Breakup Hurts the Most Quotes

Breakup Hurts the Most Quotes

Break-ups are never easy, especially if you truly love them. It’s like ending a beautiful friendship that you’ve built over the years. It is sad, it stings and it hurts.

We all deal with breakups differently but whatever the case, it is important that we express how we feel and vent if we need to. Pain should never be suppressed but expressed because the former is unhealthy.

However, sometimes, knowing what to say or how to express yourself when you are hurt by a breakup can be difficult. And that’s why I wrote this post for you. It is for everybody currently going through a breakup or have gone through a breakup and needs words to express how they feel. 

If you’re in this situation and are looking to express yourself, then continue reading. Here are breakup hurts the most quotes that describe how sad breakups are. 

Breakup Hurts the Most Quotes

If you have never been heartbroken, you might never understand how much breakups hurt. It is one of the most painful and saddest things one can go through emotionally. It’s so painful to even the happiest quotes cannot make you happy.

1. One of the hardest and hurtful things to do is to let someone go, someone who has been part of your life for so long that you can’t remember how your life was before the person came on board.

2. Even though it hurts like crazy, even though the pain is deep and the hurt is crippling, you have to let them go. It’s what’s best for you. 

3. Dealing with the aftermath of a breakup is never easy. You are probably miserable. But you need to pick yourself up. 

4. Breakup really does hurt the most. Days after the incident, you still feel the pain in your heart. 

5. Breakup hurts most when it is with the person you thought you’d do life and grow old together with, it hurts a lot.

6. Breakups are said to be clean slates; a new opportunity to get this love thing right but before then, it really does take you back to ground zero. 

7. The worst thing about breakups is when you realize you wasted all the energy, time and effort put into the relationship. 

8. We don’t speak enough about the uncertainty that follows a breakup. 

9. Breakups hurt so bad; no matter the cause.

10. It hurts like hell when you’ve planned your life and future around a lover and they decide to take a bow and leave, sometimes without an explanation. 

11. Breakups that you never saw coming hurt in a different kind of way. 

12. You know what’s worst than the breakup? The questions that follow; what went wrong? Was it me? Was it something I did? Going crazy with pain just thinking about how it all went down and not having answers to these questions doesn’t help with the hurt. 

13. The joke of the year is the love of your life becoming the hurt of your life. It’s funny but it hurts.

14. With every goodbye, said and unsaid, with every lover that exits again, the heart breaks more and more until it is unable to hold on anymore.

15. I know it may not make sense now. But it will someday; why the breakup happened. 

16. When you smile more at the memories than the person in the memories, then it’s a subtle reminder that it may be time to roll the carpet on such a relationship and call it quits, it may just be time for heartbreak or two. 

17. Some breakups are necessary even though they hurt.

18. To have to say goodbye to someone you have built your future around and someone you had planned to spend the rest of your life with, hurts like crazy.

19. Even though the mind registers that the breakup was for the best, it is harder for the heart to let go of life as it knows it.

20. Sometimes, the most painful acts and hurtful actions are the best for us in the long run.

21. Hey! I know it hurts so much, your heart is breaking all over again and it still yearns for that lover but hangs in there, it will get better.

22. My face may convey that I’m ok and dealing with the breakup well but my heart is still hurting and smarting, I may smile and talk animatedly but my heart is laced with pain and confusion. 

23. It’s bad when they decide to call it quits but it’s worse when you also don’t get a logical explanation. 

24. How I’m I supposed to carry on as if nothing happened? How am I supposed to get my broken heart fixed? How am I supposed to rise above the betrayal, hurt and pain? How am I supposed to be alright again? 

25. Every breakup hurts differently; it doesn’t matter how many times you have gone through it.

26. When they break up with you, they leave a space that it takes a while to fill. That void you feel is what causes the pain.

27. Breaking up with the one who was the highlight of your day makes you feel empty, wondering how you can go on without them. 

28. I didn’t know I was capable of hurting so badly until you left without a word. Every time I try to get over it, the pain comes back with renewed force, the tears unbidden and the memories uncalled for. 

