Life Is Not Finding Yourself Life Is Creating Yourself Quotes

“Life Is Not Finding Yourself Life Is Creating Yourself ” And yet most of us live our lives as if we were searching for something. We look outside of ourselves for life’s answers and judge ourselves based on what we think we see.

We are what we think we are and the truth of who we are lies in the thoughts that take up residence in our minds. The problem with this is that most of us aren’t even aware of which thoughts rule our minds and dictate how we view the world and how we behave every single day.

Life isn’t finding yourself, life is creating yourself. Throughout your life, you’ll have opportunities to go after bigger, better and more goals for yourself. You can say that this is a very cliche way of thinking about life and what it has to offer you, but in the end, there is some truth behind it.

I am sure that at the end of this post you would have come to a place of investing in self-creation than self-discovery as it is popularly known. Grab a cup of coffee if you have one and enjoy going through this amazing list of life is not finding yourself life is creating yourself to the end.

Life Is Not Finding Yourself Life Is About Creating Yourself Quotes

You don’t have to live the same life your parents led. You are not destined for the same fate as your grandparents. Your future self is an entirely new person. You have the power to create the life of your dreams.

1. Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself, you can’t find yourself beyond what you have created.

2. Life is not about finding yourself. It’s about creating yourself, why not wake up now and be creative.

3. Life is about creating yourself beyond what you have found. Go beyond and create yourself, find yourself in what you are and where you are going. You can create your own existence, not just find it.

4. There are so many possibilities. Don’t just search for yourself. Be yourself by creating something beautiful in the world.

5. It’s never too late to create the life of your dreams. Become who you are and live the life you imagined. It’s just a few right decisions away.

6. Most people think that in order to find ourselves, we have to look for some deeper meaning. The real challenge is actually much more simple — know who you are and build your life around it.

7. Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. Go out, enjoy your own company and make the best of it.

8. The hardest thing that most people feel they need to do to find themselves is look for some deeper meaning — but really the search is a lot more simple. Identify what you want and make it happen.

9. It’s simple. Know who you are and build your life around it, be creative for yourself.

10. Sure, you can shape yourself around what you think the world wants. But in truth, that’s a challenge. To find yourself, know who you are and build your life around it. Simple!

11. The key to discovering yourself is built around knowing who you are and building your life around it.

12. Find yourself by living true to your values and building a life around them.

13. You can’t figure out your life purpose if you don’t know who you are. If you want to build your dream life, first build yourself. Become a person who’s ready for that kind of adventure.

14. The first step to finding yourself is to make a decision.

15. Don’t waste your time searching for the meaning of life. Rather, figure out what you love to do and then do it.

16. Most people will never truly know who they are or what they can do. This is how you get through life – by finding out what you love and making that your purpose in the world.

17. You have something special to offer the world and it can be found right inside of you. Be true to yourself and bring your gifts to the world. The world will thank you.

18. Know yourself, and everything else will follow, much more spend more time on self-creation than you would spend in self-discovery because there is nothing to discover if you have not created.

19. Discover the power of your voice, create yourself rather than self-discovery by making smart decisions and become the person you always wanted to be.

20. Don’t search for your purpose, but create it instead. Don’t chase after goals, but set them. And don’t just be who you are, but be who you want to be.

21. In this age, men are raptured in the thought of self-discovery and neglect the place of self-creation, don’t be that man, be creative for yourself.

22. The greatest fulfilment in life comes from rising to a challenge and triumphing over it.

23. Every time you make a new mistake, your success brings you closer. Success is a journey, not a destination. It’s the process of learning from mistakes, as life is about self-creation than self-discovery.

24. If you can dream it, you can do it, if you can create it then you can become it.

25. Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself, yes it is more about creating yourself.

26. Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

27. Be bold enough to use your voice, brave enough to listen to your heart and strong enough to live the life you’ve always imagined.

28. The journey of self-discovery is an unending one, for we are all works in progress.

29. Life Is Not all about Finding Yourself Life Is more About Creating and building Yourself up to become that person you desire.

30. Life is not about finding yourself — it’s about building and creating who you want to be.

31. Life is not about finding yourself but creating yourself. If you have no goals or dreams, pursue them. Have the courage to live a life true to yourself, not the life others expect of you.

32. Life is all about finding yourself and then creating yourself. If you feel like you’re drifting with no goals or dreams for the future, pursue them. Have the courage to live a life true to yourself, not the life others expect of you.

33. Life will be happier and more rewarding if you create yourself, rather than find yourself. Have the courage to live your dreams.

34. Give yourself the tools to achieve your goals and make something of your life. Be true to yourself, not only do others expect it of you but you deserve it too.

35. What are you passionate about? It’s never too late to turn your dreams into reality. Create the life you want, not the one others expect from you.

36. You get to create your life. So, live it in a way that’s true to you. Take the risks that scare you and chase your dreams with bravery and courage.

37. Life is no dress rehearsal, so don’t be afraid to take risks and live the life you want. Do what makes you happy. The world is yours.

38. You create your life. Be who you want to be and achieve more than you ever thought possible.

39. Life is not to be taken lightly. You have every reason to live fully and passionately. If you feel as though your life lacks purpose, take action today and change that path.

40. It will help you overcome your obstacles and give you ideas to succeed.

41. It’s not enough to just exist. You have to make a difference, be the best you can be, and realize your potential. Don’t hang around waiting for a miracle when you can create one yourself.

