Love Quotes for Engraving

Love Quotes for Engraving

Along with offering an amazing experience, love is perhaps the only emotion that gives repeated chances, believes the best of people regardless of the apparent situation, and offers a resting place from challenges. The emotion comes natural and instinctual and doesn’t base its expressions on people’s actions or inactions.

Love is the strongest force the world possesses and yet it is the humblest imaginable. We have love in our souls, love in our hearts, love to give away and love never fails. It all starts with ourselves as we must first develop it within us so that others may benefit

However, to communicate and engrave love and care, the obvious choices for many people are via words and deliberate acts. Words are interesting in how they can offer a fun and meaningful way to switch things up while reaffirming our love and good intentions for the future.

Seeking out thoughtful ways to express love doesn’t have to be over the top or involve spending so much money. It can be as simple as sending short text messages or using these amazing love quotes for engraving below. The important thing is to always communicate warmth, support, and positive thoughts to loved ones.

Love Quotes for Engraving


Love that engraves the soul is rarely put into words, but it’s those moments of silence that speak the loudest. The beauty of the written word helps us to remember those moments and relive them again and again, and bring fond memories

1. The beautiful thing about love is how it gives us everything, plus more than we thought was possible.

2. Sometimes, love is not in fixing anything but in having someone stand and hold hands.

3. No other feeling beats loving someone and hearing that they love you back.

4. Love makes silence feel deeper, warmer and comfortable for partners.

5. When the heart beats in sync with another’s, merely seeing them will make the hard days easy.

6. When you’re in love, it’ll make sense how loving someone and getting loved back is everything in life.

7. Love is acting kind, even when the head and heart are screaming otherwise.

8. When you’re with the right person, you’ll wake up daily with smiles for no reason.

9. Love doesn’t call for perfect people, but for imperfect people that’ll love with all they have.

10. It’s funny how loving someone leaves you satisfied with just holding hands or taking in each other’s smell.

11. It’s true love when you see that person and immediately wonder how forever will look by their side.

12. Feeling safe and complete are some of the attractive perks of falling in love.

13. If they truly love you, they’ll do everything they can to see you smile.

14. Love teaches us that some of the most beautiful things in this world are not seen or heard but felt with the heart.

15. Love is when you’re comfortable enough to be weird together.

16. You’ll know it’s love when you’d rather have a version of that special person than nothing.

17. Love is willing to sacrifice, warm enough to reaffirm, and strong enough to last forever.

18. The ride may be bumpy, but love still sees forever with that special person.

19. Love will give you reasons to persist and smile in the middle of storms.

20. You’ll know it’s love when they make you feel safe and get you to smile effortlessly.

21. If staying apart hurts too much, it’s because your hearts and souls are greatly connected.

22. Love can develop from friendships and the great times spent together.

23. Love is when you find someone willing to stay and fight with you through different seasons.

24. They’ll always find ways to get back together when they truly love you.

25. If you have to do all the fighting, it’s time to pack up and hope for a higher kind of love.

26. You’ll know you’re in love when the reality is more than you ever dreamed of.

27. Falling in love comes with the tenacity to not readily give up on your partner.

28. Love is not caring about anyone else because I have you to fuss over me.

29. When it’s love, they’ll willingly support you through good and bad times.

30. Love is accepting that your happiness now depends on your partner.

31. They’ll always want your energy around them when it’s love.

32. Love is staying together forever because no other person does it for you.

33. My favourite place to be in the world is beside you.

34. No one is perfect, but true love always fights for that special person.

35. Love is sharing private jokes and many special moments.

36. Love is a plus that gives you someone to cuddle and depend on.

37. The times we spend together are the best ones for me.

38. True love believes in the best of people even when the worst is apparent.

39. A good thing about love is how it allows you to grow individually and together.

40. You give me what no one else can, and I’m stuck with you.

41. When in love with someone, it’s normal to want to spend every waking second with them.

42. The fortunate ones are people with true love.

43. Humility in love is recognizing our gifts and nurturing them forever.

44. When it’s love, it will not easily cast away or give up on its partner.

45. Love encourages, supports, and speaks mostly kind words.

46. When a person wants to be with you, they’ll catch you as often as it takes.

47. Where there’s love, everything glows and grows differently.

48. I’m used to having you around and would like it to be so forever.

49. Storms will come, but true love will never shake.

50. Reality is much better than dreams and imagination when you’re in love.

51. Love will always say, “I will never give up on you.”

52. Love treats people with kindness and consideration and as equals.

53. It’s the little things you do that make me fall in love with you.

54. There are no losses for the one that wholeheartedly loves.

55. Dreams come through because I have you in my life now.

56. Everywhere around us is the miracle of life – love!

57. Love makes our lives go round and the ride worthwhile.

58. It’s both luck and a blessing to experience this love with you.

59. Love brings back joy and vitality and drowns years of loneliness.

60. Love makes us eager to spend our ‘tomorrows’ with that special person.

61. Our love and future look brighter standing beside you.

62. Love is the bridge between two hearts and defies class and colour.

63. Love is smiling and uplifting each other when the apparent situation reads otherwise.

64. Love and happiness are simple acts like holding hands or enjoying silence together.

65. Love is patient and willing and takes no account of distance or grievance.

66. When in love, you realize that you’re living out forever in every moment.

67. With the person you love, there are songs only you two can understand.

68. The beautiful thing about love is how it allows everyone to write their stories.

69. “Nothing lasts forever” doesn’t apply to people in love willing to work for it.

70. Love is opening and closing your eyes with thoughts of the same person.

71. There’s no perfect love anywhere, only one that is true and willing to fight.

72. Love is perhaps the only thing powerful enough to heal and make us whole.

73. When it’s true love, your partner will always want you around.

74. Love is an important part of life that should find expression often.

75. To love is to show it in their presence and absence consistently.

76. With true love, there are mostly good days than bad ones.

77. True love stories never have endings but improved beginnings.

78. Sometimes, when you aren’t looking, life gives you a fairytale – love!

79. With love, your heart is full by merely spending time with loved ones.

80. Love is a temporary madness that can last forever and transform life.

81. Love is working together so that your roots are forever intertwined.

82. It is love when someone always holds your hands on good and bad days.

83. Until you meet the right person, it’ll always feel like no one gets you.

84. Love can positively change our lives and the lives of the people around us.

85. Where there is love, there is action, grace, and consistency.

86. Love is when you find your safe place in another person’s heart.

87. Love is vulnerability; no one can exist without the other.

88. Where there’s love, it’s always “us against the world” versus “you against the world.”

89. With love, it can take just one smile to make your world better.

90. “I love you” is powerful enough to change the trajectory of anyone’s life.

91. When it’s true love, you will feel and see it.

92. True love always imagines the future and ways to get there.

93. Love doesn’t involve perfect partners, but couples can learn to enjoy their differences.

94. It is love when your happiness depends on another’s.

95. Contrary to popular belief, everything is clearer when you are in love.

96. Love opens your eyes to appreciate the beauty and blessings you’ve been enjoying.

97. When you’re in love, the thought of not being with your loved one is unbearable.

98. Being deeply loved by someone empowers you with the courage and strength to take on life.

99. When it’s cold outside, you can count on finding warmth with your loved ones.

100. Love lights up hearts and souls as nothing else can.

Hopefully, these beautiful love quotes for engraving will help you to perfectly communicate your feelings and support to your loved ones, now and in the future. Please, drop your comment and endeavour to share it with your loved ones. Thanks.

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