Knowing When to Walk Away Quotes

Knowing When to Walk Away Quotes

Certain relationships or opportunities, no matter how amazing they seem going, aren’t the ideal fit for us. Some may even be damaging us. Many times, you might have had a negative experience with someone only to stay with the relationship or partnership or even friendship because you don’t want to feel alone, or you didn’t want to decide on your own.

You don’t have to be afraid of breaking contact, but you may not be sure if you are leaving for the right reasons. Take a moment to think about why you stay in a toxic relationship. It impacts more than just you. When people don’t know their self-worth and values, they are vulnerable in more ways than one.

Who knew that relationships, whether romantic, workplace or otherwise, could be so complicated? Whether it’s a person, relationship, or job that’s no longer fulfilling your needs, knowing when to walk away quotes, will bring you peace of mind in the long run.

Knowing When to Walk Away Is Wisdom Quotes

It takes a great deal of courage and strength to accept who you are. It takes wisdom to say, “I’ve had enough, and I’m ready to walk away.” It takes courage to make these changes in life that are long overdue and ready to mend the prices of your life.

1. It takes wisdom to walk away and start over. To build something better for yourself. Something that is just for you and does not include anyone else in the picture but will make you happy, healthy, and whole again.

2. Know when it’s time to leave a relationship and start anew. Wisdom is knowing when that time is.

3. Wisdom is walking away when you know how to fill up the empty spaces within yourself with positive thoughts, accomplishments, self-care, and self-love without having someone else in the picture, which helps fill all those empty spaces within you up with negativity, drama, pain, abuse, lies and toxic love.

4. It’s important to know when to walk away, get out of a situation that isn’t working, cut your losses, and move on with dignity. Don’t fight battles you can’t win. Acknowledge when it’s time to end a conversation or relationship that isn’t going anywhere.

5. It takes wisdom to know when to walk away, especially when all you’ve ever known was chaos and pain. But once you’re able to do it, you will understand the beauty of solitude and self-love.

6. Knowing when to walk away is wisdom—being able to be courageous. Walking away with your head held high is dignity.

7. Walking away from something you want can be hard, but it may be the wisest decision. The key is to pay attention to your instincts and do what they tell you.

8. Sometimes, walking away has nothing to do with weakness and everything to do with strength. We walk away not because we want others to realise our worth and value but because we finally realise our worth.

9. Wisdom is knowing when to walk away. Knowledge is knowing that there’s nothing more to say. When you know the right time to quit, you’re a winner and a conquerer.

10. The decision to walk away is wisdom, the ability to walk away is courage, the willingness to walk in power and the heart to stay away is powerful!

11. It’s easier to let go and walk away, especially if it’s not a positive situation. The sooner you realise how valuable your time is, the sooner you’ll learn how important it is to spend your energy wisely.

12. Once you know when to walk away, you can make better decisions. You can begin to see the wisdom in your decision and make room for people and experiences that allow you to feel good about yourself.

13. It’s easier to walk away from situations or people that no longer serve you, to let go of something not meant for you and to know when something needs to end because knowing this is wisdom, and our instincts are always right.

14. When you know when to walk away, it means you’re wise, you’ll be closer to the right relationship because the one thing that will never work in a relationship is two people who want different things.

15. If you want something that he isn’t willing to give, or if you are unwilling to give what he wants, end it as soon as possible because it is the wisest thing to do.

16. If walking away feels wrong, then maybe your heart is still there, and it’s telling you that you need to give this person one more chance, but sometimes, our heart wants what isn’t best for us, so it’s better we listen to your instincts and do what’s best by walking away for an uneasy relationship.

17. If you are wise enough to know when to stop, then that means you are brave enough to face the pain of letting go.

18. Walking away from something you want is wisdom. Walking away from something you don’t want is courage. But walking away from something that used to be your everything takes strength.

19. Walking away doesn’t mean you should forget about the past and live in denial, but rather accept what happened and continue to move on. Sometimes you have to accept that something is not meant to be. You have to learn to let go of the things holding you back and find the strength to move forward.

