Weekend Workout Quotes

Weekend Workout Quotes

When it comes to working out, one of the best times to do it is on the weekends. You have more time and can easily dedicate an entire day to working out. This is a great way to push yourself further than you would during the week because you have more time to recover and not feel as sore.

Wake up early and go for a run or walk before breakfast. If you like running, this is a great way to start your day off right. It gets you moving, gets your blood flowing and helps you clear your mind before heading into work (or school). The most important thing you need for a weekend workout is comfortable clothing. If you’re going to be exercising outside, make sure whatever you wear is light enough that it won’t restrict movement or chafe against the skin when you move around.

If doing the same thing all the time might not work for you. You have to do it differently, and that’s why you have these weekend workout quotes to add a  little spice to your weekend workout routine.

Weekend Workout Quotes

The weekend is meant to relax, but a workout must. So why not make it even better with a body pump class? Pack your gym bag, put on your headphones and head on over to your local fitness studio and get started.

1. The weekend is here, and this kick your week off in style and working out is going to do it for you.

2. Weekend workout is all about balance. Break away from the weekday routine and do something fun, healthy, and easy Don’t be a stranger. Make time to work out this weekend.

3. There’s no time like the present to start working out. Get your gear on, head outside and get moving!

4. Start your weekend off with a healthy and motivating workout.

5. Hit the gym this weekend and get your sweat on.

6. Weekend workout is here, and it’s all about squats, deadlifts, dips and pulling your body until you feel like you’re breaking.

7. Your weekend workout starts right here. Begin with a cleanse to prep your body for a more intense workout, followed by some light cardio to prepare you for the day ahead.

8. You’ve earned it! A little Friday workout to kickstart your weekend.

9. It’s the weekend; you’ve earned it. Work out your way to a healthy life.

10. Don’t let the weekend end without a good healthy workout.

11. It’s time to “stretch” and “recover” from the grind. Weekend workouts are the perfect way to get your body back after a long work week.

12. A motivating weekend workout could increase exercise motivation, especially for people starting a new fitness regimen.

13. Weekend workout sessions are the best to get you in the routine and feeling great.

14. Schedule a weekend workout. You’ll feel even better than you did before, and there’s no better way to start your week off right.

15. Workouts are about more than just working out. They’re also about spending time doing something you love with friends, family, and loved ones.

16. Ok, it’s the weekend and we all know what that means. A quick workout before the day starts.

17. A great workout isn’t just a physical accomplishment; it’s an emotional one too. Keep your spirit high, and your body fit by scheduling some time for yourself at the weekend.

18. The weekend is here, so it’s time to prepare your body for tough workout sessions because you can go to sleep right after!

19. Get a full-body workout and feel great! Work out like a boss this weekend.

20. It’s weekend; it all about waking up early to sweat a little before the day starts.

21. Is it just me or has it been too hot to do much of anything lately? After a hot, busy week, we’re ready for a weekend workout!

22. Don’t forget to do your weekend workout. It will give you some extra energy throughout the week.

23. A weekend workout makes for a great way to start the week off right.

24. Add a little exercise before your morning coffee.

25. There’s no time like the weekend to get a healthy workout in!

26. Working out during the weekend is absolutely necessary if you want to stay healthy all week long.

27. A weekend workout is about more than just running on the treadmill; it’s about a lifestyle that includes exercise, healthy eating and a healthy body image.

28. We’re talking about a lifestyle that includes exercise, healthy eating and a healthy body image. Weekend Workout is here to remind you that it’s never too late to change your life.

29. Work hard during the week, then crush it at the weekend for more energy and an improved mood.

30. Just because you aren’t working out every day, doesn’t mean you can’t keep your body in shape! Just work out on weekends.

31. Weekend workout goals! Make this a great weekend, and get your sweat on by working out. What’s your go-to workout playlist?

32. This weekend, it’s all about you! Make it the best weekend yet with a great workout. Block out some time to find a fun playlist on Spotify to get your heart pumping, lose those Monday blues, and leave the stress behind.

33. Start investing more time into yourself and find your motivation by setting some new goals. Use your favourite playlist to have a fresh start on the weekend.

34. Getting in your weekend workout is the only way to start your week!

35. A great weekend workout doesn’t have to be elaborate, but it does need to build your strength and endurance so that you can tackle the week’s grind with ease.

36. Weekend workouts don’t have to be time consuming. You can even do it at home and still feel great and accomplish your goals.

37. After a long week, you deserve an easy session of exercise—and we’ve got all the moves to help you get it.

38. Work out like a boss this weekend with your favourite workouts to get you pumped.

39. Keep it casual this weekend and relax with your favourite recipes to try.

40. The best way to push yourself out of a workout rut is to find inspiration from others.

41. The key to staying fit this winter is being well-prepared. The weather outside may be frightful, but these workouts will get your body feeling delightful.

42. Work out in the morning, and brunch at night. What’s better than Sunday Funday?

43. Sunday Funday may be the reason you’re working out in the morning and brunching at night. It’s one day to celebrate a new week, your health, and your growing muscles.

