Strength in Sickness Quotes

Strength in Sickness Quotes

Being sick makes us feel weak, but the truth is that illness can make us stronger. When we are well, it’s easy to take our health for granted. We don’t see how it connects to our ability to live, work and play. But when we’re sick, we can’t ignore this connection. We live life differently when we’re sick. We become more aware of what matters most and what we need from others in order to get better.

Having strength in sickness is a benefit that most people don’t realize until it happens to them. Many of us go through life living day by day, never thinking about the future or how we will respond when faced with a life-threatening illness. Some people may think that having strength in sickness is only for those who have experienced a personal tragedy and are now facing the fight of their lives.

This is not true! It’s important to remember that anyone can fall victim to a serious illness at any age, even if they are young and healthy. Having strength in sickness can be extremely beneficial for a number of reasons; it gives you the ability to take care of yourself without help from others, and it gives you peace of mind knowing that no matter what happens, you have what it takes to get through it, it allows you to focus on getting better instead of worrying about other things such as finances or family matters.

These having strength in sickness quotes below describe the experience of having strength in sickness. It is dedicated to those who are involved in healing and have a strong focus on moving forward.

Strength in Sickness Quotes

Having strength in sickness is not just a lot of talk, it’s a way of life. You don’t get it by putting your head down and accepting things as they are. You get it by standing up, taking responsibility and changing things for the better.

1. Strength in sickness is not running around and feeling great. Strength in sickness is to know that you are not above anyone else and to recognize that you need to fight through your weakness, vulnerability and fears as hard as you fight through your suffering.

2. We often find strength in the most difficult of moments. It is the inability to move forward, but we still must fight through it. Strength in sickness comes from creating a sense of determination and pushing onward despite our ailments.

3. There’s a lot of strength in being sick. Understanding your needs and limitations, learning about your body and how it works – gaining the knowledge to help it heal faster when you choose to heal yourself.

4. In sickness, having strength is important because it keeps you from being weak. Having strength in sickness can keep you strong even when life gets tough.

5. Having strength means facing your illness instead of avoiding it. It means learning how to accept help and be helped, knowing when to give up and when to fight back. It means as we learn to live with our disease day by day, we become stronger because of it.

6. Strength in sickness doesn’t mean time spent alone or waiting for help. It means taking the unknown, putting it in your own hands, and making good use of your time, no matter where you are.

7. Having strength in sickness is important because it helps you to appreciate your health, while also helping you to get rid of bad habits that could be leading to your sickness.

8. Strength in sickness is alluring to the mind. A body that is ill can heal and become strong again, but a mind that is sick continually grows weaker, until it dies and you have nothing left.

9. Strength in sickness is not a bad thing. Unless you’re physically ill, most people’s strength grows when they are faced with challenges. When I am faced with struggles or obstacles, my strength grows and so do my abilities. My body becomes stronger as well as my mind.

10. Strength in sickness is a virtue, one that allows us to overcome challenges and provide support as we help others through theirs.

11. When you’re sick, it is easy to feel powerless, alone, and helpless. But there is something that makes us strong in sickness: it’s the knowledge that we will get better.

12. When you’re sick, the best thing that you can do is to stay positive. This attitude is reflected in those around you, and it makes them feel better as well.

13. To have strength in sickness, to refrain from despair, to bear pain without loss of temper – this is what makes us differ from those animals that perish under torture.

14. Even when we are physically not at our strongest, we can have strength in sickness. The more time I spend with my children and the more days I spend alone with myself, it seems that illness tests my worthiness to them. They do not know why this is happening, nor do they understand completely what is going on.

15. Getting sick is a part of life. But if you can have strength in the face of sickness, it will help you to do the things that you need to do while on the mend and recover faster than normal.

16. Often when we are sick, we feel weak, vulnerable and powerless. When this happens, it is important for us to remind ourselves that we are strong people; strong in will, strong in spirit and strong in body.

17. Strength in sickness comes from a combination of opportunities for growth and reflection, the power to contribute to others, and the support of good friends who walk beside you.

18. It’s easy to feel weak and powerless when you’re sick, but having strength in sickness is more than a positive attitude. It’s a way of demonstrating that you are doing the best you can and have hope for the future.

19. If you have strength in your sickness, you’ll have health when you are well. So don’t be ashamed of your illness. It will bring you wisdom, and make you compassionate toward others.

20. When you’re sick, the last thing you want to do is feel helpless and weak. So don’t! Embrace the strength that comes from illness and use it as an opportunity to learn something new.

21. When you are sick, you think about all the things in life you don’t want to lose. Strength shows up as more than just physical health, it shows up in the face of adversity and hardship. It’s knowing yourself so well, that when things go wrong you can pick yourself up again and stand tall.

