Learning From the Younger Generation Quotes

Learning From the Younger Generation Quotes

The future is bright with promises, lofty dreams and endless ideas for the youth. The younger generation are brimming with boundless energy and are excitedly constantly on the move. They are the movers and shakers of our present world and the foreseeable future. An elder will do well to learn from these and put their unfulfilled dreams to work.

Wrong or right, they already have it all figured out and are not afraid to give it a shot or several shots. They are bold and do not take the counsel of their fears. A jaded elder’s broken dream(s) can be reconstructed and achieved by allowing the younger generation’s youthful exuberance to rub off on their buried ambition. A lethargic elder can load up on passion from the young.

Parenting in the 21st century would be more effective by seeing the world through the eyes of the children.
To get perspective on trending issues, it’s best to listen to the younger ones. Get the youngsters’ viewpoint and show them that their opinion is important, same as your contemporaries and mentors.

Do you want to snap from your defeatist attitude? Care to get a healthy dose of youthful exuberance? Want to learn what makes the youth tick or see the world through pure eyes? Need to experience an explosive meeting of young and old minds?

Here are some amazing learning from the younger generation quotes:

Learning From the Younger Generation Quotes

Learning is inexhaustive. Like good quotes, learning is not gotten by chance, but by being intentional and diligent. Learning does not discriminate, so learn from the younger generation.

1. It’s easy to rest on our oars assuming we speak profound wisdom from a position of rich experience, yet speak totally out of turn because we miss the point. The older generation can only be as smart as processing the wealth of their experience through the current reality of the younger generation.

2. We must keep learning through the eyes of the younger generation for our wisdom to be profound.

3. To have a fresh perspective and make a relevant impact, the elders must learn from the younger generation.

4. The elders’ experience, expertise and knowledge remain obsolete and irrelevant until it’s weaved into the profound knowledge gleaned from the youth.

5. The elders shortchange themselves when they are dismissive of the opinions of the youngsters. When the new is inculcated into the old, the result is far-reaching.

6. Parents must take children’s needs and interests seriously. The children are the future and leaders of tomorrow. The ones who will shape the future tomorrow and preserve the legacy of the past.

7. To guide the young ones effectively, the elders need to enter their world.

8. To make useful contributions to the lives of the younger generation, the older ones must learn and understand their concerns, current realities and challenges.

9. A proper blend of old school and new school will make for a better world only if the elders will come down from their high horses and learn from the younger generation.

10. It is a wise elder, one who learns from the youngster to show that true wisdom comes from learning from one another.

11. No one owns a monopoly of knowledge. Wisdom is not the exclusive property of the older ones. Learning a thing or two from the younger ones might be just a lifesaver!

12. When an elder thinks he knows all, he’s a wingless bird thrown off the cliff of life. Too late to learn to deploy the parachute innovation of the youth.

13. We think we know it all until a near-disastrous event reveals the inadequacies of our knowledge. The despised youth might just save the day with his hitherto crazy ideas we refused to learn.

14. The youngsters’ loopy ideas might well be the only solution to the elders’ impossible lingering problems.

15. He is a true elder who humbly learns from the fresh viewpoint of the young and is deeply nourished from the fountain of two generations.

16. Sometimes, the problem that defies logic to an elder, merely needs a touch of learning from the refreshing youngsters, to make a disappearing act.

17. All you need to prove you are really smart as an elder is to break the unspoken rules and learn afresh. Rules that insist the old always knows better. The young are smarter than your wildest imagination.

18. He is truly wise and knows he can do better by learning a thing or two from the very young.

19. Parents can learn from their children, just as children are taught by their parents. What elders see while sitting down, the young ones have since hopped with it, while still crawling.

20. Nothing beats learning from the youngsters. Life is all about perspective. What an elder fails to recognise because of his/her jaded views, a youth with pure innocence grabs it all.

21. To be a well-rounded adult, be curious and willing to learn like the young ones.

22. You are forever young when you learn to view life from the bifocal lens of an experienced adult and a refreshingly innocent young chap.

23. Being advanced in age is not a dreaming stopper. Learn from the youth and act as one. Young, unafraid, no cares, no worries and no guile.

