Love Is Like a Bird Quotes

Love Is Like a Bird Quotes

Love is something that we all search for in our lives and hope to find one day. While some people are lucky enough to find love right away and have a long-lasting relationship with their significant other, others may have to wait years before they find real love in their life.

Love is like a bird because it has so many different meanings to so many people. Some people think love is about romance, some think love is about friendship, and others think that love can be expressed through family members.

In my opinion, I believe love is all of these things and more! When someone says the word “love”, they might mean something completely different than someone else who says the same word.

No matter how long we have been searching for love, most of us would do anything to have someone else’s heartbeat inside our chest because life becomes empty and meaningless without the feeling of being loved by another person. The best love is like a bird quotes has been selected here for you.

Love Is Like a Bird Quotes

Love is like a bird. Let it fly free. As the bird soars through the sky free and high, so does love. It carries those who it adores towards success, adventure, and happiness. The love of your life is a bird that needs to fly free and soar.

1. Love is freedom. It’s a choice we make every day to love, accept change, forgive and choose happiness. Love is the highest vision we can hold for our future.

2. Love is like a bird because when it’s gone, there’s nothing left but an empty feeling within the lovers.

3. Love is the only free thing. It doesn’t have a price tag and will never be sold.

4. Love is freedom. Love is a choice. Love is the centre of everything. You are worthy of love, and so is everyone else.

5. Love is free. Let love find its way to you, embrace it with arms wide open and always remember that it’s better to have loved and lost than to live life without love.

6. Love is like a bird; you need to put your heart into it for it to fly. Love yourself first before you can love someone else.

7. Love doesn’t cost a thing. There is no limit to what you can love and still be entirely free.

8. Love can fly away from the most powerful of shackles and will always be free. Love is free.

9. Love is like a bird that you cannot hold or tame. It must do as it pleases and is always out of its cage.

10. Love is like freedom itself. Love should not be limited or controlled. It should flow freely and come when it pleases.

11. Love is like a bird flying free in the sky. There will be times when it comes to you and makes its home in your heart, other times when it flies away to faraway places.

12. Love is free; it only needs an open mind and heart to be all anyone wishes for.

13. Love is like a bird because it will not let you go until you are ready to let go of it.

14. If there’s anything better than falling in love, it’s finding someone to catch you.

15. Love is freedom, just like a bird is always free. If you hold it tight, it dies, if you hold it light, it flies. And when it’s back in your arms, you can never be lonely again.

16. To love you, no one needs a license. Love is just love, nothing else. Love is what you make of it to be loved is your choice, and to love is ours.

17. Love is a complex array of human emotions. It is impossible to define exactly.

18. Love is free; you don’t have to try to be her lover. It’s all about love, not about control. You can’t have it if you’re trying to hold onto it.

19. Love is like having a bird as your pet. It can fly away at any time.

20. When it’s time to set your love free, know that you’ll always be able to find it in flight.

21. Love is a bird, so let it fly. Spread your wings and be free. Love is the centre of everything.

22. Now is the time to let your love fly free. Let it soar with all its potential, and see what happens!

23. Love is a gift. It’s locked in your heart and set free when you give it away.

24. Don’t be afraid to tell the one you love just how special they are to you. Love is a gift that needs to be wrapped and shared with the world.

25. Love is finding someone who refuses to put you in a cage. Someone who will help you fly.

26. True love is free. No matter what you have in life, it will follow you if you are with true love.

27. Love is like a bird. When you try to fancy it, it flies away. Let it be free, and keep your heart light!

28. Love is like a bird. If you love someone with all your heart, they will love you back. Love yourself before you love someone else.

29. Love is a whimsical feeling. If you try to capture it, it slips away. Hold on; keep your heart light and watch it happen.

30. Love is like a bird. It goes where it pleases and comes back when it will. Love stays not because you want it but because it wants you.

31. Love doesn’t think first. It follows its instincts and finds its way. It doesn’t need a company to flourish and isn’t confined by rules or conditions.

32. Love is like a bird. It will be by your side if you don’t set it free, not realizing its true potential.

33. Love is the only free thing. It’ll always fly away from cages, from behind bars and from the strongest of shackles.

34. Your love is like a bird flying high in the sky. When you let it fly free, it can soar to new heights.

35. Love knows no colour, no borders and no religion. It doesn’t care where it goes. It’s fearless and pure to the core.

36. Fly, baby bird, fly. Love is not a cage but freedom.

37. A bird is free to fly as high as it wants, but it needs to be warmed up first.

38. The feeling of someone’s heartbeat next to you is unlike any other. So hold on as tightly as you can. Their heart will always be in your hands, and you never let go.

39. Love is like a bird. You have to let it go so it can soar the skies.

40. Love doesn’t follow the rules. It’s always exactly what it wants to be without hurting anyone

41. Love is a symbol of freedom. Don’t try and hold on to something that doesn’t want to be held.

42. Love is free and can go anywhere. It cannot be restrained.

43. Love is like a bird. If you don’t set it free, put it in a cage, it will cease to grow and be productive. If you let it fly, love will always remember where it started and return to you.

44. Love is always underfoot, out of its cage. It leads you where you need to go and keeps your spirits high.

45. Love is like a bird. It is gone when you think about how to set it free, flying high away from your hand.

46. A bird flies free and high to understand the beauty of love.

47. Love is finding someone who won’t make you cry, scream or sweat yourself to death but will make you fly.

48. Love is meant to be free. Let it fly and watch how high it soars.

49. Love is an unpredictable and wild creature, but ultimately it comes back to those who love unselfishly. The strongest bonds are the ones that last and those that are easy to walk away from.

