A Great Mind Quotes

A Great Mind Quotes

Imagine being responsible for thousands upon thousands of employees and revenue exceeding a billion dollars while facing withering competition and strategy shifts in a mature market. That’s what it means to be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. And yet surprisingly, you find out that these executives have a few things in common. They all have great minds and follow some simple day-to-day routines to help them make their momentous decisions decisively (I believe most of those decisions are good and could only come from a great mind, objectively speaking).

May I submit to you that you are also an executive? You are the CEO of your own life. If you take time to check out how many processes and operations you run on the go, you will see that they are quite a lot –a lot from your mind. Only a person with a sound mind can run his life effectively.

A great mind does not only have the potential to perform a great feat. It is a mind that is (first) capable of and (then) performs great things. A great mind does the very small thing greatly. It doesn’t emphasise or glorify the great thing it has done, but it has done great in the little things. Like Fortune 500 companies, it believes that the little drops of water make the great ocean.

You must have a great mind if you’ve found yourself on this page. It takes a great mind to find a great thing such as this. I have collected the greatest of a great mind quotes. You will find no one better than the ones you find here.

A Great Mind Quotes

A great mind is wise. The wise find hidden similarities among disparate things and make sense of them. The wise see beauty in different things and appreciate it for what it is. And it is the wise who work for the better of all people, for it is what great minds do.

1. A great mind encompasses, a great mind collaborates, and a small mind competes. It is the sign of a great mind to dislike greatness and prefer things in measure to things in excess.

2. A great mind shapes a great life; we become what we think. Joy follows a pure thought like a shadow that never leaves

3. A great mind reflects a great world, and a great world reflects a great mind. Mentally, we are everything we think we are. What is it that you think of most of the time?

4. A Great mind has reasons, while others are just slaves to their desires.

5. A Great mind makes a great man, and people will always keep associating with you.

6. The person who has a great mind takes the time to think, reflect, and creates. The person with a great life lives from the heart and has abundant love.

7. Your mind is your most important asset, and everyone wants to be better at what they do.

8. Great minds win the greatest victory

9. A great mind achieves only great things. To achieve great things, you have to think great things.

10. Greatness doesn’t happen overnight. It takes hard work, dedication, and intelligence to achieve it. But you can do it with your great mind.

11. Only a great mind like yours can do it! You have the hard work, dedication, and intelligence to accomplish greatness.

12. A great mind isn’t a gift neither is greatness. Everyone can become great. Push yourself and always work your hardest, and you’ll get there.

13. A great mind will always push you towards greatness. Greatness requires consistency, hard work, and determination. Getting there is a struggle, but the results are worth it.

14. You can get the most out of your great mind. Be relentless, have a vision, and commit to it. The world needs your greatness.

15. A great mind doesn’t succumb to peer pressure. Don’t let others tell you that you’re incapable of greatness. You can do anything if you put your mind to it. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from. All that matters is your ability to focus and follow through.

16. A great mind isn’t all about beating the competition; it’s about leading the charge against all odds – and coming out on top.

17. A great mind thinks of alleviating burdens. Great minds solve problems together to change lives and make a difference.

18. Great minds think alike; great ideas develop and grow. That’s why a great mind uses expertise and experience to realise its vision.

19. A great mind belongs with other brilliant minds.

20. A great mind reflects a great world. And a great world reflects a great mind.

21. A great mind is humble and simple.

22. The greatest minds grow by the roots of their thoughts. So don’t let this moment pass you by; make a change today! You have a great mind.

23. The road to success is paved with and by a great mind.

24. A great life is the result of a great mind.

25. A Great mind lives as it thinks.

26. The great minds of our time are the ones who have thanked their mind for having them.

27. A great mind is persistent. Genius is not the result of a lightning bolt striking the mind but rather constant thought.

28. A great mind thinks great things. Every thought you think and every decision you make reflects your life. You can’t always control what happens to you, but you can control how you react. So, if you want a better life, think great thoughts!

29. To live for a time close to a great mind is the best kind of education.

30. A great mind discusses ideas; an average mind discusses events; a small mind discusses people.

31. A great mind is a continuous feast of great thoughts. A great mind is a terrible thing to waste.

32. A Great mind is capable of understanding and working with circumstances.

33. A great mind thinks of a way out, while the average mind gets stuck in traffic.

34. A great mind is a powerful tool and should be used to create the most of your life.

35. When a great mind is open, you can see a great person for what he or she is.

36. A great mind thinks big. It’s the only way to change the world.

37. A great mind births big ideas and is the sum of great experiences.

38. The most characteristic mark of a great mind is to choose one important object and pursue it for life.

39. It is the sign of a great mind to love the world more than its praise and to prefer being unknown to being a celebrity.

40. A great mind is more concerned with the depth and quality of knowledge rather than its superficial appearance.

41. A great mind has the power to achieve greatness not because it is great itself but because it can transform its outer environment in such a way that its genius is manifested and becomes visible.

42. A great mind is motivated by the thrill of solving important problems and the world around us.

43. A great mind is the master of its own life and destiny. Instead of living your life trying to please everyone, strike out on your own, be a leader, and set an example.