24. You think you have seen it all until you realise the world has gone under and you need to learn the catch-up game. Nothing to fret about: the younger generation has it figured out.
The way of the young is clear. The magic they spurn is endless. The young of today are busy, and the world will be better for it.

25. 21st-century parenting could look daunting until we learn how to train the children by taking cues from their individualism, everyday activities and trending issues around them.

26. The old-timers can only be an authority on what they know. What they know from personal and past experiences, is insignificant to what they can learn from the youngsters they want to impact.

27. Adults must learn the way to bring up children. Dishing out instructions can meet with stiff opposition, defiance and rebellion. Well-understood youngsters will gladly/reluctantly follow relatable orders.

28. The young shall grow when the adults humbly submit to learning from the little ones. It may look absurd, but there’s always sense from nonsense.

29. To educate the younger generation soundly, the older ones must stoop to conquer effectively, by taking lessons from the learners. This way, they grow up to become an adult to be proud of.

30. The greater the age, the greater the wisdom and the wide gap between the older and younger generation. Learning from the seemingly clueless youth is the key to bridging the gap and imparting knowledge.

31. To know what to impart, the older must learn what is missing, where and how to bridge the gap in the younger generation’s lives.

32. The older generation should take a cue from the youth, and loosen up to enjoy every moment of life to the full. They will soon start living in the past due to old age. The process can be halted by learning how to seize each moment of every day…from the youth.

33. The younger generation is taking over from the older generation. To stay relevant and handover properly, the older must learn from the younger.

34. To close the gaping rift between the old and the young, the old must listen to the spoken and unspoken words/needs of the young.

35. An elder does not flaunt his age, wisdom and experiences where they are unwanted. It is he, who has mastered the fine art of learning, mingling and blending with the youth to show the depth of his knowledge.

36. To remain vibrant, the anti-ageing, youth renewal tonic for the older generation is a healthy dose of learning from the younger ones.

37. The recipe for disaster for the older generation to despise the input of the younger ones. Learning a thing or two from the youth mostly saves the day.

38. If you are the elder whom no youth can relate to, you are denying yourself fresh perspectives you can only learn from there.

39. The older ones should learn from the younger generation all they can. Nothing to lose with everything to gain. If they can, they can count on having loads of fun.

40. You can learn from your younger self and refrain from putting your little finger in his/her face. The young ones around you were once you. Telling them they know nothing is exposing your ignorance.

41. Once your life has dimmed, you might find that you’re not so tough, after all. You are as feeble as a baby you a cue from the youngsters and learn to live life to the brim. You are as young as your mind is.

42. Younger generations have much to learn from the older ones, just as the older ones learn to flow with current trends from the younger ones. No one knows better than the other, perspective is the difference.

43. Learning is art without bias, keep learning. Even from the younger generation. That way you have the best of the two worlds.

44. When your mind is opened to learning, you realise that there’s no power like the power of youth. They are unstoppable.

45. To teach the young, you must first learn what makes them tick.

46. The younger generation has a lot to learn from the older ones, but the older ones must first learn how to make the youngsters pay keen attention.

47. For the younger generation to drink their fill from the fountain of knowledge and wisdom of the older ones, the elders must learn to dine at the table of the youngster’s ideas and follies.

48. If you get stuck in any stage of your life or career, get unglued by learning something fresh and different from the younger generation.

49. To inspire the younger generation, learn about their peculiar challenges from the horses’ mouth: the youth!

50. The older generation has the rarest opportunity of changing the world by learning from the younger generation.

The worst disservice the elders can do to themselves is to be dismissive of the awesome minds of the younger generation. An elder that wants to make an indelible impression on the younger generation must know them to have a thorough knowledge of what drives them.

Youngsters are smarter than we give them credit for. Rubbing minds with them is the best opportunity for imparting a wealth of experience and gaining a fresh perspective. It’s a win-win synergy.

Thank you for enjoying and utilising these learning from the younger generation quotes. Please, share with friends, colleagues and loved ones. Feel free to comment, make suggestions and ask questions.

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