join in on.

1. Don’t end your relationship with someone by telling them, “I don’t love you anymore.” End it in a way that is more subtle and doesn’t throw up red flags.

2. Indirect breakups are when you give the person a reason that you broke up with them and not because they did something wrong. This can be a good way to break up with someone when they have done something wrong, but there is also a chance that they will get defensive and not listen to what you’re trying to say.

3. An indirect breakup can be defined as when someone breaks up with you through a third party.

4. Breaking up with someone indirectly and cunningly will leave them confused, hurt and miserable.

5. We can’t be together. I’m sorry for how this came to an end. Let’s have a good time in our lives now and break up amicably.

6. When you’re about to break up with someone, it’s hard to think ahead about how the relationship will end. The best way is indirect so that your words or actions don’t cause a scene and lead to talk around town.

7. Sometimes, the best way to break up is to let your emotions do the work without saying anything at all.

8. Never let go of the ones you love because they will always catch you when you fall.

9. The indirect breakup can be a great way to break up with someone, especially if you and your partner live together.

10. We do this by creating a distraction that will take their attention off you while you leave without any problems.

11. Indirect breakups are much more subtle. They can take the form of general interest in a subject that changes over time, or they could appear as veiled words or phrases that get the message across.

12. When a person does not have the guts to do a direct breakup, he/she may go for an indirect breakup to avoid possible pain. It is all about saving face, and it can be very painful.

13. When someone breaks up with you indirectly, that means they’re not coming right out and saying that they don’t want to be with you anymore. Instead, they’ll try to make it seem like the breakup isn’t really a breakup at all.

14. An indirect breakup occurs when you do something to make your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend feel guilty, which makes them want to break up with you. This could involve making them feel like they owe you because of previous promises or promises that haven’t been fulfilled yet, or any other kind of manipulation where the end result is still a breakup.

15. When a breakup happens indirectly, it is not always easy to communicate clearly. This can be very frustrating for everyone involved, whether you’re the person breaking up with your partner or being broken up with.

16. An indirect breakup can happen when a relationship lacks honesty and communication. It means you’re afraid to tell your partner that the relationship isn’t working and want to break it off.

17. When a person does not show interest in pursuing a relationship, even if they are still friends and have casual conversations. The breakup is indirect because the person breaking up with their partner doesn’t outright come out and say it.

18. An indirect breakup is when you avoid direct confrontation with your partner and instead let them do the breaking up for you. You may nag, withhold affection, or make subtle hints about things you dislike in your relationship to indirectly try to drive your partner away from you.

19. It seems easier to talk about things like this in an indirect way or to make your partner want to break up with you instead of just coming right out and saying it. But if this indirect method is used, then it may not work in the way you expect and can even result in your partner feeling angrier or hurt that they have been left the responsibility to do something they didn’t want to do.

20. Many people find indirect breakup a painful experience because they may not receive any feedback regarding their relationship or they want to avoid confrontation. However, if you want to break up with someone and are afraid of hurting them, the indirect breakup is the best way to do it without embarrassing yourself or hurting them.

21. An indirect breakup occurs when you break up with someone but never tell them directly.

22. Breakups that are indirect or passive-aggressive are often hard to understand and even harder to deal with. You may not be sure if your relationship is ending, but if you suspect your partner is trying to break up with you in an indirect way, then it can be helpful to talk about it — whether you’re right or wrong.

23. Some people prefer to do an indirect breakup which can be very painful because they are afraid of rejection. They are afraid that if they tell the truth, then they will end up hurting their partner’s feelings. The fear of hurting someone just adds to our own misery and makes us feel terrible.

24. For people who prefer to do an indirect breakup, they are quite selfish and feel that they can save themselves from the pain of telling the other person directly. But they don’t realize they will always have to suffer in their hearts after breaking up with someone indirectly; it is also not fair to the other person because they have no idea what happened.

25. An indirect breakup is not a win for any of the parties, but it can be done in a way that minimizes conflict. A preemptive breakup is best done via email or text message. You may also want to let them know when you plan on ending your relationship in person and give them space if they need it.

26. Sometimes, a breakup doesn’t go as smoothly as you’d hoped. If someone leaves you “blindsided”, and there are no obvious signs a breakup is coming, then you’re left with this confusing scenario where they don’t explain their side of things, and you don’t know what’s going on.

