Shes Strong but Shes Tired Quotes

She’s Strong but She’s Tired Quotes

The term “strong but tired” is used to describe a woman who has been through many hard situations, but keeps moving forward anyway. The phrase can also describe women who are balancing a lot of things in their lives at once and yet still find the energy to keep going.

Yes, life can be hard — on women especially — but what about men? Men suffer just as much as women do; perhaps even more so because they are expected to be strong at all times and not show their vulnerability. But there comes a time when a woman has had enough.

She’s tired of being taken for granted, tired of being told she needs to change and tired of doing all the work no matter how strong she is. And when a woman is strong but tired, she stops caring about herself and her appearance. She becomes careless about how she dresses and how she looks because nothing matters anymore except getting through each day as best as possible with as little pain as possible.

Below is a collection of she’s strong but she’s tired quotes designed to remind women that they are not alone, and it’s okay to feel the way they do. It is an illustration of the strength and beauty that is on the inside of every woman.

She’s Strong but She’s Tired Quotes

She’s strong but she’s tired. Tired of thinking about things not working, tired of working on things that have nothing to do with her real passions, tired of the weight pressing down on her heart and mind. She’s tired and needs a break.

1. She’s strong but she’s tired, and I’m wondering if this is the kind of person that I want to be.

2. She’s strong but she’s tired. Her head is low and her shoulders are heavy. She has been waiting for you to walk through the door, to hold her in your arms and whisper in her ear that you love her. She needs you to tell her that it’s ok to be vulnerable, it’s okay to let out the fear and stress. Please don’t make her wait until morning.

3. She’s strong but she’s tired. Sometimes she gets overwhelmed. But she’s a fighter and will never give up, so you should never give up on her (or yourself).

4. She’s strong but she’s tired. She puts others before herself. She labours in silence. Her heart is heavy with frustration and disappointment. And she doesn’t want to feel this way, but there is nothing left within her to fight against the negative emotions that threaten to consume her–and those she loves.

5. She’s strong, but she’s tired. It’s what we feel most of the time, to be honest. These tough days are necessary and needed though in order to grow stronger than before. Keep pushing through!

6. She’s strong but she’s tired. She’s ready to give up on her dreams. She’s refusing to take a break. She needs you to shine the light of your love into her life and remind her that she is more than enough. She’s been through so much, but this time she will win.

7. She may be strong but she’s tired. She will always have that fiery nature, but it’s hard for her to find that spark when everything around her has been burnt out.

8. She is strong but she is tired. She’s tired of the hate and tired of being told that she doesn’t matter. She’s tired of trying to be nice. She’s tired of being civil, for no one seems to care about being kind.

9. She’s strong but she’s tired. She has a job and cares for her family, but never finds time to rest. Carrying the weight of everyone on her shoulders while playing the role of superwoman is a daunting task that can leave you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and overwhelmed. If she’s doing all this because she doesn’t know how to take better care of herself then you should probably remind her that she can ask for help.

10. She’s strong but she’s tired. She works hard, but she plays harder. She stands tall and proud in her own unique way. This woman is not afraid of the dark, she welcomes it as it runs away from her fears. Her flower crown sits perfectly on her head, even when life gets messy.

11. She works a full-time job and goes to school at night. She’s strong but she’s tired. She holds her family together. She has big dreams that she’ll accomplish by herself. You won’t see the burden on her face or in the way she walks, but it’s there all the same.

12. She’s strong, but she’s tired. She’s strong, but she’s tired. She stays up late playing with this phone and gets the flu every winter. But she knows how to deal with both.

13. She’s strong but she’s tired. She can lift your weight and then some, but her bags are heavy, her heart is full and her feet are sore. It’s not easy being a woman but she does it anyway because that’s what ladies do.

14. She’s strong but she’s tired. She’s been through a lot of crap and that wears on you, but she’s here now. She is trying to get her life back on track. People are drawn to her energy, positive outlook and wit.

