Sitting Alone Quotes

Sitting Alone Quotes

We are all accustomed to sitting alone, absorbed in own thoughts. It is easy to understand why: The affair of the heart is conducted in silence, but solitude is useful also to intelligence.

To some people, sitting alone is often misunderstood, it is an esoteric practice. It is a form of meditation in which you are meant to sit perfectly still, closing your eyes and letting go of any thoughts or distractions that may be present. If a thought enters your mind, you push it aside without judgment or censorship.

On the other hand, sitting alone doesn’t mean you are lonely, that happiness is a matter of choice. It’s not easy to sit alone and silently. When we sit alone, we just think about the past and future. Sometimes we can feel completely alone when sitting in a crowded place.

The practice is meant to teach you to let go of your conceptualisations about yourself and others around you and to experience reality in its most basic form possible. These sitting alone quotes will help you see the great not-so-greatreat sides of sitting alone as meditation and as being alone.

Sitting Alone Quotes

Sitting alone is the way to win; if you want to propose or think hard, sitting alone is a perfect choice. You’ll not be distracted by others and won’t need a partner or someone who will listen to you, so nobody to interfere in your thinking. Sitting alone will clear your mind and help you to solve problems.

1. Growth begins when you start to accept yourself. You start growing the moment you accept non-perfection as perfect. Sit alone; it’s good enough to belong to yourself.

2. I’m a big believer in sitting alone. By yourself, you can get out of your way and focus on what matters. It’s OK to sit alone in silence for a while and make sure no one can see you cry. It will be over soon.

3. The beauty of solitude is the painful realisation that you are not alone. I sit in silence and watch the world pass me by. It is only when I am alone that I hear its voices.

4. Sitting alone in a room, you feel like the whole world is against you. That’s why I believe having conversations with people will make things easier for you.

5. If you can’t find the right words, sit alone. Nobody can take your place. Nobody can fill that space in your heart or mind. You are the only one who knows what you need and deserve better than anyone else, so please, don’t let anyone rush you through this.

6. In the company of friends, you feel like you’re sitting alone at a party. But when you’re by yourself, that’s when you understand what it feels like to be lonely.

7. Sitting alone at night is always a choice, but do it well, and you’ll be rewarded with the best feeling in the world.

8. We all need to be alone now and again. It’s never wasted time. Let’s sit for a moment and enjoy the quiet. I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have my books to read. It’s not what you do; it’s what you think about.

9. Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain. Sitting alone is hard. Sometimes it feels like we’re the only ones. But we will always have each other, even if it’s just one another’s company.

10. There’s nothing more beautiful than the serenity of a woman who sits alone, with her thoughts. Sitting alone in the dark is better than being lonely with someone.

11. Being alone is not being lonely. It’s in the moment, fully aware of what’s around you and who you are. The beauty of solitude is that it can keep you sane when the rest of the world goes to hell.

12. Sitting alone is better than being with the wrong person. Being alone isn’t a problem. It’s a gift. Use it wisely. There’s more to life than being with people, but it’s not all bad. Be alone sometimes.

13. Those who sit alone can be a great source of wisdom. The only way to grow is when you are sitting alone.

14. Good things take time, but the best things come from sitting alone. Life is full of moments that inspire one to sit alone and think.

15. When you’re at home, with your thoughts and thoughts alone. And the most comfortable place to be is where you’re alone. And the most uncomfortable place to be is where other people are.

16. If you’re feeling down, look at yourself and see if you can spot what’s going on. Solitude is not weakness. It is a strength, a discipline and an art.

17. When you’re alone, and you think about the people missing from your life, it’s easy to wonder if they ever thought about you. But even if they did, you can do nothing about it. So just keep hoping that someday things will work out for the best.

18. When you’re alone, take the time to think about everything that’s happening. It’ll make your life seem a lot more interesting.

19. Sitting alone is sometimes the only way to ensure no greater solitude than the one you create yourself. Solitude is a gift and the most precious jewel that must be treasured.

20. When you’re faced with decisions, thoughts and emotions that would make or break your life, you’ve got to sit alone.

21. Sitting alone among the crowd, looking out the window, is the best way to grow. A person who sits alone at night is thinking of someone they love.

22. Sitting alone doesn’t mean staying alone forever. It just means that sometimes it’s okay to be alone and think about everything that happened in your life from the beginning until now.

23. You’re never alone with yourself if you choose to sit with someone else. You do not live for others anymore, for you have found love in yourself.

24. When you are sad or lonely, just look around. There’s probably someone looking back at you with their eyes full of pain, longing and anger. And it is the saddest thing in the world to sit there and watch them.

25. Sitting alone can be a good way to find balance in life and relax after a long day at work or school. It can give you time to think about things you want to do or accomplish.

26. The greatest gift we can give ourselves is the space to be alone. Sitting alone can improve a person’s mental health and well-being.

27. When you’re in a bad mood, nothing can make you feel better except sitting alone in your room.

28. Sitting alone like a cloud in the blue sky, a flower in decay and silence.

29. There are many things we can do when we don’t have to be alone, but the thing that matters most is that we are always glad to be by ourselves.