29. Breakup hurts more, especially when you have never imagined how your life will be without them.

30. Everywhere you turn, you see them and their memories linger everywhere you went together. These are the things that make breakups hurt.

31. ‘Wounded hearts heal’, so they say but nobody mentioned the intense pain that captures your heart on the road to healing, the searing pain when the memories come rushing back, the intense hurt upon remembering the breakup and all that led to it.

32. The road to recovering from a breakup is laced with hurt, pain, frustration, unrequited desires, a battle between the heart and mind and so many undesirable feelings. Truly, the road to healing is rough and tough. 

33. Survival should be your focus if you want to heal from heartbreak. 

34. When they leave, they may have shattered your world. But you don’t have to stay there; you can heal.

35. I didn’t see this breakup coming, nothing prepared me for this moment, I couldn’t have imagined it in my wildest dreams, I thought it was us against the world, and this hurts really bad.

36. When the curtain is drawn and the relationship comes to an end, don’t focus on the pain so much, take an elegant bow and exit. It is probably for the best even though it might not feel like it now. 

37. Amidst the pain of a breakup, find the strength to process what happened, don’t be in denial or rely on some wishful thinking but assess what went wrong, find closure – whatever that means to you – then forge ahead.

38. I can’t promise that the pain of the heartbreak will go away, and I can’t promise that the tears won’t stream down like water but I know time will make things easier so hang in there.

39. Wonder why a breakup hurts so much? That’s because pain takes time to heal.

40. Breakups make you wonder why it was easy for them to let you go. It makes you wonder whether you ever meant anything to them. 

41. When an old flame of the past is trying to light its way into your future, remember when it left you in the gloomy darkness of hurt, pain and betrayal to start with and act wisely. 

42. Since you left, sadness has engulfed my heart, won’t you come back again so that all can be right again with my world?

43. Everybody expects you to start over after a relationship ends. If only they understand how difficult it is to move on from what you always knew.

44. Stop pining for someone who called it quits with you, and don’t also downplay your worth and value, you’re going to be alright, you’ll find love again, and your days will soon be filled with laughter and beautiful moments again, ’cause the pain eventually goes away.

45. Don’t let the pain of breaking up make you make mistakes that you’ll later regret.

46. Sometimes, you have to see the hand of God – through the hurt – saving you from the wrong one. You have to see through the pain, the hand of divinity, guiding you from making a life-altering mistake. 

47. It hurts when someone whom your world revolves around, stops being the centre of your world.

48. The pain of letting a lover go, even if you know it’s for the best, the hurt of remembering happy times, the wishing things were different, all the pain and hurt, they’ll fade with time. 

49. I know it hurts so much, buddy, but you must stop waiting for a lover that left in the first place. Pick yourself up, accept what has happened, see the good in it and be determined to live your life to the fullest, beautiful times await you.

50. A breakup most certainly will break your heart and cause you pain but it might just be the wake-up call you need to set your vision in place and get it right with love and life. 

51. The pain and hurt will make you hold on to what’s long gone. Rise above it and focus on the good people that surround you.

52. If the heartbreak doesn’t make you wiser and the pain doesn’t make you stronger, then it was really all for nothing.

53. Through the pain of heartbreak, I hope you can see the truth for what it is and choose yourself; to love, care for and make yourself the best lover you can ever have.

54. Heartbreak hurts, granted, but know that for better things to come our way, good ones must give way. For the best to rise to the surface, the old must make way. 

55. More than a betrayal of friends, more than losing properties, more than losing a job, more than losing a competition, more than anything you can think of, heartbreak hurts the most.

56. Let the pain from the breakup make you stronger and let yesterday stay in the past, rise above your hurt and live for the now.

57. Yesterday is gone, today is here. No need to cry over what could have been, save your energy for the beauty that the present brings.

58. I hope that at the end of the heartbreak, the searing pain, the blinding betrayal, the endless cry, you’ll come out wiser.

59. Nothing hurts as much as having to start all over, to search for love again when you thought you already found it. 

60. The pain may be blinding and the hurt crippling but remember to never return to what broke you.

61. The pain of heartbreak should teach you that if a person is quick to walk away from your life, then such isn’t meant to be there in the first place.

