Its Hard to Let Go of Someone You Love Quotes

It’s Hard to Let Go of Someone You Love Quotes

Letting go of someone you love comes with its own set of challenges. It is not easy, and once you decide to let go of the relationship, you will often find yourself taking a trip back to places in your relationship that remind you of its pleasant memories. This can result in feelings of hopelessness and self-pity, but it is important to understand that it is best to let them go if they will find happiness.

The loss of someone you love is a part of life, and losing someone is inevitable. It’s hard letting go of someone you love, whether it’s a parent, spouse, partner, child or close friend. You’ll probably go through many different emotions, from anger to sadness, to a sense of numbness.

When a relationship ends, we’re often overcome with heartache and wistfulness. It’s even worse when you don’t want the relationship to end or, the person is a source of joy to you but, most times, it’s the only option left. Letting go of someone you love is one of the most challenging things to do in life.

Here are some quotes about letting go of someone you love for those that had their hearts broken or lost a loved one and need some consolation for what has happened. You can never go wrong by giving them any of these quotes, it will make them feel better.

It’s Hard to Let Go of Someone You Love Quotes

In a relationship, you should always be strong. It may be hard to say goodbye to someone you love but it is better to let that person go if he will be truly happy without you. You can’t make him stay when he doesn’t want to stay anymore. You’ve done your part and it is now up to him if he wants to stay or not.

1. It’s hard to let go of someone you love because their absence will affect you in many ways. You will lose sleep, which can affect your job and home life. You’ll have a huge hole in your heart and, feel sad most of the time.

2. Don’t rush to let go of someone you love so fast. Just take your time because that person will always be a part of you and will always have a special place in your heart. If it’s worth it, then it’s time to wait for that person and if not, then it’s about time to move on.

3. It’s hard to let someone you love walk out of your life and break up with you, especially if you’ve been together so long.

4. When you love someone and they love you in return, you want to be with them all the time. You want to tell them how much they mean to you because they can’t read your mind. But if they decide to leave, it’s up to you whether or not you move on or try to keep the relationship going.

5. Letting go of someone you love is hard, but moving on is a choice. The reality is that if you want to stay together and make it work, then you can do that. If in your heart you know it’s time to let go and move on with life, then do it. You can control your destiny.

6. After heartbreaking losses, it’s almost impossible to keep moving forward or start a new relationship, but it’s possible. You can find the strength to go on and allow the pain to settle down.

7. Letting go of someone you love is hard, but it can be the best thing for both of you. Sometimes, it’s time to let a loved one go in order to find his or her best happiness.

8. Holding onto the empty space will hurt you deeply and make you feel miserable. It is better to let go of that person in an attempt to find happiness.

9. You can only ease the pain of letting go of a loved one if you know the right time to do it. The best way to do this is to make sure all of your questions are answered so you can be completely sure it’s the right thing to do.

10. When it comes to someone that has seen you at your worst and still has your best interest at heart and they tell you they want to move on, don’t let them go; instead, tell them that you love and cherish them. If they’re meant for you, then you’ll both find a way back to each other, but if not, then it’s okay to let that person go for the better.

11. When you lose someone you love, remember what made them special, as well as what drew you to them in the first place. Then go out and find someone new who has some of those same qualities. This is not easy to do, but rest assured that when you finally do meet someone new who fills the void in your heart, it will be a relief like you’ve never known.

12. When you break up with someone, it hurts. It hurts more than you can possibly imagine. Even if you know it’s a good idea to break up; it hurts. Letting go of someone that you love is one of the hardest things to do in life.

13. It is hard to let go of someone who has given you so much, but you have to if they just can’t love you anymore. Like a flower that wilts and dies, the life their love gave you dries up and withers away. There are with the same smile and tender caress, but it has lost its meaning.

14. The news of your lover’s leaving breaks like a storm over your life and heart. You want to cry out for help, but no one can hear your cry because love does not die with a bang but with a whimper.

15. It is hard to be left behind, but you have to go on. This isn’t easy because he has become a huge part of your life. Not being there for you anymore hurts a lot, but it is what it is. You’ll get another great friend eventually and, hopefully, you will always remember him for all the good times you’ve spent together.

16. Letting go is the hardest part. Hold on to memories about those you love, and enjoy a song for them when you can.

17. I know that letting go will hurt me, but it’s making him happier than being with me. I guess it’s my time to move on and set him free.

18. Heartbreak sometimes makes you think that it is better to have experienced that than never to have experienced it, but it also makes you wonder whether or not you are going to get over it completely. Even time can’t heal all wounds.

