Putting up Walls in Relationships Quotes

Putting up Walls in Relationships Quotes

A relationship is a connection between two people that may or may not be close or intimate. Relationships are usually based on a variety of factors including personality, physical attraction, values, and a feeling of love for one another. They can be short-lived or long-lasting. They can be romantic but not sexual or can be both.

Usually, the idea of a relationship without walls is a myth. Walls can be built in many different ways — whether it be through negative words or actions, or silence or neglect — but they all serve the same purpose: to push people away from us so that we don’t feel like we need anyone else around us at all. We all have walls and we all put up those walls for a reason.

It’s important to know your walls and why you built them. The problem is that when we start building walls in our relationship, we also start building them around ourselves. When you have a wall up in a relationship, it means that you are not really letting yourself be vulnerable with the person you love or care about. You are hiding behind an invisible barrier so that nobody can see what you are feeling or thinking.

The problem is that this wall makes it impossible for others to get close to you because they can’t see past it. People also often put up walls and barriers to keep out the pain. When you are hurt, you might even blame yourself for something that was not your fault or think if you just worked a little harder, things would get better.

Below is a collection of putting up walls in relationships quotes that will give you an idea of what it means to put up walls in a relationship.

Putting up Walls in Relationships Quotes

By putting up walls in relationships, people aren’t just protecting themselves against something bad happening. They’re also protecting themselves from reality. The more time you spend with someone, the more you expose yourself to their flaws and the more they expose themselves to yours.

1. In order to be vulnerable in a relationship, you need to know that your partner can handle it. You will have no choice but to put up walls if you do not trust your partner.

2. There are so many reasons why you may want to create barriers between yourself and the world. It might be because you feel like people just don’t understand you or it could be that you have been hurt by someone in the past. Whatever the reason, it’s important for a relationship to have no walls between two individuals, so don’t let your walls keep others away.

3. Sometimes, people put up walls to protect themselves. But if you let your walls down, you can become closer to the people you care most about. And that feeling is safer than you think.

4. The ability to cope with relationships in which you feel out of control is a craft that every person should master. To do so, it is essential to be able to identify the walls that you have erected in your life.

5. Putting up walls in your relationship can be a result of fear and worry, but it doesn’t help because there are many other ways you can protect yourself while still being open and vulnerable with the person.

6. Putting up walls in relationships means you are not willing to accept the person completely. It leads to miscommunication and misunderstanding between your partner, which further restricts the relationship.

7. It’s cool to put up walls in relationships and protect yourself, but don’t be afraid to be open and let people in. You will never meet someone unless you open up, so go ahead and kiss that frog if you have to.

8. When you start to get in a relationship with someone, you have certain expectations about their actions and behaviours. When this doesn’t happen and could be considered a sign of disrespect, or even betrayal, it is time to start putting up walls in relationships.

9. Individuals who are afraid of getting hurt in a relationship will put up walls between themselves and their partner to protect themselves from any sort of pain. They do this by not letting anyone in or making it so others cannot get close to them emotionally. They also can cause resentment from their partner because they feel as though this person won’t let them in emotionally at all.

10. We all have walls. Some of us put up walls to protect ourselves, others put them up to keep people out. But very few of us knock down the walls between ourselves and our partners.

11. Putting up walls in your relationship can stop you from opening up to your partner, loving them in all their flaws, as well as receiving love from them. If you have ever been in a relationship where your partner was too controlling, then you should feel how being restricted like this can make you feel trapped in an unhealthy relationship.

12. Putting up walls in relationships is a way of protecting yourself from getting hurt. There are rules for relationships, one of them being that it’s important to trust the person you are with to take care of you emotionally and physically.

13. When you put up walls in your relationships, it indicates that you’re not open to connecting. You might feel as though you are protecting yourself from hurt. Don’t let the walls come between you and those who love you because they truly want to help.

14. People usually put up walls when facing a difficult relationship and they can hide behind these walls. Sometimes putting up walls is good for protecting yourself but it can also be dangerous if the walls are too thick and high. The best solution to this is communicating with each other and letting your partner know that you need them in your life.

