Tired of Missing You Quotes

Tired of Missing You Quotes

Missing someone is a feeling that can come over anyone at any time. It does not matter if it is due to a breakup or a goodbye for a long time, it just comes as an unexpected feeling that hits you hard and knocks out all your energy. Some people have a hard time dealing with distance from their loved ones, and they always want to be with them. Sometimes they can’t even imagine how they will manage without their partners, friends and family members.

When you are tired of missing someone, that is when you know that you love them. People who are in love always feel the pain of being apart from each other. They feel like they cannot breathe without their partner by their side and they often wish to spend more time with them. When that person is not around, they get very restless and bored. Missing someone means feeling incomplete without them around. It means wanting to be with them all the time, just because they make you feel better about yourself.

You don’t need anyone else but that special person in your life; all you need is them by your side. If you are tired of missing someone then it means that your feelings for them have grown stronger than ever before. It’s hard to be away from someone you love. You constantly think about them, and the time you spend apart seems unbearably long.

Are you tired of missing someone? You should check out the collection of tired of missing you quotes below for quotes that you can express yourself with.

Tired of Missing You Quotes

I am tired of missing you. The constant yearning and wishing for nothing more than to be with you. The endless road trips in your car, with you in the driver’s seat. But it seems like the world keeps getting in our way from being able to ever truly be together again. I don’t want to live like this anymore!

1. I am tired of missing you. I am tired of the dark. I am tired of waking up on an empty bed when all I want to do is stay put and sleep next to you. I am tired of missing you but don’t want to lose you.

2. I am tired of missing you. I have been sleeping badly. I have been thinking about the time when you will come back home when we could share our lives again. I have been thinking of all the times you got mad at me and I replied to your anger with sadness because other people might not understand our relationship.

3. I am tired of missing you. I have tried to be away from you and it seems that, no matter what I do, my mind always thinks of you. Your scent is in my hair, your touch is on my skin and even though we are apart; our hearts are still beating together.

4. I am tired of missing you. I know I should just let go, but I am so used to being with you, it’s like an addiction. I never thought that I could love someone so much and now when I see other couples, they make me realize that they will never be as happy as we were together.

5. I am tired of missing you. I miss the way we used to talk and make each other laugh. You said my voice was like music to your ears and that our friendship was worth fighting for. But for some reason, we haven’t talked in months. Don’t you want to be friends anymore?

6. Your absence has taught me how to face the pain while you are away. The time I spend without you are times I have learned to cherish and love again.

7. I am tired of missing you, I love you and it’s not fair. I’m tired of trying to understand why I miss you and how come nobody notices how much those tears mean to me. My life has become darker without you there in my arms to help me keep going through this…

8. You are the love of my life. Every day I wake up, hoping that you will be with me again, but reality hits me and I am reminded that you left me. I need you to hold me. I want you here with me so bad. When will this end?

9. I am tired of missing you. I have been missing you since the day we decided to part. I know we still have a lot to do, but living without you just becomes too unbearable. Please don’t let us live apart any longer!

10. I am tired of missing you, I am tired of seeing your face only in my dreams, and I am tired of feeling lonely each day without you in my life.

11. I am tired of missing you and waking up to your presence. I am tired of missing you when it is morning, noon, or night. I long for your voice just to hear your soft timbre that’s so soothing its relaxing music to my ears.

12. I love you and miss you. You are my everything and yet I am forced to endure long, cold nights without you. It breaks my heart that we can’t be together. I want to hold you so tight and never let go of you.

13. I am tired of missing you, my love. But I know that our marriage has to wait. This will pass and we will be together again soon.

14. I am tired of missing you. You’re a top priority, but life gets in the way. So it’s no surprise that you’re confused by my lack of communication and attention. Maybe if I could just tell you what I’m doing, my intentions would be evident. As a busy person, I have to make time for important things — like our relationship.

15. I am tired of missing you, I just want the time to be so much sooner. I know it’s not going to stop, but whether it makes sense or not, I can’t stop myself from feeling like this.

16. I am tired of missing you. I miss you every minute, every hour of the day. You are the person whom I can’t stop thinking about, no matter how hard I try. I miss your laughter and the sound of your voice. The way you hold me close at night when things feel uncertain will always remain fresh in my memory. And now that you are gone from my life, it feels empty and there is a big hole in my heart that only you can fill up again with all your love and care.

