Thank God Man Is Not God Quotes

Thank God Man Is Not God Quotes

Human beings are generally noted for being imperfect creatures. Our world would be a disastrous place if it were run by other humans as we often lead others astray and make disastrous mistakes. So, we should feel blessed that God is the creator of the world, not man.

If man were a creator, this world would be full of stories of violence, terror, death and destruction. Yet, there are many things about humankind that are wonderful and should be celebrated. So, if man was God, things will not be as they are right now.

The responsibility of keeping the world in order would have been overwhelming. How glorious it is to know that our creator is benevolent and deeply concerned about us. Here are amazing Thank God man is not God quotes below to buttress that.

Thank God Man Is Not God Quotes

Be thankful that man is not God. What a sordid mess he would have made of it all. As we contemplate the vastness of space, so full of light and galaxies, it is not difficult to feel overwhelming awe in the reflection that He who created all this is all-powerful and mighty and can never be compared to a mere man.

1. We must thank God that man isn’t God. That he is not as powerful as he seems, that there are laws of time, space and matter beyond his control. Were man all-powerful, life would have been very hard, things would not be as they are right now because he would have been kind to some and wicked to others.

2. From a young age, I remember my mother telling me to be grateful to God that I am not God, but she never told me why. Now that I am in my thirties, I am starting to understand what she meant. If you were God, the responsibility of keeping the world in order would be overwhelming.

3. Thank God that man is not God. If he were, then some of us would have been turned into lightbulbs. Of course, it’s a thrill to gaze at the stars and contemplate their magnificence.

4. If man were to be God, we know that he would be an unfair God. He would be kind in some cases and harsh in others.

5. Have you ever stopped to think about how many things you have that you wouldn’t have had if man was God? Be grateful man is human, and that God is God. Think about it. It’s overwhelming.

6. Thank God that man is not God, never is and never will be. There are many things in this world that we cannot control or predict. But, we can certainly trust God always.

7. Imagine if man were God. What a mess we would make of the world! How could we be trusted with such power? We wouldn’t deserve it. But God wants us to know that He alone is worthy of our worship because He’s so good at what He does and so capable of caring for His world.

8. Thank God he is not a man. If He were, then we would have really big problems. It’s thoughts like these that gave rise to the phrases “Thank God for –” and “Praise the Lord!” Consider the problems man has created on Earth.

9. How thankful we should be that our Creator God is not like man, He is patient and merciful. He could have destroyed us all, but instead, He gave us a chance to live as far from perfect as we have become. His mercy and love have no end.

10. The world is filled with beauty, from the colours of the sunset to the song of the birds. But what would happen if we didn’t have God’s help? What would the world look like? It would be chaotic, frightening, and most definitely not beautiful.

11. If man was the creator of this world, it would have been so imperfect that we wouldn’t have been able to live here. Humans have been destroying the earth for thousands of years.

12. Thank God for his many blessings, for he has made you a man, not a god. But just think if you were God, what havoc you would cause with the plans and hopes of your fellow man.

13. Thank God man is not God. Man is frail and he would not have been able to care for the world.

14. Thank God we are not like God, if we are, there would be no hope of the evil man has created being wiped away. No hope of mankind being redeemed or saved. No salvation, no eternal happiness.

15. Thank God man is not God. However, limited in strength and intellect, man struggles to keep up with nature, find peace within himself and understand that life is for living, that’s man’s job.

16. If man were God, he’d be a pretty poor one. Man can be pretty selfish, he would have made a botched job of running the world.

17. Thank God that man is not God. Man would have blotted out the sun to have more light for play, he would have quenched the stars because they interfered with their dreams.

18. We should take the time to remind ourselves and others that God loves every living creature. He showers us with eternal love despite our faults and imperfections. He listens to every prayer and solves everyone’s problems. If only humanity’s focus was on God, the world would be a better place.

19. If God’s creation was in our hands alone, we would only have messed it all up. The world would be worse than it is now. We need God as a master designer rather than trying to take His place.

19. We should be thankful that we are not God, otherwise, we would lack the humility to look upon the world as it truly is and realize how much more there is to be known.

20. We are grateful to be mortal so that we can experience the thrill of discovery. And with that comes the humility to look upon the world as it truly is, with all its mysteries waiting to be uncovered – a gift from God that allows us to understand what we already have.

21. God’s creation is a reminder that if man alone were to take over the world, we would have only messed it all up. The world would be worse than it is now.

22. Most of us would be too afraid to even pretend to be God, but we often behave otherwise. Thank God we are not God.

23. Things would have been different, if we’d had to build the world, instead of God. As it is, however, you can thank Him that man isn’t God. Man would have made a mess of things by now with his egotism, greed and wars.

24. We often get frustrated with God and then we give our praise to man. We don’t realize that if man were God, the world would be a mess. Thank you, God, for making me limited.