20. Knowing when to leave or walk away is a sign of maturity, intelligence and wisdom.

21. It can take a long time to realise that sometimes we don’t need to do anything but walk away from people who hurt us because they will realise one day that they lost someone amazing.

22. It’s important to know when to walk away and not just try to have the last word. There’s so much power in walking away from an argument or a person. Many people think they’re winning the argument, but they’re losing respect. And respect is something that you want to keep and maintain.

23. If someone doesn’t appreciate what they have, they won’t appreciate more of what they have. Walking away from something toxic isn’t a sign of giving up or fear; it’s a sign that we deserve better and are brave enough to get it.

24 Don’t waste your time with people who don’t value it. It can be hard to let go when you have invested much into something, but sometimes, walking away is the wisest option.

25. It is wiser to walk away and start over than stay in a relationship or situation that isn’t working out. Say goodbye, walk away, close the book and move on.

26. Don’t let your ego get in the way. Don’t keep knocking on a closed door. You will just waste your precious time and energy. There comes the point in your life when you realise who matters, who never did, who won’t anymore and who always will. So don’t worry about people from your past; there’s a reason why they didn’t make it into your future.

27. It’s better to have no one than to have someone who isn’t sure about having you. You should never be with someone who makes you feel like your relationship is a competition or that you have to prove yourself to be with them. Always remember that attention from the wrong person can be worse than no attention at all.

28. If you are dating someone and they don’t show any potential for a real relationship, it’s wisdom to walk away. Don’t waste your time hoping it will change.

29. If you are married to a person who shows no interest in changing, then leave them behind. It’s wisdom. Move on with your life. You can’t change anyone but yourself, so don’t try it.

30. If you’re in a situation where you are consistently getting hurt, it is wise for you to walk away. It doesn’t matter how much you want the person; if they aren’t willing to meet you halfway, it’s time for you to walk away.

Quotes on Knowing When to Walk Away

Believe that you can’t try to change every relationship. It never works anyway because they may soon return to their old ways of doing things, and when it happens, it’s best to know when to walk away. It’s better in the long run to be the one who left them, instead of the other way around.

31. Know when to walk away from a relationship when you can’t speak to each other without yelling. It would help if you walked away from a relationship when you force the other to do something they’re uncomfortable with when no one listens to your problems or acknowledges your pain.

32. Know when to walk away from a relationship where no one is working toward common goals, and both of you are too selfish to confront the other person. If neither of you is willing to put forth the effort to save the relationship (because it takes effort), then it’s time to move on.

33. You should know when to walk away if they don’t care about your happiness and make no effort to improve your life together. If they don’t care about your happiness, they care about what makes them happy — and if it’s not you, then it’s time to leave.

34. You should know when to walk away if all they do is take up space in your life. If they’re more trouble than they’re worth, and it feels like their only purpose is to be there, then leave them behind.

35. If someone is not treating you right, then why would you want to be around them in the first place? They aren’t worth your time, and you must realise this. Holding onto something that isn’t there will keep you from moving forward. If the relationship has ended, then the only thing left for you to do is to know that you should walk away.

36. Knowing when to walk away from a relationship is hard. You don’t want to make the same mistake twice, but you also don’t want to get hurt again.

37. It’s never too late to know when to walk away from something not serving you! If you want to leave a situation, a place, or a relationship, don’t half-ass it. Don’t leave a trail of drama behind you. Don’t make excuses. Do it and walk away!

38. You can’t hold on to the past, and you just have to accept that some people are a part of your history. Sometimes it’s not about what you want but what’s best for everyone involved. So you should know when to walk away as that’s the best for everyone involved.

39. Sometimes, when you’re trying to make a relationship work, you have to know when to walk away because it takes two people’s effort to make a relationship work!

40. Sometimes, knowing when to walk away can mean walking away from a career or even an entire life path that isn’t working for you anymore — and that can feel risky at first. But as they say, there is no growth without change.

Know Your Worth and Walk Away Quotes

You are worth so much more than you think. So much more than you know. When you know your worth, no one can make you feel worthless. Never lower your standards for anyone or anything. You’re allowed to walk away from people who hurt you. It doesn’t mean you don’t love them, and it just means that you know you are worth more.