19. There will never be a time when someone isn’t saying goodbye or easing into the next step of their lives. It’s hard to let go of people you love, but it’s important to allow yourself to move on. You are not the stories that happen to you, you’re the one who gets to watch and, make them happen.

20. Breaking up isn’t easy, but, it’s a normal part of life. The right move is to let go and love yourself.

21. Losing someone you love can be one of the hardest things ever, but sometimes we have to let go of them if it’s for their better and for us as well.

22. Letting go is a part of life, so never stay in a relationship when you know how much you deserve to be happy and you are not.

23. Losing someone close to you is one of the toughest things you can face. You’d do anything to bring them back, but you can’t. It hurts to let go, but remember that life continues and so do the people who love you. The person you’re mourning is in a better place now. Remember the good times, and know that you aren’t alone in your grief.

24. There is no easy way out. No magic words that make it all better. Some of us have done it a hundred times over and some of us are just starting to learn the hard lesson of saying goodbye to someone we love but still, I’m sure we’ll agree that there’s no easy way out.

25. Things happen in life and, sometimes we have to let go of someone we love. It is not an easy decision, but it will make you feel better to be in the right place with the right person.

26. Letting go is hard and sometimes you should keep trying to hang on, but at some point, it just doesn’t matter anymore.

27. Letting go of someone you love is hard because their absence will affect you in ways you can never imagine.

28. Sometimes, the hardest part of letting go is realizing that you weren’t supposed to be in their future.

29. It’s true, breaking up is extremely hard to do. It can hurt much worse than any physical pain you’ve sustained in the past. Even if you know that breaking up is a good idea, it still causes feelings of loss and sadness. It may seem like the hardest exchange to ever happen within yourself and it truly is devastating.

30. When you lose a loved one, it’s extremely hard to let go of them. It’s so hard that the moment you do, you feel a huge void.

31. It is better to let go of someone you love than hold them back and regret it.

32. It’s hard to let go of those we love, but they never really leave us when we keep them in our hearts.

33. When you break up with someone, you feel heartbroken. It’s hard to imagine ever getting over it. Even if you know this was the best decision for both of you, it still hurts.

34. Is it time for you to let go? It’s hard, but you have to allow it if it’s for the better.

35. When you love someone and, they go out of your life, don’t try to hold on. It’s hard, it’s tough, but if it is for the better, then let them go.

36. It is not easy to let go of someone you love, but in order to survive the loss of a loved one, the pain must be faced.

37. It’s hard to let go, even if you know the relationship is past its expiry date. No matter what, breakups hurt.

38. The pain, sorrow, and loneliness you feel immediately after a break-up can be very intense. It’s typically one of the most difficult times in your life but it will surely pass.

39. If you love someone and if he or she has decided to call it quits, chances are good you’re hurting. You may have a lot of pain even though you know the relationship is over. You might wonder how you’ll ever find healing when your heart gets broken.

40. Those we have lost have not really gone away. They are in our hearts, they are in our thoughts, they are in our work. They are part of us.

It’s Hard to Forget Someone You Love Quotes

There’s no way to forget someone you love, it’s the hardest thing in life. So if you ever think you are going to lose them take as many pictures with them as you can and tell them you love them as much as you can because time goes by too fast and people can’t stay here forever.

41. Every one of us has to deal with a lot of problems in life and death is one of them, we all will die someday. But some people never forget their lost ones. It’s not because they want them back, but because they loved them that much.

42. Forgetting someone is like letting them go. It’s something we are afraid of and yet something we do quite often and don’t always realize.

43. Saying you’re going to forget someone you love is a lie. You can learn to ignore them, but you’ll never completely forget about them. The pain of loss fades over time, but it takes a long, long time for that to happen. It’s not easy, especially since other people don’t always understand why you still care so much.

44. Remembrance is the best chance that you have to keep your loved ones with you. Remember them, love them, and never forget.

45. Letting go of people we love is something that leaves a scar in our minds and hearts. It becomes an internal battle point we think about over and over again. It can be both painful and healing.

46. It’s hard to try to forget someone you love, but it’s not selfish. Sometimes letting go is the most selfless thing you can do for the people you love.

47. As you grieve, remember the many ways your loved one enriched your life. You will find comfort in all the beautiful memories of your time together.

48. Some people say remembering those you’ve lost is wrong because it’s too hard. But it’s even harder to forget them. Remembering means they’re alive and perhaps our best chance of truly letting go.

