Know When to Give Up Quotes

Letting go and moving on is a process of validating that you’re worth more than whatever you’re letting go of. You’re worth your time, you’re worth your aspirations, you’re worth your dreams, and you’re worth going after something that will bring you joy.

Also, we often forget that success sometimes happens after many failures. It is in our failures that we learn the most, but we must understand the thin line between persevering in a place that has prospects for success and wasting our time on an unyielding project.

You need to know when to give up and move on, not everything will lead to what you desire, but it would teach you a lesson or two. These know when to give up quotes below will challenge you and open your eyes to see and know when to move on.

Know When to Give Up Quotes

If you put your all into it and things don’t go as planned, you should know it’s time to give up and move on to better things, instead of wasting precious time and resources. More opportunities will come, don’t worry.

1. Don’t waste any more time and energy on something that isn’t yielding results. Know when to give up and keep pushing forward.

2. When you’ve given your all to something and it’s not yielding results, then it’s time to let it go. Sometimes giving up is the best option for you to move on in life.

3. Are you failing continuously in one thing? Then stop. Don’t let it waste your time and energy any longer. Know when to move on and keep pushing forward.

4. You have to know when to give up on a dream and move on, so you don’t waste your life.

5. There’s no shame in quitting. Your dream may not be the right one. It’s better to quit now and find something else, so you have time to enjoy your life.

6. It’s never too late to change your path in life, and follow your dreams. You can achieve anything if you want it badly enough.

7. Start with you, you’re worth it. Your dreams matter. Life is too short to be unhappy and unlucky. So don’t be afraid to move on and start afresh.

8. Letting go is hard, it’s ok if it scares you. Moving on is a process that doesn’t always come easy. It requires the validation that you are worth it. Know that you are worthy of joy, happiness, and excitement.

9. It’s not about following the world’s standards of success, or using other people’s metrics for success. You define what success is. Give up and start afresh if you have to, you deserve the best.

10. Give yourself a break. Don’t beat yourself up over what you could or couldn’t do. But recognize that it’s always a decision. And make that decision when the time comes. Make it a conscious one to move on, let go, and be better for it.

11. Never give up on your dreams. Keep pushing forward, even when it gets hard. Focus your energy on new ideas, and don’t waste time and energy if it’s not working, give it up and focus on other ideas.

12. If things aren’t working in your favour, have the determination and wisdom to try something new. Whether it’s a product or a life goal, know when it’s time to adjust course. Keep moving forward no matter what.

13. Don’t get discouraged by setbacks. Learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward to the ultimate goal.

14. Stop wasting time and energy on things that aren’t working out. You will have better luck elsewhere.

15. Your life is about being the best version of you. That’s why it’s important to create habits that aren’t wasting time and energy. It’s important to develop a set of habits that push you forward.

16. Don’t lose hope. If something is working, move forward to other things with a repentant heart and renewed energy, turning away from failure and toward success.

17. Don’t just dream about change. Embrace it. Yes, change is tough, but you can do it – if you truly want to. Be the change and make the results.

18. Perseverance is worth it but when things ain’t yielding, give up the process but Don’t give up the idea and dream. Hold on to what makes your soul shine, because you will never regret being who you are.

19. Find a new dream or find a way to make the old dream possible. Then, you’ll have made your life worth something.

20. No matter how hard things look, they can always be better. When you’re ready to get out there and make a difference, life will respond.

21. Never give up on your dreams, but don’t stop changing systems that refuse to work out. With dedication and hard work, anything is possible.

22. When you stop taking risks, you age. Let go of something that’s not working. Know when to give it up to embrace other things. Never stop pushing towards success.

23. Embrace your dreams. Embrace change. Embrace yourself. Embrace the possibility of a better tomorrow. Give things up, but don’t ever give up.

24. Letting go and moving on shows that you know that you’re worth it, and nothing can keep you stuck. If you’ve trusted for so long without results, it’s time to trust another.

25. What others think doesn’t matter, it’s your life. After your dedication and commitment to it, if it brings you no result, give it up and move on.

26. You are worth letting go and moving on. You are worth it. Your joy and fulfilment are what matter. You’d give up something to get other things. That’s the way of life.

27. You may have lost everything, but you have not lost yourself. No one can take the real you except for you. You cannot and will not lose unless you give up on yourself.

28. Sometimes the way forward is to build a bridge between what is and what could be. That takes courage, vision, and determination. It takes believing in yourself.

29. You should let go of the need to be perceived a certain way. You don’t have to people please and even if it means being alone at times, that is OK.

30. Don’t be afraid to feel uncomfortable for a short time to enjoy the fullness of life. If it’s a threat to your peace, give it up and move on with life.

