Quotes on Accountability in Government

Quotes on Accountability in Government

Accountability in government is one of the most important aspects of good governance. The government is supposed to be for the people, the people, and the people. It’s meant to serve the public, not to serve the politicians. So, accountability is the solution when a government isn’t working for the public.

The government needs to be accountable. Without it, citizens may feel that they’re contributing nothing and their government is doing little for them. But how much accountability does the government owe to the public? How much accountability should the public expect of government?

Moreso, accountability ensures that the government is accountable to the public and explains how the government is doing. In today’s political climate, this is especially important. When the public is unsure if their government is working for them, they become less trusting of the government and less likely to support the policies the government is enacting.

These quotes on accountability in government will help strengthen people in government and, at the same time, serve as a reminder of how they ought to comport themselves.

Quotes on Accountability in Government

Accountability in government is of utmost value. A government cannot be too small to observe its responsibilities nor too large to escape its accountability. Accountability is a necessary but rarely sufficient condition for democracy. What really matters is not just who holds office but how it’s held.

1. Accountability is not a choice. It is a responsibility. The people demand that government stop the corruption, the lies, and the cheating.

2. Accountability in government inspires hope in the people; it excites with promises of change.

3. Whenever Government fails the people, well, it’s the peoples’ fault, for not holding the government accountable”.

4. Accountability is central to the character of good government. It is the cardinal virtue necessary for a just government.

5. In government, accountability means accountability to the public, that the people hold the government accountable for its actions.

6. Every citizen should report corruption. It is the lack of accountability that’s the cause of many social evils.

7. Accountability in government demands that one shall account for one’s actions and inactions if one wishes to continue to enjoy the confidence of the governed.

8. Our elected officials should be held responsible for every action they take on our behalf. Such is accountability.

9. Accountability in government is when the government answers to the people. Not for God or Elvis, but for a nation.

10. Accountability is everyone’s duty. Without these, there would be chaos, a lawless land.

11. Accountability in government is the cornerstone on which liberty stands and without which liberty cannot survive.

12. Accountability, that’s what you call it when Government does what it is supposed to do.

13. A good government helps the people and does not complicate their lives. Government is only as good as those whom it serves.

14. If there is one thing that government should be held accountable for, it is transparency. Ideally, the public should have free access to all information that concerns them.

15. Accountability in government is the key to a candace society, while holding government accountable is like a dome over our heads.

16. Accountability in government is always a concern. Government has tools and a mandate to stay accountable, but many are not using them.

17. Government is authority exercised for the benefit of all, without respect for persons, for the common good.

18. From the inside, Government looks the same. From the outside, Government looks different.

19. Accountability is the quality of being answerable for and responsible for one’s actions.

20. The Government is the people; knowing this will help those in authority maintain great accountability.

21. Accountability in government, or lack of it, causes a nation’s downfall.

22. Accountability is a comma of responsibility that the government should maintain. This is quite a simple principle.

23. Accountability is the cornerstone of Democracy. To hold public officials accountable is to praise democracy.

24. The trouble with the government is that it doesn’t keep adjourning.

25. Accountability in government is the key to the citizen’s peace of mind. I know the government is being truthful and treating me fairly.

26. Lock up those rogue leaders, and then there will be no more corruption because only those afraid of the truth can indeed hide from accountability.

27. The government should do its duty. Protecting and serving the people that’s your only goal.

28. No man is above the law and no citizen below it. The powers that be are those to whom the people are accountable.

29. For accountability, a government is responsible to the people, responsible to the rule of law, responsible to its citizens, and responsible to the institutions of the state

30. The role of the Government is simple, To take care of the people. When the government fails, people suffer.

31. The laws of the land are the words of the people. That’s why the government has to be accountable.

32. The government should eliminate all abuses of power, ignore the lobbyist, and put the public first. That’s true accountability

33. Accountability in government sounds like a stale old phrase, but it means a lot.

34. Accountability is the foundation of democracy; it is what government is all about.

35. Accountability in government is the key to maintaining democracy. Accountability is the highest priority.

36. The government we elect, well, we should know if they’re worth their weight.

37. Corruption is the dark hole in which government lurks. It is graphically large, and corruption has been gaining ground. We’ve got to change this by being accountable to our constituents and ourselves.

38. Accountability only exists at a superficial level in government because accountability is never acknowledged. This is outrightly wrong.

39. Accountability is a word that means responsibility. When the government says we are accountable, the people won’t be led astray.

40. The government is accountable for its incompetence, unresponsiveness, intransigence, and relentlessness.

41. To have a sane society, accountability is the key to our well-being.

42. Accountability means you have to tell the truth. You have to account for every penny. You have to account for every minute of your time. That’s how government should be.