49. Death is around every corner. When someone you love dies, you have a choice to make, you can either live in the past or push forward and, use what you learned from experience to be better. Life won’t always go as planned but don’t let it overcome you. Keep moving forward and, remember the little things that make life worth living.

50. It’s impossible to forget someone you love and it’s even harder when they’re still a part of your life.

51. You can’t simply forget someone you love. Forgetting someone is like a nail in your heart waiting to be plucked out. You forget small details from the past and then one day it hits you like a truck.

52. Our loved ones are gone, and our life feels empty. We want to feel healed, we want to let go, but we don’t. I tell you now: there is one way out of the darkness, it’s called memory.

53. If you are grieving for a lost one, each day is a struggle. The pain and longing can be almost too much to bear. Remembering someone you have lost can make the pain even worse, which can cause you to try and push them away. In these cases, it might be best to refocus your thoughts on something positive that will warm your heart.

54. It’s impossible to forget someone you loved, it’s the worse kind of pain in life. But, always remember the good time you spent together. A time when both of you laughed and smiled at each other.

55. When I picture your face, I can smile. When I picture your smile, I can cry. When I picture your laugh, I feel myself die a little inside. There’s not a day that goes by in which I don’t think of you and what we would be doing if you were alive.

56. What we remember defines who we are. Without memory, we are nothing. When someone means a lot to us, we keep them in our hearts forever. It’s not about letting go; it’s about finding closure to bear the loss of those we love and always finding a way to keep them alive.

57. Sometimes, all you remember is a recessive memory of something beautiful and loving that is no longer there to comfort you in your hour of doubt, despair or grief. The pain that the absence of a loved one causes often has a way of slipping from your thoughts and making room for the new experiences of everyday life. As the pain fades so does your memory and soon your loved one will only be glimpsed in your dreams or seen in reflections.

58. It’s wrong to forget our lost loved ones. Remembering them helps us keep their memory alive and perhaps our best chance of letting go a little.

59. We honour the memories of our loved ones by not forgetting them. Keeping their memory alive gives us strength and hope.

60. You will never forget them. Just as remembering to brush your teeth in the morning can remind you of the vitality you felt when trying some new hobby for the first time, remembering what life was like with your loved one allows you to feel joy in a bittersweet way from time to time.

61. It’s hard to try to forget someone you love, but it’s not selfish. You can’t help the way you feel, and they know if they are meant to be a part of your life, they’ll be there. Don’t torture yourself day in and out by thinking of a person who doesn’t deserve a place in your heart; move on.

62. The worst feeling in the world is to love someone and know that they’ll never love you back. That’s why you should do your best to block them out of your life and move on.

63. Heartache is that achy, draining feeling you feel when you miss someone and don’t see them. It is a difficult emotion to forget because it comes from a place of love. It feels impossible now, but as time passes, you will get better.

64. For anyone who hasn’t experienced it, falling out of love is difficult to comprehend. The pain you feel when leaving a relationship is unlike any other.

65. Learning how to forget someone you love can be more difficult than learning how to remember them.

66. You can’t forget the love you shared or what you once meant to each other. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been apart for a few months or many years, it’s almost impossible to get over someone you truly loved.

67. When you don’t want to love someone, or you want to lose the desire to bring them back into your life, it hurts because you simply cannot forget them or the love you once shared.

68. It’s impossible to forget someone you love. You may try to hide from them, but in your heart, you will always remember the memories you have made together.

69. Love is one of the most intense emotions you can ever experience. No matter how hard you try, and no matter how much attention you give to trying to erase that person from your mind, you will never forget the person who made you fall in love.

70. The problem about forgetting someone you love is that the more you try to forget them, the more you think about them, and in some cases, you might not forget them at all.

It’s Hard to Say Goodbye to Someone You Love

Hardships in life are inevitable, but it’s how we deal with them that defines us. You’ve already done the worst thing you could do by saying goodbye to a person you love. Now take all of those things that you loved about them and find someone new who loves you the way they did. It won’t be easy, but when you finally meet someone, it will be worth it!

71. It’s never easy saying goodbye to someone you love. Make every moment count by showing your love for him or her at every opportunity you get.

72. Too often, we say goodbye to someone we love without letting them know just how much they mean to us. Let that person know NOW! Don’t wait until it’s too late.

73. You have to remember that the goodbyes are what bring the best hellos, and it’s this great life that we get to live while we’re here that makes the absences so much more significant. The ones who have left an imprint on us forever are never really gone.

74. You never really say goodbye. Those you love are with you anywhere and everywhere, even if you can’t feel their presence. You can see them in everything that you do.