17. I am tired of missing you, I’m tired of the tears, I’m tired of praying for you to come back. If a day is a hundred years and three hundred days pass in the blink of an eye, then you will surely come back to me.

18. We have reached the point where we’re tired of missing each other so much. Distance doesn’t break us, but it sure makes us stronger.

19. I am tired of missing you. Everything about you has been with me since the day we parted. Every hug, every moment, every second – all of them are imprinted on my mind forever. I know that the things that you’ve done in this life have broken your heart and scarred your soul deeply but I believe that the scars will heal over time because they were created by love and only love can heal it all.

20. I am tired of missing you. The last thing I want is for our situation to get worse and make things harder on ourselves. I want a fresh start, so I leave this letter here in case you are feeling the same way.

21. I am tired of missing you. I want to wake up to your voice next to me, but all I get is a quiet night that just won’t end until the sun rises. I want to hear you laugh, hear your jokes, hear you say my name again and again. But no matter how much I may want it, I am left with a heavy heart each morning because you’re nowhere near me.

22. I’m tired of missing you. I am tired of not being able to describe the way your breath feels on my neck. It is too quiet, too empty and too lonely right now. It has taken me what seems like a lifetime to figure out that I was never good enough for you, not just because I wasn’t smart enough or attractive enough but because I was destined to be with you and once we were finally together it didn’t matter.

23. I am tired of missing you. Every time I see you, it makes me realize just how much I miss you. You are the first person that comes to mind on my busy days, and the last thing I think about before I go to sleep. If only you knew what this does to me, how much I want to be with you again; I feel like if it were physically possible, my heart would ache until we’re together.

24. I am tired of missing you. I want to feel your warm embrace, look in your eyes and see that smile on your face. We went what seems like forever without being together and now, it hurts. I never imagined that I could miss someone so much.

25. I am tired of missing you, I am tired of thinking about you. I am tired of feeling this way. I have done nothing wrong, it was all in your control and I’m tired of trying to understand why you act the way you do. You know this sucks right?

26. I am tired of missing you, the way that wind blows through my hair. I am tired of missing you, like a broken record over and over again. I thought it was just me, but now I realize I’m not alone in this trip down desperation lane.

27. I am tired of missing you. I have no more strength to fight this battle with myself anymore. Every time I try to suppress my feelings, they bubble up like lava and spill everywhere around me. The worst thing is that it only makes me feel even worse. I don’t know what to do anymore. Please come back.

28. I am tired of missing you. If I have to live without you, please write back to me. This would help me to know why you left and what has happened since then.

29. I am tired of missing you. I am tired of thinking about how we can make our life together a better place. I want to stop seeing other people and count on their faults, I want to keep seeing your best qualities and forget about the rest. I love you and I don’t know how much longer I can live like this.

30. I am tired of missing you. I am tired of having you not be with me. I am tired of doing everything alone, I need your presence.

31. I am tired of missing you all the time. I miss you when I eat when I sleep and when I dream. It is hard for me to look at your pictures because every time I do, the pain surfaces and my heart breaks again. The only thing that keeps me going and makes it easier on me was knowing that you were always there with me, even in spirit.

32. I am tired of missing you, I never wanted this; The days seem longer without you here; All I want is for you to be close to me.

33. I am tired of missing you, it is difficult to sleep alone with my thoughts. I want to hold you and hug you in the morning and I miss doing that so much.

34. I am tired of missing you. I just need to hear your voice and know that you will be okay. I haven’t heard from you in a long time, and it’s killing me inside. Just call me so we can talk about what’s on your mind.

35. It is what it is, we are not together and I am tired of missing you. I miss your face and your fingers, I miss our jokes and the way we fit.

36. I am tired of missing you because I want to be with you all the time. I just want to see you smile and know that everything is okay.

37. I am tired of missing you. That’s the whole point, feeling incomplete and not knowing what to do with me. You’re like a crack in the sidewalk that keeps spreading, even during the rain. And I could tell it was going to take forever to repair, but I should have realized it wasn’t worth it. So why don’t we just let ourselves heal now before we can’t stand each other any longer?

