Lacrosse Goalie Quotes and Sayings

Lacrosse Goalie Quotes and Sayings

Goalies in any game, especially lacrosse, really play a very significant role by warding off the ball of the opponent from entering the net. As goalkeepers, they are the last line of defence, and their job is to stop any shots that come near them. The exciting thing about this goal-keeping position is that they get to be part of every face-off after each score.

Goalkeeping is super tough, but the more you work at it, the better you will get. A good lacrosse goalie makes all the difference in a game and more. That’s what this list of lacrosse goalie quotes and sayings is compiled for.

So, whether you’re an aspiring lacrosse goalie or just admire the game from afar, these lacrosse goalie quotes and sayings will surely get you more information on what a lacrosse goalie does.

Lacrosse Goalie Quotes and Sayings

A lacrosse goalie defends against an attack by the opposing team. Goalies are the last line of defence and are responsible for stopping shots on goal. They are also responsible for clearing the ball out of their own end and starting offensive plays with quick outlet passes to teammates.

1. A lacrosse goalie is a very strong, committed and calculated person with good eye coordination.

2. Lacrosse goalies are like unicorns. Rare, beautiful, and a bit misunderstood.

3. Lacrosse goalie pursues a career in goaltending because he loves the feeling of being the last line of defence and making the outcome of a game or series.

4. Great lacrosse goalies are great students. They know when to be quiet and learn, but they also know to speak up when it’s time to lead.

5. Goalies are like snowflakes; every single one is a different colour and shape. But they all have the same goal: to make sure the ball doesn’t score.

6. Lacrosse is one of the greatest dream sports in the world – it is a game of speed, strength, agility, and skill. So, is the goalie in a lacrosse game.

7. You learn through lacrosse that you can be great, and you can lose, and you don’t have to be bitter about either.

8. The successful lacrosse goalie is the one who can succeed despite the opposition.

9. No matter what happens, never give up. Keep moving forward, and never let your guard down as a lacrosse goalie.

10. A lacrosse goalie is the unexpected hero of his team’s game.

11. In lacrosse, being a goalkeeper is not enough to ensure success. You must also be a fighter.

12. Goalies play to win. That’s it. The defence starts the game, the offence starts the game and then there is the goalkeeper. They make all of their mistakes in practice, so they don’t have to do it during games.

13. You’re never too old to follow your dreams. Be a goalie today, and then tomorrow, be a coach in the pros.

14. Lacrosse goalies are the unsung heroes of any team. They don’t get enough shout-outs in sports, but they should be appreciated more.

15. When you see a lacrosse goalie, you have to respect the strategy and communication that goes into their mental game. Don’t just look at their numbers—they are humans, too, with weaknesses and strengths.

16. Lacrosse goalkeepers tend to be tough.

17. It’s the job of the lacrosse goalie to keep the ball in play.

18. If you want to make the game yours, go ahead and fight for it. But remember that you are a part of the whole, and everyone else is too.

19. If you want to be the best, you have to learn how to deal with pressure as a lacrosse goalie.

20. Lacrosse goalkeeper is a person who can keep their head cool in any situation!

21. Goalies are the superheroes of the field. They’re the last line of defence, and they inspire their teammates to do their best.

22. The goalie is the only player who never takes a shift off.

23. We don’t always get a goal, but when we do, we always give our best effort.

24. When the ball is in your stick, slay every shot you take.

25. We’re not just playing a game. We’re being called to greatness in our lives!

26. The best defence is a good offence. The best offence is a good defence.

27. We’ve got two hands, one head, and a whole ball of wax. We can palm it, pass it, bat it, kick it—whatever we want, which makes our job even harder but also the most rewarding.

28. Every lacrosse goalie has a different story, but they all have one common denominator in the end: passion.

29. When you are behind the goal, and the ball is coming at you, you have a choice. You can either react with fear or with joy. You have to be willing to surrender to both your fear and your joy if you want to become a great lacrosse goalie.

30. Lacrosse goalies are good in what they do.

31. Goalies are the best because they don’t mind taking a beating, they know when to give up, and they always know when to make a save.

32. Goalies are our rock—without them, we wouldn’t be able to play lacrosse.

33. Just when you think that goalie is safe, the ball finds its way back onto his stick.

34. The lacrosse goalie is the only player not allowed to be nervous.

35. Get right in your pads and get ready to play. The time is now.

36. You can’t do it alone. You need a goalie that has your back, who will protect you and make you look good when you mess up.

37. The most important part of a lacrosse goalie is knowing when to save the ball. To me, that’s just like being a parent—you never know which kid you’re going to save, but you know it’s always going to be one of your own kids.

38. Being a lacrosse goalie is no easy task. You have to be smart, quick on your feet and always seek out new opportunities.

39. More than anything else, lacrosse goalkeepers need passion for the game; without that, you’ll never get in the zone when it matters most.

40. A goalie is always on the move and never out of position.

41. When you have to be a goalie, it means you have to have a lot of confidence in your ability. If you’re not confident, then don’t play because I don’t want to see a goalie who is lacking in self-esteem. You have to believe that you are the best goalkeeper on the team and that you can make every save possible and win every game.

42. Lacrosse goalkeepers have a special connection with the net

43. The only goal is to be the best goalie you can be.

44. If you’re a goalie, learn to play the ball without smearing it. To catch a ball, you must be able to read it. A goalie needs good reflexes and quick hands.

45. A goalie is a big part of the team. They’re not just there to stop shots but make plays too.

46. A good goalie is always the first player to get up and be counted, the last to leave and the first to get out there again.

47. The greatest defenders are the goalies. They are often the fastest, strongest and most agile goalies on the field. The secret to effective defence comes in finding the right place at the right time. Goalies are human too. They make mistakes—and I’m sure you do too.

48. In the last line of defence, the goalie is the backbone of any team. Always keep your head up and keep your eyes on the ball.

49. The best goalies are those that wait for their moment, not the ones that get caught up predicting what’s going to happen.

50. Goalies are known as the heroes of a game. They are quick on their feet when it comes to making saves and even quicker at getting into position.

Lacrosse goalies are certainly doing a lot, as these lacrosse goalie quotes above have shown. Please share and leave your comments below.

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