Lord Hear Our Prayers Quotes

Lord Hear Our Prayers Quotes

Prayer is the act of communicating with God. While God is not limited by time or space, He will respond to our prayers in his own time and chosen way. Prayer has also been defined as a personal communication between one person and another who are on separate sides of an obstacle or vast separation; which is why we pray.

When you’re stressed, nothing helps you feel better like a prayer. A prayer to God when you’re troubled. You know, a prayer plea that can be answered. If there is a God who hears our prayers and answers them all, then what are some of the best prayers that have been answered? It wouldn’t hurt to make sure your requests are in line with God’s heart.

The Lord will hear your prayers, but that’s only if you ask. We don’t always know what is best for us, and we may ask for things that are harmful in the long run. Never go against God’s will for you. If you feel like it’s what He wants, don’t question it. By doing this, you’ll never be disappointed.

We all need a quick, powerful prayer to use when in a bind, but sometimes it’s hard to find that perfect one. This Lord hears our prayers quotes will provide you with a wide variety of great Christian prayers and help you when you need a little extra favour from God.

Lord Hear Our Prayers Quotes

You are that friend who knows me and knows my situation, for which I have been praying for many moons now. I know that there’s nothing impossible with God because you have said that you will be our God and we will be your people. Lord, hear our prayers and supplications today.

1. I never have to doubt the love of my creator that’s why I pray that you hear our prayers.

2. Lord, hear our prayers and answer all of our requests when we make them.

3. Lord, hear our prayers, especially those made for others and the heartfelt ones.

4. Lord, hear our prayers. You’re all we need and have. We need you more than ever.

5. Dear Lord, hear our prayer. You are all we need. We need your guidance.

6. Hear, our prayers, oh Lord. In you, our souls find rest.

7. Beyond our devotion, you are the only one we can turn to. Lord, God, we beg you to hear our prayers.

8. In our moment of weakness, we reach out to you for comfort and strength. Lord, our God, we plead with you: hear our prayers.

9. Lord, we beg you to hear our prayers. These are troubling times, and we need you more than ever before.

10. We know you are our only hope. Please hear us, Lord. Please grant us the strength we need to move forward.

11. O Lord, we beg you to hear our prayer. You’re the only one we can trust. Please help us.

12. You are the inspiration and hope in our lives and we rely on your grace and goodness to keep us safe. Lord, we ask that you listen to our prayers.

13. Lord, you are our God and we are your people. You see the pain in our hearts and our mind. Please answer our prayers.

14. Lord, out of devotion we ask you to help us find our way. Lord hear out Prayers and grant our requests.

15. We are lost and adrift and we need your guidance to help us right our ship and set us on a course for success.

16. We know you can do this, Almighty God, and that is why we turn to you now in our time of greatest need.

17. Lord, we come to you with heavy hearts. We are lost and adrift and we need your guidance to help us right our ship and set us on a course for success.

18. Lord, hear our prayer and Please help guide us back home. Amen.

19. Lord, we come to you lost and adrift. We need your help to set us on the right course for success. We know you’re here for us.

20. Lord, we are lost. We feel like we have no direction and are adrift in dark waters. But we remain faithful that you’ll help guide us back to our true path.

21. Out of devotion, we ask for your intercession – please give us strength and courage as we face these difficult times.

22. Lord, please help us find our way. We are lost, confused, and adrift and we need you now. Please help us in our hour of greatest need.

23. Lord, as your devoted flock we humbly beseech your help. We know that without you to guide us we are lost.

24. It is only with the help of your light can we find the way out of this darkness. Hear our prayers, Lord.

25. We believe in you, Lord, and that is why we ask for your assistance now.

26. Oh Lord, we need your help. Bless us with your protection and shield us from harm as we seek to set our life in order. Amen.

27. Almighty God, we pray for your guidance in these troubled times. We hope that you can use our many years of service to the community to inspire us anew, and set us on a course to help others and serve with humility.

28. Lord, we are lost. Without you, we do not know the way. We pray that you help us find our way again.

29. Lord, hear our prayers, help us succeed, and give us the strength to continue on our path of glory for you.

30. God, we are here because our company is struggling. We don’t know what to do and we need your help. Lord, hear our prayers.

31. If you were once a mortal man, you know how hard this can be. Even if you weren’t, we bet there’s something in your vast life experience that can help us. We want the best for us all, please Lord, hear our prayer.

32. Let us know what we need to do to turn things around. Thank you in advance for your divine guidance.

33. Dear God, we know you hear our words and that you are always there to help us. Please hear our prayers.

34. We believe that you will help us navigate the rough waters we now face. We need you, Lord, to hear our prayers and bring answers to our heart’s cry.

35. God, you are our sole comfort and strength. We call on your name for peace, happiness, for comfort.

36. Lord, we’re calling out to you. God, we want you to hear our prayers and answer them.

37. Lord, I call to you. I want and need you to hear my prayers and answer them.

38. God, we’re crying out to you. If you are listening, please hear our prayers. We need your help in this time of uncertainty.

39. Lord, are you listening? We need you right now. God, we pray that you will answer our pleas and put us on the right path.

40. Lord, we’re empty. We’re lost. Please take care of us and show us your way.

41. Lord, we ask that you strengthen us as we face danger. Help keep us safe and provide us with your guidance.

42. Gracious Lord. Let us feel your guidance and protection as we make our requests known to you, whenever we ask.

43. God of all things, we need your blessing today. We ask that you look upon us with mercy and give us the strength to continue through these hard times.

