A Drink a Day Quotes

A Drink a Day Quotes

Drinking is really popular. It’s good to have a drink a day. It could be wine or any other drink. We all have a good day and a bad one. And regardless of the daily struggles, life still has good moments we should be grateful for. Having a drink a day might be referred to as drinks which contain alcoholic ingredients and are taken to help people to relax, relieve stress or just forget about various issues for a while.

Drinking this kind of beverage is not only beneficial for your mind but also helps to improve cardiovascular health in some cases. We all love to have a glass of wine, or beer, sometimes a hard drink, but there are many interesting quotes on having a drink every day. Whether it be because we love the taste and the feeling of being drunk, or it is some good quotes on drinking in general.

Have you heard that having a drink a day is healthy? That it improves your health, makes you live longer, and gives you a better quality of life. Then you’ve come to the right place as we’ll look at some of the most interesting quotes about having a drink every day.

Check the collection of a drink a day quotes below for more information on having a drink each day.

A Drink a Day Quotes

Drinking a glass of beer or wine every day is healthy. A drink a day improves our health, protects us from serious diseases, and increases our lifespan. A drink in moderation relieves stress and depression and helps us to relax after a hard day’s work.

1. Have a drink a day to keep the doctor away.

2. A drink a day keeps the doctor away.

3. Cold drinks are always refreshing, but sometimes one drink a day may not be enough.

4. Secure a healthier life and lower your risk of heart disease by having just a drink a day.

5. A morning ritual. A night out with friends. An evening with the family. A drink a day to enjoy as much as your last one.

6. Relax, unwind and enjoy a cool beverage after a long day’s work.

7. Drinking is good for you. Always have a drink a day.

8. At the end of a long day, there’s nothing better than a well-made cocktail with the perfect balance of sweet and sour. A drink a day is the best.

9. We all have a drink with friends now and again—but it’s worth noting that even just a drink a day can have benefits.

10. It’s summertime, and living is easy. Time to get out with friends, enjoy a drink a day, and chase that sunburn with an ice-cold beer.

11. Feeling thirsty? Grab a drink a day, and keep things cool this summer.

12. Peace, love, and a drink a day.

13. Drink up! Here’s to a life of happiness, love, and a drink per day.

14. Celebrate together, have a drink a day, and make your holidays memorable.

15. Drink. Revive. Thrive. It’s the perfect way to start your day.

16. A day without a drink is like a day without sunshine.

17. Drink a whole lot of water. Eat a little salad. Have a little treat every day.

18. It’s a little known fact that every day might be a day of the week, but every day can also be a day for a drink.

19. You only live once so make sure you have a drink a day.

20. Enjoy a cocktail, a glass of wine, or even a beer with your meals. The key is to drink in moderation.

21. Keep calm, and have a drink a day.

22. It’s been proven that a drink a day reduces your risk of heart disease by up to 80%.

23. Drink a day, and chill.

24. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a drink after another long day.

25. Work hard, and play harder. After a day of hustling, unwind with an end of the day drink, and relax.

26. Not just an after-work activity, having a drink a day can also be linked to your health—in moderation, of course.

27. Drinking just one alcoholic beverage a day can help lower the risk of heart disease, certain cancers and type 2 diabetes.

28. A good drink is a key to a good life. A man should drink because he is happy, not because he is miserable; he should drink in celebration, not in penance.

29. There’s a reason you’re not dead—you have a drink a day.

30. For a daily dose of optimism, have an extra-large cup of coffee.

31. Have a drink a day for good health. It’s easy.

32. A drink a day keeps the doctor away. And now you can share the joy with friends and family too.

33. Enjoy a drink while you relax with friends, after a long day at work, or on your daily commute.

34. Drink a glass of water to stay hydrated. Mix in some fruit for the taste. Adopt a healthy diet.

35. A pure, refreshing cup of water is the perfect accompaniment to any meal. Have a drink a day.

36. Drinking a little every day is good for your health. At least, that’s what I say.

37. Drink one to five drinks a day to keep your heart healthy, doctors say.

38. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day to keep your skin healthy and glowing.’