44. What’s better than brunch? Brunch in the morning.

45. A weekend workout is like a walk in the park for your body.

46. There is nothing like exercising in the early morning on a sunny Sunday. What is better than taking a run amidst the beautiful park?

47. You should really try doing a workout on the weekend. It’s way better, and it’s also more convenient.

48. Taking a weekend workout class is great for those who have busy weekdays and cannot make it to the gym.

49. Make the most of your weekends. With our convenient workout and diet plans, you can transform yourself in just weeks and become more energetic on weekdays too!

50. You deserve this weekend. Time to get sweat during your workout.

51. Grab your workout gear! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, take some time to focus on your health this weekend.

52. Work out at your convenience without the hassle of driving anywhere; save gas and get in shape!

53. This weekend: spend it in motion. You’ll feel better, be more active and have more fun.

54. When you spend time outdoors, you get the exercise you need, plus the social contact to help you relax. It’s over 60% more effective than just being on your couch!

55. The weekend ahead is waiting for you. Be there in a moment and avoid those crowded trains, endless traffic jams and stressful commutes.

56. It’s the weekend, and that means we have time to work out.

57. It’s the weekend, so take the opportunity to get out of your office and focus on what really matters—you!

58. We’re gearing up to have the weekend off, and it’s time to get our weekend sweat on.

59. Ring in your weekend healthy and strong with these workouts made to do at home.

60. The weekend is finally over, and it’s time for a workout!

61. Workout of the weekend: a good workout. And a good friend to keep you motivated

62. Working out on weekends is the best way to get in shape, look good and feel confident.

63. The best way to enjoy weekends is by working out harder than you work on the weekends.

64. If you really want to lose weight and get in shape, you must exercise on weekends.

65. It’s simple. You must exercise on weekends to lose weight and get in shape.

66. If you are serious about weight loss and getting in shape, it’s important to exercise on weekends.

67. There’s only one way to lose weight and get in shape: You must exercise every day!

68. If you want to lose weight and get fit, add an exercise routine to your weekend. It’s that simple.

69. Saturdays are the best day for working out… and weekends.

70. You made it; the weekend is finally here. Get out there and work it off! 

71. Go outside and work it off.

72. You’ve earned it; you deserve a weekend of fun! Now get out there and enjoy it while you still can.

73. Hustle this weekend. You’ve made it through a long week of work—so go out there, unwind, and enjoy yourself!

74. It’s Friday. Go out, have a drink, and start preparing for the weekend.

75. It’s time to get outside, enjoy the summer air and whip that body into shape.

76. Saturday is for rest, and Sunday is for working out.

77. To get in shape, you have to be willing to sacrifice your weekends.

78. Sunday Funday. Get ready to sweat your way into the weekend.

79. It’s time to get back in shape—here’s why you should make this weekend your time to work out.

80. It’s never too early to start your weekend workout. Start now, or you’ll regret it later 

81. Working out on the weekend is a great way to stay fit and healthy throughout the week.

82. The weekend is the perfect time to sneak in a little extra workout.

83. Take action now to get in the best shape of your life. Start feeling strong and powerful.

84. It’s a good weekend for a workout. So get out and get your sweat on!

85. How about this for a Saturday workout plan? Get your sweat on, then head to brunch.

86. Work out like you have something to prove. Don’t worry about what other people do; worry about what you can do better than anyone else.

87. Hit up the gym this weekend. Do something you’ve never done before—you may just surprise yourself.

88. Get your sweat on this weekend with some high-intensity workouts.

89. Weekend workouts are the best way to get your sweat on and start the weekend off right.

90. Take a weekend break from the grind and work out your body with some high-intensity interval training.

91. The weekend workout is like the first date with a long-term boyfriend. It feels good but full of awkwardness and surprises along the way.

92. The weekend workout is like the elevator that you used to ride in as a kid. It’s slow but steady and has a direct path to your destination.

93. The weekend workout is the shortcut that gets you where you want to go—in half the time.

94. The weekend workout is a great way to get strong and fast.

95. The Weekend Workout is your new personal trainer. It works you harder, faster and more efficiently than the average workout.

96. We need an actual workout that is something more than a stroll around the block.

97. You’ve got five days to get in your workouts, so why not make it a weekend workout?

98. The weekend is here! It’s time to get fit, stay fit and crush that workout.

99. Friday. Saturday. Sunday. No matter how you slice it, don’t let the weekend pass you by without a good sweat session.

100. You vs your weekend workout: the ultimate battle begins now.

101. Get your sweat on. We all have different definitions of fitness, but we can all agree that working out is fun and feels good.

102. I’m only saying this because you’re a badass who can handle it. Saturday and Sunday, let’s do this!

103. The weekend special is here. Get ready for some serious sweat and taste buds.

104. You’re in the zone. You’re sweating, but you love it. You feel good. So good that you keep going!

Our bodies were made for movement. We just need to give them the tools to do it. You can start your weekend workout routine with these awesome weekend workout quotes. If you enjoyed the quotes or found them a bit motivational, let me know in the comment section below. 

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