50. Love birds symbolize unbreakable, everlasting love. Love birds mate for life.

51. Love is unconditional and limitless; it knows no boundaries and cannot be confined by what most people have experienced.

52. Love is like a bird. If you hold it tight, it dies. If you hold it light, it glides across the sky. Love is like a bird set free; it will come back when you call.

53. Love is free and limitless, flying through space. Love can be wild and free but also warm and controllable. It comes in all forms, yet it stays true to itself.

54. Birds of love live together as one. This symbolizes the two eternal lovers who always bring warmth to each other’s life.

55. The only constant in this life change. If you cling to the one that told you to love me, love me no longer. Love is a bird, and it flies high when set free.

56. Never let go of your loved ones and tell them how much they mean to you. They will always have your heart.

57. Love is like a bird flying high in the sky. When you let it fly free, it can soar to new heights.

58. Love is like a bird. Without realising its true potential, it will be by your side if you don’t set it free.

59. Love is something that should be free. When it’s not, you’re only holding yourself back.

60. Love is like a bird. When it’s set free, it flies to new heights.

61. You can never hold a loved one too tight. Their heart will always be in your hands. Never let go.

62. Love is free. Love is like a bird. If you hold onto it, it may just fly away.

63. Love isn’t a game. So if you feel it, tell the person or let them go.

64. They live as one; you live as two. Love birds coexist in perfect togetherness. It’s a symbol of true love.

65. Love can be amazing. But also scary at first. It might take courage to let someone in on your feelings, but once you do, you realize how gorgeous it is, just like a bird flying freely through the sky.

66. Love is free. Don’t be afraid to share your love with the world.

67. Love doesn’t hold you back. Loving who makes you happy is even better. Love is all of this and so much more.

68. Love is the most powerful, sweetest feeling ever. Love is many things that can be hard to explain. But love is truly something better and one of the happiest feelings in the world.

69. The beauty of love is that you can’t predict where it will fly.

70. Love is free. It will always find a way.

71. Love is like a bird; the moment you try to hold it in your hand, it flies high away from you

72. Love knows no limits. It can happen anywhere and anytime, to you or someone else. It’s powerful, exciting, and beautiful.

73. Love goes where it wishes and does as it pleases, always out of its cage.

74. The more you let go and embrace love, the higher it will fly.

75. Love is like a bird you must let go of.

76. Love is like the wind, you can’t see it, but you can feel it!

77. True love is a gift you should cherish, not fear. It has no limits. Love whomever you want, whenever you want.

78. Love is a symbol of pure compassion and companionship. In those rare moments when you find that person who makes your heart soar and sings, you must cherish each second.

79. Love doesn’t tell you where to go, doesn’t tell you what to do, but it’s yours, so follow your heart. Love is a gift, and that gift can be given to anyone.

80. Love is a game that two can play, and love never fails. As long as there’s love, life goes on.

81. People love who they love. They do what they want. They go where they like, and they are always together.

82. Love is a gift. It’s something we are all capable of giving, and it’s something that we all need.

83. Love is like a bird. I like that it’s self-explanatory yet tells an entire story.

84. True love doesn’t hold you back; it sets you free. Be with whoever makes you happy. Love is all of this and so much more.

85. Love is like a bird. When you let it go, it can fly free and high.

86. Love is fleeting. Cherish it while it is here with you. Love is something that must be felt, not spoken; that is why it must be expressed.

87. When you hold the love of your life in your arms, it’s like holding a bird: You can hold it tight, and it dies. But if you set it free, it comes home to you.

88. Love knows no barriers and cares not where it goes. It’s free to the core and taken aback by nothing in this world.

89. Love can be compared to a bird. It’s simple and will fly away when it is caught. It will die if you try to hold onto it. Love should be free and easy. Keep your heart light because love is not worth the struggle.

90. Love is a traditional symbol of romance and independence. Love birds live as one.

91. The heart doesn’t reason; it just beats. The heart doesn’t think; it feels. There is no logic to love. It’s just love.

92. True love cannot be defined. It simply exists. It’s the fire that burns within the heart. It’s a feeling we can’t grasp.

93. Love is like a bird; when it flies free and high, it understands the joys of life.

94. Love is indescribable. You’ve probably never experienced such intense and beautiful emotion before, but you know it’s something worth fighting for.

95. Love knows no boundaries. It doesn’t matter who you are. All that matters is the love you feel.

96. Life is like a love bird. Sometimes life is a little too hard to bear; I’m here when you need someone who cares for you.

97. Love is free to the core, and I don’t care whether it’s with you or not.

98. Love is like a bird; if you hold it tight, it dies. If you hold it light, it flies. Set it free; if it is yours, it will come back.

99. Free your heart, and you’ll be loved all eternity.

100. Love is like a bird because when you love someone, and they love you back, and everything seems perfect, but then one day something happens that changes everything and all of a sudden, the person who loves you doesn’t love you anymore, or maybe they never really did love you at all.

101. Love will always find a way. It may get trapped behind doors or cages, but love is the only free thing. Its strength is what will set it free from whatever holds it captive.

102. Love needs no explanation yet tells an entire story.

103. Love is like a bird that flies high in the sky and feels no pain in the world. And then, one day, it falls to the ground and breaks its wings.

Love is an emotion that cannot be explained but can be felt by anyone who has experienced it. I hope you enjoyed these love is like a bird quotes. Do well to share these quotes with your family and friends.

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