15. If your partner can’t read you, or understand your thoughts and feelings, the relationship will suffer. Putting up walls prevents this from happening.

16. People in relationships find themselves putting up walls. These walls can be made out of things like time, physical space, or even expectations. By doing so, we prevent ourselves from exploring the full potential that comes with being in a relationship. We miss out on learning and growing together, which is the reality of any given partnership.

17. You cannot have a healthy relationship with your partner if you are constantly putting up walls. You must be willing to open up, trust and let go of everything you think is standing between you two.

18. True love is about communication. It’s knowing that you’re willing to risk being vulnerable and open with your feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Love isn’t just about putting up walls – it’s about taking them down.

19. Relationships always have walls, big and small. It’s up to two people in a relationship how to build the walls of their togetherness.

20. For most people, the desire to put up walls in a relationship stems from a fear of being hurt by others. This may stem from past experiences where you were let down or betrayed by someone close to you. If you have experienced a lot of disappointment in your love life, then you may be hesitant to open up and share yourself with someone new.

21. When people put up walls, they may feel safer in the short term but they are creating a closed and lonely life. When we build walls around ourselves or feel that a relationship is lacking something, we distance ourselves from those who might help us the most.

22. In relationships, it can be hard to balance honesty with loyalty. One of the first things people do when they feel a breakup coming on is to build walls, either for themselves or for their partners.

23. The biggest mistake a person can make in a relationship is distancing themselves because walls make us feel safer. While those walls do a great job at keeping everyone else out, they also keep you from being able to feel love. There’s nothing more romantic than taking down those walls and holding your hand out for something more meaningful and authentic.

24. The best way to get over someone is by putting up walls in relationships and moving on. Walls are meant to protect us from getting hurt and prevent people from walking all over us.

25. Do you know what happens when you put up walls in a relationship? The person you have been building that wall for will eventually walk away.

26. It is difficult to remember you want to be open, empathetic and loving when the world is putting up walls in your relationships. It hurts just as much when those you love try to build walls between them and you because they are avoiding dealing with their actions or the consequences of those actions.

27. Don’t be afraid to put a wall up between you and others in order to protect yourself. For example, if someone is controlling, or not respecting your boundaries, it’s best to stand up for yourself before you get hurt. This can be done by setting clear limits and boundaries which will help you from being taken advantage of at times when going along is easier than standing up for what is right.

28. The idea of “putting up walls” in relationships can be viewed as either negative or positive, depending on the situation. In most cases, it’s not because we don’t trust our partners enough to be honest with them.

29. In relationships, you may encounter walls that take time to break down. Putting them up in the first place is often the result of past hurts, but they don’t need to prevent you from moving forward.

30. Relationships with walls can last if both parties know how to communicate with each other, but when you put up walls, it means you are hiding. Though there’s nothing wrong with having personal space, putting up walls won’t help your relationship survive.

31. The best relationships build together. This means being willing to share your ups and downs and being open to the other person’s experiences. Walls are erected when we judge someone’s emotions, thoughts or experiences as negative, rather than as a part of their journey.

32. For some people, putting up walls in relationships seems to be an effective way of keeping their hearts safe. These are people who are afraid to open up, or who feel vulnerable and want to protect themselves from potential pain. When you put up walls in your relationships, not only will it damage them, but it can also prevent you from finding true love.

33. Many people think that putting up walls is a general indication of an unhealthy relationship but the fact of the matter is that it can be used as a sign of self-preservation.

34. Your relationship won’t be able to flourish and grow if you put up walls. It’s okay to express yourself freely by trusting the person you are with, but it’s not okay to keep things inside that need to be brought out in order for a healthy relationship. Instead of putting up walls in your relationship, let them down and show your vulnerability.

35. Humans have been putting up walls in relationships for as long as we’ve been having relationships. From the beginning of time, humans have also been trying to break through those walls, but it seems that very few have figured out how.