25. Man is not God and therefore cannot adequately control the world, he can never master it in the way that God could. Man has no choice but to live in uncertainty and imperfection. However, if he confronts his condition with full consciousness, he can retain his dignity as an “image of God” without arrogant claims to absolute truth, justice or knowledge about everything.

26. Man can only do his best. He will never be able to control the world in the way that God can. But if he confronts life with awareness, he can still retain his dignity as a creation of God.

27. Humanity lives in a world of imperfection, uncertainty, and constant change. Don’t try to be God, but retain your dignity and be grateful.

28. The essence of the human condition is that man is not God. Man’s limits make him truly a creature in the world, but they also make it possible for him to rise above the limitations of nature and to create culture, which gives him his freedom and his humanity.

29. Thank God man is not God, the world would have been worse than it is now. If the human race had evolved to become intelligent enough to handle its affairs, it would mean the end of all-natural phenomena on earth.

30. Thanks be to God that man is not God, if ever he were, this state of existence will not last long. Man is not fit to govern himself, let alone all else. But is as dependent as little children upon their Father and Creator for every breath they draw.

31. This world would have been ruined if God had not existed, the world will always be in debt to Him. We cannot thank God enough for creating man who worships him and tries to emulate him. Though God knows everything and what He is doing, we can know some of his intentions through his revelation.

32. Thank God man is not God, the world would be worse than it is now. It’s a wonderful thing that human beings can’t control all the natural processes of the universe. But we should still try our very best to work together to make the best of what we have and avoid causing harm to others.

33. Imagine a world in which the human race had evolved to become intelligent enough to handle its affairs. Life would no longer be possible on this planet, it would be devoid of life.

34. Man is not God and therefore cannot understand how the world works. Be grateful for it.

35. When we look at the universe, it is really easy to be grateful that man is not God. We should be careful not to forget that.

36. God has done so many things to sustain life on earth. If man were God, we wouldn’t have survived. Because of Him, we have been able to continue living and maintaining our lives and those of others. Everything that was created by God is good and we cannot thank God enough for all the work He has done.

37. It is comforting to remember that man is not God and hence, he cannot expect to teach others what he does not know himself.

38. Life may not be perfect, but it’s a heck of a lot better than it would have been if man were in charge of the universe.

39. If man possessed omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence, it would have been the end of everything beautiful. It would have been hell.

40. What a joy it is to live in a world created by God! To look at the magnificent beauty of flowers and animals. To enjoy the pleasure of eating, drinking and sleeping. If man was God, fish would be on the trees as leaves just for aesthetic purposes.

41. There is beauty in the world only because man is not God and therefore does not know everything. If we do, there wouldn’t be any emotion or feeling. It would have been hell.

42. Sometimes, it’s heartwarming to know that even if one has all the power, knowledge and time in the world, he is not God.

43. There is comfort in recognizing that we are not God and that we are not expected to understand more than we know.

44. I don’t know how the world would survive if man was God. Imagine what would happen if we have to live by ourselves, with no rules and no boundaries. It simply wouldn’t work.

45. How would the world survive if man was God? You’d be given almost limitless freedom. It could lead you to make choices that have dire consequences.

46. If man were God, the world would be a mess. If there are no laws and no discipline, we will all be lost. We need to come together as a group of people to provide a better world for all.

47. Imagine God didn’t exist, you will be alone in the world with no help in sight. Luckily, God exists and all you have to do is pray and you’ll be okay.

48. I can only imagine what it would be like to live out of control. What a scary place the world would be if man were God.

49. We are not all omniscient beings, we can’t envisage the consequences of everything we do or don’t do. We cannot control the world around us in terms of weather and crops. Unlike God, our wisdom is limited and this itself is a blessing. Consider what the world would be like if all things run according to your will.’

50. We don’t know everything. Our wisdom is limited and this itself is a blessing. Imagine the disaster that would ensue if we were all omniscient. Only God knows the unknown.

51. To be able to imagine and have the power to create is a wonderful thing. Innocuous as this may sound, it could lead to disastrous consequences. The world would be an even scarier place if man were God and all things were at our command.

52. We are not God. We don’t know everything. Even if we do make an effort to understand the consequences of our actions, we cannot predict the future. If we had the foresight, the world would be a much more frightening place. Imagine if we did know what will happen in the future. It would be scary!

53. Don’t think you’re perfect. Remind yourself that you aren’t omnipotent. Don’t try to control all things at all times. Thank God you are not God. Give yourself a break. Mistakes are only human and you can forgive yourself for that as we all do from time to time.

54. We are not God, nor are we the Devil. Though we can try to help others, controlling their actions and well-being is neither kind nor necessary. Instead, we should focus on what we can control; our reaction to the world around us.

55. Imagine that man can change, destroy and manipulate the world around him at will. He would become bored of it quickly and seek out something more interesting, fortunately, man is not God.

56. It’s easy to get caught up in our ignorance, especially when we think we are helping others. So let us remember that no one is God, and we all need to be humbled when trying to teach someone something we do not fully understand ourselves.