30. When you’re staring at the wall, and you can’t seem to find your purpose in life, remember it’s okay to sit there.

31. I sit alone, and I am content, or I sit with people who are not me, and I have nothing to say.

32. You’re never alone on a cloudy day. The only way we can improve our situation is to face the truth of what is happening in our lives.

33. It’s lonely sitting alone in a room you don’t belong. But it’s even lonelier when the room is filled with people who make you feel like an outsider, too.

34. Loneliness and solitude are not the same things. Solitude is a state of mind; loneliness is a feeling of being alone.

35. When you sit alone and think, you tend to draw conclusions that are not very flattering.

36. I love solitude. I like being by myself. I don’t care if it’s for five minutes or two weeks. It’s just me, myself, and I. It’s not lonely at all; it’s peaceful.

37. Sitting alone doesn’t mean you are lonely. It is the opposite. Because when you are sitting alone, you are thinking about yourself, your life and your thoughts. And then you realise that you don’t need anybody to be happy.

38. Sitting alone can make you realise how much time you wasted on meaningless things while spending time with people who don’t care about you or know how important they are for your happiness.

39. Sitting alone and unknown, I bear the silent knowledge that my path is the right one. I am content where I am, and the world need not be changed to suit me. When people say I am too much trouble, I now know they are not worth my time.

40. The world does not revolve around me; I am just an individual with a different point of view. Sitting alone, I am the master of my fate. I can only be lonely if I allow myself to be.

41. Sitting alone is the ultimate way to be with yourself. You’re not distracted by anyone else’s thoughts or feelings. You can’t escape your own.

42. I like sitting alone in a room full of people. It gives me time to think and let my mind wander where it wants to go. If I’m not alone, then there are too many distractions and too much noise that keep me from focusing on what is that’s important to me at any given moment in time.

43. When you’re sitting alone, you feel so small and insignificant compared to the vast world around you that it’s easy to lose sight of how important you are about everything else out there as well as how much potential there is inside of you waiting for you to unlock it so that you can use it for good instead of evil: for bettering yourself as well as for helping others along their paths toward greatness as well!

44. Life is too short to waste precious moments sitting alone doing nothing but thinking about how much longer your life will be before it comes crashing down around your ears like an earthquake whose epicentre was planted firmly on top of your head!

45. Don’t be afraid to sit alone. You have a lot of company inside your head when you’re sitting alone; smile because you’re alone together in the universe.

46. When you sit quietly, you can hear the thoughts that nobody else is having. Sitting alone with your thoughts is not a bad thing. It’s just the way it should be.

47. There’s a quiet in the heart that’s only seen when you sit alone and think of what you want.

48. Let’s just be. In the silence and the noise, in our belongings and in the way we move through them. Let’s sit alone, with nothing else to do except let go, breathe and be.

49. The greatest thing about being alone is that you can do anything. Solitude is a chance to be big, little, or any combination. There’s no better time than now to sit alone, reflect and be grateful.

50. When you’re waiting for something that you want, don’t be afraid to sit alone. When you sit alone with no one to talk to and your teeth chatter, the only person that can warm you up is yourself.

Sitting Alone with my Thoughts Quotes

Sitting alone with my thoughts makes me feel grown up and ready to take on the world. The hours I spend alone with my thoughts are the best hours of my life. I find great comfort in my own company; there is nothing like a reflection to help me discover my thoughts and feelings.

51. Sometimes, you need a little time alone to think. I work alone; I play alone; I eat alone. But I’m never lonely because of the good people who are always there for me. Loneliness is my comfort zone.

52. When I sit alone with my thoughts, I become the master of my life. The most important things in life are the ones I do alone. I am not alone.

53. When I’m sitting alone with my thoughts, the right words will always come out of my mouth.

54. I sit alone with my thoughts at night, trying to piece together something that makes sense. I shall always sit alone with my thoughts; for good or evil, I am thinking of myself.

55. I love the feeling of being alone with my thoughts. It’s like taking a piece of you and putting it in a jar where it will sit for a long time until it’s time to let it go.

56. Sometimes, I’m standing on the beach and realise that I’m all alone, but no one knows. So while it seems like a good idea to sit with my thoughts, go out and swim.

57. I don’t have to do anything alone, but it’s okay to sit with my thoughts and let them flow. When I’m all alone with my thoughts, they can be pretty dark. I’ll tell you a secret: Life is a lot better with friends.

58. I sit alone with my thoughts. How long has it been? I count the moments, but they are all the same. A million years ago, maybe two million years ago? The stars and the moon have changed across those days, and I have changed, too. Yet here I am. Am I alone? No, I’m not.

59. life is too short not to spend it alone in my thoughts. Life is full of opportunities and chances. So don’t be afraid to take some risks or try things that you’ve never done before.

60. Sometimes, the best thing to do is sit alone with your thoughts. You can’t go around the world with a piece of paper and a big idea. But you can sit alone with your thoughts, type out a few sentences, and put them in a book.

