Physical Attraction Quotes

Physical Attraction Quotes

There are many factors that contribute to attraction. The first thing that attracts someone to another is physical attraction. Physical attraction is the first step towards forming a relationship and it plays a vital role in building a strong foundation for any long term relationship. Physical attraction is the first thing that you notice about someone and it’s what makes you want to meet them.

Physical attraction can be defined as an aesthetic appreciation for the beauty or the appeal of another person, which may be based on factors such as their facial features, physique, colouring and hair length. It can be influenced by cultural norms or other personal preferences. The term “physical attractiveness” often refers to traits associated with physical appearance such as facial symmetry or body proportions, and waist-to-hip ratio.

Physical attractiveness can be determined by the – which measures what people find attractive – and by the – which measures how attractive people find certain things like faces or bodies.

These physical attraction quotes as listed below are the best ever. Do well to take a swipe down and digest every of the listed items.


Physical Attraction Quotes

Physical attraction is the first step toward falling in love, and it’s often a strong indicator of who you really are. Nothing is more intoxicating than the feeling of being desired.

1. Physical attraction is the first of all the sweet things and the first of all the things that make you cry, and it’s the first of all the things you understand.

2. Physical attraction is the basis of humans coming together; it makes you long for someone and grow impatient for that person. You long to be in the person’s arms all day long.

3. Physical attraction forms the bedrock of love and intimacy in the lives of humans. It’s a wonderful thing to hug and hold the one you love, to kiss and feel them on your shoulder, to get undressed to feel the touch of their hand.

4. Everyone has their eyes on you, everyone has their eyes on the person they are attracted to. Everyone wants their chance to be with that special person. Physical attraction is the first step. But be careful not to fall victim to desire and ruin your reputation.

5. On second thought, that easy smile that always seems to be there as you walk beside him. He is the only one capable of making you smile. When all of these happen, you are physically attracted to him.

6. To go to bed with a man is to lie with a friend, and to lie with a friend is to get to know a lover. The power inherent in physical attraction is overwhelming.

7. The physical attraction is a stronger force; the distance between the hearts diminishes. Even the darkness around us seems to become lights above us and the heart beating belongs to us.

8. Physical attraction is a common thread that runs through everything and everyone.

9. The physical attraction to love is only natural, true love is what we all search for, but love is a many splintered thing often ending in heartache and pain.

10. Physical attraction forms the bedrock of love and intimacy in the lives of humans, hidden between skin and muscle, the power that binds two hearts together.

11. From a physical attraction, companionship is discovered. One has no choice but to accept love. Physical attraction is the bedrock of love and intimacy in the lives of humans, but love is a mystery, and mystery has no place in the human mind.

12. Being with someone doesn’t always mean physical attraction, some people fall in love with people they aren’t with, they may not even know that person, or like them, but they’re falling in love.

13. Physical attraction is the bedrock of love and intimacy no matter how much we try to disguise it all. It’s all about fun and the pleasure but love is a beautiful thing.

14. Physical attraction is the immediate energy that makes your heart beat faster and your skin tingle.

15. The physical attraction of two people isn’t always the attraction of true love but the physical attraction of two people. These can only be categorized as love at first sight.

16. Physical attraction is not enough to keep a relationship alive but if it`s there, it will draw you closer until you fall in love.

17. Physical attraction is the basis of humans coming together, and it should be, some say it is, and it is in most cases.

18. It seems that we all have a certain type of person we attract to and it’s just like a physical attraction so it’s inevitable that people form relationships on physical attraction alone.

19. Physical attraction is the basis of humans coming together. It’s the promise of what we want and what we feel; it’s the love that keeps us together.

20. Physical attraction is an important part of love and intimacy, for it is the base on which everything else grows. Physical attraction keeps getting stronger, it’s not just an illusion, it’s the only thing that matters.

21. Physical attraction happens within a moment; it’s easy to fall, but when feelings collide, it’s hard to believe the way one feels because it goes from smiling to touching and then on to the bigger things.

22. Physical attraction is what defines a bond of friendship it’s a strong foundation that holds true when the love is strong, then you’re going to get it right.

23. From physical attraction, humans tend to develop other relationships. It’s like a drug, so, everyone needs to be careful about it.

24. This world is infested with physical attraction. Physical attraction is real and it is an insight into what the future holds dear for us. Believe it and see it happen.

25. Being attracted to what satisfies you is not the only form of attraction; it is another form of satisfaction for the soul.

26. The physical attraction is always there we all have it. It’s always there, the physical attraction is always there.

27. Physical attraction is the basis of humans coming together, if this is true, then it applies to everyone in the world.

28. Physical attraction, a thing that we all know, that makes us come together, that makes us stay, that makes a man want to be a man and a woman is a thing that keeps us together.

29. If a man and a woman are meant to be together if you let yourself fall in love you’ll realize what you’re really made of you’ll find out who you really are.