57. I can’t imagine what would happen if man was God. Imagine the world we live in, nobody obeying the laws, no boundaries to stop us from going astray. Surely we will destroy ourselves.

58. Humanity should thank the Lord that man is not God because he would have destroyed everything before he began to create.

59. The world is not as it should be, but it could have been worse. When we sleep at night, thank God that man is not God, he would have made a mess of things.

60. With the powerful weapons humanity possesses today, if man were God, we would already have destroyed ourselves and all living beings on the face of this earth.

61. God’s praises remind us of his unflinching love and justice. As we give thanks, let’s acknowledge that we would be worse off if not for God’s help.

62. We should not take for granted what God has given us. For had we been gods, we would have created a world that would make the world we live in today seem like heaven.

63. We cannot play God. We may strive to achieve perfection, but only at the risk of losing our humanity. We have the capacity for both good and bad. Let’s love each other as fellow humans. The choice is ours to make.

64. Thank God man is not God, else the world would have been a difficult place to live. But because man is not God, men can work together to overcome or at least cope with many of the problems that exist in nature and society.

65. Man’s mind is limited, he cannot know everything, he cannot do everything. He falls short of perfect knowledge, perfect health and absolute power. Thank God he is not God.

66. God is great and a lot of people claim that this is decided by man, but the truth is, there is no defence for why we are here other than God’s will. It reminds us that we are not God and man has done terrible things in the name of science only to find out that what we thought was right isn’t always right.

67. As the world around us changes, it can be hard to keep up with new ways of doing things. But one thing stays the same: Humans are not gods. Every day we try to be like God and we fail because we are only humans.

68. Though we all too often take for granted life’s many luxuries, one simple truth always remains, man is not God. And perhaps it is this imperfection that makes this world such a wonderful and unique place to live.

69. We should be thankful that we are not God, if we were God there would be so many decisions to make and things would be very difficult. We wouldn’t want to go through our lives thinking “why couldn’t someone else just do this” or “oh no, not again”.

70. For the most part, man is resigned to his mortality and Godlike strength. If a man were to take the power of the creator, he would be overwhelmed by that power’s magnitude.

71. There are some things that one has to be thankful for in the midst of life’s many tragic events. One of them is not being God. What a responsibility. What a job.

72. Man is not God and so cannot be perfect. We can’t live up to a standard of perfection and have thus been given the gift of imperfection. Learn to appreciate life’s imperfections, so that you may live your life to the fullest every single day.

73. Thank God man is not God because we are incapable of creating. We are merely able to deform, destroy and build nothing that endures.

74. We are born, informed, and made aware by incredible and beautiful forces that are greater than us. Life is a delicate moment between what came before and what will come after. We should appreciate each other as humans and be grateful that we are not God because we know how delicate life is.

75. Failure is a part of the human condition. If man were God, he would make a lot of mistakes and the world would be in chaos. It’s reassuring to know that God has everything under control.

76. Thank God man is not God, if he were, he would use his power to destroy and probably there would be no universe now.

77. Imagine what the world would be like if man were God, the world would be full of fear and doom. But instead, we have love and hope, thanks be to God.

78. When we think of what God has created, it’s easy to put our petty problems in perspective. The world is a beautiful place and humanity benefits from the fact that man is not God.

79. The thing is, if man were God, the world would be a very different place. We’d destroy everything and put nothing back, or leave it the way it was and spend centuries resenting our mess.

80. We have made a lot of mistakes throughout the course of our history as a species. It wouldn’t be hard to imagine where we will go wrong if we were in God’s position. That’s why I’m thankful that man is not in charge.

91. If man was God, he would have taken the control of heaven and earth and destroyed everything. By now there would be no universe.

92. The human race might have destroyed itself long ago if it had been given the power to do so. Fortunately, he is not God.

93. Just think how different the world would be if God were a human being. If a flesh-and-blood God had created this world, then he would have been prone to make all sorts of mistakes and life would be unbearable.

94. If man were God, he would have created most creatures on our planet without any meaning to the universe just to meet his unsatisfying needs.

95. God created a world that is filled with order and consistency. It’s never off balance, no one messes with it or uses it as a toy. If man were God, the reverse would have been the case.

96. We thank God, who did not put the wisdom and the power of creation in our hands to make the world, but in His.

97. With all the happenings in the world today, mankind has never been closer to self-destruction than it is. If man were God, the world would have been over by now.

98. If man were God, the universe would be in trouble. I mean, look at how much we’ve damaged the earth. Now imagine if we have the power of God.

99. If we were gods, certainly one of us would have messed things up by now and created a world in chaos. But God has done things just right for every person on earth because He is a God.

100. Thank God man is not God, he would have ruined all the beauty in the world because he is not perfect.

I believe these thank God man is not God quotes have helped you see reasons why you should be appreciative that man is not God. The world would have been a disaster and a difficult place to live in. Please share with your friends on your social media walls to let them know how great God is and why they should be thankful that He is God.

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