Military Army Quotes

Military Army Quotes

The military army wears a loaded gun, on the shoulder, carry extra ammunition on their left arm carries grenades, and dangling from their belt they have a huge knife. The military army walks and crawls for a long distance to fulfil their duties because that’s what Marines do. The most important thing taught to marines is to keep their morality up and to love their country.

The military focuses on honour, self-discipline, ethics and a code of conduct to motivate the military personnel to be more responsible in their duties. Keeping the code of conduct and ethics is an important part of life in the military and without that, morale and discipline would be affected.

These wonderful military army quotes will help to understand and appreciate the code of conduct of the military army.

Military Army Quotes

We train for war. But war won’t give you combat without sacrifice. To win a battle, you have to know how to lose one. We play games of inches. The margin for error is so small that nothing but perfection is acceptable.

1. The first step in becoming a good soldier is to obey without question. The last part is, if you can’t obey, to make them respect you.

2. There is no room for doubt in the Army. There is no place for cowardice in any soldier. They defeat all enemies that stand before them, drive back those who oppose them and never accept defeat.

3. The Army will not forgive cowardice. they will do whatever it takes to achieve victory and never give up.

4. They are warriors. They are Courageous and determined in battle.

5. They are physically tough, mentally alert, and morally straight. They keep themself trained and ready at all times.

6. The military army never backs down or surrenders, no matter what, their strength is always renewed in battle

7. Military army never doubt themself. They cut down their enemies and triumph over their adversity.

8. Military army is committed to the Army’s core values of Integrity, Respect, and Selfless service.

9. Every Soldier must be able to look after himself in every environment, with or without equipment.

10. A soldier must be able to survive in any environment and with or without equipment. It is what makes the soldier strong.

11. A true soldier must be able to survive in any environment with and without modern equipment. He must be able to take care of himself, whether in battle or not.

12. Army fitness is a way of life. Every Soldier must be ready to take on new challenges and conquer daunting obstacles, with or without equipment.

13. Soldiers are expected to be able to run and swim, climb hills and other obstacles, overcoming fatigue in the wilderness with no equipment.

14. We are leaner, meaner, faster and stronger. We prepare for current and future conflicts against a wide range of enemies. Today we stand ready to fight for freedom, in every climate and place, wherever it is threatened.

15. The will to survive is difficult to instil, but necessary when taking young men through their military training. It has been said that it is as much an art as it is a science. Some of the key elements in survival training include physical fitness, mental management, and time management.

16. Every soldier knows that a clean weapon is a sign of his professionalism and pride in the Army.

17. Soldiers are expected to be stalwarts to survive the brutal rigours of combat. They must understand and execute their battle drills.

18. Military army learn to sleep in the rain and dig a hole in the ground when they don’t have a tent.

19. Each soldier is a valuable member of the team. They achieve victory, by understanding that they are not only fighting for their country and the soldiers by their side.

20. You never know when you may have to do an extra 10 push-ups, hold a plank for an extra 30 seconds, or sprint another 200 yards.

21. We all had a purpose, we fought for our nation’s freedom. Our cause is just and our resolve unwavering.

22. The soldiers had a purpose, they fought for their nation’s freedom. Their cause was just, and their resolve unwavering.

23. Eyes on the horizon, They fight for their nation’s freedom, their cause is just and their resolve is unwavering.

24. Military armies are brave men and women, and they all have a common purpose: To defend their country and the freedoms it represents.

25. Even the most skilled soldiers were once raw recruits. Through training, they become fearless. They learn how to use their anger and aggression for good to take life-saving actions with speed and precision.

26. Military army detaches himself from society to serve his country. They all believe in the greater good and defend their beliefs with their lives.

27. Military army is one team and the only team that matters. They are an unstoppable force of good, honour, commitment, and excellence.

28. Military army fights for our nation’s freedom against the enemy. They protect their borders, their nation, and their people. We shall not stop until all of our enemies are defeated.

29. The goal of every soldier is goodness towards excellence; perfectionism is the enemy.

30. In the army, there’s no room for perfection. Excellence is the goal and standard. You can always strive for more.

31. We are the Army. We protect what others cannot protect. We go where others cannot go.

32. The Army is not just a job, it is an adventure. It is growth. It rewards initiative. And demands respect for authority.

33. You don’t have to be a soldier, but if you are, defend your country with confidence and love.

34. Military army trusts your training. Stay sharp, stay vigilant and watch always.

35. Always do your duty. Never quit. Never leave a fallen comrade.

36. The soldier above all others prays for peace, for it is the soldier who must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war.

37. We are the defenders of freedom, our nation’s watchful sentinels in a world full of dangers.

38. Any army will fall, if enough of the troops break their ranks and retreat.

39. In the army, as in life, perception is reality.

40. A thinking military army is a powerful army.

41. ‎In the military army, it takes a brave person to be a coward.

42. I want you to remember that this battle we’re in is not the first one we’ve fought. It is, however, the toughest one yet. Remember, when we win this war it will be because of the spirit that resides in every one of you.

43. We all have a purpose, we fight for our nation’s freedom. We are one with our cause, and our resolve is unwavering.

44. Military army had a reason, a reason to fight, a reason to stay alive. Their cause was just and their resolve never wavered.

45. They have trained hard, they are the best and our cause is just.

46. Winning is all that matters. The military army will do what it takes to achieve its mission and win battles.

47. Military army is committed to communicating openly, being fair in our actions, respecting others and their differences, never forgetting what we stand for and honouring the lives lost in battle.

