Life Has Never Been Better Quotes

Life Has Never Been Better Quotes

Life has never been better, it’s why they say time flies when you’re having fun, and this holds true for you at the moment. From the latest gadgets, dream car, dream job, dream house, to that new Surface Laptop; life is really cool to you. You are having the best time of your life, smoothly, with no glitches. Savour the moments with no guilt trip. You deserve it. When things go south, the memories will keep you on an even keel till things tide over.

Life has never been better, yes! Well, so far, this year hasn’t been all bad, has it? You aren’t sure? A prompt will jog your memory. The completion of your dissertation! A promotion to management! A rebound in your love life! And thousands of other little things that matter! With so many great things that can happen to us, life has never been better. All it takes is a healthy dose of positive thinking and attitude.

Are you down and need a reminder you really have it cool? Are you upset and blinded to your blessings and in dire need of a lift up? Care to celebrate your little or big wins? Want to revel in the euphoria of life’s blessings in your life? Do you need to break free from the grip of despair?

Here are some of the best life has never been better quotes about happiness, love and success. These prompts here will nudge you out of the dumps of despondency because life has really never been this awesome.

Life Has Never Been Better Quotes

Life has never been better, so don’t stop and look back. Don’t regret anything that was a part of your journey. Make sure you are making the best out of today, because your possibilities are endless, and your wildest dreams can be made a reality.

1. Because each new day comes with new blessings and pleasant surprises, life could be better.

2. I’m living my best life at the moment. Everything is working out for my good. Life has never been better than it is at the moment.

3. Sleep, wake up, workout, work out, eat, rest and do what gives you utmost pleasure. Your life couldn’t be any lovelier than this. Have fun!

4. I may not have all I want, but I have all I need plus bliss. Life couldn’t be better than it is at the moment.

5. The abundance of your wealth isn’t in your worldly possession but in the things that matter a great deal: good health, sound mind, good food and peace of mind. With these, life certainly couldn’t be any better!

6. He has it all, he who is contented and life can’t be any better than being at peace with his world.

7. Genuine contentment comes with pure bliss and makes you feel at peace with your world. Here, life couldn’t have been any better.

8. If you let go of bad memories, if you pull out the roots of bitterness, if you exhale deeply and smile beautifully, if you allow nature to heal your broken heart and mend your shattered dreams, if you allow serenity to seep in and envelope your entire being, you’ll discover that life has never been better.

9. A thankful heart is a blessed soul that comes to the realisation each beautiful moment in life comes with its unique benefits and life has never been better.

10. Life could be better if you strive for more. There’s no end to striving as striving for more leaves little room for taking pleasure in the blessings of today. Count your blessings and you’ll realise life has never been better.

11. When you envy others, the green- eyed monster will blind your eyes from seeing their lives aren’t as picture-perfect as portrayed. Then, you’ll realise with joy that your life has never been this better.

12. If it’s giving you peace. If it’s giving you joy and endless bliss. If it’s giving you money, to settle your bills and then, some. If your life is this good, then life has never been better. Enjoy every precious moment.

13. Your life is cool until you process it through the perfect happenings on social media. Your reality is different from others. Give yourself a pat in the back and remind yourself that life has never been this good.

14. You miss it when you allow others to project their dissatisfaction and frustration on you. You can protect your happiness by constantly reminding yourself life has never been better.

15. Don’t worry, be happy. Protect your peace of mind knowing that life has never been this better. You are amazing!

16. Stop beating yourself up, and cut yourself some slack. Though you haven’t achieved your best, you are definitely nowhere near the bottom of the rung of success larder. Life has never been this good or better.

17. When you compare notes with those you admire from afar, you’d realise your life is a jolly cruise and that it’s never been better!

18. Life isn’t a bed of roses and failure is simply success in progress. While others go on a wild aspire to perspire wild goose chase, tell yourself that life has never been better.

19. When you sum up your life by the mistakes you made and the expectations you fell short of, you shortchange yourself unnecessarily without realising how life has been this good to you.

20. Humans make mistakes. Humans change their minds. Humans need a well-deserving break. Choose you and celebrate that life has never been this better.