41. You cannot force people to treat you better, but you can walk away. If you don’t value yourself, you will attract people who won’t value you. If you don’t respect yourself, why would anyone else respect you? Don’t accept bad treatment from others. Know your worth and value yourself so they will value you.

42. Don’t waste your words on people who deserve your silence. Sometimes the most powerful thing you can do is to walk away, and especially you, particularly it’s not worth it. Be the kind of person that makes others want to up their game.

43. The moment you stop pretending everything is okay when it isn’t.The moment you stop convincing yourself that you’re okay when you aren’t. The moment you realise it’s better to be alone than to spend your time with someone who doesn’t add anything positive to your life, it makes it worse when you walk away because you are beginning to know your worth.

44. You’re going to have to walk away from many good things in your life to get the best things. The only way you’re going to grow is if you let go of everything you know makes you feel worthless, for everything you know is right. If you don’t walk away, you will be treated as trash that you’re not.

45. Before you can join the right relationship, you first have to end the wrong one. Stop seeking validation from people who don’t know your worth. Put your foot down and walk away from anything that no longer serves you or makes you happy.

46. Give the right person a chance to show you how much they know your worth. Walk away from anyone who makes you feel like an option. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you don’t deserve what you want.

47. If you are with someone who doesn’t understand your worth, it is better to walk away than strive for their attention. Know your worth and walk away from anything or anyone who wants to play games with it. Why should you settle for being second best? The right person will put you first.

48. It is important to know your worth and walk away from a toxic relationship. You should never give someone more credit than they deserve. There are only so many chances you can give until you need to walk away.

49. Know your worth and don’t accept anything less. You deserve the world, so don’t settle for anyone who doesn’t give you that. Be with someone who makes you feel like you’re the best version of yourself, not the worst.

50. You deserve to be with someone who’s just as excited to see you as you are to see them. If someone treats you like a disposable razor, do not let them shave you. Walk away, don’t settle. Don’t stay in your comfort zone; create your own and move forward with it.

51. You have to know your worth and walk away from anyone who tells you that you are not enough. Because you are enough, you are more than enough. If someone cannot see that, they are the problem, not you.

52. Please know that you deserve to be treated with respect and love. If someone doesn’t see your worth, walk away. They don’t deserve you because knowing when to walk away doesn’t mean you stop caring — sometimes, it just means you realise that the only way to move forward is to stop holding on to what’s killing you.

53. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my life, you should never settle for less than what you deserve. This is especially true for relationships. You shouldn’t be with someone who doesn’t know your worth or who doesn’t respect you. Don’t let someone treat you like a backup plan, or worse yet, an option. Prioritise your waking away and find

54. If they don’t respect your boundaries and constantly test you. Suppose they make plans but always cancel on you at the last minute. Suppose they’re flaky when spending time with their friends and family but not with you.

55. If they treat their exes like garbage and talk about them constantly. If they can’t seem to let go of past relationships that ended badly. If all of their relationships seem to end badly, they say it’s not their fault. Come to know you are worth giving space, love, and time. You are worth giving respect and effort. You are worth being loved in healthy ways.

56. Because you know your worth, you do not have to settle for any form of abuse at the hands of another person. We all want to be with someone who treats us well and respects us for who we truly are,e so we should walk away from such relationships.

57. If they are too immature or selfish to realise what they have right in front of them or don’t understand how much they are hurting you by playing games, then it is time to know your worth and walks away graciously. Don’t let it bother you that someone else will eventually take your place and love the crap out of them. That person just won’t be you.

58. If he doesn’t put in the effort, don’t waste your time trying to convince him to stay. He isn’t the one meant for you, and you shouldn’t be begging him to stay when he wants to leave. You shouldn’t be chasing after someone who doesn’t want to catch you.

59. It’s better to want to be with people who care about us and make our lives better rather than worse. It’s good to be valued for more than just our bodies or paychecks or anything else that only benefits another person. So, it’s best to walk away from anything that brings us lower than our worth.

60. You are worth more than the bad relationship you find yourself in. You deserve to be treated better than someone treats you when they don’t want to be with you anymore. You are a queen, and it is time for you to start treating yourself like one by knowing your worth and walking away from anything that treats you lesser than you truly are.