42. The power to create your own destiny is all around you. You only need to recognize it, reach out and grab hold of it, and then live the life you were destined to live.

43. If you want to change your life, first take stock of what you have. Calculate the cost of opportunity and risk. Then decide if it’s worth the investment.

44. Success isn’t about finding yourself or self-discovery but It’s about treating yourself to the taste of your desires.

45. Success isn’t about finding yourself or self-discovery but creating yourself to the taste of your desires.

46. Success isn’t just about finding yourself. It’s about creating yourself to the taste of your desires.

47. The success you want is yours for the creating. You’re the writer and artist of your life story.

48. Find a way to personalize your own life, then create yourself as you please from scratch.

49. Create a life you want to live, a life that stands out from the ordinary. A life of success and self-discovery.

50. The difference between success and failure isn’t where you start. It’s what you do next that defines the rest of your life.

51. Success is a decision; it’s a process; it’s a journey. It’s not about instant gratification, but rather the satisfaction of self-achievement over time.

52. You are in charge of creating your future. The only thing stopping you from accomplishing incredible success is a small amount of effort.

53. If you want something, get it. Work for what you want, and don’t stop until you get it.

54. The true key to success is creating yourself into a person who is able to thrive when your mind and body are fit. Not just when you feel like it, but all the time.

55. Life is a blank canvas of possibilities and you are the painter of your reality. Don’t be afraid to create the life that makes YOU happy.

56. If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

57. You have the power to create yourself and your life. By taking control of your thoughts and actions, you can become the person you desire to be.

58. The world doesn’t reward you for what you are, it rewards you for what you do. You were a hero before you started. Make a decision and just go do it.

59. You don’t have to wait. You can create the life you love right here and now.

60. The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday.

61. You shouldn’t allow your fears to stop you from being the person you want to be. If you are passionate about something, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

62. Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself and bringing yourself to the perfect picture that you have been dreaming about.

63. Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

64. Life is not just finding yourself. Life is much more about creating yourself.

65. It’s not about being the best—it’s about always getting better. Always Grow

66. If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.

67. Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. – Oscar Wilde

68. You are the builder of your own empire. Now, get to work!

69. the purpose of our lives is to be happy and we should invest more towards self-creation because down the line we discover that life is about self-creation and not really about self-discovery.

70. You can create the life you want, make mistakes and learn from them, and then repeat that until you find happiness.

71. The only way out of the labyrinth of suffering is to forgive. Forgive yourself and create how you would want yourself to be.

72. Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

73. I enjoy my own thoughts and am quite happy to be alone with them.

74. One of the most courageous decisions you’ll ever make is to finally let go of what is hurting your heart and soul.

75. When you feel like quitting, think about why you started.

76. Life is more about creating yourself than self-discovery, prioritizing the former than the latter is beautiful wisdom.

77. Life is more about creating yourself than self-discovery. This is a beautiful piece of wisdom because it compels you to create yourself, realize what you are, and prioritize who you will become.

78. Life isn’t about self-discovery. It’s not about finding yourself. It’s about creating yourself.

79. Life is more a creation than a discovery. True beauty is the discovery of self, the first step in creating ourselves.

80. Life is not about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself. When we choose to create ourselves, an infinite world opens up to us.

81. You are in charge of what you become and what you do, being a self-creator over a self-discoverer is an inspiration.

82. You can’t discover who you are. You have to look forward to what you want to become, creating yourself in the process.

83. The genius lies in being able to create your real self rather than discovering it.

84. Write your story, be the artist of your life, every day is an opportunity to create.

85. The process of creating yourself requires self-reflection and introspection. Making your dreams come true means looking within and asking “What would I like to achieve?”

86. Every day is an opportunity to write a new story. Spend time creating the life and character you love and success will follow.

87. You become more beautiful by dealing with problems amicably and thus making life more meaningful.

88. The answer to finding yourself lies in pursuing your passions. Follow them with all your heart – and you’ll end up exactly where you want to be.

89. Life is more about creating yourself than finding yourself.

90. Self-Discovery is not just a process, it’s also a belief and much more a journey of self-creation.

91. Self-Discovery is not just a process, it’s also a belief and journey for the rest of your life.

92. Self-discovery is not just a process, but also a journey of self-creation. It means focusing on your strengths and hopes, increasing your ability to realize what makes you feel happy.

93. The Self Discovery process is a never-ending journey of knowing oneself in order to gain a better understanding of who we are and how we see the world.

94. Embrace self-discovery as the journey of your lifetime. A process that is always evolving and forever unfolding.

95. Discovering your purpose and strengths isn’t just a process, it can also be a journey. Learn what it means to create yourself.

96. Self-Discovery is a journey. A personal voyage of discovery, and self-creation. Using the tools of self-knowledge, we must uncover our hidden capabilities, our dormant talents.

97. You have all the power you need inside of you. All it takes is a little self-discovery and you will be unstoppable.

98. As you continue your journey of exploring your personal world, you will realise the amazing things that lie within.

99. It’s the way you understand yourself better and trust in your own decisions. It changes the way you see the world around you.

Life is not finding yourself. It is creating yourself. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses, then deciding to overcome your weaknesses and maximize your strengths so that you can enjoy a happy life.

The goal is to know what you want out of life, where you are going, how you are getting there, and whom you are becoming along the way. Let us know what you think in the comment section and do well also to extend these quotes by sharing them with your friends.

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