21. Distraction is a dream killer and an atomic weapon intent on destruction of your peace and joy. When you get dreams to chase, focus. Wake up, not to impress people but to be the best you can while treasuring what you have. Life at the moment has never been better.

22. If others’ activities or show-off attitudes threaten your peace of mind, activate the block, mute, unfollow and unfriend button online and offline. More importantly, remind yourself you’re doing well and life has never been better.

23. Breathe. Pause and take a deep breath. Take in the beauty of nature and remind yourself life has never been better, though tomorrow will be awesome.

24. Experiences come with indelible marks, and life doesn’t offer an eraser. Don’t jump in haste on a blurry future wagon when you can appreciate the beauty of today. As it is, life could be better, but has never been better as you have at the moment.

25. You feel overwhelmed with feelings of misery and despair because you want what you can’t have at the moment. Keep aspiring but pause to enjoy the thrill of all life offers at the moment.

26. Don’t take the counsels of your fears or concede to overwhelming feelings of inadequacies. They will rob you of your joy and essence. Life is good and has never been better.

27. There will never be a better time to jump ships than now. Hop from the ship of mediocrity into unending possibilities, success and fulfilment; even if it comes with a dose of uncertainty.

28. Ride the waves of uncertainties on the board of deliberate action to the harbour of success. Life has never been better!

29. When you see life as a series of practical jokes, you get to laugh rather than cry, because life is never this better.

30. Guilt is a horror movie; regret is a scary monster. The ship of the past has long docked, bury yourself not in its murky water. Live in the moments as if life has never been better.

31. Don’t watch your life pass you by like rushing water. Rush back to the present and enjoy the tingling feeling of life’s best dealings.

32. Leave your problems in the shadow, no one is without a few. Focus on living out your dreams and fantasies. Live, and know that things have never been better.

33. Make peace with yourself and everything will be all right and never better than you have right now.

34. Rich or poor, life is only as good as you perceive it, or much better.

35. When the going gets tough, keep going at a faster pace. Slow down if you must, but keep moving, in the right direction. Life will be great, you’ll have it better.

36. Keep going. Keep moving. Do not fear failure, fear the destructiveness of inaction. Life has never been better than when you’re on the move.

37. Don’t quit dreaming. Don’t quit hoping. Don’t quit trying or learning. Life gets better, nicer and better from here.

38. Life has never been better than the moment your veins are pumping with the adrenaline of great dreams, hope and fulfilment.

39. When the going gets tough, get tougher and keep going. Life doesn’t get any better than that.

40. So you’re tired? No big deal. Don’t give up or look down on yourself. Life is sure to be better.

41. Cut yourself some slacks and watch life throw you a lifeline. Life gets better and better from thereon.

42. Your dreams come to reality when you give them all the shots you possess. Life doesn’t get any better.

43. When life gives you a knockdown, stand up and give it a knockout. Life has never been better with resulting euphoric feelings.

44. Not now, not ever; you aren’t staying down. Stay strong, stay positive. Life is taking a great turn that’s never been better.

45. If you must, change course. Only, don’t give up. Life gets only better from here.

46. You are enough and life keeps getting better when you get the memo.

47. Do not dim your light for others to shine. Rather, keep your light shining brighter for those who matter to sparkle. Life doesn’t get any better than this!

48. Keep moving forward; it’s how you get to know that life has never been better.

49. The ones who rub your back when the chips are down, are worth much more than the thousands that hail or hype you when things look good. Life only gets better with this profound knowledge.

50. Be yourself, it’s all you’ve truly got when things go south. When you have it good, relish the good feelings and savour the sweet moment. Yes, life has never been better!

Bravo! We all need to encourage ourselves and others to stay upbeat and keep winning. Happiness is free, only if we choose to be happy. Choose happiness, choose you and your sanity!

Indeed, life has never been better. Heck, it has never been better for some people. But sadly, life has gotten worse for many others. Life has always been a balancing act, and we now have the added challenge of balancing work/workouts, family/home life, and self.

Please, feel free to share these life has never been better quotes with others. It might be what your family, friends, colleagues or acquaintances need to snap out of despondency. A lifeline like this in time preserves life from insanity, high blood pressure, depression and all.

Kindly share your thoughts with me. Your questions are welcome as well. Thank you.

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