36. In relationships, it’s common to put up walls to protect ourselves. But sometimes these walls can make us feel lonely or unhappy because we don’t let anyone in. It’s important to ask yourself why you put up the walls in the first place.

37. Romantic relationships are different, you see. In romantic relationships, people put up walls and shields because they do not want to be hurt again.

38. While it’s important to be open to new people, putting up walls can damage relationships. Be willing to share things about yourself so that others can get to know you better.

39. Healing from a broken heart or a failed relationship can be very difficult. It’s hard to open yourself up to someone else after you’ve had your heart broken. But if you want to move on from that pain, it’s important to let others in and let go of the past.

40. Putting up walls in relationships ll keeps you safe, and the relationship going longer. Many people have a hard time understanding why we put up walls, but it’s for the best for both parties involved. It is better to have no relationship at all than to be in one that does not make you happy.

41. In a relationship, you have to be able to open yourself up in order to keep it going. If you are not willing to take that risk and talk about your feelings, then what kind of love is it? You can’t be honest with yourself or with the person you love if you are putting up walls.

42. Putting up walls in relationships is toxic. It limits what you’re capable of doing with the person and it prevents a bond from growing stronger.

43. Once you start putting up walls, it’s difficult to move on. You have to be ready and willing to let down your walls before you can get what you want from a relationship.

44. When you put up walls in your relationship, you won’t be able to let any person come in. That will lead you to stay lonely and sad. You must let people know that they can trust you, otherwise, it might be difficult for them to get into your heart.

45. The dilemma of the wall lover is this. If he or she casts a wall around themselves, it is to protect their heart from being hurt in the past or from having their precious time wasted with someone who will never be able to meet their needs. But on the other hand, if they do not build these walls, they risk letting another person walk all over them and take advantage of them.

46. Putting up walls in a relationship is like putting a revolving door in your front yard. You may be able to keep unwanted people out, but you’re also keeping potential lovers out of your life!

47. Some people love to talk and connect with just about anyone. Others prefer to keep a little distance from the people they meet, particularly if they feel vulnerable or unsure of themselves. What they both have in common is putting up walls in relationships.

48. In a relationship, it’s easy to put up walls. Maybe you’re afraid of getting hurt or maybe you just don’t have time to open up. Whatever the reason, it’s good at some point to take down those walls and let someone in.

49. If you love someone – let them know. Let them in, let them see your heart and soul, and never put up walls that block their way to who you really are.

50. Putting up walls in relationships is one of the most harmful things that we can do to ourselves and the people around us. So many times these walls are hard to take down and it can be quite a challenge for those who love us dearly to get through to us.

51. When we put up walls in relationships, we tell people that we are not interested in their ideas, opinions and thoughts. We shut them out and make them feel that way too.

52. If you’re ever putting up walls in your relationships, then you certainly need to get out of them. As much as we want to trust someone and believe that they are trustworthy, it’s likely that we will back off a little bit and protect ourselves from getting hurt.

53. Placing walls in relationships is a double-edged sword, you place one up around yourself (your protection) but it also creates distance between you and your partner.

54. People who have put up walls claim that they do so because they want to be left alone. However, it is not a healthy way to live and will lead to long-term loneliness and depression. People should get rid of the walls that have been built up in their lives and try to reach out and connect with others.

55. There are some situations that demand putting up walls in relationships, it’s true. However, putting up walls may not be the right thing to do all the time. In general, it depends on how strong your relationship is when you consider how much of a wall you want to put up.

56. Even though both of you may feel hurt, putting up walls in relationships is not a healthy solution. If you want to be happy and respected, you must have the courage to get over your fears and trust the people who love and care about you.

57. Things are not always as nice, sweet and romantic as we want them to be. We always expect our partners to be good and perfect, but sometimes we don’t realize that it is okay to put up walls in relationships and maintain certain boundaries.

58. We often feel that keeping up walls and barriers gives us a sense of safety in relationships. But if you really want to grow with someone, letting go of that fear and taking the risk to be vulnerable can be so much more rewarding.

