Quotes About Being Cheated On and Forgiving

Quotes About Being Cheated On and Forgiving

I don’t know why people cheat. I guess it’s because they are selfish, greedy, and uncaring. But, part of me believes that people are weak and that cheating on their spouses is the easiest thing to do. Whatever the reason may be, it doesn’t mean your marriage has to end. You can always try to forgive him or her for what they did.

Cheating is the worst thing you can do to a relationship. It’s difficult to deal with being cheated on and it can even be harder to get over if you loved the person who cheated on you. When someone cheats, it’s not just about the partner who was hurt.

If you have ever been cheated on, then you know the feelings that come along with it. The betrayal, the heartbreak, the sadness – it can take a toll on you. This can be hard to deal with in some cases. It’s not easy to just forget about it and leave it alone. The feeling of being cheated on is not an easy thing to get over.

So to make things easier, here are some quotes about being cheated on and forgiving that I hope you can relate to and will foster your healing process.

Quotes About Being Cheated On and Forgiving

The hurt that comes from being cheated on can happen in different ways and it doesn’t matter if they’re a friend or not. You want to forgive someone but you don’t know how. But you should. Forgiving them makes it easy for you to move on. Although it will take time, you’ll be fine. 

1. When you are cheated on, the person who betrayed you becomes your new enemy. It can be an emotional journey, but if you forgive them and let go of the pain, we promise that it will pass.

2. When you’re cheated on, there’s this feeling of helplessness and betrayal. But then, you can forgive the person who did this to you and move on. 

3. Forgiving doesn’t mean that you forget or let go of what happened. It’s rather the opposite. It just means that you don’t hold onto the pain and resentment anymore.

4. When you find out someone has been cheating on you, it’s a double feeling—both guilty and innocent. Still, you’ll have to forgive.

5. Being cheated on makes you feel violated and betrayed. Then you have to deal with your own emotions—guilt, anger, fear. That’s when you should take a deep breath and think of the next line of action 

6. Sometimes, you just have to get over a painful breakup. But forgiveness is key. Do it quickly and with love if possible.

7. The pain of being cheated on is real—but so is the healing.

8. Don’t let the pain of being cheated on keep you from moving forward. There’s always a way to forgive and move on.

9. If you’re ever feeling heartbroken, just remember: cheating is part of the human condition. You should find a way to counter it.

10. Cheating is never the right thing to do. But with time, you will learn to accept it and learn to love yourself better.

11. You are not alone in your feelings of betrayal and hurt. You are loved, and supported 

12. If you’re feeling hurt right now, know that it’s normal. Remember that you can’t rush forgiveness

13. The hurt is deep, that’s true. You need a lot of courage and strength to get past it and try to forgive. 

14. Don’t let your heart be walked on. If you can’t forgive and move on, then so be it.

15. They cheated on you, but forgiveness is a choice. Don’t let your heart be broken again.

16. It’s because we forgive as quickly and as easily as they wrong us, that’s why they always come back. 

17. When a relationship ends, both people are affected. But when you cheat on someone, it’s hard for that person to forgive. 

18. Anyone can hurt you but it doesn’t mean the wound has to be permanent, or that you have to stay wounded forever! 

19. It takes time to heal, so take your time and carefully consider if you want to forgive the person that cheated on you or not. 

20. The hurt that comes with being cheated on is like a black mark on your heart forever. But the best thing you can do is move forward and forgive.

21. The truth is, being cheated on sucks. But it doesn’t have to ruin your life. It can make you stronger than the person who hurt you!

22. Being cheated on can be a hard experience to get over, but forgiveness is an action that will set you free.

23. When you’re cheated on, it feels like the world is against you. That someone has broken your heart and now they want to hurt you over and over again. 

24. It hurts if your heart is broken, but if you want to move on, forgive them and let them off the hook.

25. You don’t let them see how they made you feel that way. Ideally, they won’t feel so low and will be able to change.

26. When they cheat on you, they’ll think about everything and wonder if there’s any chance of getting back together with you. Don’t fall for it.

27. Getting cheated on can cause feelings of guilt, anger, and hopelessness.

28. Cheating is a very personal experience. Whatever you do, don’t rush into giving someone a second chance. 

29. Don’t let anyone put you down. Stand up for yourself and love only those who treat you right.

30. When you’re cheated on, don’t take it out on the person who cheated. Let go of the anger, let go of the bitterness.

31. A cheater is someone who only ever thinks of him/herself and never really cares about the other person. They don’t care who they hurt and what they do to others.

32. Life is made up of heartbreaks, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up hope. You can still find your way back from the hurt and pain, just as you would from any other difficult challenge. 

33. Even though you got cheated on, you mustn’t always be looking for revenge. Sometimes, forgiveness can be a powerful weapon.

34. You can choose to be bitter, or you can choose to move on.

35. You’re not pretty, you’re gorgeous and you’ll always be worth the best. 

36. He who can forgive an injury to himself, will find a way to forgive all injuries to others.

37. When you are cheated on, don’t waste time trying to figure out why. Just forgive and move on with your life.

38. When you are cheated on by someone you thought you could trust, it’s hard to figure out how to move on.

39. Being cheated on is painful—but not as bad as being cheated on excuses.

40. If they cheat on you, the worst thing you can do is hold onto them because it’s only hurting both of you. In the end, you don’t need that person back in your life.

41. It may be hard to forget about the person who broke your heart but it’s the only way to move on. The faster you can let them go, the better for you.

42. It’s time. Get over it. Life is better without them. Time to go on with life and be happy. 

43. Be free from the past and the negative thoughts. Work on yourself, move forward and don’t look back or dwell on the past.

44. It’s good for you to clear your mind out of all the old trash and focus on what matters to you now at this moment.

45. When someone hurts you, don’t hold it against them. You know what, let them have their fun. Life is too short to be angry over bad relationships.

46. Don’t be mad. Don’t feel bad. Just know I’ve forgiven you, and that’s all that matters here.

47. Don’t hold grudges, move on and be a better person. Forgive and forget.

48. Forgive and forget, it’s a good thing. It allows you to move on with your life and be a better person. Everyone deserves forgiveness.

49. Forgive and forget– you’ll stress less, feel happier, and love life more.

50. Let go of the things that hold you back from achieving your goals.

51. Don’t ever think that you are not good enough. You are enough.

52. Getting cheated on is like getting a paper cut. You may not feel the pain but it’s always there. 

Don’t let the hurt and pain hold you down, you can do it – forgive and forget a cheating partner. And if you need help moving on with it, hope these quotes about being cheated on and forgiving were of great help and strength to you. 

You deserve to be happy and so do your loved ones; so why don’t you share this post with them? Thank you for reading through.

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