31. Don’t hold on to something hurting you for too long, let it go and move on. Know when to give things up to preserve your joy and peace of mind.

32. If you don’t know when you should give up and quit on something just ask yourself this question. “Will it bring any result if I keep trying?”

33. When should you give up and quit? Ask yourself this question: “If I keep at it, will it bring anything better?”

34. If at first, you don’t succeed, try and try again. If there is no result to the action you take it’s always better not to waste time on unproductive things.

35. There’s never a right time to give up. Now, it’s better than later. Don’t ever let your mind stop you from trying again and again.

36. Don’t give up on your dream. Don’t lose hope, but don’t also lose yourself in the process, if one way ain’t getting you there, give it up for another.

37. If you’re at a low point, just take a step back and think about it. No matter how hopeless the situation looks, there is always something you can do to make things better.

38. Don’t give up, but change the course of things. Don’t be too rigid on something that won’t take you to your desired destination. It’s ok to retreat and restrategize.

39. Sometimes, you just have to keep pushing through. The reward is far greater than the comfort of giving up. Sometimes, you just have to believe in yourself.

40. Some things just aren’t meant to manifest, and that’s okay. The more we realize this, the less time and energy we will waste on them.

41. Some things just aren’t meant to happen, and that’s perfectly fine. Knowing this and embracing it, keeps us from wasting too much time on persevering in the wrong place.

42. Not everything that was meant for you will actually come to you. And that’s okay. As we realize this, it allows us to spend our time and energy on those things we can control.

43. Some things just don’t work out. It’s okay. We should never waste our precious time making something work that just isn’t meant to work out. Let go, move on.

44. Let go of your expectations and allow the universe to lead you to what’s meant for you. It’s not a crime to give up, but it is when you stop trying again.

45. Give up the idea that you have to control things and outcomes, instead concentrate on making yourself happy.

46. When you give up trying to force things, you’d easily know what is working and what’s not, and you choose where to channel your energy.

47. Let go of the need to be in control and instead focus on what you can do to make yourself happy.

48. Instead of focusing on trying to change and control others, focus on what makes you more content

49. Don’t worry about what other people think. Focus on being the best version of yourself and many times that means giving up what you feel is important but isn’t.

50. Don’t let worries and anxiety hold you back. Instead, be confident in your decisions. Give up things if they are not bringing results, channel your energy on what’s worth it.

Quotes About Knowing When to Give Up

Knowing when to give up is one of the best pieces of advice about success. Hard work and diligence are very important, but knowing when to stop what’s not working and move on is far more important because time is precious.

51. Sometimes you have to accept the fact that certain things will never happen. If it’s not bringing results, let it go.

52. Many things are like fruitless trees, they just won’t yield fruits. If you try and try again and still don’t get results, then it’s time for a change.

53. Not getting desired results after putting your all into something is part of life. Life goes on, so why not start a new journey and see where it takes you?

54. Sometimes you have to let go of the things that no longer bring you joy or growth. As long as it’s not bringing results, let it go.

55. You need to give up on things that don’t yield results. You need to cut ties with unhealthy relationships and thoughts. You need to get rid of them so you can move closer to your goals.

56. When the wrong things are happening and you’re not seeing results, understand that it’s impossible to change what is. Instead of trying to control the situation, adapt, and when necessary let it go.

57. Sometimes, we get stuck on efforts that don’t yield results. We learn more from a project that fails than we do from one that never took off. Learn to give up and try again.

58. There is no reason to suffer, because today, you have the power of choice. Stop wishing for what isn’t and focus on what is.

59. Don’t let your life be defined by what you’re not doing; let it be defined by what you are doing. Sometimes we just need to let go of certain things and accept our situation, move on, and focus on what we can do with what we have

60. You may not always believe it now, but change can happen. Make the choice to face your fears, give up things and move forward if you want to give yourself the best shot at success.

61. Let go! Give it up. Why do you cling to pain? There is nothing you can do about the wrongs of yesterday. It is not yours to judge. Why hold on to the very thing which keeps you from hope and love?

62. Let go. There is nothing you can do about the wrongs of yesterday. Why hold on to the very thing which keeps you from hope and love?

63. How do you heal? You let go. You don’t cling to pain and you realize there’s nothing to be done about the wrong yesterday. It’s not yours to judge. So stop holding on to what’s stopping you from hope and love.

64. Release the past. Why do you cling to hurt? Give up the things that worked against you. Don’t let it keep you from hope and love.