59. In relationships, we all build walls. Not the walls that hold us back from our dreams and aspirations, but rather the walls we put up to protect ourselves from getting hurt again. These are the protective measures that we use to avoid being hurt by others or not being able to share our feelings with them.

60. In romantic relationships, the putting up of walls is sometimes the first step in setting boundaries. Simply put, it is an expression of a person’s need for space. A couple should not be expected to always be open and transparent with each other for this reason.

61. It would be an understatement to say that the walls you put up do not help the relationship. They are more likely to get in the way of what could be a great partnership.

62. You may need to put up walls early on in a new relationship. You may be hesitant, or scared. You might not know the person well enough yet, and worry that they may hurt you or walk away. Don’t pretend you don’t have any walls. It’s natural to have some walls up even with the person you love most in the world. Always remember: Where there are protective walls in relationships, there can also be supportive ones.

63. In the world of relationships, putting up walls is a strategy that people use to keep their partners at a distance. This can make your partner feel alone and that they don’t have a say in your life. It can also make you feel like you’re alone, too.

64. It can be difficult to put up a wall in a relationship. When you first start seeing someone, you think that you need to let the other person in completely and tell them everything to get them to like you. The reality is that nobody wants their heart broken.

65. Putting up walls in relationships is an absolutely normal thing to do. It’s easy to feel that once you’ve opened up your heart to someone, there’s no way back. A lot of people feel like they can’t be themselves around their partner like they need to pull away and “put up walls” so that no one can hurt them. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

66. When you put up walls in a relationship, it’s easy to get trapped by them. You may think your partner is the reason for your troubles but in most cases, you’re only hurting yourself.

67. If you are starting to notice a pattern of putting up walls in your relationship, it is time to start communicating with each other. You cannot build a strong relationship if you are not willing to communicate.

68. Walls in relationships exist to protect us and preserve our esteem, but they can also become an obstacle to intimacy and love.

69. When you feel the need to put up a wall and not let anyone in, understand that it’s not just about others. It’s about your own fear and weakness as well. When you start putting up walls, remember that you are protecting that which is most fragile within you–your heart.

70. The old adage goes that “the walls we build around us to keep sadness out also keep out the joy.” Your ability to build substantial relationships with others depends on your willingness to open up and share your emotions.

71. When we put up walls in relationships, it makes our partners and family feel frustrated, hurt and a sense of being unsupported.

72. When you put up walls in relationships, it prevents the other person from getting close to you. It may work at first, but it’s not a long-term solution.

73. When we continually put up walls to keep our relationships at bay, they become harder and harder to break down. Eventually, it takes an event that shakes us up enough to reach out and ask for help.

74. Relationships can be complicated. And when you’re dealing with a serious problem, you may feel the need to protect yourself from being hurt again. That’s normal. But keeping your guard up when things are good is like taking medicine before you get sick—it only serves to make things worse.

75. Yes, relationships take work, but when you sabotage your own happiness by putting up walls in your relationship, you’re only hurting yourself. When you’re unwilling to express what truly makes you happy and scared to upset others with your opinions, then there’s a problem.

76. When it comes to relationships, we all want what is best for ourselves, but sometimes in our efforts to protect ourselves, we put up walls that push people away. Over time, these walls build up and close us off from everyone around us. That’s when we stop enjoying life and start living a lie.

77. While walls can be helpful as you adjust to a new situation, it’s important to notice when your friends are building them up in order to protect themselves from further hurt. You might want to ask yourself why you haven’t been the open, warm person that your friend expected you to be.

78. Putting up walls in relationships can be a very dangerous thing to do. It may help with protection and self-defence, but it could also cause you to not fully engage in your relationship. In the end, it will hurt you and your partner even more.

79. People often use walls to protect themselves and establish some sense of control in their lives. But in reality, we are not protecting ourselves at all. We are actually preventing intimacy by putting up a wall around ourselves. We may feel secure but we are actually lonely and isolated because we have closed people out.

80. Relationships are meant to be built on trust and mutual understanding. If you’re avoiding talking to your partner about something that bothers you, then you’re essentially putting up walls that will eventually tear the relationship down.