44. A great mind is always more concerned with what it can give than what it can receive.

45. A great mind is not so much the result of education as of training, as it is not the outcome of inborn abilities but a result of hard work.

46. A great mind is not inborn but trained. It is the product of the greatest minds of previous generations, who have placed all their efforts and hard work in this mind right from the time it was born.

47. A great mind is not born but trained. Many people believe that a brilliant mind is born to the few, but in reality, what sets one person apart from another is nothing but training and continual practice.

48. To have a great mind, you must train yourself early and hard. Knowing how to think is more important than what you know.

49. A great mind is the result of work. Through countless hard work and dedication, others can learn what it takes to become successful.

50. Be a great mind and be the best version of yourself.

51. To be a great mind, we must be the best version of ourselves. It’s time to do more and conquer our goals.

52. You’re not just a great mind. You are a force for good. What you do makes a difference and can change lives with your work. Be the best version of yourself: readers look up to you, including this one.

53. You have a great mind. No matter who you are, your mind is capable of learning. When used in the right way, it can be your best tool. If you give it a chance, it may well turn out to be the greatest investment you have ever made.

54. A great mind finds beauty and appreciates it, while small minds find the problems and criticise.

55. A great mind thinks about the solution, an average mind finds commonalities, and a small mind finds the problems.

56. A great mind thinks differently. To achieve greatness, dream bigger.

57. Those with great minds usually sit on top of the pyramid, while those with little brains are likelier to find their way down the ladder.

58. Let your great mind and all your brilliant efforts prevail.

59. It is great minds that are needed to solve the problems of the world.

60. A great mind can think, concentrate, and reason.

61. A great mind is the most important thing in us, as, without it, we can do nothing, and everything would be in vain.

62. No one is born great. Greatness is a choice. It’s an action that can be made daily, regardless of the circumstance, that makes a great mind.

63. You have a great mind. The most important thing about you is what’s on the inside. The things that define your character and success are the same ones that distinguish you from everyone else.

64. A great mind is a doer, not a gazer.

65. The difference between a great mind and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.

66. It’s not always easy to be a great mind, but it’s worth it.

67. A great mind is capable of so much. It can create, conquer, and innovate.

68. The key to being a great mind is to surround yourself with people who are as smart and successful as you are.

69. A great mind recognises that the most important things are often the simplest.

70. A great mind is simple. It is content with what it has and is not disturbed by its lack. Its aim is true and unencumbered. It’s not distracted by the noise of superficial inspiration.

71. A great mind thinks big and does simple.

72. Great minds don’t just think alike; they also work together.

73. When confronted with a problem, let your intellect go to work, let your senses explore all sides of the matter, and let your heart decide. That is how a great mind works!

74. A great mind lives a life full of colour, beauty, and purpose.

75. A great mind has a thousand friends, but a bigger mind has an infinite number of friends.

76. A great mind combines great thoughts with great work.

77. A great mind grasps for the best tomorrow and does what it can today.

78. A great mind is like a chisel. It always keeps one step ahead of the entropy.

79. A great mind has purposes that it strives to accomplish; small minds have only wishes.

80. A great mind can change the world, but many small minds are required to change themselves.

81. A great mind only lives once, but if you work hard, it’s never been easier to be a great person.

82. Great minds do not group themselves. They are divided to achieve their aims better.

83. When you think of a great mind, what do you think of? For me, those who are selfless and put others before themselves.

84. A Great mind does not judge by its standards except it’s the highest.

85. A great mind is a good listener, especially to his own mistakes.

86. Rise above the mistakes and failures of your past to become a great mind.

87. The greatest minds are not those who hear and forget but those who learn from all that they hear.

88. The greatest quality of a great mind is not the ability to see things as they are; it is the power and courage to seek the truth even when it contradicts our desires.

89. A great mind learns from mistakes and is not afraid to fail.

90. A great mind doesn’t wait for tomorrow. It makes today great.

91. The greatness of a great mind is not in the size of his accomplishments but in the strength of his beliefs.

92. A great mind is all about the little things. It keeps striving to do them right, and one day, it will be great, just like the people it admires.

93. A great mind is built upon the experience of a lifetime.

94. A great mind is a product of time passed, lessons learned, and failures endured.

95. A great mind must be ready to take opportunities and make them. Only a great mind can afford a simple style. A great mind becomes a great fortune.

96. A great mind is the most valuable thing in the world. It’s better than money because you can exchange it for a car, but not for a substitute

97. A great mind is a yardstick of character. Be a great mind and make the world a better place.

98. A great mind is a treasure. The power of a great mind is the ability to see opportunity, act, and adapt. This power comes from an open mind, a willingness to learn from others, and a willingness to accept change.

99. A great mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open. Open your mind to new ideas and experiences.

100. A great mind doesn’t change to fit the crowd. A great mind is the only instrument you’ll ever own. So treat it well.

There you have it! The finest collection of a great mind quotes. Trust you’ve found the perfect fit for your use. Remember, you have a great mind, and it doesn’t take so much to achieve greatness. Please, don’t forget to drop your comment and share them with your loved ones. Thanks.

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