61. I have never been a big fan of sitting alone with my thoughts. My mind is not a place to be alone. It is a place of inspiration, creativity, and productivity—so feel free to join me!

62. When you sit alone with your thoughts, they start to scream at you. Sometimes, the best way to solve a problem is to sit alone with your thoughts.

63. Even when you’re sitting alone with your thoughts, someone is thinking about you.

64. You must learn to sit alone with your thoughts, even when there is nothing to think about.

65. I sit alone with my thoughts, looking out into the night. I can’t help but think of you.

66. When we sit alone with our thoughts, the sound of silence is beautiful and speaks to the heart more.

67. We all live with our thoughts and feelings. But sometimes you have to sit alone and watch them come in, dance around, get freaky and then just disappear.

68. When you’re feeling down, take a break from your troubles and sit by yourself. It’s good for the soul.

69. Life can’t be lived alone, and that’s why we have friends. Life is better shared with others.

70. I love the idea of sitting by myself with my thoughts. It’s like time for me to be still, be quiet and think about what matters in life.

71. Spending time thinking about what you have done wrong this year is the best way to guarantee that it will happen again next year.

72. You are never alone when silently observing the world around you. It’s okay to have a few “me” moments. It’s even better when you make the most of it!

73. Don’t be afraid to sit alone with your thoughts. When you’re sitting alone with your thoughts, you tell that the world is still out there and that you have it all covered.

74. Nothing is more freeing than sitting alone with your thoughts because that’s when you can focus on them and see things in a new light.

75. Don’t be afraid of being alone with your thoughts today. It’s easy to sit and think, but it’s hard to stay and do.

76. Thinking about life is a waste of time. You’re thinking about it, not doing it. Life is a journey, with good and bad days, but it’s all in how you look.

77. Why do you think I’m still here? Is it because I want to be? It’s got to be more than that; I want to know.

78. No matter how tricky your day, how hard you try and how far away from the light, it will always be there for you.

79. We spend a lot of time thinking about what we’re going to do, how we’re going to do it, and who is doing it for us. It’s all about creating positive energy and manifesting the life you want.

80. Life is not just a series of events in which we are caught up, but the meaning that those events acquire when we look back on them with retrospective judgment.

81. When a great idea comes to me, I know it is time to sit alone with my thoughts. Sit alone and stare at my thoughts.

82. I sit alone with my thoughts when I think about the things that make me happy, and it makes me feel better.

83. I’m not saying that you sit idly by and wait for someone to save your life. But you can’t sit alone with your thoughts all day long if they don’t help.

84. I could sit here all night and think about how much I want to be doing something else. I sometimes sit alone with my thoughts, wondering where life is going and what it has in store for me.

85. No matter how busy you might be, leave some time for yourself. I think about you when I’m alone because you’re always in my heart.

86. Life might not always be a bowl of cherries, but it’s never too late to find out. Sit alone with your thoughts, and test how sweet life is as a bowl of cherry.

87. I like to think of myself as a person who doesn’t sweat the small stuff, but I spend a lot of time thinking about what size it is.

88. Take time to stop and think. You’re not always going to be right, but you can always improve your thinking.

89. There’s nothing like sitting alone with your thoughts, lost in your world of wonder.

90. I sit alone with my thoughts and stare out the window into what seems like forever. When I look back, it was just a few seconds, but those moments have grown wings that have carried me a long way.

91. When life stresses you out, all you can do is sit alone with your thoughts for the rest of the evening.

92. If you have to sit alone with your thoughts, don’t try to solve the problem. Just enjoy the silence and let the peace of mind answer all questions.

93. I’m not lonely; I’m just sitting here thinking of myself. I never thought I’d be so happy for the quietness of my thoughts, to be sitting alone with myself and not having to worry about anyone else.

94. When you’re not with anyone, but you’re alone with your thoughts. That’s when you can do the most.

95. It’s easy to be alone with your thoughts. It’s not easy being with other people.

96. When you sit down to think, don’t let yourself get distracted by something else around you. Let your mind be free, even if it is free only to wander.

97. Talk to me in my thoughts. Tell me your secrets, your fears, and your dreams in your thoughts. Let me hold me in my arms and comfort you with my love. Let me make you feel safe again in my thoughts by sitting alone myself.

98. I’m in my thinking zone when I’m alone. It’s where I explore my inner thoughts, decipher what they mean and how to act on them.

99. For some people, it’s easier to sit alone with their thoughts than to be with people. Sitting alone is not only therapeutic, it’s more of healing.

100. I’ve come to a place where I can sit alone with my thoughts, and that place is good. It’s easy to feel isolated and alone, but you’re never truly alone as long as you’re sitting with your thoughts.

Researchers have recently discovered that sitting alone comes with benefits. I believe that sitting alone is a part of everyday human life that is often overlooked and taken for granted.

Society needs to realise how important this aspect of our lives is with these sitting alone quotes and should be taken into utmost consideration by sharing the quotes with our family and friends. Don’t forget to share and comment your thoughts below.

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