43. If the government operated as a business, we’d have excellent leaders.

44. Accountability in government is the key to our liberty.

45. Accountability in government comes from virtue, honesty, integrity, responsibility, and trustworthiness.

46. Everyone in government ought to know that when the ‘job’ is not performed, they, the ‘worker’, are accountable.

47. We should judge a society by how it treats its most helpless members: the sick, the old, the lonely, the unborn child, and the poor.

48. The government tells us to pay taxes; they have to tell us where the money goes.

47. I celebrate accountability in government. May it ever be a badge of honour earned and not given.

48. Accountability in government is a noble cause but one we seem to forget.

49. Accountability in government Is not a word but a promise of a better tomorrow.

50. Responsibility comes with great power, for it holds you accountable for your actions.

51. Accountability in government is an oxymoron.

52. Accountability is the heart of democracy. True accountability is not knowing everything.

53. Accountability means accepting responsibility for results. Knowing that no man is above the law, and no man is beneath the law.

54. The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its government treats those who are in destitution.

55. No matter how much people try to run the government, it doesn’t work as well as it should because there isn’t enough accountability.

56. Did you say accountability? Yes, I did. If you fail, you must pay; if you succeed, you must give.

57. As was once said, there’s no greater tyranny than a government that is free.

58. Accountability in government does little good when there’s no one to account for.

59. Know this; you shall be held accountable for every action you take. So, before you post, think, is it true?”

60. Government accountability is a matter of life and death in democracy and governance.

61. Accountability is the true measure of success, in politics especially.

62. Accountability in government Is a necessity, not a privilege. We know what we have; it’s our duty to voice it.

63. Accountability is a government’s most sacred duty. Honesty with its citizens is what creates trust.

64. More than anything, government accountability makes our leaders more human.

65. The brightest flame burns brightest in the darkest of times.

66. The problem comes in any society when the government gives itself unlimited powers.

67. Accountability is the quality of honesty and courage to accept responsibility for one’s actions.

68. Accountability is accepting that our actions have consequences and are responsible for those consequences.

69. Accountability in government is a must. A government that governs without the consent of the governed cannot long endure.

70. Accountability for government must not just be a slogan but a fact of life.

71. Government is supposed to be the servant of the people. Too often, it is the master instead of the servant.”

72. Accountability in Government is the only way to prosper. The people’s leaders must answer for their actions.

73. Accountability is when the government sees its duty to uphold that truth.

74. For if men will not govern themselves, the least they will be required to do so is to be governed for them by others.

75. The government is in place to serve its citizens. All citizens are expected to play their part.

76. True accountability in government requires Honesty, Integrity, and transparency.

77. When the people fear their government, that is tyranny and no accountability.

78. Accountability in government doesn’t mean “can do”; it means “must-do”.

79. Whenever government becomes destructive, the people have a right to stop it and to force it to stop.

80. For every government, the best way out is always through.

81. Accountability in government is everything. Accountable, honest, and fair are the words a government should be.

82. It is the supreme duty of every citizen to participate in government. Everyone who is able and has the legal capacity must participate, without which the community cannot exist.

83. The best government is that which governs even to the least

84. Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.

85. Accountability is core to government; it is a quality everyone, including the government, should strive for.

86. An accountable government takes care not only of the things it must do but also of those it may not wish to do but which it must do, at least if it expects to remain in office.

87. Government is not reason; it is force; It is the worst, except all the others that are worse.

88. The people entrust its governing officials with vast powers and responsibilities. We entrust those same officials with accountability.

89. Accountability is the death knell of incompetence.

90. Government is instituted to protect our rights and opinions; its limits are defined by the exigencies threatening our existence as a people.

91. A government should be judged by whether it does what it ought to do. Otherwise, it doesn’t deserve to be called a government.

92. The core function of government is to provide for the common defence, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty.

93. The government has been one great example of inefficacy. Rules and regulations are made to be broken. But we have had enough.

94. A government cannot be too small to observe its responsibilities nor too large to escape its accountability.

95. The strong do what they can, the weak suffer what they must, for they, too, are victims of the system.”

96. Accountability in government is the source of all freedom.

97. Government has to ensure justice, and its responsibility is diligence. When you know right from wrong, then do it because accountability is paramount.

98. The lifeblood of any government Is accountability.

99. Accountability in government builds trust. It strengthens relationships.

100. Accountability gives the government confidence to move boldly forward, knowing they’re acting in the best interest of their community.

Accountability is a core principle of democracy. If the government fails to take responsibility for mistakes, the populace will be less likely to accept their decisions. These quotes on accountability in government will help both the leaders and the people be better individuals. So go ahead and share them among your circle of loved ones.

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