Pain of Being Ignored Quotes

Pain of Being Ignored Quotes

Most times, what other people say hurt us so much because they were intended to be hurtful. The reason we feel so angry when someone ignores us is that they deliberately choose not to acknowledge us or our feelings. It can be very painful to be ignored, especially if you are feeling vulnerable or insecure.

The person who ignores you may be aware that it hurts you, but they choose to ignore your feelings in favour of their own needs or wants. Ignoring someone is so commonplace that we hardly give it a second thought. However, when it comes to the pain and suffering caused by being ignored, it should be taken seriously.

The pain of being ignored is something that most of us have experienced at one time or another. To be ignored, overlooked, or treated as if one does not exist — can be so painful that we will do anything to make it stop. Because when someone ignores us, we feel rejected and hurt. We feel like this person doesn’t want anything to do with us — like they don’t care about us at all. And when someone hurts us like that, we get angry with them.

If they keep ignoring us after we ask them nicely not to, then our anger grows even more. Eventually, our anger turns into a rage — and we lash out at them with every ounce of strength that we have left inside of ourselves.

Below is a collection of pain of being ignored quotes that you need to check out if you have ever been ignored by anyone.

Pain of Being Ignored Quotes

The pain of being ignored is much worse than the pain of rejection. Rejection is a feeling that comes right after something happens, but ignoring is an absence of feelings. The person could be right there with you, but their mind is somewhere else entirely — maybe even on another planet.

1. The pain of being ignored is the notion that your perceived or experienced social isolation or exclusion from social groups and relationships can lead to suffering. Being ignored may be painful, but the lack of awareness about this type of pain may help explain why it is difficult for some people to detect or identify neglect and validate their feelings, which in turn can make it more difficult to seek help when they experience it.

2. The pain of being ignored is one that no one should ever have to feel. It’s a hollow feeling as if part of you has been taken away without your consent.

3. The pain of being ignored is a very real thing. No one likes to feel that they don’t matter, so it’s important to avoid ignoring others.

4. You know it’s true. The pain of being ignored is much worse than that of the rejected. Whether you’re talking about dating or business, when people ignore you, reject you and leave you out in the cold, your self-esteem takes a big hit.

5. The pain of being ignored is a signal from the body that something is wrong. It means that you are not getting the attention, acceptance and engagement from others that you need.

6. If you are ignored, it can feel like rejection and rejection is painful. To the rejected person the pain of being ignored has a unique meaning: it is a personal insult that reverberates in the mind and body. Internal wounds are slow to heal and resilience may take a long time to develop.

7. To be ignored hurts. It is a deep and real pain that should be explored more and understood. Knowing why it hurts, what causes it, and how to prevent it will help us all live more peaceful lives.

8. Being ignored is a very painful feeling. It’s not just that you’re ignored by other humans, but also by things like the internet and technology. You are made to feel insignificant as if you don’t matter even though you do, which can cause anxiety too.

9. Being ignored is the worst feeling in the world. It makes you feel invisible and worthless like no one cares enough to even notice you. No matter who you are or what you do, you deserve to be treated with kindness and respect. Ignoring people is hurtful, unnecessary, and rude.

10. At its most basic, being ignored is about someone making you feel like what you are saying doesn’t matter or isn’t important. It can also involve not receiving respect for your thoughts, feelings and opinions. Because of this, being ignored can lead to feeling crushed and self-conscious — sometimes even worthless.

11. You may think that being ignored is easy to fix, but the truth is that sometimes you can feel the pain. When you feel the pain of being ignored by those around you, it is difficult to push through.

12. The feeling of being ignored is one of the most painful things a human can experience, and it often results in unwanted behaviour. As such, it’s important to understand its causes and effects before they completely take over your life.

13. Being ignored can hurt. It’s one thing to be left out of a group, or to be overlooked when it comes to accolades and awards. But being ignored when you need someone is even more painful.

14. Being ignored is a painful experience that we have all felt at one time or another. The event may be trivial and temporary, but can still have a profound effect on the person who experiences it.

