Wife Happy 40th Birthday Messages Wishes and Quotes

Wife Happy 40th Birthday Messages, Wishes and Quotes

Birthdays celebration is unending in life. Almost everyone aspires to celebrate a round figure in a big and in special way. So, it’s really a worthy achievement to have someone close to you to attain his/her quadragenarian years, someone as special as your wife.

Trust me, your wife could be really excited about her attainment and so, may already be looking forward to having a special treat from you for her birthday bash.

So, whatever you decide on to make her happy and feel appreciated is fine. But beyond that, think of the special way to impress her with eulogistic words and celebratory wishes.

You may also just want to drop her a love letter to wake up to on her special day. So long you’ll be assured they will imprint in her a lasting vibe, then you’re good to go.

I can ascertain that this wife happy 40th birthday messages, wishes and quotes below will suit your fancy and you’d be willing to use tons of them at once.

Best Birthday Wishes for Wife at 40th

Darling wife, after God, you are the next person that means the world to me. You’ve got great attributes and your 40th birthday celebration has got to be eventful. I’m sending you these best wishes from my heart. Your days will be fruitful just as you are beautiful. Happy birthday!

1. From the first day I met you till this moment that you’re 40, every single day has been special and worth living because it’s you I married. Happiest birthday to you, baby.

2. Happy 40th anniversary to you my beautiful wife. I consider myself so fortunate to be blessed with a beautiful wife like you.

3. My angel, I’m happy and blessed. I am so fortunate and favoured. Because I married you, I am so thankful. Happiest birthday to you my angel.

4. You’re 40 today and it sure looks good on you. Looking younger day by day, I can’t stop loving you. Keep living, my sweet wife.

5. It’s a special year, 40 is the number. As you grow older, I’m glad to tell you that you remain the only woman I will always live for. Happy birthday!

6. Start counting from 40 upward. So are the blessings I keep praying on your behalf will be packaged and dropped at your doorsteps. God bless your new age, babe.

7. You’re such a smart woman and I’m proud to have you. May this 40th anniversary of yours remain colourful to you and as you stay blessed.

8. No one can take your place for you have imprinted yourself so greatly in my heart. I love you, dear wife. Happy 40 years on earth.

9. Many things I’ve learnt from you even as a woman. Your kind is rare. You’re such a woman every good man should pray for. Can’t stop loving you. Happy birthday!

10. I have 40 good things to declare about you. These I will imprint in a card for the world to see how graceful you’ve been for the past 40 years. Shine on, baby girl. You’re my sunshine.

11 If every woman can be like you, then the world will also be a better place to stay in. Thank you for being so peaceful and adorable. Happy 40th anniversary.

12. I may not be perfect, but I sure have been the best man and husband to you. I credit myself for that and sure know I have an excellent mark with you. I desire to love you till eternity. Happy 40th birthday, sweet wifey.

13. On this day, the children and I celebrate the woman who makes the welfare of everyone her sole responsibility. Thank you for being an amazing soul. 40 looks super great on you.

14. The queen of my heart clocks 40 today. On this special day of yours, pray your day gets brightened and your life gets colourful like the rainbow in the sky. Best wishes to you.

15. Even till now, everything about you reminds me of the first time we had a good talk and had to fall in love with you. You still remain endearing to me. Happy 40th birthday, sweetheart.

16. Babe, I have no reason to think of another woman when I have you all to myself. Though you’re 40 today, no one can be like you, darling. Enjoy all the bliss that the new year brings for you.

17. Over the years till now that you’re 40, you have shown more maturity and understanding, and I’m glad to usher you into a new year of unlimited transformation in all respect. Happy birthday my queen.

18. Back then, it’s appeared it would be so rough and tough but I’m glad we’re waxing stronger and better. Happy 40th birthday to my very precious wife.

19. Hello sugar, I didn’t realise you’ve grown this old. The big 40 is here and has come to stay. Thank God you’re looking younger by the day. Happy birthday to you.

20. The more I live, the more my heart beats for you. And the more you live, the more you prosper in all endeavours. Keeping shinning, my cuppy cake.

Happy 40th Birthday Messages

At 40, new life begins and it’s beautiful. No doubt, this day is so special in your life, dear wife. I’d like to recount many happy moments in your life with these adorable birthday messages. Cheers to your amazing 40 years.

21. For your simplicity, decency and virtues, the whole world will celebrate you for the 40 years you’d lived and still live on this planet earth.

22. Glad you made it this far in my house and as my wife. I’m happy for those who rejected me then so as to enable a special woman like you take the right place. Happy 40th anniversary.

23. We’re sure lucky to find each other. Thank you for making me a happy man all along. I cherish you and won’t stop celebrating you, especially on your 40th birthday. Happy birthday.

24. I’m so proud you beat many speculations about women from people and social media, and you’ve made me the proud husband of a gracious woman like you. Have a smashing 40th birth anniversary.

25. Even at 40, everything about your youthfulness and resourcefulness still thrills me a great deal. You’re a true beauty to behold. Cheers to a blissful birthday.

