These Are the Best Jobs Available to Fresh College Graduates

These Are the Best Jobs Available to Fresh College Graduates

Graduates of 2019 have great opportunities and improved hiring trends. Not to mention services that can help me write my paper. It is still difficult for graduates to find the job that they are meant to do. This presents new questions and challenges. These are the top jobs available to college graduates.

Software engineer

The technology revolution is transforming the way the world works. Software engineering is one of the most popular roles in the industry. Software engineering was a popular field that attracted graduates from all corners of the globe in 2019. Google, Oracle, IBM, and IBM are some of the top companies that hire US graduates. Many companies require skills. If you are willing to spend your time learning about end-user needs and translating them into code, there may be many opportunities for you. The basic salary for this profession is $84,000. This is significantly more than the starting salary.

Registered nurse

Healthcare has many opportunities for people with different skills and levels. This field tends to hire many recent graduates. The United States is on the brink of entering an era of nurse shortages. This profession is one of the most important industries that will see tremendous growth over the next decade. New graduates have the opportunity to work 12-hour shifts and weekends as well as nights. Schools and medical offices offer the chance to work the traditional nine-to-5 and have travel opportunities that may be of interest to young professionals. This job pays $59,000. For more information, see nursing homework assignments.


Although this job has a poor reputation, it can help you to improve your critical skills. It doesn’t matter what type of work you do next. This could be the job that you should try if you are looking to overcome your fear of talking to strangers, learn how to resist rejection, practice deep listening, and find the right balance between persuasive and pushy. Sales is a broad field with many options. Nearly all companies need sales representatives. Although the starting salary is $30,000, it could be much higher or lower. It all depends on what type of compensation the job offers.


Although there are many challenges associated with teaching, they can also be a blessing in disguise. Young graduates can expect to make big changes in the future, as they will be able to adapt their classrooms to the rapidly changing environment. Unfortunately, this job comes with a starting salary of $40,000.


Accounting is more than just about keeping the money in your pocket. The field is dynamic and players have the option to choose which path they would like to follow across multiple industries. Top auditing firms are among the top five that hire the most recent graduates. However, you don’t have to be limited to taxation or auditing. Money is the heart of every business. It is at its core. You can be successful in your professional career if you are able to understand the financial health of any given business entity. A bachelor’s degree in accounting or business will give you the foundation you need to work in almost all positions in accounting. A master’s degree is required if you wish to become a CPA. This job has a starting salary of $45,000.

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