61: Know your worth – don’t tolerate disrespect in any form. Don’t sacrifice your happiness for anyone else. If they cared, they would have stayed. No matter how much you love the people around you, you should always love yourself more.

62. They can say whatever they want about you. You know who you are and what you stand for. Know your worth – don’t tolerate disrespect in any form

63. When you know your worth, you walk away from things that don’t allow you to be the best version of yourself, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

64. You don’t have to settle for less than what you deserve or stay in a situation that gives you anything but happiness and peace. You don’t have to stay with someone who makes you feel like you’re not good enough or settle for a dead-end job because it’s “comfortable.”

65. You have the power to walk away from anything that no longer serves a purpose in your life. Don’t let an unhealthy relationship, toxic friendship, crappy job or soul-crushing situation hold you from reaching your full potential.

66. When you know your worth, you will find the strength to leave behind what’s no longer beneficial to your happiness. You will realise that holding on is only holding you back. You will see all the greatness inside you and the beauty surrounding you. You will learn how to love yourself and never promise again to dim your light for anyone else.

67. When you know your worth, walking away becomes easier because it means that there is something more for you out there — and if that means walking alone for a while, then so be it.

68. Know your worth, and then ask for what you want. If they don’t give it to you, walk away.”Don’t let anyone treat you like a yellow Starburst. You are a pink Starburst.”

69. Know your worth. Know what you deserve. Know what you are capable of. Your work is not to seek acceptance but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.

70. If you know your worth, you will walk away from toxic relationships. I am talking about all kinds of relationships that should not be in your life. This can be with a partner, a friend, a colleague or someone you met at a networking event.

71. It’s difficult to walk away from relationships that we value. We tend to fight for them no matter what. But the funny thing is that this is exactly why most of us are stuck in toxic relationships. We do not want to let go of things we value, even if those things are not healthy for us.

72. When you feel like you have to walk on eggshells, it’s a sign that you’re in a toxic relationship. The good news is that you’re self-aware enough to see that this is not the kind of relationship you should stay in. The bad news is that walking away from someone who isn’t treating you right can be incredibly difficult.

73. If you’re with someone who doesn’t respect you or who doesn’t see your value, then they don’t deserve to be with you. And they don’t deserve to have power over your happiness. It’s never too late to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, makes you happy, or grows you.

74. Don’t let a toxic person convince you to stay in a situation where you are unhappy. Sometimes it is okay to walk away from the people who treat us poorly and seek those who will love us well.

75. You can only keep someone around for so long before they start to bring you down. If they do not appreciate what they have now, they never will. As long as we keep our hearts open and our minds clear, we will always find the right people at the right time.

76. Some people are never pleased with what you give them. They will always want more and more from you until there is nothing left to give. Why waste your time, energy, and resources on such people? Do your best to please them, but if things don’t get better, walk away. It could be a friend, a family member, a business partner, or even a customer.

77. Distance yourself from toxic relationships and situations. You may not be able always to walk away from your family or business partners, but at least try to reduce the number of hours you spend with them and the amount of time you devote to them.

78. You are worth so much more than you know. You aren’t responsible for making everyone happy; you’re responsible for being true to who you are. You don’t need permission to be yourself and live your life. Don’t be afraid to give up what no longer serves you, even if familiar or comfortable.

79. Stop looking for external validation and the approval of others. If someone is not willing to fight for you in public, they do not deserve your love. You can only truly know a person when they are under pressure. Pressure reveals the true self, while comfort reveals the temporary self, full of lies and deceit…

80. Most people believe that acceptance is the answer to everything. They think that if they accept their problems, they will go away, and life will be simple.
If your partner is unwilling to give you love or treat you equally, you should walk away. Unless they see what they are doing and are willing to change, there is nothing anyone can do to help them see the light.

81. Maybe you think you do know your worth, but if you’re constantly being treated badly, then the truth is that you probably don’t. Don’t allow anyone to make you feel worthless or like you are undeserving of happiness in relationships. If you do, it’s time to walk away from that relationship because toxic partners will make you feel bad about yourself.