15. Being ignored can feel like no one is listening to you when you’re trying to get someone’s attention, whether it be your partner, parent or even a friend. Especially if that person doesn’t respect your boundaries and personal space.

16. When someone ignores you, it’s as if they don’t register your presence. They literally don’t see you. It’s as if you’re not there. You can be standing right in front of them and they just walk through you. You may be dimly aware of their presence but on some level, it’s like they just don’t exist for you.

17. The pain of being ignored can be much worse than the pain of rejection because people tend to think they are being rejected. Empathy and understanding can go a long way toward healing a broken heart—and relationships.

18. The pain of being ignored is a very strong feeling that can affect you when you are alone. The most painful thing is to be ignored by someone who knows your deepest secret, but you never feel worthy enough to tell them your secret due to their lack of trust in your ability to keep their secret.

19. Everyone has experienced the pain of being ignored at some point in their lives. And, the pain of being ignored can be just as painful as that of physical illness or emotional abuse.

20. The pain of being ignored is a feeling that no one deserves. As it is a deliberate act by another, the person who does this is either not listening to you or doesn’t wish to be bothered by you.

21. At its worst, the pain of being ignored can be soul-crushing. You feel isolated, invisible and inferior. You wonder what it feels like to have someone see you or listen to you or care about you. You don’t know if your thoughts or feelings have any importance at all, but fear that they do not.

22. The pain of being ignored can be worse than the bullying that comes with it. It is a constant, a tattoo. It’s permanent, like the scars that have permanently etched themselves into your skin and will never go away. They are just reminders of what happened in your life that has changed you forever.

23. The pain of being ignored makes you feel invisible like you’re unseen. It crushes your spirit and makes you question yourself.

24. The pain of being ignored, although only fleeting, can be deep and transformational. You know when you have been ignored because it is not in the least bit subtle. It is like a knife cutting through your very soul and leaving a split-second hole that reverberates for ages as if it were brand new daily.

25. Many people experience the pain of being ignored. Have you ever had someone look right at you and still not see you? It’s very hurtful. And it can be damaging to your self-esteem. As a result, you may begin to think that you’re invisible to others.

26. When someone ignores you, it can hurt. And there are many ways we can be ignored. It is possible that a person may not be aware of their actions, or the fact that they feel ignored. This can leave you feeling alone and unable to cope with your feelings.

27. Being ignored can lead to loneliness, desperation and even depression. But there is another side to being ignored as well. Ignoring a person could indicate that she has done something wrong or something that offends people around her. The outcome of ignoring a person depends on the situation, but both situations can hurt someone’s feelings.

28. The pain of being ignored is about more than just a lack of romantic attention. It goes to your sense of self-worth and your need for connection with others. It’s like having your heart broken from the inside out.

29. The pain of being ignored doesn’t go away by itself. It grows. Like cancer. If ignored for too long, it may never heal. And then, without warning or reason, you will be back to where you started from.

30. The pain of being ignored can feel like it’s going to break you down. The emotions you feel when that happens are real, but the fear and anger they stir up won’t help anything. If you experience hard feelings towards the one who did it, think about what this person could have meant to you had they just acknowledged your presence.

31. When someone ignores us, we feel as if no one is there for us. The feeling is intense and very irritating. We may feel unwanted or even unlovable. Let’s face it, when people are ignoring us, they are probably just too busy or distracted to notice they are doing so.

32. The pain of being ignored can be a little bit hard and difficult to bear. It’s amazing to see that there is a lot that you can do with the pain of being ignored.

33. The pain of being ignored is real. It can be a low ache in the chest or an intense burning in your eyes that makes you feel like you may never stop crying. But it shouldn’t be this way. Everyone should feel loved and included, no matter what they look like or who they are. But to do that we all need to become better listeners and more caring people.

34. The pain of being ignored is when you feel worthless like there’s nothing you can do to change your situation. You may even question your existence—did I do something wrong? Am I not worth anything?

35. The pain of being ignored is one of the worst feelings in the world. When someone ignores you, it makes you feel worthless and unimportant to them. You may not be able to change how they feel about you, but you should find a way to cope with this reality.