65. Learn to Give up. Why do you cling to pain? Why do you think about the past? The past does not exist. Look beyond.

66. Give up trying to force things to work. Let go of things and people that choose not to yield positive results. It’s time to embrace what makes life so special: hope and beauty.

67. You need to give up and move on. There is no sense dwelling on what is over and done with. Yesterday is gone, and its wrongs are now outside your control.

68. Let go. When you hold on to disappointment, you limit yourself. When you’re stuck in yesterday, you will miss the chance to fulfil the dreams of today.

69. Give up things that didn’t work out. Today is a new day, and you can start over if you want to – it’s never too late to become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

70. Sometimes you have to give up on people. Not because you don’t care about them, but because they don’t care about you.

71. To be a success, sometimes you have to let go of things and plans that didn’t work and restrategize. Know when to give up and stop wasting time and energy.

72. Sometimes you have to move on without certain people. This doesn’t mean you don’t care about them; it’s just that the people who really wanna be in your life will always find their way to stay.

73. It’s time to cut ties with people who don’t care about you. Give up on things and plans not forthcoming. There are many other ways to get to your destination

74. Sometimes there’s no better way to help someone than by letting them know that you can’t help them. Sometimes the best thing you can do for someone is to give them the space they need because it shows that you care.

75. As you get older, you realize that life is about moving on. It’s about making sure the people you care about are happy and don’t deserve to be in your space.

76. Often it is necessary to abandon people you love in order to lead a life that is true to yourself. When they no longer support your growth, you must let them go.

77. Always surround yourself with people who want the best for you. Give up on those who try to force you to be like them. You’re unique for a purpose.

78. You’ve got to figure out what makes you happy, and then go after it, because life is too short not to. If you’re in a bad situation, get out of it now.

79. If you’re in a bad situation, don’t cling to it hoping it would change. Give it up now. Life is too short to be wasted on unfruitful things.

80. There’s a big wide world out there. Life is short, and if you want to do something, go do it now! If things ain’t going the way you want it, then it’s time to change course.

81. If the situation you’re in right now isn’t making you happy, try to change it. If it’s not changing, give up and move on. Make your life count.

82. It’s never too late to change course in your life. If you’re feeling lost, come find your way. Never settle for less; go after what makes you happy.

83. Whatever you do, don’t make decisions out of fear: get out of situations that bring you down and go after what excites you. Life’s too short to spend even one more minute doing something that makes you unhappy.

84. Be strong, be bold, and take action. Don’t endure hardship and hold on to disappointment wishing for change. Give up and start again. There’s no harm in new beginnings.

85. Don’t sit around dreaming. Go out and make your dreams happen. When you’re in a rut, get out of it!

86. Let go of fear and anxiety. Grab life by the horns and make something happen. Don’t wait another minute because time runs out so fast!

87. You are the only person that has control over your choices and actions on a daily basis. If it’s not giving you peace, joy and fulfilment. Give it up and move on to another.

88. Giving up is a sign of strength, not weakness. Be wise enough to know when to give up wasting your time and move on to other things that are productive.

89. Sometimes it’s important to let go of the past, and focus on what the future has to offer. Moving on is the only way to help yourself heal quicker, and get closer to happiness.

90. You have to know when to let go of what doesn’t work. Because if you wait too long, it won’t matter how much you want it—you’ll never be able to make it happen.

91. Don’t let things that ain’t bringing positive results drag on or you’ll waste your life waiting. Give up now, or give up later.

92. One thing that’s important in life is to know when it’s time to give up on something.

93. Let go of things that aren’t working for you. Don’t be a hoarder. Throw out the bad to make space for more good.

94. I’m the type of person that cleans out the bad to make space for the good. I don’t hang on to things that just aren’t working for me.

95. It’s true. Life is short. Sometimes, it’s important to free ourselves of things/people that bring us down and make room for better relationships to grow.

96. You can let go of these things. It’s OK to let go of your old life, form new relationships and look forward to other opportunities.

97. Give up on something without regret. When you’re fighting an uphill battle, it’s better to admit defeat than to waste years fighting a lost cause.

98. Sometimes you gotta know when to fold ’em and walk away from the table. Someone else is always ready to deal.

99. Understand that letting go of the things that don’t work for you will make space for the things which will. Remain open-minded.

100. Life is short. Don’t let holding on to something become a problem to keep you up all night. Don’t let the good enough be the enemy of perfection you can begin to build right now.

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new. Knowing when to give up is as important as giving your best to it. Some things are not meant to be, the sooner we know and accept them, the better for us.

I trust that these know when to give up quotes will inspire you to make a change in your life, by changing what’s not working to something that will work. Share these posts with your friends to make them inspired too. Thanks.

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