27. You say things that make me feel like you don’t want to be around me anymore. I try to talk to you, and you shut me out, talk over me and change the subject. Then I get mad at you and don’t want to talk to you either. But I keep trying because I’m afraid of losing it all.

28. An indirect breakup is when one person decides to end their relationship without actually saying the words, “I need to break up with you.” Instead, they phrase their actions as if things are not working out for them, but it’s really about another person’s shortcomings.

29. A person might display moodiness, irritation, or unavailability until the other party gets the hint and leaves. This can be painful because it is often unclear whether you were actually involved with someone who didn’t want to be with you at all — or whether your partner was just not getting what he or she needed from the relationship.

30. Breakups can be hard and confusing. But there are better ways to handle the loss of someone you love than by saying things like, “I don’t want to kiss you anymore.

31. The indirect breakup is a great way to end a relationship that you would never have wanted, but it’s still an option if you can handle it on your own.

32. When you tell somebody that you’re not interested in them anymore, but you don’t actually come right out and say it. Instead, you use lots of excuses to set them up for failure or make them feel bad about themselves so that they’ll end the relationship on their own. That’s an indirect breakup.

33. The indirect breakup is a great way to end a relationship that you would never want but need to do. The goal is not to burn any bridges, so it’s completely fine if you can handle it on your own.

34. When two people love each other, but one or both feel a need to be free from the other, it can be hard to know how best to proceed. So, the best method is to start putting a gap in communication.

35. When you are the person who tried to be honest and loyal in your relationship, it is really painful when you realize that your partner is not up for the same effort.

36. A person who says it in a subtle way will hurt you even more because you still have the hope that it could be saved.

37. The indirect breakup can be painful because feelings can get hurt, and pain might lead to depression. People do this to avoid direct confrontation as they want to end the relationship in a friendly manner and not leave any bad feelings after the breakup.

38. Many people would rather what seems to be the classier and tactful approach to a breakup than an outright, direct one. The truth is that most indirect breakups are often more hurtful than those which are direct. In the latter case, you know where you stand, whereas, with the indirect breakup, the other person may never know why they have been let go or what they need to do differently.

39. You might prefer an indirect breakup because you’re afraid of being direct. You also might not want to hurt a partner’s feelings, or maybe you think that distance will make the heart grow fonder. However, in many cases, breakups can get messy.

40. Some people prefer to avoid confrontation and conflict altogether, while others use techniques like breaking up subliminally or breaking up by omission to achieve the same result.

41. What people often find difficult is that it’s easier to tell your negative feelings directly to somebody than indirectly. It is true you might feel uncomfortable doing a direct breakup, but it would be better for both of you instead of doing an indirect breakup which can be very painful, especially for the one who has broken up to know that the other person was not interested anymore but still kept them hanging on.

42. Indirect breakup is often a more positive way for people to deal with breakups than going through with the breakup. For many people, this can be an ideal option that allows them to move forward with their lives after a breakup without having to go through the heartbreak.

43. There will always be an afterburn of sadness and denial, but it won’t last long in an indirect breakup.

44. Indirect breakups are filled with misunderstanding, regret, and the occasional very long-distance phone call.

45. When you’re no longer interested in someone, don’t be afraid to let them know. It may be a direct breakup, but it’s better than letting things drag on.

46. Indirect breakup is when someone doesn’t tell you that they don’t want to be your significant other anymore. Instead, they take the back door and let you know how great it was, but they need to move on.

47. Indirect breakups are hurtful and confusing as you don’t have a straightforward answer to why the relationship has ended. They tend to pop up in the most unexpected moments, so you are left completely at a loss for words.

48. Indirect breakup, or indirect ending of a relationship, is when someone does not directly tell their partner that the relationship is over. A person who does this kind of breaking-up will stop all communication with the other person and avoid any physical and emotional contact.

49. Some partners have been trying to have indirect breakups as they cannot simply do it straight to the person, and this may cause some confusion about what they exactly want.

50. When a person breaks up with you, they don’t want to hear that you’re sad, upset and in pain. They don’t want to hear that they hurt you because they know it makes them feel guilty. That’s why a lot of people prefer an indirect breakup.

51. Indirect breakups are the way to go if you don’t have the strength to do it the right way – or if you think it’ll hurt less than a direct breakup.

52. There are many reasons people prefer to do indirect breakups. Some believe that it is easier for the person being broken up with, as it gives them time to heal or move on before finding out what has happened. Others think that the relationship has run its course if the other person doesn’t reciprocate the feelings they have for their partner.