15. She’s strong but she’s tired. She’s driven, but she feels invisible. She is powerful, but she doesn’t feel like it sometimes. Her confidence has been shaken and may not be coming back for a little while.

16. You’re strong, but you’re tired. You’ve had a long day, but you haven’t gotten anywhere yet. After a hard day at work and hustling for your kids, life can feel like one big struggle. You’re just not sure how much more you can take – until now!

17. I know she’s strong but she’s tired of fighting. She wants to give up but I can see it in her eyes. There are so many things she’s trying to hide, so many things that break her down and make her feel out of place.

18. She might put on a brave face, but deep down she’s scared and exhausted. Time to find a way to help her heal, and learn that there is no shame in needing support.

19. She’s strong but she’s tired. She always makes time for those in her life and never resents it, but sometimes she needs to be selfish.

20. She’s strong but she’s tired. Her bones are old, her body is weak. She had a head start at the race, and she ran as fast as any of them. But one day she turned and realized, she was all alone in the crowd. She gave her best effort, but it wasn’t good enough. And now she needs comfort more than anything else in the world…

21. She’s the one you want on your side in a crisis. She has a passion for life, is kind and loves her children. She’s strong but she’s tired. She’s fought hard for what she believes in and spoken up when times were tough. Her faith in herself and her wings are beginning to droop.

22. She’s strong but she’s tired. She wants it all but she can’t have it. She wears her mask to keep them at bay. She’s lost in herself and lonely in the world. She feels unable to succeed but she tries anyway.

23. For the woman who is strong, but sometimes tired. She is the one who gets up early for a workout, yet still rushes to get everyone ready and out of the house on time. She’s your friend, sister and coworker who cracks jokes even when she’s overwhelmed.

24. She’s strong but she’s tired, she still has so much left to give. She has a gentle soul and a beautiful heart. She is a mother, a sister, a friend and an advocate for those who can’t be heard. She gets it done in style with determination and grace. It’s time to take care of herself before she can take care of others.

25. She’s strong, but she’s tired. She’s been through so much and it takes a toll on her soul and body. Please make sure she has the strength to keep fighting.

26. She’s strong but exhausted—and that’s okay. If we’re stumped for ideas, think of all the ways that she might be tired. She might be tired from work or school, she might be tired from taking care of her family or even running herself ragged between the two.

27. She’s strong but she’s tired. She knows what to do, but she doesn’t know how. And then, when she’s ready to give up, someone else comes along and picks her back up again.

28. She’s a woman who pushes herself, always trying to do more, and be better. Her energy is immense and she has superhuman strength. Yet, all she truly wants is to be able to sleep in, stay at home and have time for herself again.

29. She left home in search of her own place but has found herself alone in a new home. She feels strong but is tired. Her heart is full and her mind is crowded with words that dance with hope, joy and fear. She’s strong but she’s tired.

30. She’s a warrior, a fighter, a survivor. She has fought hard and long against the world, and it has beaten her down. But she is strong. And more importantly, she is tired. She needs someone who can see her as this amazing woman in the middle of it all while she takes time to heal.

31. She’s strong. She’s capable. She’s smart. And she’s tired. In an effort to prove to herself and others that she can do anything, she pushes herself past the limits of her body, mind and spirit — pain.

32. This beautiful woman is strong, but she is tired. Her muscles ache and her bones are sore. She is still moving forward because she knows that it’s the right thing to do.

33. She’s tired of living her life denying how she feels. She’s tired of pretending to be strong and invincible. All she wants is for someone to be there for her, to help her get through the tough times.

34. She’s strong but she’s tired. She fights like hell, but she knows she can’t fight the world alone. Her eyes are wide open, but she wishes that they were closed. Her hair is perfect, but she’s going bald. Her heart is so full of love, it bursts every time she sees you.

35. She’s strong, but she’s tired. She works hard to make a living and provide for her family. Every day is another struggle and many nights are spent just trying to get by.

36. She’s strong and tough, but she’s also tired. She works all day and comes home to a house filled with clutter. Her days are busy, her nights are long, and there just isn’t enough time in the day. She wears herself out just trying to keep up, but she can’t stop trying because it’s important to her that you’re happy.

