5 Trending Ways to Address Trust Issues in Your Relationship

There are many facets to a relationship just as there are to any gem; a part of it may be beautiful and flawless igniting one’s desire to take a vow, whilst on the other hand, you’re exposed to the ugly side which may require you to pause and have a rethink about the two of you as a couple.

However, there’s a common deal-breaker for everyone who has a thing together and that is distrust.

The absence of trust is akin to the absence of oxygen in a pool of water, if you don’t want to choke, you’ll have to keep your head up. The best way to do this as far as relationship is concerned is by addressing the trust issues in your relationship. It doesn’t have to be a hard nut to crack, if only you’re willing to follow these practical tips.

1. Kill Doubt

A couple of doubt here and there is what eventually blossoms into a full-fleshed case of distrust. Hence, in order to address the trust issue between you two, kill the doubt, whilst you cultivate some level of confidence in your partner.

If you’re able to give your spouse some benefit of the doubt when they talk about their schedules, it automatically speaks well of your emotional well being. Thus, you’re advised to do it for them because by so doing, you’re inherently doing it for yourself. And if you don’t trust them? You can use the spyware to catch a cheater – I will talk about this later in this post, keep reading.

2. Learn to Communicate

From time immemorial, every conflict amongst the human race has been addressed through dialogue. You should try that too in your relationship; it never runs out of style.

Communication is the bedrock of every relationship, that goes without saying. Thus, learn to talk about whatever puzzles you. A prolonged misunderstanding can lead to distrust, but if this is addressed earlier on, it would curtail a pending disaster.

3. Find Out if You’re the Problem

Distrust can sometimes be as a result of who you are and not the other way round. If for one reason or the other, you find it hard to build trust in your relationship, perhaps as a result of your past experiences, the best and most effective way to address this is by knowing whether your partner has been playing you for a fool or if you’re just the paranoid one here.

To know this, technology has made it very much possible; you can have your eyes everywhere and I mean everywhere. All you have to do is install any spyware to catch a cheater. You’d no longer be kept in the dark about who they’re chatting with or holding that juicy conversation with. You’d be able to keep a tab on their call without breaking a sweat.

The beauty and dividend of this are, it helps you see your partner for who they truly are, eventually helping you to kick out your doubt, or reinforcing your belief; let’s hope that it’s the former.

4. Help Them Have Trust In You

Sometimes, you may be the architect of your partner’s distrust, especially when you say one thing, and you go ahead to do the other. Don’t backpedal on your words nor promises. Just keep it simple as you’ve been advised; “let your yes be yes” and “let your no be no”.

5. Give Counselling a Try

Couple counselling is not in any way synonymous to gossip, nor is it to idle talk, thus do not frown at it. As a matter of fact, a counsellor is the perfect go-to person when couples are faced with a number of pressing issues in their relationship.

A stitch in time saves nine; booking a couple of hours with a counsellor would help you solve your trust issue as opposed to silently addressing it on your own. Go see one.

In order not to watch your efforts in your relationship go down the drain, nor another beautiful thing turn sour, you’d be doing yourself some good by immediately addressing the trust issues lingering in your relationship just by adhering to these unstinting advice. Remember, the most honourable gift you’ll ever give your partner is trust. So, work on it.

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