22. Strength in sickness is not only the ability to fight disease; it’s the willingness to make hard choices, knowing that we are tougher than we think we are.

23. Strength in sickness is about those moments when we are vulnerable but not broken. When what we thought we were or what we believed about ourselves falls apart, strength in sickness emerges to hold us.

24. Strength in sickness is a very important quality to have. If you are not strong enough in your body, spirit and mind, you will not be able to experience what most people call happiness. You must have strength in all three aspects of your being for a complete experience of life.

25. Don’t let illness stop you from doing what you love. With strength in sickness, you can overcome anything life throws at you—and stand up to help others along the way.

26. It’s possible to find strength in sickness. Sometimes, it’s necessary for people to be faced with a struggle that is bigger than themselves. If we can overcome this challenge, if we can accept God’s will for our lives, then we will gain a greater understanding of who He is and what His plans are for each of us.

27. In sickness and health, sickness is not something that should be ignored. It is a time to listen to your body and take care of yourself. The strength you draw from your illness can be channelled into something amazing because the power of recovery is great.

28. When you are sick, you always have strength. You have the strength to fight through it, and you have the strength that comes from hope for recovery.

29. When times are tough and you’re feeling like you won’t be able to make it, just remember that having strength in sickness is like a superpower. No matter what life throws your way, remember to stay positive, kind and loving.

30. Strength in sickness is a level of health and well-being that gives you the ability to handle any situation. This makes you unshakable, and humble.

31. Having strength in sickness is a powerful and motivating reminder that we are not the masters of our own fate. Human beings cannot change their destiny, but they can deal with their difficulties with strength and courage.

32. Strength in sickness comes with the ability to recognize that you are blessed enough to not be alone, or forgotten. When the universe wants to remind you how precious life is, hold on tighter because it is all worth it.

33. I know I’m stronger when I am sick because I rely on others to help me get through each day. Many times in sickness we need support, but if we use our strength, we can help ourselves and those around us.

34. The strength to get up and take one more step. The strength not to give up. The strength to keep going on, even when life seems too hard or too cruel. The strength is there when you need it most, in times of sickness and weakness.

35. It is one thing to be strong when everything is going well. But the real test of strength comes when we face hardships and difficulties. No matter how long it lasts or how hard it gets, remember that you are strong and you can get through anything.

36. We often think of strength as being able to handle the situation when things go our way, but we also need strength when things go against us. When you are sick and have to stay in bed for days or weeks at a time, it can be frustrating and depressing. Having strength means that you will be able to get through your illness with an optimistic attitude and patience.

37. There is a strength in being sick, you know. It sounds crazy, but it’s true. You develop an ability to focus, solve problems and find solutions. Strength can be found in adversity and this is what makes people a better version of themselves.

38. Feeling weak, or sick, does not mean you are less strong. Sometimes it is our health that gives us the chance to strengthen ourselves and others around us.

39. Having strength in sickness is not possible for most people, but it is possible for you. The key to having strength in sickness is to believe that it is possible and then fight for it.

40. Being sick can be quite a difficult time for some and can easily take you down. But it is important to stay strong and fight through it. If you have strength in sickness you can do anything!

41. When you’re sick and tired, try a dose of courage. Even the strongest among us are vulnerable to illness at some point, but it won’t be the end of your ability to move forward in life.

42. Having strength in sickness is the greatest grace we can have. It’s an opportunity to give and receive love, gratitude and compassion.

43. Being sick is often lonely and isolating. The process of getting better is hard. Having the strength to manage, fight, and endure all the ways that sickness can impact us in negative ways can be exhausting. The reality is most of us get sick at some point in our lives and having a support system makes it easier for all involved.

44. Staying strong when you’re sick takes a lot of courage. You have to decide to keep going, that what is happening is not because of weakness but because of an illness and there are times when it is best to rest.

45. Having strength in sickness is about developing a positive attitude and being patient with the illness. It’s about having the strength to fight back and learning from past experiences so that you can create better health in your future.

46. The greatest strength is in being sick. It’s not just your body that gets affected, it’s your heart and soul as well. Your strength comes from within.

47. Any time you are faced with a problem, there is strength in sickness. It is when you endure that your character is revealed as either weak or strong.

48. It takes strength to have the ability to have inner peace and keep your mind clear while getting through the obstacles life throws at you, but it also takes strength when physically sick, too.

49. Everyone gets sick at some point. Having strength in sickness allows you to face your problems head-on. When life gives you lemons, don’t just swat them away.

50. When your illness has taken away a part of you, it does not mean that you don’t have strength. You just need to express it in different ways.

51. You need to have strength in sickness because you will be stronger afterwards, once you are better and can make a full recovery.

52. There are times when we are at our lowest, sickest, and weakest. It’s in those times of sickness that we need to be strong to persevere through the sickness.

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