37. She’s fighting every day. But she runs on empty sometimes and can’t keep doing what needs to be done. She’s tired and needs a break, but she would never ask for one or admit that she needs it. She’s exhausted, frustrated, sad and angry at the person she was last year.

38. She’s strong but she’s tired. She’s brilliant but she feels broken. She cares about everything and nothing makes sense. She sees both sides of every story which is why she thinks there are sometimes no sides at all. She desires to be whole, but her heart is wounded and her mind is anxious.

39. She’s strong, but she’s tired. She has so much courage, but she’s sore. She fights hard and works hard, but she feels like she’s falling apart sometimes.

40. She’s tired. She has a bold vision and has been fighting to make it real, but the battle is wearing her down. She’s strong, but she’s tired.

41. She’s strong but she’s tired. She holds it all together and does four jobs at once, but sometimes, there’s only so much you can do. A split second to let it all go, even if just for a moment.

42. She’s strong. She’s brave, and she’s going through a lot right now. Let her know that you understand and that you’re there for her no matter what.

43. Women are oppressed on a daily basis with tasks big and small, at home and at work. But even though she’s strong, it can all make her tired. At times like these, she needs your help to be the best version of herself: confident, competent and radiantly happy.

44. She’s strong but she’s tired. She has been carrying the world on her shoulders for way too long and she needs a break.

45. She is strong and can keep going, but she is tired. She needs a break, a nap, and a vacation. She needs not just to change her perspective, but to restore her soul.

46. She’s strong but she’s tired. Her body needs hydration and nutrients to refuel, but she asks for help, only to be referred to someone else or given a stack of paperwork. She cares for those in her care, yet is left with no resources to care for herself.

47. She’s strong, but she’s tired. She works hard every day to be good enough and it is never enough. She picks herself up over and over again with little time to rest the bruises of her failures or celebrate her successes. She feels like a constant failure in life, work, love and family.

48. She’s been through a lot, but she’s still standing. Life changed her, but she didn’t change for it. She’s not just strong, she’s tired of standing strong on her own.

49. She’s strong but she’s tired. She wants to be encouraged by her own words, not just yours. She wants to hear how hard she’s working, not just how well she’s doing. She needs more than your well-intended advice; she needs a legacy of encouragement.

50. The world can be tough, but she keeps going. She’s strong, but she’s tired, and sometimes she just needs a little extra help getting through the day. She works hard, plays hard and her heart is bigger than her shoulders. Show her that you recognize the value of strength in the form of compassion and gratitude.

She Is Tired Quotes

She’s tired. She’s exhausted. She knows she needs to get up, but she can’t find a reason to do so. It doesn’t matter what she wants, what she thinks is right, or what others want from her – it all fades away when the darkness of her room and the heaviness in her body take hold.

51. She’s a strong woman. She is always there for everyone, even if it means sacrificing her own needs. Although she can sometimes seem like a superhero, she’s tired; tired of feeling unappreciated, tired of people taking her kindness for granted and tired of being the only person who can hold everything together.

52. She’s tired. She can handle anything, but she doesn’t want to handle everything. If you see her, tell her she’s beautiful.

53. She’s tired but she fights for what she believes in. She might be tired but she can push through…

54. She’s tired. She’s had a hard day and deserves some rest. And if you’re feeling stressed—whether from work, family obligations, or just because—consider a relaxing massage.

55. She’s tired of being alone. She’s tired of the fights. She’s tired of the back and forth. She’s tired of trying to wait for your ass to make up your mind about what you want to do. She’s tired of waiting for someone like you.

56. She’s tired of the same old, same old. She needs something new. She needs a spark. She wants to feel passion and excitement again in her life. That’s why she has finally decided to get back in shape after a long time of not making time for herself.

57. She’s tired for a reason. It could be because she’s trying to do too much and is taking care of her family and that prideful, know-it attitude that you seem to make sure people see from time to time.