36. The pain of being ignored is like nothing else. It makes you feel small, like a child with no agency or control over their life. It makes you feel alone and isolated in your own thoughts and feelings. You can’t cry because it seems so trivial, so insignificant.

37. When we are being ignored our feelings are hurt, and this emotional pain can be detrimental to our health. Studies show that being ignored can increase stress, increase your body’s cortisol levels and decrease the immune system response.

38. Being ignored can often be a very painful experience. Imagine how you would feel if your friends/colleagues ignored you and there was nothing you could do about it…it is not a nice feeling at all.

39. As a human being, one of the most difficult things you can endure is to be ignored. It makes you feel invisible and, at times, worthless. Yet, that is precisely what happens when we do not acknowledge the people around us.

40. The pain of being ignored is real. It is the ultimate example of how we are conditioned to seek love and attention. But it’s not just negative reinforcement that hurts so much about being ignored. There are many positive benefits to people who like being around you, but not everyone likes you. This can be because of a personal bias, or maybe they’re simply in a bad mood. Bottom line: nothing upsets us like being ignored.

41. It’s easy to forget the pain of being ignored because it’s easier to focus on other people’s attention — the good kind. But when we talk about those who feel ignored, the pain becomes apparent. The deep lines on their faces and their slumped shoulders tell us where they are holding so much grief and fear inside.

42. Don’t ignore this problem. While being ignored may feel like nothing to you, it’s a very big deal for the person being ignored. You are not giving others an opportunity to have a voice and be heard. When someone is unable to speak up, they are silenced.

43. The pain of being ignored is a truly terrible type of pain, you don’t even know that this is happening but slowly it builds up and becomes so unbearable that people start to feel like they’re going insane.

44. The pain of being ignored can be almost unbearable, especially when you feel that your presence matters and that you are on the verge of something great. Taking a moment to think through the reasons why someone may not be returning your calls or texts can help you understand what’s really going on—and hopefully get them talking to you again.

45. This is the unbearable pain that is hidden in every human being. It’s the fear of being ignored; the fear of being left out. The fear of being regarded as stupid. The fear of screaming at nobody and hearing nothing. The feeling when no one answers your call and you are kept waiting until you can bear no more and end it all with a phone call.

46. The worst kind of pain is the one that makes you feel like no one cares. The pain of being ignored is so powerful that it can tear someone apart piece by piece, leaving them with a scar that never heals.

47. At first, the pain of being ignored may feel like nothing. We assume that our rejection will inspire someone to appreciate us, but it rarely does. Instead, it cuts deeper and deeper into our core as we realize that no one is willing or able to accept us for who we really are.

48. Being ignored is one of the most painful experiences, especially if you feel that it’s happening because of who you are. You may feel like others are staring at you or talking about you behind your back. The pain caused by being ignored can get even worse if a relationship with a person who has ignored you makes it more likely that other people will, too.

49. The pain of being ignored is a tragic thing. People who have been ignored for most of their lives can feel it in their bones, and many of them don’t know what to do about it. As the years go by, they just get sicker and sicker. They don’t know how to make new friends. They don’t know how to get rid of the terrible ache inside them.

50. Imagine the feeling of being ignored. Think about how embarrassing it would feel to stand in the middle of a room, surrounded by others – and have absolutely no one acknowledge your presence or the fact that you are even alive. The pain is unbearable and can leave someone feeling hopeless, and irrevocably alone.

51. Being ignored can be a painful experience. You are left feeling helpless, dismissed and unimportant. It can make you feel angry, hurt and frustrated. The problem with being ignored is that it’s one of those things that never goes away – even if you leave the relationship altogether or start ignoring someone else, they are still doing it to you every single day.

52. Being ignored is the worst feeling in the world and it can be extremely draining. When people ignore you, they are essentially telling you that your thoughts and feelings do not matter. This causes a deep sense of hurt and leaves you feeling alone and isolated, which only makes things get worse.

53. Being ignored is probably one of the most painful feelings we can experience in life. It’s not only uncomfortable and irritating, but it also prevents us from feeling confident and respected.

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