Inspirational Quotes for Athletes With Injuries

Inspirational Quotes for Athletes With Injuries

When an injury happens to an athlete, everyone around them gets worried. The athlete’s friends, family, coaches and teammates are worried, especially if the athlete is an athlete of the team. An athlete can end up not playing at all or playing badly.

Athletes love to compete, but sometimes injuries get in the way of that. No matter the sport you’re in, you can suffer injuries that keep you from performing your best.

Injuries are an unfortunate part of the athlete’s life, whether you’re competing in a 10K or running a marathon. Athletes are conditioned to train hard and push their bodies to the limit no matter their athletic ability. The human body isn’t meant to be put under pressure constantly, so injuries are bound to happen.

Athletes with injuries often bear the brunt of ridicule, but with the help of some inspirational quotes, you can prove them wrong. While you may not be able to participate in your sport of choice, you can still inspire and be inspired by other athletes.

Do you know any athletes that can take inspiration from these quotes? Do you have anyone you need to show what sports are all about? Are you a rising star whose career is threatened by a serious injury? Care to encourage upcoming injured athletes? Here are some inspirational quotes for athletes with injuries.

Inspirational Quotes for Athletes With Injuries

I know you know that you can never say you are finished with sports because of this minor injury. Believe me when I say you will get well soon and you will be back to showing your best skills again. We are here to cheer you up, and we trust in what energy you’ve got to run that race.

1. Most athletes get injured during their training, but not many can say they’ve come back strong. Go back strong and remain undefeated.

2. Setbacks in life are inevitable, but it’s how we deal with these setbacks that define our character. Your injury is a temporary setback, not the end of your career. Heal up and make a spectacular comeback.

3. I may never play in the NFL again, But I still have dreams. Dreams that injuries can never break.

4. When everyone around you is losing their hearts, don’t give up your dream. When everyone around you is closing their eye, don’t give up your dream. When everyone around you is losing their way, hold on to your dream. When everyone around you says, “get out the way”, go for your dream. You’re unstoppable.

5. Injuries may come, but don’t give up whatever happens. For where life leads us, you’ll always be my inspiration.

6. Life is a game full of injuries and fatalities. Play your game so that even if you have injuries, you won’t experience any fatality. It’s not whether you win or lose but how you play the game.

7. You are athletes with injuries, not a pitiable victims. It’s time you heal. Take up a cause and inspire those around you.

8. Don’t let the fear of embarrassment or being laughed at stop you from pursuing your dreams. Your injuries should neither limit you nor define you.

9. You must believe in yourself so fully and passionately that you become irresistible, even when recuperating from injuries.

10. You can’t always have what you want, but if you try, sometimes you might find you get what you need. Focus on getting better and getting back into the game.

11. When you fall and you’re injured, don’t give up because you will not win the prize. Focus your strength on getting healed to play a winning game.

12. Everyone is born an athlete, but only a few become champions. Athletes with injuries are tough, but their will to win is stronger. If you fall, get up, and get back in the game.

13. Olympians have battled all season through injury, pain, and fatigue. Their determination will never falter until the Olympic dream comes true, injuries or not.

14. I feel your pain but don’t you worry. I will show you how to keep it ongoing. You will still succeed, and one day, you will win it all.

15. Every athlete has an injury. Some heal quickly; that’s why they’re athletes. Some take a long time to heal; there are tears. Brace up, face your fears and win the game of healing and getting back into action.

16. An athlete was injured but never quit. He never gave up on himself, And never will.

17. Never give up; never let them see you down. Never let an injury get the better of you.

18. Can the body be healed? Can the mind be set free? I raise my head, and I smile because I know I can.

19. With all the pain and suffering, ignore the naysayers. Just keep on fighting. In the end, you will surely succeed.

20. You only have one body and one chance to make it right. Don’t do anything you’ll regret. Do everything you can to heal and get back into shape. It’s all in your mind.

21. Even when you are injured, you can overcome. You are an athlete: a superstar.

22. At times, the athlete’s pain is unimaginable. To perform when injured and lift the bar high, the aching pain is unbearable but painfully doable.

23. The first “broken bone” is the worst. Just the thought of them will make an athlete cry.

24. Obstacles like an injury may block your path, but don’t let that stop you. You are the greatest athlete in the world!

25. Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come, not even an injury. If it has waited long enough for the right moment, then now is the time for it to manifest.

26. For all of you out there who feel like you’re fighting a battle, know that I’m cheering you on. Know that I am rooting for you to win. Know that your fighting is inspiring, and your injuries show your courage.

27. Do not think of it as an injury but as an opportunity to improve.

28. Sometimes, when you fall, you wish you could fly, but with an injury, you are forced to stay on the ground. Injuries indeed make us say, “I wish I were a better athlete”, but with new inspirational quotes, We say, “I am a better athlete, injuries, scars, warts and all”.

