Sexual Health of Every Man

To be healthy, strong, self-confident, and prosperous is the devout wish of all the men, without exception. After all, these are the qualities that are most appreciated by women. There are many factors that affect the health of men, and, in the first place, their sexual health. Unfortunately, complicated relationships are the only thing that awaits men who have weak sexual health.

According to the experiments, researchers have proven that the major cause for the early mortality of the male sex representatives is their neglecting attitude towards sexual health. At the first malfunction of the reproductive system, men are stressed and lose mental equilibrium. Sexual mismanagement leads to the severe depressive states, neuroses, and manifestations of uncontrollable aggression.

This is a quite logical explanation from the point of view of physiology. The matter is that the male hormone testosterone can only be produced in the process of sexual intimacy. The hormone is the most important factor in the work of the heart, kidneys, liver, and nervous system.

A man with rocky sexual health often inclined a general malaise, everything annoys him. A man is unfocused, aggressive and too emotional. And this directly leads to the affirmation that man lacks self-realization, which is a priority in life for men.

The first signal that the male body fails is a decrease in potency. In the narrower meaning of the word, potency is the ability to express oneself as a real man, to have the ability to continue the bloodline, to satisfy women, to exercise the functions granted to the strong sex by nature itself.

Regular sex life, which is possible only with full potency, is capable of having a life-giving effect on the male body like nothing else. It improves blood circulation, positively influences the functioning of all vital organs, and improves mood. At all times, powerful potency was considered the greatest benefit and one of the main criteria for usefulness. In modern medicine, there are four indicators to characterize potency:

  • The power and direction of sexual desire;
  • The duration and quality of erection;
  • The duration of the love act;
  • The time break between two acts.

Each of these indicators can be strong, medium, weak, or completely absent. But a man becomes impotent only when he has no sexual desire, no erection, and no ejac*lation. But this does not happen in principle! This means that men can complain about the difficulties in their sexual life, but the word “impotent” should not be used. And all difficulties are completely surmountable in 99% of cases.

From the point of view of physiology, the process of sexual intimacy is very complex and requests a lot of energy. The whole body responds to a concentrated, powerful impulse of feelings: breathing becomes faster, cardiac activity increases, pressure rises, and capillary vessels expand.

In the phase of org*sm, the pulse reaches 180 beats per minute, and breathing quickens to 40 breaths per minute. The pupils dilate, the eyes acquire a peculiar brilliance, the skin of the face becomes red, with a rush of blood, sensations and movements become erratic, and the temperature rises. And now imagine what requirements sexual intercourse makes to the central nervous and cardiovascular system.

There are a great majority of medicaments created to solve any male problem. The news about the opening of the new panacea continues to come with enviable regularity. But the reasons for poor health are different, and the medicament of the one kind cannot help all people at a go.