Thank You Mom and Dad for Giving Me Life Quotes and Messages

Now that you’re grown, you probably understand the sacrifices your parents took to make you a better person.

Starting from the fact that they aided your coming to this world, they fended for you and raised you. Your mum and dad helped in moulding you to becoming who you are today.

Your parents at most times made life uncomfortable for themselves to make it very comfortable for you. They forever wish you ahead of them in life and they make all efforts in making sure that happens.

Remember the times when they did extreme things just to make sure you lived the life you wanted? Overworking themselves, some getting into debts and the likes, to see that you’re getting a good life.

Appreciating them is the least you can do to make them know how much you value all they have done for you, and here are thank you mom and dad for giving me life you can use to appreciate them.

These thank you mom and dad for giving me life quotes might not do it all but would go a long way in expressing your gratitude to your parents, amaze your them, give them goosebumps, big smiles and a sense of accomplishment.

Thank You Mom and Dad for Giving Birth to Me Quotes and Messages

You’re a grateful soul and it gladdens my heart to see you on this page. You’ve looked back to be grateful for the life you have through your parents and want to tell them in words? These thank you mom and dad for giving me life quotes and messages are best to appreciate them for giving birth to you and raising you to be grateful. Thanks to your mom and dad from all of us here.

1. From bringing me to this world to taking care of me, and up till now that I’m now grown enough to handle things for myself. Thank you so much, mum and dad, life wouldn’t have been easy without your help.

2. I now understand all of the extra efforts you put in. The extra hours at work, the days you starved, the times you have to stay in debt, all of the assaults you received, the menial jobs you had to, the unbalanced meals. All for me to get a better life. And I am so grateful, only you made me possible. Thank you so much. I love you.

3. I’m now an adult, and although you still do so much in my life, I’m already finding it pretty hard. You took care of me all these years, alongside yourself and my siblings and you never fell. Today, I appreciate all of your efforts. Today, I celebrate you. And I pray God keeps you to enjoy the fruit of your labour.

4. Mum, I can’t overemphasize that you’re the best. Even as basic as giving birth to me, I celebrate you for it. I experienced a woman give birth for the first time and I saw so much pain in her. You experienced it four times, giving birth to my siblings and I. You continued the strength, you expressed love in providing all that we ever needed. I love you so much, words cannot express.

5. I’m not married, I don’t even have children yet, but giving myself what I need is like so much to do. I remember when I bill you so much, even add extra cash for miscellaneous and all you did was provide them, in whatever manner available. I’d still get pissed if they’re due the date I wanted them. I never understood it. Now, I appreciate each of the moments you made sure life went well for me. Thank you, pops.

6. Thank you for bringing me this far. I can’t wait to start repaying you. May God keep you for me.

7. Thank you for giving me life; birth, food, money, strength, morals, education and everything else. I love you.

8. When I was little, I felt you had no time for me but as I grow older, I understood you were struggling to give me a better life. Thank you, dad.

9. It wasn’t easy for me after the death of mum, things changed but you managed to give me life again, hope again and a reason to live, I love you dad.

10. All my life, I’ve seen you work tirelessly, you are a strong woman, you made sure I had the most important things in life even though we had little. Thank you so much, mum

11. Dear mum, thank you for all the times you stayed awake just to know how I am doing. You’re the best!

12. Thank you, mum, for all the advices you gave me while I was growing up. Every single one of them pays off now. I love you so much, mum.

13. Year 30 of my life and I now I understand all these the more. You carried me so high and helped me live. I am grateful. I would choose to be your child again and again. Thank you for everything, I love you.

14. Parent was the title you were given. More like “Pay-rent”. Even while we owed you nothing, you kept footing each of our bills, kept paying for everything we needed to do. I pray God keeps you until we have more than enough to pay back and appreciate everything you’ve done. Thank you so much.

15. Thank you is not enough to appreciate all you’ve done. As long as we all live, I’d forever express my gratitude. I love you.

16. I thought you hated me while I was much younger. I thought you were selfish as you didn’t let me do a lot of things. I thought you wanted it all for yourself when you guided my decisions. Now I understand it all. Love, life, happiness and every good thing were ever your intentions. I understand it all now. Thank you for not giving up on me.