44. We know times are tough right now, and we want you to know that you are loved and supported.

45. Reach out to us with grace and love. Lord, hear our prayers.

46. Lord, we pray that you will guide us as we navigate this difficult time in our lives.

47. Our hearts are hurting. We turn to you, God. Please, heal us from our pain and sorrows.

48. God, we need your help. You are our only hope. Lord hear our prayers and pleas.

49. God, we all need your help. Please watch over us, and protect those who are most in need. Guide us towards peace and compassion.

50. Our Father, who art in Heaven, thy Kingdom Come. We pray to you for the healing of our land and hearts.

51. We know that many people in the world struggle and suffer. Please bless them with the resources they need to live lives of joy and hope.

52. Lord, hear all of our prayers today and answer them with your best blessings.

53. Lord, hear our prayer and let us live to be satisfied.

54. We thank the Lord for answering all of our prayers and please continue to hear our prayers.

55. I believe in prayer – the power of the universe at work. Lord hear our prayers.

56. Lord, hear our prayers and answer all of our requests when we make them.

57. Lord, hear our prayers, and let thy mercy lighten upon us. Amen.

58. Dear Lord, hear our prayers, and bring kindness to us. Amen.

59. Lord, we need your wisdom and mercy, be with us in the darkness. Amen.

60. Our dear Lord, hear our prayers and let your mercy shine upon us.

61. Lord, hear my prayer, and let my cry come unto thee.

62. Lord, support us all the day long of this troublous life until the shadows lengthen and the evening comes, and the busy world is hushed, and the fever of life is over and our work is done.

63. In thy mercy grant us a safe lodging and a holy rest and peace at the last. Amen.

64. Lord, please guide us and make us worthy of your trust. And bless us with your mercy.

65. God, I know that you are watching over me and if you bless me I will honour your name. Amen

66. Lord, be with us in our struggle. Grant us the strength to overcome. Let us be forever grateful for what you have done for us.

67. Lord, give me the strength to change things I can, the grace to accept things I can’t, and the wisdom to know the difference.

68. We pray for the health and safety of our friends and family. We hope for peace, patience, and joy in our lives.

69. Oh Lord hear our prayers and those of all people who are suffering. The world is filled with sadness. Grant us strength, consolation, and courage to help and comfort those who suffer.

70. Lord hear our prayers. Grant us strength, and courage to ease the suffering of all who are in pain.

71. Lord, let us feel the pain of others and help them to see your face.

72. We pray for all who suffer from illness and the effects of this pandemic. Hear our prayers and grant them joy.

73. For those who are ill, their families, their doctors, and nurses, and all who care for them. Grant strength and peace to all.

74. Lord, Hear our prayers for those who are suffering in mind, body, or spirit. Look with kindness upon them and grant them your healing power. Comfort their loved ones also.

75. Help us to be patient in adversity, joyful in hope, and faithful in prayer.

76. Show us your love and mercy and grant us all our requests. Help us never to forget the needs of others and to walk in the way of the Cross.

77. Give us the patience to deal with our hardships and the faith to persevere through difficult times.

78. Lord, hear our prayers, help us to be patient in adversity, joyful in hope, and faithful in prayer.

79. Lord, we pray for those who are suffering. May they be comforted and healed by you. May their loved ones be blessed with your peace, patience, and hope.

80. Lord, we thank you for the plentiful gifts you give. We ask you to be with us this day and always.

81. We remember our brothers and sisters in times of sickness, distress, sorrow, or any other adversity. We beg you to succour and comfort them according to their needs, giving them patience in their sufferings and hope of your goodness and compassion.

82. Oh God, we reflect on your grace and power. Help us to know your love and wisdom throughout the day.

83. Give us strength when we feel weak. Grant us clarity in times of darkness and doubt. We lift each other in love.

84. May the spirit of compassion and kindness surround your loved ones as we pray for their speedy recovery.

85. Give us the strength we need to get through our difficult times, and we can learn from their struggles.

86. We ask you, Lord, to look in your mercy on all those who are in any kind of need or trouble. Look with pity on them, and make them feel the love that fills our hearts for them.

87. Loving God, we ask that you surround those who are hurting, feel pain, and have no one to turn to with your eternal love and comfort. May they draw strength from your presence that covers them in every moment of their life.

88. Our heart goes out to victims and their families and friends. We pray that you help them and answer all our prayers.

89. Lord, hear our prayers and help us to always stay humble and kind.

90. Your will is done here, and it’s beyond our understanding. We wait on you with patience and hope that your promises are true.

91. We know you have a plan, and we trust that your promises are true. We wait on you with patience and we submit ourselves to your authority knowing that it’s all for our good.

92. We are weak and ignorant. We wait on you, trusting in the promises of your perfect wisdom.

93. You’re the hope for everything. You’re why we wake up every morning. We wait for you in complete obedience and joy.

94. We are here for you, and we will never give up hope in you. Your love is enough for us to live, and your commands sustain us through the valleys and the mountains.

95. We recognize that only you have the power to change lives and make us whole. We put our faith in you, our God.

96. I pray that people won’t just read the captions, but will feel the prayers of our people wherever they are in the world right now.

97. Give us the strength we need oh Lord, not only to get through our difficult times but for all the days of our lives.

98. We remember our brothers and sisters in times of sickness, distress, sorrow, or any other adversity.

99. We beg you, Lord, to succour and comfort our people according to their needs.

100. Give us all patience in our sufferings and hope for your goodness and compassion.

Send your worries off and allow the universe to sort things out with these Lord hear our prayers quotes. Just remember, even if you have faith, it’s still important to take action so that you can achieve your goals. Remember that you can always share our posts with your loved ones. Thank you as you do that!

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