82. When someone makes you feel bad about yourself, it’s essential to recognise it’s not your fault. It’s their fault they’re treating you badly and taking advantage of your self-worth. Kindly walk away because they can’t help you grow.

83. If you want to develop healthy relationships with others, you have to start by knowing your worth. You have to learn how to meet your own needs before you can begin developing a relationship with someone else. This means taking care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally.

84. The more you know yourself and your value, the less likely you will settle for less than what you deserve, whether in a relationship or in life. When you know what you have to offer the world, it’s easier to walk away from them.

85. You will no longer allow them to define who you are or what you believe. You will walk away and make room for a new healthy relationship with yourself. You must learn how to love and respect yourself before others can do the same for you.

86. When we truly love and respect ourselves, the people who are meant for us will reflect the same values. You are the one who defines your worth.

87. It’s up to you to decide how much you’re willing to compromise, whether that compromise is in the form of letting go of your dreams, friendships, family, or anything else important to you.

88. I’ve learned over time that relationships are a choice—not only in terms of the people we choose to be around but also in how we choose to treat ourselves within them.

89. If they are not adding to your life, you are a distraction to their purpose. You can’t force someone to respect you, but you can refuse to be disrespected. Know your worth and walk away from toxic relationships.
It’s our responsibility to take care of ourselves and be good to ourselves first and foremost.

90. Know your worth and walk away from toxic relationships. You will not accept less than you deserve, do not be afraid to be alone because you must know my worth and what you deserve.

91. It all starts with knowing your worth. You don’t have to beg for what you deserve. You deserve the best because you are worth it. When you love yourself, you won’t put up with anything less than you deserve.

92. Know your worth, walk away when someone shows you their true colours; believe them the first time. Please don’t give them a second chance, because they will show their true colours again. Sometimes you have to let go of people who are not good for your mental health.

93. Knowing your worth means knowing when to walk away from drama and toxic people who don’t value or respect you enough to treat you right.

94. When you know your worth, you won’t allow others to abuse or mistreat you. You won’t accept less than what you deserve. When you know your worth, you will walk away from things and people who bring you down.

95. Know your worth by learning it; learn it through deep introspection, reading, learning from others, learning from mistakes and listening to your gut feelings. The more self-aware you become, the more likely for you to know your worth and walk away from toxic relationships.

96. Knowing our worth means knowing ourselves at a very deep level and knowing that we are worthy of good things even when they don’t come easily. Know that not everyone will love us, and that’s okay. Knowing that some people won’t understand us doesn’t mean they control what happens to us.

97. When you start knowing your worth, it will likely feel awkward because you might have spent your life trying to please others instead of yourself. You are valuable. You are worth it. You deserve respect. You don’t have to tolerate disrespect, and you deserve to walk away from anything opposite this.

98. The first step in knowing your worth and walking away is building a strong self-image. You need to see yourself as someone of value who deserves to be treated with respect. Once you see yourself this way, you will find it easier to walk away when others don’t treat you the way you deserve.

99. Know your worth and walk away from toxic relationships. You are the only person in charge of your happiness; you have to do what makes you happy.

100. Know your worth and walk away from anything that doesn’t make you happy. If you feel like you’re being taken for granted, spend time with someone else. If you feel like they don’t listen to you, spend time with someone else. If they make you feel bad about yourself, spend time with someone else. Don’t settle for people who don’t want to be with you or care about you as much as they should.

101. When you don’t know your worth, you will settle for anything. You will become desperate and needy, making you more vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. The reality is that we are all imperfect beings, and no relationship can meet all of our needs, regardless of how perfect our partner appears to be.

102. Every day, we are faced with choices, some of which are difficult to make. Sometimes in life, you have to walk away from a situation for your good—whether it is work-related, family, or friends. Whatever the case may be, if a particular situation doesn’t feel right for you anymore, it is time to leave it behind and move on.

I hope these know when to walk away quotes prove useful to you when you come across situations where you feel you need to know when to walk away.

Let me know what you think of this post in the comment section, will you? Thank you for reading, please share this post with your loved ones before you go.

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