58. She’s tired of carrying everyone else. The burden, crushing down on her shoulders, was too heavy to carry.

59. Let’s face it, she’s tired. And with good reason! She has put up with you guys since you were born and makes sure you’re always happy. Be a good friend and give her a break. And take time out of your busy day to tell her how special she is to you.

60. She’s tired of playing the game that you made her play. She’s tired of messing with your head. She won’t wait around anymore because she’s tired of waiting for you to walk through those doors.

61. She’s tired of you trying to change her. Tired of her heart is bruised and broken. She’s tired of being a victim in a world that doesn’t care about her.

62. She’s tired. Around her neck she carries a heavy load and every day she lets go a little more, hoping to find something to catch it.

63. She’s tired of waiting on him and their future. She needs to stop making excuses and just be honest with herself.

64. She’s tired. Tired of fighting for the most basic rights, like the right to an abortion and a career. She’s tired of being forgotten by the government that is supposed to represent her. Most of all, she’s tired of being told that this is just what it means to be a woman.

65. She’s tired. She’s tired of the daily grind, tired of fighting. She’s deluded herself into thinking that she doesn’t belong with you, but deep down she knows it’s not true. And yet, she can’t stop herself from going out every night and coming back home alone.

66. She didn’t say it, but she was really tired. We had a fairly busy morning and afternoon, and that evening we both needed to crash.

67. She’s tired of all the excuses. She waited for you, but she’s done waiting now. She’s not bitter and resentful, just lonely and longing for something deep and meaningful within her soul.

68. She’s tired of being tired, tired of thinking about the next thing, tired of everything. She misses and hangs onto old friends, and looks back on sandals and summer days. She knows that soon enough there will be time to rest again, but right now she’s tired and it’s hard to imagine what a day off feels like.

69. She is tired and sleep-deprived. It’s not her fault, but she’s just not able to think clearly anymore. She’s really worried about her family, so she doesn’t think to ask how other people are doing as well.

70. She’s tired of everything. She’s tired of making tea for men who don’t care about her, she’s tired of changing dirty diapers and wiping runny noses, and she’s tired of cleaning up vomit and poop. She’s tired of working double shifts to keep food on the table and make sure there’s heat in their home.

71. She’s tired. She’s emotional. She’s sad and she wants to cry. She misses the comfort of human touch and intimate conversations with her friends. Heartbroken, she doesn’t want you to touch her unless she initiates it.

72. She’s tired and frustrated, and things don’t ever seem to get better. She goes to bed at night, and the only thing that burns brighter than the way she is feeling is the hole in her heart.

73. She deserves a day to herself. Simply remove the collar, throw her robe on and turn on her music. You’ll find that she’s perfectly content to just be with you and relax.

74. She’s tired of everything happening around her. She’s tired of getting up every morning to a fresh start with no breaks. She’s tired of the pressure, the responsibilities, and the expectations. She longs for sleep, rest, and peace.

75. She’s tired of people being late and doesn’t know how to show up on time. She’s tired of looking in the mirror and seeing an overweight person. She’s tired of being single when there are so many men out there who are available.

76. She’s tired of being tired. Tired of feeling like she’s living life on autopilot, especially since it tends to be a familiar routine day in and day out. When she sees her reflection in the mirror, it takes her by surprise. She doesn’t recognize the tired eyes staring back at her anymore.

77. She is tired, but she still gets up every morning to go to work. She hugs her kids and tells them she loves them before they head out the door for school.

78. She’s tired. She’s tried, but the life of a mom is demanding, and she doesn’t have it in her. You see it in her eyes: that look of weariness, of exhaustion. You see it when she tells you to stop whining and just clean up your room.

79. She has been tired of so long now. She doesn’t like to be tired, but the tiredness is a part of her now. It feels like something she can’t get rid of, even if she wanted to.

80. She’s tired of the comparisons, of being made to feel like she needs to compete with everyone else. She doesn’t want to promote her accomplishments like a badge of honour or feel anxiety around her lack thereof. She wants to do what she loves and stop worrying that it doesn’t make enough money, or fall into one of the other boxes others have made up for her.