81. When you put up walls around your heart and feelings, others can’t get close enough to be able to show you what they are feeling. The more walls someone puts up, the harder it gets for that person to let down their guard and let others in.

82. We must be sure to not lock ourselves behind the walls that we build. Locking others out and closing off to them can only hurt the relationship, no matter how close you were at one point. Walls can become suffocating and often result in pushing people away who might actually be there for you in ways that even you are unaware of.

83. We have a natural tendency to put up walls in relationships. Specifically, the purpose is to protect ourselves from the pain of potential heartache or loss. But what if those walls are stifling an even greater opportunity for love?

84. Many of us don’t want to get hurt, so we put up walls in relationships in order to protect our hearts. In some cases, it may not be possible to take down these walls. Yet sometimes, once you’re able to understand why the walls were built, they can come down just as easily.

85. Throwing up walls in a relationship means we are closing ourselves off from experiencing love, trust and intimacy. It keeps relationships superficial, based on fears, mistrust and false beliefs that we create in our own minds.

86. In time, we all put up walls to protect ourselves. We’ve all had bad experiences in relationships, and have a hard time letting our guard down. But it is those very walls that keep us from having the type of relationship we want.

87. Walls are a reflection of the kind of love a person is seeking. You love people who can see through your walls because this means that you trust them enough to share your true self. You don’t love people who put up walls, because as far as you are concerned, they don’t really love you.

88. It is very difficult to have a healthy relationship with someone if you put up walls and don’t have open communication. Many times relationships become stagnant because one or both partners have a wall erected between themselves and the other person.

89. Putting up walls in relationships is a common occurrence for many of us. We may do this to protect ourselves in the face of disappointment or rejection, but ultimately, we are doing more damage than good.

90. Walls in relationships are usually put up to protect. People are fearful of opening themselves up and allowing others to be hurt. We may have been hurt in the past, and putting up walls becomes a way of self-preservation.

91. There’s nothing wrong with a little space every now and again in relationships, but if you have to put up walls whenever you go out with your boyfriend, it may be time to take a break from each other.

92. Walls in relationships are not bad. They can actually help you and the other person to work out your problems effectively. Many people learn through negative experiences, and the best way to experience something is through a bad relationship.

93. Trying to keep your walls up is a hazard in relationships. Such attempts will only lead to miscommunication and hurt feelings. In the end, they’re often motivated by fear, which makes them impossible to accomplice in any real way.

94. The ability to put up walls in relationships and keep those you care about out of your heart is one of the most difficult things to overcome. But, when it comes down to it, being able to create a barrier around yourself is a healthy thing.

95. It is a common but harmful strategy to put up walls in a relationship. When you verbally attack your partner or withdraw from them, you are erecting walls that prevent intimacy, trust and connection.

96. Relationship walls are often up as a defence mechanism. They come up when we feel our partner is being intruded on, or even if they aren’t. Some people tend to overshare and others want to keep things guarded to feel safe in their relationships.

97. If you want to put up walls in your relationships, you can’t get close to anyone. To be loved and cared about means opening oneself up to hurt, even if that hurt is inflicted by those we love.

98. Putting up walls in relationships is a way to keep people out and make you feel safer. It’s also a way to make yourself less vulnerable, so it’s not as painful when someone leaves or hurts you deeply. But there can be a cost for either of these things.

99. When we put up walls in relationships, it’s because we fear being vulnerable, or we fear being hurt. But it doesn’t make sense to protect ourselves from getting hurt by someone when we are going to be around them for the rest of our lives.

100. When it comes to relationships we all want to be loved and accepted as we are, but some people have a tendency of putting up walls where they can’t accept love in return. In doing so they are also blocking off a lot of good things that could come their way if they would just let them in.

101. The thing is, people you care about can damage your healing. You might feel like you’re helping them by staying in the relationship, but if you don’t love yourself enough to protect yourself, then you will always be unhappy and available for more pain. And when that happens, putting up walls becomes your top priority.

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