30. I always thought that the feeling you get when you look at someone is just the physical attraction, but the real attraction is when you like them, you can’t help it, you like them, and you know that you would do whatever would make them happy.

31. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you’ll never find it, but when you think that you’ve found it, it won’t be there, and then you’ll be lost. From the moment you are enthralled in physical attraction, then, you should know everything had to leave.

32. From physical attraction, humans tend to develop other relationships. From the physical attraction, you become one with a person you can’t ignore.

33. Like your favourite colour, everyone love has a love. Physical attraction may start from one colour but it all ends in two people coming together to love those who have this colour, it’s called the colour of trust.

34. Physical attraction makes sure that there is no need to despise, while we are physical, we are more than our physicalities.

35. We can’t control our physical attraction, but we can control how we act on it.

36. Physical attraction makes you cling to someone you’ve been attracted to you even before you even knew. It doesn’t give anyone the chance to think the distance could be covered so fast.

37. Physical attraction it’s the first thing that one feels when gazing at another person. It’s the first thing that we see when our hearts bond together.

38. Physical attraction can be a one-way street. There are people who’ll be waiting on the other end to tell you how wonderful you look.

39. Physical attraction is a stone laid on top of the mountain of desire that can either make the climb or break the heart when it’s in view.

40. She was the one that wanted to be caressed while you wanted to be with her, she was the one that wanted to be hold, while you wanted to be with her, she was the one that wanted to be loved while you were attracted to her.

41. Physical attraction is words on a page nakedly written on your heart, but they’re not enough to be loved, they’re never enough to be loved if you’re looking to be loved.

42. The strength of the body, the heart and the mind, are the ones that make us one, we couldn’t be what we are without all three, and together they display our love.

43. Your physical attraction can lead to many relationships. You may have been attracted to another person from the beginning, but it is your beauty that draws you to the heart of others.

44. Physical attraction is the bedrock of love and the foundation of intimacy in the lives of humans.

45. Physical attraction is all that you need to see the smile and hear the voice of that person that just can’t help but think of you.

46. We all know our physical attraction, the way we look, the way we move, the way we talk and the way we act, but we often forget the ways that we feel.

47. For those who truly love, nothing can keep them away from each other until they become a part of whom they are supposed to be, a part of who they will eventually be.

48. Physical attraction is all that exists; it’s a way of testing if you can trust the person you are with, if they just have some evidence of being the one you have been searching for.

49. From physical attraction, humans tend to develop other relationships. Some could’ve never felt the need, but still, they feel a need to be, to be in a relationship.

50. Sometimes you feel you can’t connect with someone – something is missing, and it’s not the type of thing you have in mind, but you keep searching and searching, and you feel like you’re going in a circle.

51. Let’s paint the world with colours of attraction, let’s look down on the sun and see, that physical attraction is the basis of humans coming together.

52. We all have physical attraction; it’s a self-created game, a game that is played for the most part, by people who are barely on the level.

53. Physical attraction is the basis of humans coming together. It’s a magical thing, once you believe and when you think of all the things you’ve been through its when you are most desirable

54. It is the body and prestige associated with someone that makes you easily attracted by the smile of that person. Physical attraction transcends staring; it is a pathway to the soul of humans.

55. First impressions are perfect. Last impressions last for a life time. But for a lasting impression, the first impression is final.

56. When you meet the one you never thought you’d meet, they represent everything you thought you could never have. But you got lucky and that’s a fact.

57. Physical attraction is a challenge for everyone to overcome, yet, no one can fight it. It’s the factor that you have to give it a go. It’s the thing that you have to work to achieve.

58. Physical attraction is like a magnetic field that keeps man and woman together. It’s a miracle, but all of it is so magical.

59. Without a physical attraction, there would be no love upon a first encounter, love on a first date, and then, a first kiss.

60. Physical attraction will make you see someone on a blind date and you will seem drawn to the person and also the other person will reciprocate. It is a force humans cannot resist. It overwhelms and consumes.

61. When you are physically attracted to someone, then you know that you heart is no longer just yours. It is shared with somebody else. You have to open it for her and him.

62. To the person who can find the secret way to the heart of someone else, then, your dreams are all about to be shared. You would be a loving couple with a kiss of life.

63. ‘You’re the most beautiful girl that ever seen’- these are words invoked by the forces of physical attraction.

64. Physical attraction is a part of life too many people believe it’s just for sex; the truth is that attraction is about your soul, it’s about your destiny.

65. This is it. This is the first step. And when you see her, she’ll make you want to believe, that you’ve been made for her. It is all about physical attraction.

66. Physical attraction can be so deceiving; there’s no need to be afraid and totally different from the way you feel. There’s a bond that’s already there.

67. From physical attraction, human tend to develop other relationships thoughts of love, thoughts of lust, thoughts of hate, and thoughts of fear.