26. Glorious 40 to you, my sunshine. You have been a great companion all along of which I am grateful to God for. I appreciate you and can’t stop loving you. Happy birthday!

27. I almost lost my life to get you for myself. Now that 40 and you’re all mine, I choose to stay alive to celebrate more blissful years with you.

28. You are my one and only. The 40 years you’ve spent on earth is not enough for the many years I still long to live together with you.

29. I need you all to myself for 40 more years. I won’t but celebrate you for you’re mine all alone.

30. Turning 40 today is an indication that life has been a wonderful journey. Hearty cheers to more years impacts.

31. Honey, throwing you a lavish 40th party is good and may seem largely enough to celebrate you. But trust me, you deserve even more than a red-carpet celebration.

32. My desire all along is to see you smile and satisfied. This I’ve tried to meet up with as a husband and hope to do more for you for 40 more years.

33. From me to you, you deserve an award of the best wife ever for being my friend and baby of 40 years.

34. For the queen that you are, you deserve to be treated always as one. 40 years feels great on you, darling.

35. Here’s to send 40 birthday wishes to you. For being so supportive and helpful all along, I say a big thank you. I promise to make you happy all your days.

36. Kisses and hugs may seem not enough to send you this day, but my love for you is eternal and my heart will continually beat for you. Happy 40 years on earth.

37. You’re precious and special, darling. I am proud to be your husband. Cheers to 40 years on earth.

38. Never have I been intimidated by your achievements. Rather, I’m always proud to husband an accomplished woman like you. Here’s to 40 more years of amazing testimonies for you.

39. For the completeness that your 40 years presence brought into my world, my lips declare allegiance to no other woman but you.

40. You make me complete and helped me to be highly responsible. Thank you for making me a complete man. Happy 40th birthday.

What to Write in a 40th Birthday Card for Wife

Quite funny, I sometimes get lost for words but today that you turned 40, it’s amazing how thoughtful words and sweet messages kept flooding my mind. You deserve all the recognition that is required of this glorious day. You are the best wife ever. Have a memorable 4oth birthday.

Below are more of what to write in a 40th birthday card for wife.

41. Oh baby, I believe in you and won’t change my mind from loving you. Not even now that I need you most. Happy birthday.

42. Your maturity speaks louder than your 40 years of existence. I appreciate everything you do for me and the kids. Best wishes always.

43. I couldn’t have asked for a better wife and mother to the kids. That you’re wonderful, is an understatement. Cheers to 40 years of greatness and riches.

45. Looking 40 and fabulous. Making us proud is what you always do. Thanks for shinning always as a star.

45. You bear my name and wear it with so much pride in yourself. Now that the name is being heard all over, the honour is attributed to you, my darling wife. I celebrate you always. Happy birthday.

46. Thank you for saying Yes to me. I’m super blessed to have you as mine. God bless your 40 years of existence.

47. To the wife of my youth, it’s a privilege to see us growing together and waxing stronger in love. Cheers to more years as you grow older.

48. You’re not just my wife, you have also impacted me in ways beyond my expectations. Thank you for being super amazing. Happy 40 years.

49. Each year as you celebrate a new year, my confidence in you soars continuously.
Happy for you as you’re about to enjoy more years of prosperity.

50. 40 years ago, a beauty came into the world. Little did I realise the beauty will turn out to be my wife. Cheers to many years and abundance.

51. Within the space of 40 years, your value has been so immeasurable. It surpasses the years you’ve spent. Don’t stop adding values for the world needs better people like you.

52. So much happiness I’ve shared with you. So nothing will stop me from celebrating this beautiful year with you. Welcome to the 40th floor.

53. This beautiful day, my gift to you is my recommitment to our love and togetherness. I wish you so much fun today, darling. Happy birthday.

54. No way will 40 years go ordinarily for you. You are outstanding, so will your new year be.

55. Our union has not only brought us together but has made me realise the power of a woman. I celebrate the woman in you. Cheers to fruitful 40.

56. We formed a great team; we’re such a formidable force. So is your new age going to bring you more wonders and testimonies.

57. My first experience of true love was with you, and ever since, you’ve owned the key to my heart. Now you have it all. Keep it safe. Happy 40th birthday, my queen.

58. All along, I have entrusted my heart to you. You alone have what it takes to tend and nurture it. Have a fabulous birthday.

59. On the occasion of your 40th birth anniversary, here is to uphold my love to you. Come what may, nothing will stop my love for you. Happy birthday.

60. My chic baby, you’ve made turning 40 so classy and endearing. Wish I could turn around to celebrate another 40 years.

Wife 40th Birthday Prayer Quotes

You’ve invested your whole 40 years towards becoming an emblem of great repute in the family. I remember today is your birthday, I thought this is best time to wrap these prayer quotes for you. I pray that you have a more impactful life and super achievements in every ramification. Happy 40th birthday, wifey.

61. In this new age of 40, may you see farther, may you hear clearly and may your heart beat continually for God. Happy birthday!