38. I am tired of missing you. I want to feel your warm embrace, the soft pat on my back and the deep look into your eyes while we are together. The days are long, but I will wait and count the hours with love and tears.

39. I am tired of missing you. With each breath, my heart hurts…all the time. I know this has happened before, It just did not feel like it did then. I have seen you through beautiful days and difficult times, but never have I seen something tear us apart as much as this does.

40. I am tired of missing you. I am worn out from sitting alone at night in my bed. I haven’t watched any good movies lately and all my food tastes like cardboard. I’m sick of not having someone to talk to or to text me in the morning with a smiley face.

41. I am tired of missing you when we are miles apart. I wish for the day when I shall see you again, who I long for and cherish daily.

42. I am tired of missing you. I don’t like having to wait to see your face and feel your warm embrace. I can’t help but long for your embrace, and the smell of your scent. I just want one more chance to prove that you are worth all this pain I feel when we are apart.

43. I am tired of missing you, and I know that you miss me too. I don’t know why it’s so hard. We both want to be together, but something is holding us back. Maybe we are both scared of getting hurt again? Or maybe we don’t realize how much being apart is hurting us.

44. I love you but I am tired of missing you. Tired of living in the hope that someday we will be together when your life is settled? Tired of waiting for you to grow up, make a decision and get on with your life so that the possibility exists that someday we may share our lives. I am done waiting for you.

45. When you’re tired of missing someone, it’s almost easier not to talk and just be single. But life is boring that way. You’ll miss the times when you felt like you were a part of something, even if it was just for a moment.

46. I’m tired of missing you. Missing your smile, your laugh, and that warm feeling we get when we’re together. I wish you didn’t have to leave for so long but I also know how much you love what you do. You wouldn’t be happy anywhere else, so I guess this is where I say goodbye.

47. This poem makes me feel the pain of missing someone. I lost my brother and it was devastating for me but this poem describes how painful it is to miss someone.

48. There are times when I wish I could turn back the hands of time. And in those moments, I am reminded of how much it hurts to miss you. I am tired.

49. You know how much I have missed you, but enough is enough. I do not care what you did or didn’t do. I am tired of it all and will no longer put up with your games. I don’t care about your excuses or what you need to do next. What matters most is that I miss my way of life and the feeling of being happy that comes with it

50. I miss you the most when I am the most afraid. I panic, worry and think of all the things that could go wrong. On these days, I have to remind myself of your love and gifts – a little more inspiration than usual helps me to realize that no matter how terrible things are in my mind, they will still be okay if you are with me.

51. I am tired of missing you, I am tired of pretending that we are happy and fine without each other, and I am tired of having to hide my feelings from the world. My heart aches when I think about you and even more so when you are away from me and I know that it is something that may never change.

52. I am tired of missing you, being without you. I know that I could never get enough of you and the enjoyment you bring to my life. The daydreams, the sleepless nights and those countless times I had to go through by myself.

53. I am tired of missing you and dreaming of you, I need to look at your face every day, to be with you all through my life. You’re my only treasure and I’m missing out. I have no one else other than you.

54. I am tired of missing you. I want to feel at peace, but my heart and mind keep pulling me back in. Maybe it’s time for us to finally let go…

55. I am tired of missing you. I know how it feels to wake up every morning and be so empty inside as if your soul is withering away from missed opportunities. The truth is that life is too short. We don’t want to regret something tomorrow that could have been beautiful today.

56. I am tired of missing you. I want to see your face, want to hold you in my arms again. I want to feel that sensation of joy when your words reach me. You are my world; my every breath and every heartbeat are for you.

57. I am tired of missing you. It is too late to go back and start over. We are at a crossroads. I have been holding on to the past, but it is time to move on. I want to try again and make our relationship work. I’ve come to realize that you are still the one for me, no matter how many times you’ve hurt me. I will make this right because you mean more to me than anyone else ever has.

58. I am tired of missing you. I am tired of not being able to talk to you when it is almost midnight and I can’t sleep. I am tired of waking up every morning wondering if today will be the day that this all ends, or if today might just be the day that you walk through that door again. And then realise you won’t.

59. I am tired of missing you. I miss the way your eyes glisten as they teasingly scan my body. I miss the feel of your warm breath on cold nights when we cuddle up under an old blanket.

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