17. Amidst all of the struggles, you still never give up, you still make sure to provide all of our basic needs. We live our lives like it’s all sorted out, thanks to you. I love you so much, pops. God bless you.

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18. Dad, I love you so much. 8 years since mum died but you’ve always watched us as a mother would. 8 years now and you’ve still refused to remarry. I remember when you said no woman would treat us as her own. And for that, you’ve deprived yourself of a whole lot of pleasures. I wish I could repay every bit of these gestures. Thank you, dad.

19. Mum, Dad, I’m sending this message to you both. Look your baby is grown now, all beautiful, rich and established. All credits to you both. Thank you for always

20. Strength, love, motivation, joy, god. You’re every bit of it and more. Thank you for all you do. I love you.

21. I can’t wait to dance to beautiful songs when you clock 70. Dear mum, your strength has kept me this far. God continue to keep you and strengthen you. God bless you, mum.

22. Dear mum, how beautiful you look, how young and agile you are, how low you went to make me high. Thank you for giving up all for me to get up. I love you, mum.

23. Your love for me made you sacrifice a lot for me. Your time, your age, your strength, your life. You let go all these things go, that I will have double of them. Thank you, thank you, there are no other words to say to express how I feel, except I love you.

24. Father, my father. You remained my mother even when mother left to the world beyond. You stayed strong and put, you tried as much as you could to fill the void. Now and as long as I live, I’d forever be grateful to you. I love you, pops.

25. Thank for the life you gave unto me. Thank you for always watching me. Thank you for strengthening me. Thank you for feeding me with food and words. Thank you for all you’ve done.

26. You saw life first and you helped me through it. I would have lost my way a long time ago. I even almost did the times refused to heed to your words. Thank you for not giving up on me.

27. Ten thousand times
Have you helped me
And one million times again
Now and forever would you help me
Keen, you remain
You are my god on earth
Open to all bashes of life
Utilizing your strength always.

28. Where would I have been without you? What would I have done without you? How would I scale through without you? What would I have become without your sacrifices? Thank you is not enough, but I’ll keep saying it forever.

29. Today, as I finish school, I realize something much. Right from when I got in here, you spent so much to make sure I was comfortable. Selfish me never cared how much burden it was to you. Thank God now, I’d have the means to repay you. I love you so much.

30. My love, strength, motivation, source of hope, source of joy. Thank you for giving me life and helping me grow.

31. When my strength failed and everyone else turned their backs, you stood by me and helped me live. Nothing would have happened without you, mum. Thank you. I love you.

32. I remember how hard growing up was like. Very hard, we had to go days without food and nights within sleep. Even with all those, I had you to fall back to. Now I think, what was it you fell back to? That must have been so much strength. Thank you.

33. Up to date, I still need you to stay sane. Your solemn words, your unending love, your wonderful smile, your beautiful heart. Thank you, mum.

34. Father, God made you just a replica of him. How you guide me, love me, teach me, encourage me, pray for and with me. How you compliment mum and strengthened us. You’re just so different from the rest dads I know. Thank you so much, daddy. We love you.

35. Year 40 and you both are still as loving as ever. You’re grandparents now and great grandparents in the making, that hasn’t stopped your love and interest in all of your children, grandchildren and beyond. Thank you for being just the exact things we need to help complement our lives.

36. Thank you, mum. Thank you, Dad. If there was a better way to say it, then I would without hesitation.

37. Going down memory lane, I remember how it all happened. How we lost dad, our home, our peace and the future we once envisioned. It was hell, it was hard, it was killing. There were times we almost gave up, times we cried to sleep, times we stayed numb, times we watched what we worked for a walk past us, time we could no longer get a hold of things that were basic to us. It was so hard.
Today, it’s all a different story, but that’s because you didn’t give up.
You stayed strong and firm. It was so hard but now it’s all beautiful.
Thank you so much, mum. I love you from the bottom of my heart.

38. With utmost gratitude and regard, I present all of my heartfelt thanks and love to you. Words can’t do enough.

39. I know the story, I was told how it happened. Imagined if you had done something wrong, I probably wouldn’t even have come to this world. Thank you for life, thank you for your strength, for love, for growth.