62. Special one, allow me to be a little selfish with this prayer. May you increase in bond and admiration for me. And may my love grows continually in your heart. Happy 40th anniversary.

63. You shall get everything that you have ever prayed for. Happy birthday, my love.

64. Welcome to the 4th floor, where every day of the year will be joyful and the experiences will leave a last memory for you.

65. As you’re 40 today, may you be fortified in greatness and riches. Cheers to wonders and sanctification.

66. While you grow to witness additional 40 years on earth, may we remain alive, be together and wax stronger in love.

67. Your smile is so fine, you shine so brightly. May your smile continue to bring solutions to the problems of people you come in contact with. Happy 40th celebration.

68. For the peace you bring to my heart as your husby, for the joy you bring to my home, for the care to the kids, may all your good deeds be remembered for good.

69. May your growth bring you more increase in knowledge. May your youthfulness renew your strength and productivity. Cheers to an amazing 40 woman.

70. More thousand years will return to beautify this special day for you. Happy 40 years.

71. Welcome to a moment of a new milestone. As you’re reborn today, may wonders and blessings come near you in 40 folds.

72. With your 40th birthday, I can see you’re four times better and super. Cheers to more years of celebration, darling.

73. Your first 40 years have been fantastic. The next 40 years will be fruitful. Happy birthday, my sweet wife.

74. Your 40 years of age have been laced with special grace. This new year will bring new turns to the course of your life.

75. As you clock 40 years of age today, so will you experience multifaceted blessings.

76. For the many blessings you have received in the past 40 years, so will your new encounter be. Keep living and don’t stop growing.

77. You have been a faithful and supportive wife, no wonder you’re looking 25 even at 40. May your thoughtfulness grant you more health and liveliness. Cheers!

78. You are my sunshine and my world shines so brightly because you’re there always to brighten my life. God bless and keep you continually for me. Cheers to 40 years of blessedness

79. Your presence in my life has brought more than 40 blessings than I could imagine. May goodness and riches never elude you. Happiest birthday, my bunny bugs.

80. Honey, just as you’re a year older in age, we’re also a year older in marriage. May we reduce in differences while we grow stronger in peace and harmony.

Funny 40th Birthday Wishes for Wife

At 40 years, one of the many experiences you’ve gained is that you’re so lively and funny. At this age, you’re not too young, but you’re smart. You’re not likewise old, but you’re quintessential. this is to celebrate the milestone of your middle age. I can’t stop loving you, dear wife. Wish you the best.

81. 40 is a great year to behold, to own a relaxed mind and be focused on building a lasting legacy.

82. 40 a is a good number. But nothing is reducing the years you’re still going to spend on earth less of another 40.

83. Though you’re 40, you’re still looking younger and fresher as I first met you.

84. Never get worried about getting old. 40 is just a few numbers. There are larger numbers to aim towards.

85. Hearty cheers on witnessing 40 solid years on earth. You can always look back and see how blessed you are. It’s sure a year of progress all the way.

86. You may be 40, but I’d still like to throw you up and catch you fully in my hands for you’re still my baby. Happy birthday, baby.

87. Now that you’re 40, you’re going to be celebrated with great tweets and lovely updates. Anticipate!

88. I’m sending you 40 more hugs and kisses to celebrate the 40 more years we shall live to celebrate together.

89. In your soft cool arms do I always crave to be cloaked in. I wanna be close to you even more than before. Happy birthday.

90. From the very moment you became mine, all authority to rule my domain has been given unto you. Enjoy your reign for another 40 years.

91. Finally! Super glad you’ve attained the age you no longer will make more babies. If you mistakenly do, you’re on your own.

92. Now that you’re 40, the earlier you realise you’re no younger, the better you aim for new heights. Welcome to the elevation floor.

93. Don’t be too excited that you’re 40 years. You’re actually going to start using moisturizers to keep you looking fresher and younger.

94. At 40, aiming higher may seem like hard work. But you sure can track your progress to see what next to aim towards.

95. Reports says here is the age to sleep more. Hopefully, night parties will reduce now that you’re 40.

96. Now that you’re 40 and exceeded the age of pampering, I’d like to invest my money in more businesses. Prepare your mind for that.

97. I tell you, 40 more years is not enough for you to rule in my domain. Shine on, my baby girl of life.

98. You may be feeling old and fabulous, but you sure aren’t as old and experienced as I am. Enjoy the fun of today.

99. Welcome to the same 4th floor with me. No more will you dread turning 40. It sure is an amazing year.

100. Attaining 40 means you’ve 40 years of experience. Respect your senior because I’m far older than you are.

Now, I’m sure you’re thrilled with this accumulation of wife happy 40th birthday wishes and messages.

Using any of these wishes can help you create an accurate birthday card or photo for her.

Note that you’re free to share the compilation if you’re really thrilled by them.

And if you have any special quote or message to be included in the list, do well to drop a comment in the box below.

I look forward to reading from you.

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