39. No matter what’s going on, there’s a drink out there to help you through it. Have a drink a day.

40. Have a drink a day, and never forget to always stay hydrated.

41. Having a drink a day is just a helpful habit that can make you feel better, physically – and mentally.

42. Have a drink a day to keep the wrinkles away.

43. Drink up, and your skin will never look better.

44. Let’s drink to this. A drink a day might keep kidney disease away.

45. Drinking makes every day feel like Christmas when you’re single. Have a drink today.

46. I take a drink a day—not necessarily to get drunk, but just to keep away the shakes.

47. Drink one glass of water a day. It’s good for you.

48. Two drinks, tops. It’s all you need to stay healthy and look your best.

49. Drink coffee every day. Not one day without coffee.

50. Drinking a cup of coffee every day can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 11%.

51. A healthy way to start your day: drink one glass of water every morning.

52. A healthy habit of having a drink a day keeps the doctor away. Cheers to you and your health.

53. A drink a day is the perfect amount of alcohol to help your heart, boost your brain, and improve your skin.

54. Whether you’re having happy hour with your friends or celebrating a big win, a drink a day is the perfect amount of alcohol to help your heart, boost your brain and improve your skin.

55. A drink a day can help your heart, brain, and skin to function effectively.

56. Enjoying a drink a day is a great way to live longer and be the best version of yourself.

57. Stay hydrated this summer with a drink a day, and be ready for any adventure.

58. A drink a day keeps the do-good feel-good vibes away.

59. For the best of times, have a drink with friends.

60. Sometimes all you need to recharge is a great night out with some friends. And, of course, a drink a day.

61. Drink more water. Focus more. Be positive more.

62. Have a drink every day of the week.

63. Drinking a cold beverage is the perfect way to cool down, and beat the heat this summer!

64. By having a drink a day, you keep your goals in focus.

65. Not saying you should have a drink a day, but at least every once in a while.

66. Grab a drink a day, and enjoy the moment.

67. Have a drink a day, and still lose weight.

68. Stay hydrated, stay fresh, and stay happy.

69. There’s a reason why everyone needs a drink a day in their lives. Always stay hydrated.

70. Stay hydrated. Double thread means double flavour, no matter what you’re drinking.

71. Quench your thirst. The drink goes right to what matters. So, drink up.

72. Thirsty? Have a drink. Getting a drink a day is the equivalent of taking seven aspirin a week.

73. Drink a day, and celebrate these long, sunny days.

74. Have a drink a day, and keep the doctor away.

75. To laugh is an art to relish, especially with a drink in your hand. Drink a day, and keep the doctor away.

76. A drink a day will have you laughing your way to good health!

77. Start each morning with a smile and a coffee, and end the day with a glass of wine and a happy heart.

78. Enjoy a drink with your friends, and you’ll never be wrong.

79. We all know laughter is the best medicine, so let’s have a drink, tell some silly jokes, and make our own little after-party!

80. In moderation, drinking is a social lubricant. In excess, it can be passive-aggressive. Nonetheless, here’s to booze!

81. Go out and grab a drink with friends, or grab a drink of water and have a good time. Just have a drink a day.

82. All day drink, every day. There’s nothing like an ice-cold tea to kick off your weekend.

83. Today is the day you eat clean, live lean, and feel great.

84. A glass of water a day keeps anxiety away.

85. Keeping hydrated is always a good idea. But drinking a lot of water can be boring.

86. You can’t beat the feeling of finishing a day of work with a cold drink in your hand.

87. Drink up this moment. Refresh your sense of wonder.

88. Coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon, and wine at night. A drink a day is for everyone.

89. Let’s get our drink on every day. You can’t think of a better way to start the week than with a smile and a drink.

90. If you’re going to drink, just drink to the point where you make a difference.

91. Have a drink a day. Don’t think about it too much. Just do it—and enjoy the results.

92. Drink it easy. Drink it cool. Don’t think about it too much. Have a drink every day, and enjoy the results.

93. The secret to living a long and happy life is having a delicious drink every day. Cheers!

94. Have a drink a day. You’ll find it relaxing, and help you sleep better, too.

95. From the first sip to the last drop, enjoy every moment of your life with a drink in hand.

96. Pick up your favourite glass, and stay hydrated.

97. Don’t wait for the weekend, drink a day.

98. Drink a day, and you’ll learn to relax as much as anyone on a weekend.

99. Every day can be a day to celebrate, so don’t wait for the weekend to roll around.

100. More than one drink a day could increase your risk of heart disease, cancer, and other health problems. Take care of yourself.

Hey there. I hope you find the collection of a drink a day quotes I have here helpful. Please feel free to leave comments about the quotes you like. Thank you.

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