40. A whole package of life. Thank you, mum.

41. Hope; you portray so much of it, that I look your face when I’m feeling down. I love that you love me, that you motivate me, that you strengthen me. Thank you

42. I’d call you LIFE, cause that’s exactly what you are. Life from birth, till growth, till date. Thank you, LIFE.

43. You brought me into this world of pain, hardship, difficulties, illness, and somehow built a shield that kept me from those things, mom, dad, you guys are the best

44. Know what this world would have been without air and water? That’s my life without you both, I love you Mum and Dad

45. I felt invisible growing up, everything was mostly in the right place at the right time, I felt like it’s a normal way of life, but no, you guys made everything seem so, I will love you guys forever and I say thanks.

46. I used to feel sad that, before I woke up and after I slept were the only times you were around, and I didn’t see you much, dear dad now I understand, In any other life I’d always choose you as my daddy, cause I still have a lot to do for you.

47. Dear Mom, for every cheap cloth you wore, the torn skirt you had on, just to put fine clothes on me and sweet meals in me, I say thank You!

48. Mom, Dad. I remember saying when I grow up, I’d get rich enough to negotiate with God to live till eternity, I’m adding both your names now, cause 100years isn’t enough to repay you guys.

49. I’m more grateful to God that I can at least repay you guys for all you’ve done. Thank you.

50. My mind flashes back to when we had nothing. It was hell, it wasn’t easy. But it would have been worse if you haven’t stood by us. Thank you, mum.

51. Sending all the love and appreciate in my heart through this text. I wish I could do that. Thank you for making me a better person. I love you.

52. You’ve spent all your life working hard to making sure we’re fine. May God in heaven reward you endlessly. Thank you.

53. I’d forever express gratitude in whatever I can. Money, love, words, any other thing. You lived for us to be great. Thank you so much.

54. I wish all these goodies came before you went through so much stress, and tears, and hurt. Thank God that you’re still here to eat most of it. Thank you for helping me live.

55. For everything, thank you, mum.

56. Thank you so much dad, for being my source of life. I love you.

57. I feel the pains, I understand how it all went. I saw you cry, I was part of the struggles. So, I know how great the celebration should be. As long as I breathe, you’d forever be celebrated as my superhero. Thank you, I love you.

58. There is no hesitation in your love and affection, that’s exactly why there’s so much greatness in my life. Thank you for helping me live.

59. I grew up trusting you, learning words and morals from you. Living life and believing God was to a great extent your help. Up till date, the goodies embedded in me has helped me live. Thank you for teaching me life, mum.

60. Even when everyone else neglected me, you took me in. Your kind words healed me, your wonderful arms held me, your beautiful heart kept me. World Best mum!

61. It’s Valentine’s Day and the one I want to celebrate is you. You showed me the greatest love. You are the best. I love you mum.

62. You became tattered, so I’d look good. You had sleepless nights, for me to be comfortable. You ate the remnants, to make sure I was satisfied. You laid every foundation of my life, you are my life. Dad, I appreciate every of your love and works. Thank you.

63. It was all series of jobs because I needed to school. It was all shades of words because I needed to live. You didn’t give up the times I flopped, you don’t let go even when I did. Thank you, pops.

64. My love, my superhero, my shield, my strength, my life, my god on earth. What would I do without you? Where would I have been if you weren’t here? Thank God for you. Thank you for me.

65. Thank you for putting me on the right path. I love you.

66. Today starts with you on my mind, my love. I told you I’d forever celebrate you, I’m not backing down on that. I probably should make a flyer and give it to everyone I meet, cause these words don’t do it right. I love you so much, mum. I would have been nothing without you in my life.

67. Your presence is my life is just the right amount of sanity I need to live. Thank you for always being here for me.

68. A big heart you’ve got. Love enough to go round and round. I love how you love me and how you made sure I was free and comfortable around you. Thank you, mum. Life wouldn’t have been easy without your help.

69. Gold can’t be compared to your love. Diamonds can’t be compared to your impacts. Nothing can be compared to the life you gave me. Thank you, mum and dad.

70. I’m so grateful God put you in my life, that he put me in your family. You guys are the best. I love you, mum and dad.

71. Beautiful life you helped me live, grateful soul you helped me become. Thank you so much, mum.

72. Father, my father. Your strength brought me this far. I am so grateful. God bless you.

73. The best thing that has happened to me. Helping me live the best life you could afford. You’re the best. I love you.

74. I smile when I see you smile. I am filled with so much joy when you’re happy. And for as long as live, I’d make sure to make sure you’re glad. Thank you.