29. In life, you may not always win, but what’s important is how you play the game.

30. Yesterday was history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the Present. Forget your past injuries and mishaps, pick yourself up and train harder than before to be the star you weren’t before your injuries.

31. Among athletes with injuries, The suffering is felt most, But never can the injuries be seen, In the eyes of those they leave behind.

32. It is never too late to become what you might have been. Move on and move up the whole cycle. From victory to despair and pain to glory, athletes endure it all. Through injuries, they strive on.

33. You will win more medals than failures. You will do more push-ups than sit-ups. You will cross more bridges than streams. Only keep pushing without giving in to despair.

34. It would help if you fought for your life. Fight to get better and back in shape.
Injuries won’t stop you. God will not forsake you.

35. Comfort comes in many forms, but in the end, all you need is love.

36. You can’t win if you don’t play. No pain, no gain.

37. You are my inspiration, my willpower to win. You’ve been knocked down in life, but through it all, you rise. You’re a victor, not a victim. Your pain is your gain and the breakthrough message.

38. If you want to win, erase ‘No, I can’t’ from your vocabulary. Your injuries are only as limited as your mind permits.

39. I hurt badly, but I’m not giving up!!! I’m still here to win at all costs, for to be injured part of the game.

40. Fast and furious may win the game, but slow and steady wins the race.

41. Healing takes time. Every step counts towards you getting back on your feet again. Don’t give up.

42. Self-love is healing up from injuries before getting back on track.

43. I dream of the day that I will be able to run again.

44. When you are injured, you make the best of what you have. And, most of all, you become known for what you can do under pressure.

45. If you’re injured, you’re a fighter because you’re always more motivated.

46. Athletes with injuries are like warriors who have fought long and hard; they are courageous and tough and fight to win!

47. In times of injury, don’t lose focus. Remember why you’re fond of the game. You’ve tolerated pain, tears, and heartaches. You’ve overcome hardships. Be inspired, and inspire others.

48. I’ll stay with you through every pain and agony. Even though the heartache, with every race, we run.

49. Hang in there, hang in there long enough to be well to return to play, or your coach won’t let you play.

50. Realise that no matter what, your time will come.

Inspiring Quotes for Injured Athletes

‘Your body may be severely injured, but your spirit must remain unconquered. You’re an inspiring superhero and an inspiration for other athletes’.

Something nice and inspiring to encourage an injured athlete:

51. When you fall, you fall back and get back up, and again fall. But get up again.

52. Though you’re injured, you are a beacon of light, which helps inspire many. Keep pushing.

53. Don’t give up; you’re not alone. It’s okay to be injured and down; just pick yourself up and never quit.

54. Pain may be painful, but never fear; athletes with injuries endure to conquer.

55. My heart bleeds deep inside because I got injured, but no broken leg can break my dreams. I’m resolved.

56. You have a broken leg, but you’re still a champion. You miss games, but you’re still glad to play. Although an injury may slow you down, you keep playing and smiling. Never give up. Keep fighting and keep playing.

57. A tough athlete never quits; they get back up. A tough athlete has a positive attitude; they try their best and never give up. A tough athlete never whines about an injury; they just deal with it and keep going.

58. When all else seems to be lost, find inspiration in those strong, those who dared to live a dream.

59. You will not win if you do not compete. Competition brings out the best in you. When you compete, you raise the bar and push yourself beyond where you thought you could go.

60. Your injury is nothing but a temporary setback that will get you back on track when you recuperate and do better.

61. When you are knocked down, keep getting up. No matter how much pain you have to endure, keep going. When you miss the game, come back stronger and better. When you’re injured, keep fighting to stay afloat.

62. Want to know how to get back on the field after recuperating from being injured? Keep your focus on the prize, your dreams and your aspirations.

63. It’s not the obstacles that stop us. It’s the excuse.

64. Pain is weakness leaving your body.

65. First, you need the strength to brace yourself. Next, you need the will to persevere. Then, you need to find the courage to fight. You are injured, not out and out.

66. Never give up. Pain is necessary for progress. Injury is a part of life. How you handle adversity is what defines your character.

67. Getting injured as an athlete is not the end of life. Get your groove back and keep winning in different ways.

68. Your injury symbolises the life you lived. Your injury is a metaphor for the dreams you are chasing.

69. When you fall because you’re injured, keep your head up. You can accomplish anything if you set your mind to it.

70. Paralympians, you can rise above your disabilities. Hope and faith will drive your goal to strive and achieve.

71. When I hear someone say they’re athletes, I think of you—your inspiring strength and determination despite being injured.

72. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A time of recovery to get a cure is worth much more than being stone-cold dead.

73. God speed to that injured athlete, so he may run fast to win the race.

74. The broken pieces of your body are shattered with so much pain. Yet, your strength and will are such an inspiration to us all.

75. Athletes are always told to have faith in themselves, but these words are not always true for those whose faith has been battered into oblivion by being injured. Still, keep moving.

76. They say hope gives people strength and finds purpose in their pain, but hope alone cannot heal broken bones and torn muscles. Grit, determination and time will sort it out.

77. Injured athletes, How will you change the world? You can inspire millions of people with your courage and smile.

78. For a star athlete, who plays the game of life, on the field of play, winning is the goal, but losing is the unacceptable sorrow for a star athlete, With pride so pure.

79. Injured and hurting, you asked me not to tell anyone. I respect your wishes, but get well and make a grand entrance. Your fans will bring down the roof with resounding applause.

80. Don’t give in; keep fighting. No matter how bad the conditions, you can still do it.

81. Dear injured athletes, your commitment to becoming the best you can be is inspiring. You demonstrate great courage by overcoming adversity. With the strength of your spirit, you will overcome. Enjoy every moment because tomorrow isn’t promised.

82. Strength in numbers; that’s what keeps me going when badly injured. You all mean the world to me, even though I may not always show it. You all make me stay strong, laugh, and most of all, keep pushing!

83. To those injured that can’t get to the games, or play with their mates, never, ever lose faith. You only live once.

84. In our lives, things happen—things that make us stronger, things that deter us, injuries, sickness, or death. Yet, we endure. We fight indefatigably.

85. Life’s about living; you only get one shot at it. If your life is about surviving, you’re fighting a lost battle.

86. You are special. You are loved. You are strong. You are a warrior. May you properly, totally and thoroughly.

87. When life throws you obstacles, you know you’ll break through them if you never give up.

88. I must run, I must play, I must lift, I must persevere, To be a star, I must heal and play like a star. I must never quit.

89. Who’s inspiring you today? The injured, Who’s inspiring you today? The injured, Who’s inspiring you today?

90. You are an extraordinary person, a hero. Your pain, I feel deeply. Your will fuels my determination to help you get back to form.

91. Good things come to those who wait, so don’t give up. You will heal and be fine. Injuries are tough, but they are not the end of the road for you. You will continue to fight strong!

92. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, better and greater.

93. Your choices define you. Never stop striving for your goal. You may fall, but you’ll always stand up. You may be injured, but you aren’t cancelled. Your whole career is ahead of you. Only, get well soon.

94. Your strength is an inspiration to us all. We have come to know that you are not just another athlete. You are an everyday hero, inspiring us all to our best.

95. Injuries are part of the game, but never let them break your spirit. You may not be in the starting lineup, but you are still the best player.

96. Who knows what tomorrow brings? Entrenched in pain and exhaustion, resting your weary body, your spirits are down, and you’re wasting away. But know that I’ve walked the path in your shoes and have become stronger. You will continue to fight until you are healed and fine.

97. After hitting a big-time injury, Many athletes feel lost and alone. But deep down, I know you’re strong. Your heart is beating, and soon you’ll be back in-game.

98. Wounded with pain, dreams crushed, young athletes push through the pain. Your youth is your strength. Try to regain your stature; never let pain get you down.

99. Injured? Not so cool. The question is, are you giving up? Are you going to quit? No, never!

100. On the sideline, injured, struggling and in pain. You see others running and cheering; they care. Their animation gives you the courage to fight and be fine.

101. I’m the type of guy who’ll drop everything if there’s an injury somewhere. I’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt. I know how tough it is, and I’d do anything to help.

102. For every setback, there’s an opportunity to move forward. When in doubt, keep trying.

103. Remember, setbacks don’t last; only drawbacks do. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.

104. It takes 10,000 hours to become an expert in anything. For injured young athletes, the longest part of their journey is sitting on the sidelines.

105. Though we miss you, we count the days till you are back in action. Get well soon.

106. When you persevere through adversity, you’ll find the strength you never knew you had.

Athletes do have injuries; for some, it’s a major health issue. But athletes with injuries are still athletes, and they still inspire people when they compete. Students will read about athletes who overcame injuries to reach their dreams, and who knows, maybe they’ll even be inspired to reach their dreams. Some of the greatest athletes dealt with injuries and adversity and survived. You, too, can triumph over any obstacle.

I hope you were inspired to get up, heal up and get better, with your spirit and winning streak undefeated. You can also share this with your athlete friends, families and colleagues. Be the reason someone kicked a defeatism spirit. Put a smile on someone’s special’s face. Yes, they’ll rise again.

Please, drop your comments, questions and suggestions. Thank you.

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