68. A human being is a physical symbol, that of which the whole world is made- a symbol of beauty, a symbol that’s chosen to be attracted to someone else of whom that world is made complete.

69. Physical attraction is the beginning of the relationship; the beginning of the story. It is the beginning of a love story that has a beautiful beginning- a beautiful love story.

70. In the streets, there are many people who are beautiful and graceful and grand, who are the centre of attraction, and the ones who attract us are the ones who are the most beautiful, the ones we admire the most.

71. Physical attraction is a beautiful thing. It says more about you than it does about them.

72. Physical attraction would make you feel special and just not the kind of girl that anyone would be interested in. It makes you more special even though you may never find her in the pages of a magazine.

73. From physical attraction, we develop human relations relationships that bind with their own set of laws human interactions are the law of our many life ills

74. Physical attraction is the basis of humans coming together in a world that is full of hate. A world of love is what we need, so, let’s build an atmosphere of love.

75. Physical attraction is a part of the human race. It’s a way to pass along our genes; it’s a way to unite as a species.

76. There once was a man who was blind, when he saw the sun above him, he felt his heart rumble, when he saw the sun on the wing of a butterfly, his heart melted because of the forces of physical attraction.

77. Physical attraction by itself will not make us develop other relationships, but in a very real way it will draw us to be attracted to people we don’t consciously recognize but feel that they are on the same page without knowing what page they are.

78. Physical attraction is strong; when it touches you, you feel it for a while. It’s hard to overlook, but other than that, it is what you need it.

79. Physical attraction is the basis of humans coming together. It’s a bond to see in you and me as we both fly like the butterflies that we are.

80. Physical attraction is a powerful thing. It can create or destroy relationships.

81. Physical attraction begins the moment your eyes meet a feeling of connection. It’s a feeling that keeps anyone up at night.

82. We fall in love without a thought, we just go with the flow and life happens, but what happens when the flame is gone? What happens when the love is gone? You fall back on physical attraction.

83. Physical attraction to another person makes your soul to integrate into a mode that I inexplicable by words. You can’t do without it once it hits you.

84. It’s a beautiful thing – physical attraction, it’s not just the way they look, it’s the way they act, they don’t care what you’ve got to say, it’s the way they make you feel inside.

85. Physical attraction; the one that seems to connect two people, it can lead to deeper feelings.

86. From physical attraction, humans tend to develop other relationships in order to get to know someone you have to start at the beginning for at the beginning of the story, the main character. The writer is the main character

87. Physical attraction is a fact one can’t deny. No one can stand in its way when that charming smile comes. From physical attraction, humans tend to develop other relationships.

88. Physical attraction may be everything, but you can’t love someone with a heart of stone, so don’t take that beautiful face for granted, because you’ll fall in love when you least expect it.

89. From physical attraction you would be drawn in to other bigger feats. You are not too sure where it will go; it could be a whole different direction, but you have to decide to take it your way.

90. Attraction is like gravity. The stronger the pull, the more you will fall for them.

91. Physical attraction, soft and gentle touch, a warm embrace, gentle and slow. The physical attraction is strong and we get lost inside, but one thing is sure the heart is stronger, and thought is stronger than a slap.

92. Deep inside, we attract our likes, the ones we call true love are the ones that we attract. If you think of what you want and let it stay in your heart, you’ll be the one that we all look to for lessons in life.

93. Your body is the vehicle of physical attraction, entwined with its astute eyes, it is not only beautiful, but allows us to express emotion as well.

94. Physical attraction forms the bedrock of love, and people’s physical attraction has a hold on the heart.

95. Physical attraction brings us together, physical attraction is the foundation. It can make you feel lust. It can make you feel love. It is on fire and when it comes along, you must return the flame.

96. There’s a certain kind of look people prefer to see and to feel when you are near the person you are attracted to. It’s like your crush dressed in a provocative white dress, you can’t resist that physical attraction.

97. Early in the morning, physical attraction can wake you from bed and make you look for her everywhere till the evening, and when you feel strong, you also feel weak. It’s a mystery- physical attraction is what humans cannot fully fathom.

98. Physical attraction forms the bedrock of love and intimacy in the lives of humans when you touch her, she comes alive like a fire that burns with a natural flame. When you kiss her, she burns with a fire that cannot be quenched.

99. Physical attraction is the bedrock of love and intimacy in the lives of humans. It’s the one thing that can’t be bought; it’s the one thing that can’t be lost.

100. Physical attraction forms the bedrock of love and intimacy in the lives of humans. And one must still kiss before they can touch, and one must still touch before they can hold, and one must still hold before they can love you.

Physical attraction allows us to know someone on a more intimate level. This intimacy builds trust in a relationship. Trust is a basic building block of a healthy relationship.

These physical attraction quotes up there should be studied more than just read. You can also share your experiences in the comment box below.

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