53. Indirect breakup means to put off the relationship. It can be done in the most effective way. This may be because of some or other reasons for which you want to get out of your relationship, like lack of interest, time and space between partners, change in partners values and lifestyle etc.

54. Unlike a direct breakup, an indirect breakup doesn’t involve confrontation. It involves communication and letting the other person know they are not wanted without hurting their feelings or making them angry. An indirect breakup is considered a win-win situation in most cases because both people agree that it would be best to break up in this way and still have respect for each other afterwards.”

55. An indirect breakup is when you and your significant other have been broken up for a while but haven’t talked about the relationship with each other. An indirect breakup can be extremely difficult to deal with because it requires that you let go of someone before they do the same.

56. An indirect breakup is when you push your partner away without wanting him/her to feel rejected or hurt. In this way, you try to avoid a direct confrontation and hopefully avoid hurting their feelings, but the problem with indirect breakups is that it can often lead to more problems down the road.

57. Another version of a passive-aggressive breakup is an indirect one. What it means is that there will be no direct confrontation or communication with the person you are breaking up with.

58. Indirect breakup is when the one that is breaking up with the other makes it unclear if they are breaking up. This can be done through words or even physical actions such as ditching a friend. Things are done indirectly so that they don’t have to say they want to break up.

59. Indirect breakups are when someone doesn’t actually tell you that they’re breaking up with you. Instead, they begin to gradually change their behaviour towards you and your relationship in ways that suggest it no longer works for them.

61. Indirect breakup is a type of breakup that focuses on changing the behaviour of your partner. The indirect breakup involves more sleight of hand than any other type and takes advantage of the fact that most people don’t want to accept responsibility when they do something wrong. The indirect breakup is not just about deceitful behaviours, although it can be; it’s also about setting the stage for an eventual breakup.

62. Indirect breakup means that you’re not going to tell your partner they are no longer your partner, but their behaviour and actions will lead them to believe this, even though you never came out and said it directly.

63. An indirect breakup is a communication style that attempts to make the ex-partner feel pain and guilt, but without the former partner realizing what’s happening. It’s about getting even with the person who did you wrong.

64. Indirect breakups are when someone doesn’t tell you that they want to end things but instead makes it obvious by avoiding or ignoring you. They might not come right out and say what’s on their mind, but their actions speak volumes.

65. The best thing you can do during an indirect breakup is to avoid getting caught up in the drama and trying to figure out why they’re doing this. It won’t help anything and will only lead to more confusion and hurt feelings in the long run.

66. I don’t want to be with you anymore, and I’m sure you’re going to find someone who adores every last inch of your body.

67. Sometimes, the kindest, most patient breakup advice is to end things without ever having to admit you’re doing so.

68. If you don’t want to date someone, then there are right ways and wrong ways to say this. Do NOT treat them like complete dirt and make them think they are the reason things didn’t work out.

69. Don’t be cruel, but don’t allow yourself to be used. Love is a two-way street, and you must respect one another. Say something like, “we’re not on the same page with this.” Or tell them that, in your opinion, they are not ready to be in a relationship with you.

70. Instead of trying to figure out why they’re ending things or how much longer until they finally cut ties with you, focus on taking care of yourself and moving forward as best as possible.

71. They say it takes a minute to find a special someone and an hour to appreciate them. It takes years to build up trust and seconds to destroy it. And after 1 year of dating someone, you can get them to break up with you with just one text.

72. There are some situations in which one-on-one conversation is not the best way to break up with someone. A person can be offended or upset if they suspect that someone does not have romantic feelings for them.

73. People have different ways of doing breakups. Some prefer to do it directly, and some prefer to do it indirectly. People who go for indirect breakups make their lovers feel hesitant and devastated as they are not sure whether they are actually going to end up with them or not.

74. It’s hard to break up with someone discreetly. If you choose an indirect breakup, you might be through with the person, but that doesn’t mean the relationship is over. You may have second thoughts and regret breaking up in such a way.

75. There are some people who do not want to hurt others. Some people do not want to face their problems, and they don’t want to get in trouble or hurt someone’s feelings. They rather do an indirect breakup, which can be very painful and make them feel guilty for the rest of their life.

76. Some people prefer to do an indirect breakup because it is easier to get over the pain. They try to put distance between themselves and their ex to avoid pain.