48. Military army is here to defend our people and protect our nation. They defend their way of life and battle against tyranny and oppression.

49. Why do military armies fight? They fight for their country. They fight for our families. They fight to make sure future generations don’t have to face the same horrors we have.

50. Honor those that have served before you: Veterans Day is a time to thank our military forces, but it’s also a time to remember the people who fought in the wars before us.

51. There is no such thing as a perfect soldier because there is no such thing as a perfect human being. Yet, perfectionism should be the enemy of excellence—not a goal or standard for it.

52. Military fight with honour, integrity, and strength to protect those freedoms that we hold dear.

53. Do not let perfectionism be the enemy of your excellence. No one is perfect and you can never achieve perfection, but you can achieve excellence. Let that be your goal.

54. Military army is not afraid of the storm for they are forever bonded by the sea.

55. Exercise discipline and forbearance so that, cut off from help and surrounded by a savage enemy, you may not be brought to the last extremity.

56. Don’t ever misplace your ethics and always remember what is right. Always be moral and ethical. Always keep good leadership qualities in mind.

57. The Code of Conduct is the guiding moral, ethical and behavioural principles that bind us together. It is the standard by which we live.

58. Strength, honour, country. These are the values that guide the Military army. They are what make us Marine Corps soar high!

59. Trust your gut. It’s usually right. Don’t be afraid to seek help from those who know more than you. Never leave a fallen comrade.

60. A true army never surrenders. It always stands to fight, sometimes alone, and often in the face of certain defeat.

61. Armies never surrender. They always fight, sometimes alone, and usually in the face of certain defeat. It’s the right thing to do.

62. A true army knows the importance of never giving up. It never ignores the sacrifice and bravery of its fallen soldiers and the pride of those who fight with them.

63. Don’t give in to fear, doubt, or uncertainty. Stand up and defend your people against any threat, knowing that you can never truly be defeated as long as you never bow down.

64. Fight for your country’s freedom and you fight for your own. Do not fear death in the face of certain defeat, death is better than slavery.

65. An army never retreats—or it will be destroyed. It never compromises either, because that too is the path to annihilation. It fights to win and it always has a plan to do so.

66. We are the defenders of freedom. We are a beacon of hope and goodness to people around the world. No matter where you live or what you believe in, we stand with you. And, we will never surrender.

67. Even though the odds are against us, let’s stand our ground and fight for a better world.

68. A strong military is the key to a free nation. We must have an enduring commitment to our soldiers and their families, and we must make certain that they have what they need to defend our nation.

69. Behind every soldier is a war hero, behind every war hero is family support and behind every family, a supporter is another soldier.

70. We have fought many battles in our short lives. We have fought for democracy, for peace and independence. We have never lost a war.

71. Military discipline, military honour, and the pride of military achievement are the soul and spirit of a nation. As long as that spirit lives in her citizen soldiers, so will she live.

72. The military has a proud tradition of defending our country and propagating patriotism.

73. Don’t join the military to die for your country. Join the military to make your country worth dying for.

74. Join the military and make your country worth dying for. Save money on college tuition. Get job training in growing fields. And serve your fellow while you’re at it.

74. Join the military and make your country worth dying for.

76. Don’t go to war because you want to die. Go to war because there is something worth dying for.

77. Join the military to protect your country. Join the military to protect your family and friends. Join the military to be a hero.

78. Stop giving your life to your country. Start giving your life for it.

79. Our military isn’t the best in the world because they’re the most well trained. It’s because they were willing to sacrifice everything.

80. If you want to participate in something worthwhile and serve your country, join the military and make a difference.

81. Why join the military? Because everything worth doing isn’t always easy. Because you’ll become stronger than your excuses. Because there’s no greater feeling than knowing your team has your back.

82. Join a team that makes a difference in people’s lives. Be the reason others look to you for strength, courage and expertise. Join the Navy.

83. Joining the military is one of the most rewarding and exciting things you will do in your life. Experience different cultures and traditions, meet people from all over the world and travel to amazing places. Build a career doing something you love while serving your country.

84. The military army’s actions are consistent with the ethics of the profession.

86. After a lifetime of service and sacrifice, let us all be inspired by their selflessness and patriotism.

87. We didn’t lose a battle, we just couldn’t take them all.

88. Being a soldier isn’t about being tough. It’s about being soft and hard at the same time. You have to be strong enough to fight, but still gentle enough to care.

89. The foundation of all military tactics is the science of man, and victory is achieved by breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.

90. An army of sheep led by a lion is better than an army of lions led by a sheep.

91. You have to earn it every day. Do something out of the ordinary, crazy, or heroic someday, just for your satisfaction.

92. Military army pays attention to details, not just when they are at work but in everything they do.

93. The greater the challenge, the more glorious the triumph. That is the principle of a military army.

94. They have no fear for the future of our country if we maintain the ideals that guided us in the past and present. Military army principle.

95. It takes a second to appreciate what you have. It takes a minute to appreciate what you’ve lost. It takes an hour to appreciate what’s left.

96. You can never be too careful. The enemy is everywhere. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

97. Military army never forgets the reason why they wear the uniform.

98. Treachery is a crime that has no place in the Military. Punishment: Death

99. Maintain the highest standards of personal appearance, bearing, and courtesy toward all.

100. Military army understands that sacrifice is necessary, to keep this country great and safe, then we should all be proud to stand up.

The military army is none for rigour, agility, valiance and loyalty. I believe you have been inspired and have chosen your choice from the wonderful military army quotes above. Please, endeavour to comment and share with your loved ones.


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