81. She’s tired. She’s tired of being used, of having every choice made for her. She wants more than this life of routine and repetition, but she can’t seem to find a way out.

82. She’s tired of being judged by negative words, She’s being neglected, She’s tired of this world and how it treats her. She’s just tired…

83. She’s tired of having her dreams stolen, she’s tired of feeling embarrassed and frustrated with herself, and she is tired of waking up late.

84. She’s tired, but she still tries to be a good mom. She’s exhausted but pushes through because she loves her family dearly.

85. She’s tired—of being tired. She’s tired of moving, of looking around at all she’s done and touching nothing. She’s tired of wanting to buy something but not being able to afford it when she does have money. She’s tired of watching everyone else take selfies when her phone is dead.

86. She’s tired of this, you know. She’s tired of the silence and the distance, tired of the space between you that feels like a canyon. She’s tired of being alone, of feeling abandoned. Tired of trying to make it work with someone who doesn’t even seem to try at all.

87. She’s tired of being overlooked and unloved. She wants to be seen and loved, but she’s spent so much time hiding that it might be too late for her to show her true self.

88. She’s tired. She’s tired of the same old routine, tired of the everyday stress and tired of being told what to do. Her inner voice is fighting to be heard, but it’s lost in a sea of insecurity.

89. She’s tired. Tired of the same old routines, over and over. Tired of being afraid to change, even when she knows things have to change. She’s tired of staying up late every night just to try and do something different, something better than before. Most of all, she’s tired of feeling like she has to be everything to everyone.

90. She’s tired, and it shows. Her eyes are weary and heavy, her skin is pale and lined. She’s been working hard, but still feels like she’s not quite making enough time for loved ones. It’s understandable – she doesn’t want to sacrifice her work ethic, but she can’t make it all happen on her own without losing herself along the way.

91. She’s tired of being misunderstood. She’s tired of being told what she should be, think and feel. She’s tired of trying to fit into a mould that isn’t hers. She’s tired of pretending, not just for her friends but also for significant others and family members who don’t understand why she needs to be who she is. She’s tired of people asking why she doesn’t want children when she never was interested in having them in the first place…

92. She’s tired. She’s had a long day and it’s been a long week. She’s had her fill of people, of noise and shopping. She just wants to go home and be alone.

93. She’s tired. She’s had a long day at work, and she just wants to relax and unwind before going to bed. The music is loud, the wine is cold, and it’s time for her favourite show on TV. The only problem is that no matter how much she tries to get comfortable in bed, she just can’t fall asleep.

94. She’s tired, but she never stops going. She has a lot on her plate and is often worried about things that no one else knows about. She feels as though it’s all too much, but doesn’t want to burden anyone with her problems. We must respect her decision to be quiet or let it go because this woman needs to sleep.

95. She’s tired of being judged by the appearance of others, instead of the content of her character. She is discouraged to continue on this journey alone, but God says you are not alone.

96. She’s tired. Carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders for so long. She’s tired, but she smiles too. Never in the history of humankind has anyone been more tired and smiled more than she does.

97. She’s tired like you, like me, like all of us who feel we’ve been living in the wrong body. She’s feeling it today but tomorrow she’ll feel better because that’s what she does. She feels better.

98. She’s tired of trying to figure out how to get you through this hard time in your life. She’s tired of checking in on you every night, only to find that you’re still awake with your thoughts racing. She’s tired of watching you struggle so much with depression and life. She wants some normal back, the kind that comes naturally when you’re happy.

99. Women can be tired. She’s tired. The mother, the caretaker and the money maker working harder than ever, trying to do it all.

100. She’s tired. She’s lonely. She’s not interested in going out or keeping friends or putting on a show for others. She just wants to be left alone.

101. She tosses her head up and paws the ground, stretching out her neck. She is tired from running all day but still doesn’t want to go to the barn for the night.

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