75. Our loved ones are never truly gone as long as we remember them. Every time you see a shooting star, you can make a wish and think of that person. And when you miss them, look at the moon and know they’re gazing back, wondering at how much you’ve grown – yet somehow still manage to stay true to whom they knew you’d become.

76. When someone we treasure leaves this world, it’s hard to say goodbye and, their memory becomes one of the best gifts they could ever leave behind.

77. It’s hard to say goodbye when someone we love passes away, but we take comfort in the reminder that they are looking down on us with happiness and care.

78. When the ones we love that have imprinted us through their time here leave us behind, they’re never really said goodbye. The lessons they taught us are forever in our minds, hearts and souls.

79. Saying goodbye to someone you love can break your heart, but the heart is the strongest muscle in the body and, it will take some time after it is broken to heal properly.

80. At some point, you’re going to have to say goodbye. The only question is: Will you have enough memories to let go of the past?

81. It’s hard to say goodbye. So before you do, tell them that you love them. For all the days of their lives that they’ll remember and for all the ones they might forget, make sure they know they are loved.

82. Letting someone go when you love them is the hardest thing to do. It makes it harder when you know you will probably never see them again. Sometimes it hurts so much that it feels like there is a knife cutting your heart into pieces.

83. Often, the hardest part of grief is saying goodbye. It can feel like there is no way to find closure, that you will never be able to move on. But when you look at the sky, make a wish, and picture your loved one gazing back at you, it helps relieve some of the pain. Seeing that they are proud of how much you’ve grown can help you find peace as you begin to heal.

84. You may feel like you’ll never be whole again after saying goodbye to the one you love, but trust me, the heart is one of the strongest muscles, it can take a lot of damage and heal. So hold on and believe in yourself, you’ll get through this.

85. We can’t wish for the ones we have loved and died to still be here, but we can remember them for all of the joy that they’ve brought us in life. When you miss someone dearly, this is how you know that they are looking down upon you with love and appreciation.

86. It’s so hard to say goodbye, but it’s more difficult to let them leave without knowing how you feel about them. That’s why it’s important to let your loved ones know you love them on a regular basis.

87. No matter how much it hurts to lose your loved ones, coping with the loss can get better when you know that they are looking down with love and that they’ve only gone from the body, but never from the heart.

88. The ones we love and care about who leave us are not really gone. They’re in our hearts and memories, where they will always stay.

89. It’s hard to let go of someone, even though the goodbye feels right and you know it’s the best thing. Part of you still has that fear in your gut and longs for things to turn out differently.

90. Saying goodbye to someone you love is a very important step towards moving on – not just because it allows you to let go, but also because of what it teaches us about ourselves.

91. It is hard to let go of someone you love, but it’s even harder to say goodbye. Tell the ones you love that you love them every chance you get.

92. Saying goodbye to someone you love is never easy. Sometimes it has to be done, but you should never be afraid to show how much that person means to you. Whether it’s good or bad, love will always make everything better.

93. Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye. But with poems that celebrate the love that you hold close to your heart and prayers for the journey ahead, you’ll be able to let go in peace.

94. It’s so easy to assume someone knows how much they mean to you when they really don’t. Saying goodbye should be tough, but saying I love you doesn’t have to be.

95. If someone you love dies, they are gone forever, and there is a hole in your life that will never be repaired, no matter what new love comes into your life. You should always remind the ones you love that you love them. If you wait until it’s time to say goodbye, you’ll be sorry.

96. When someone we love passes away it is extremely hard to let go of them. The only way it becomes easier to say goodbye is when we know that we are letting them go to a better place.

97. Take the time to hug your loved ones every day and tell them you love them. You never know when it will be the last chance you have to say it before you say goodbye.

98. Take the moment to do what many people regret not doing once it has passed. When you say goodbye to someone you love, tell her how much she means to you and how much she will be missed while she can still hear you, It might be a blessing in disguise.

99. Live in the moment. Tell that special someone you love them every opportunity you have. Understand that things can change in the blink of an eye and sometimes, we just have to say goodbye.

100. Love should be experienced, felt and spread. Tell your loved ones what they mean to you. Do it now, no one ever knows when the next moment will be the last.

101. It’s hard to let go of someone you love, but you have to allow it if it’s for the better. It’s easy to hold onto something you’re used to, even if it isn’t healthy or good for you.

I hope these quotes have helped you to see that though it’s hard to let go of someone you love, sometimes you just have to let go if it’s for the good of everybody.

And it has shown you a better way to say goodbye to someone you love. I will love to hear from you and, please do share with a friend on your social media handles.

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