75. To be blessed, to be loved, to be respected, to be celebrated, for all you did. You’re so wonderful. Thank you.

76. I’d continue to pay rent, cause you are my PARENTS. For the rent of my life, you paid, I’d continue to repay. Thank you, mum and dad.

77. Even when everyone thought it wouldn’t happen, you worked so hard to make it possible. I’m made now! Thank you, mum.

78. You remain my number source of joy and happiness. You’re beautiful, wonderful, sweet, the best! Thank you for helping me live.

79. Mum, I would all I can to make sure you’re comfortable and happy. You did all you could when you could, it’s my turn now. Thank you, mum. I love you.

80. Tonight, I’m sending all the love I can. I love you, mum. Thank you.

81. Thank you for being my mum. I’d choose you over and over again.

82. One million and one times I’d have given up, one million and one times you helped me stand. My love for you eternal. Thank you.

83. I saw you today and I realized how much I am blessed. Beautiful, strong, smart, great woman. I’m so proud you’re my mother. Thank you, mum.

84. Mom, Dad, for every night you went to sleep on empty stomach and telling me you were okay for the night, just so I could enjoy the last meal available, I appreciate it and promise to repay you abundantly.

85. For all the times you taught me how to read and write
For all the times you gave me hope with your words
For all the times you left your comfort zone just to put food on the table
For all the times you got my back
I say thank you, mum
God bless you, mum
I love you so much!

86. Dear Dad, I now understand why you come back late at night
Why you look so dirty sometimes
Why you are always lost in thought, all these things you did just to see me survive, just to make me a great person. Thank you, dad, I am surely going to make you proud.

87. Parenthood isn’t easy but you made life easy for us, how you tackled situations and make us feel everything is perfect is so amazing. You gave us all we wanted even when you’d none. Thank you, mum and dad

88. Living with a different mum after my mum died wasn’t easy but you treated me so well. You treated me like your own, you showed me love and appreciated every effort of mine. Thank you, mum, you have been more like a best friend to me

89. I saw old pictures of you guys and I asked mom what happened, she smiled at me and said, though we might look ragged now compared to then, as long as you look good? We’re fine, you’re the diamond in our dirt. I love you guys.

90. Thank you, mum. For making life beautiful for us.

91. Even when the society made you believe that as a woman, taking care of the financial needs of your family is optional, you took it upon yourself to make sure the home is set. World Best mum!

92. You are not a doctor but you act like one.
You are not a teacher but you act like one.
You are not a superhero but you act like one.
How you do all these surprises me. Thank you mum, thank you for always being a lifesaver.

93. Dear mom and dad, you are not just my parents, you guys are the corner of my eyes, the spine of my back, brain in my skull, heart in my chest. Without you both, I’m a nobody.
God bless you both. I love you.

94. I remember how awful I was, how stubborn I was, but you still treated me like a princess, you always have this positive vibe in you, you always proclaimed that I would be a great person. Mum, I am a great person today because of you. Thank you, mum.

95. Your prayers pave ways for me,
Your wise counsel make things easier for me,
Your advice keeps me going
God bless you mum, you’re the best!

96. You’re the best description of strength. Thank you for standing firm for us all. I love you, dad.

97. Dad, I remember how you arrived late at my graduation, I was so mad at you, I thought you cared less about me but as I grow older I realized you were struggling to make me better. I’m sorry you had to go through a lot of stress because of me, but soon, I’ll make you proud and give you all you lost. Thank you, dad.

98. Dear mom, I can never forget how you’d stay awake all night during the heat periods, we had no power supply, but you’d stay awake to use a hand fan to blow breeze on me till I fall asleep, you’re irreplaceable. Thank you.

99. I wouldn’t stop saying thank you to you both. You made me. I love you.

100. You wake up at 6 am to leave for work,
You come back at 9 pm
You look so tired and stressed out
You try to put a smile on your face to assure me everything is fine, thank you, dad. I love you.

I’m certain you could relate with one or more of the thank you mom and dad for giving me life.

Help your parents feel accomplished, help yourself feel good and appreciative.

Drop comments about any situation you can relate with and others.


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