77. Some people find it less painful to do an indirect breakup because they feel it would lead to fewer tears. They also believe that through an indirect breakup, they can protect their pride and, at the same time, end this relationship that is drifting apart bit by bit.

78. Some people prefer to do an indirect breakup because it gives them a chance to get out of the relationship and move on without having to own up to their actions. Indirect breakups allow people to end the relationship without hurting either party too much.

79. People do indirect breakups because it is a less painful way to break up with someone. However, the other person may still suffer from a breakup.

80. When people are dumped, there is a lot of pain and anger. These feelings can prevent you from acting rationally, so when someone does not do what you want them to, there will be less painful for you.

81. Some people prefer to do indirect breakups because they do not want to see the other person’s reactions or reactions of their own.

82. Some people prefer to do an indirect breakup which can be very painful. Breakups can be painful, and sometimes you wish you didn’t have to go through that situation, but it is better than playing games.

83. Indirect breakup is a very painful way to end a relationship. Some people prefer to do indirect breakups because it is easier and less confronting, but other people do feel bad about themselves after doing so. Most of the time, an indirect breakup is not done intentionally, but sometimes it is necessary to break up with someone in a less painful way by using indirect means of saying goodbye. You can break up with as many excuses as possible to avoid being too direct.

84. When it comes to the breakup, there is little hurt in an indirect breakup do not hurt as much. It may be confusing for them because of the lack of information provided by their loved ones.

85. Indirect breakups are more painful than direct ones because they make the person think that maybe you’re not really breaking up with them.

86. Indirect breakups can be confusing. It can also be very painful to face a breakup through text messages or social media. However, they do make it easier to avoid confrontation face-to-face.

87. In a normal situation, a breakup is usually communicated directly. That said, there are always going to be situations where the person you’re breaking up with simply cannot take the news in your own words and will require you to be indirect.

88. An indirect breakup is often more painful and difficult to recover from because a person may not even realize that they have been broken up with until it’s too late.

89. Indirect breakup is a very painful experience. You are at the mercy of the other person’s decision to end the relationship, and they may catch you off guard with their words or actions.

90. In an indirect breakup, the person doesn’t want to hurt you and is trying to let you down slowly. It might seem like they are doing it with care, but they aren’t being honest with themselves or with you.

91. Most people believe that an indirect breakup is less painful than a direct breakup because of the lack of face-to-face confrontation, but in reality, it’s not.

92. Some people feel insulted and angry when they are given an indirect breakup with no explanations or reasons. But whoever says that an indirect breakup is always painful? It’s just a perception of those who consider their relationships as mere materialistic relations.

93. If you are going through a breakup, it is important to understand that being indirect about it does not make the person go away. People usually do this to protect their egos. Being direct and honest about the change in your situation or relationship will help both people move on to the next phase of their lives, whether it is friendship or something more serious.

94. Indirect breakups are usually more painful than direct ones. The person who initiates a direct breakup can often get over their feelings of guilt, fear and shame more quickly than the person who is left behind.

95. It is painful when you are breaking up with one person, but then again, if you break up indirectly with an indirect breakup quote, it hurts you more. Probably because in your mind, no matter how indirect it is, you still feel like you got dumped

96. The pain of indirect breakups can be much greater than I thought. The fact that you did not say those words can hurt even more. It is much harder to deal with broken hearts and unresolved issues. I never imagined that I would feel this way about you, but I just can’t go on any longer like this.

97. The good thing about an indirect breakup is that it seems less painful at the time but can hurt you later. You’ll have to tell your friends, family and everyone else. It’s like an indirect breakup. It doesn’t hurt right away, but it will hurt in the long run if you don’t tell people yourself

98. Indirect breakups seem less painful at first. You can avoid the tears, the shock and the distress of an honest conversation by answering with a text message or not replying to a phone call. You tell yourself that it’s for the best—you need your space, or you need to focus on yourself. However, what you don’t realize is that when you indirectly break up, you’re actually setting yourself up for more pain down the road.

99. Most indirect breakups end with a face-to-face conversation, where you discover that the relationship is truly over.

100. When a breakup is indirect, the person being broken up with might think that their relationship is going well until the other person decides to end things. Even if you simply have a bad feeling about your relationship, try to speak up about what is bothering you before letting the situation get out of hand.

Even in that relationship, I sincerely hope that sending these explanatory indirect breakup quotes to that person in the relationship keeps them alert of a possible breakup especially ways indirect makeup happens.

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