62. The hardest and most hurtful thing to do is to walk away from someone you still love.

63. Move on; such simple words in the face of heartbreak but so hard to say, unwilling to hear and difficult to do.

64. I don’t know which hurts the most, the happy memories you shared together or the memory of them leaving without looking back. 

65. Everyone expects one to go on as if it is just another day. No! My heart is broken, and the pain is much, It feels like my heart is beating outside of my chest, it is not just another day. 

66. I guess the pain is this much because your leaving still doesn’t make sense to me. How do you walk away from someone you claimed to love?

67. It takes just one breakup to know that your heart is not unbreakable. It takes just one experience to see your heart shattering before your eyes. 

68. Breakups are sad but our tears can liberate us and give us the freedom we need. 

69. One of the most hurtful things about a breakup is how you have to go through the day without talking to that lover who once was your confidant and lover. 

70. A breakup really shows you that just remembering the happy moments can make tears roll down your face. 

71. “Love is unconditional, relationships are not”. That’s one thing I’ve learnt from my strings of heartbreaks. 

72. One thing that makes breakups hurt the most is realising that you are still holding on to when your ex has moved on.

73. If your relationship was built on dishonesty, it might be best to break up even if it will hurt. 

74. Breakups bring pain; that’s inevitable but suffering, pity-party and low self-worth are optional, they’re entirely up to you. 

75. May your pain make you realise that what you seek isn’t closure but permission from yourself to move on with your life. 

76. Breakups hurt but don’t give in to the pain, if you ignore it long enough, healing will begin. 

77. Don’t stop yourself from hurting when going through a breakup, don’t block the pain, and don’t stop the tears, they’re the first steps towards healing and forging ahead. 

78. You have to realize through the pain of heartbreak that at some point, you’ll have to shut the door on that old chapter so that a new one can blossom. 

79. The pain of a breakup is simply a request from your heart for more time to accept what your mind already knows. 

80. I hope the pain in your heart leads you to a place of acceptance, peace and tranquillity. 

81. To realise that this relationship was long gone before you made it official hurts the most. 

82. If there is one thing the hurt and pain from this breakup have taught me, it is not to follow my heart anymore, it keeps going in the wrong direction. 

83. I hope you find the strength to channel your pain towards letting go and moving on. 

84. Let your pain teach you to always choose yourself over any other person. Don’t play yourself again.

85. I hope you realise that the hurt of heartbreak is a small price to pay for the freedom, peace and love that you deserve.

86. Why is the pain new every day? Why is the hurt so much? Why does the heartbreak again every night? Those are very common questions that are left unanswered when going through a heartbreak.

87. I used to love you, but then you broke into pieces the one thing I entrusted to you, my heart. It hurts a lot.

88. I thought love was supposed to be and feel great, why does it hurt so much too?

89. Breakup hurts a lot but it can also be a loss or a gain, you choose.

90. I went from feeling like you’re the only one in my life to feeling like I can’t stand you in my life, you did this, you broke my heart.

91. If the breakup hurts so bad, use it as a medium to gain more strength to move on. 

92. Breakups hurt a lot, especially when you feel like you could have done something different to change the outcome. 

93. Why do people break each other’s hearts when it is clear they’d hurt badly?

94. Rise above the hurt and heartbreak, don’t let your past ruin your future, don’t let your pain mask potential happiness, and don’t shut your eyes so tight that love passes you by.

95. Breakup hurts a lot but then it makes you wiser. 

96. That I’m alone doesn’t mean I’m lonely, that I hurt a lot doesn’t mean I want you back, I’ve found peace in my pain and relief in my hurt.

97. Heartbreak and the pain it brings really shows you what you meant to somebody. 

98. Sometimes, there’s really nothing you could have done differently; you were just not meant to be. It doesn’t change how painful it is though. 

99. There is nothing like a breakup to teach you to learn to make yourself a priority.

100. It is amazing how with every broken part of your heart, you can still love your ex. But you have to move on, especially if they have.

101. You might be tempted to go back to beg because of the pain of the breakup. Don’t fall for it, you will be fine. It might take time but you’d eventually be fine.

102. Being left with unwanted memories and unfulfilled dreams can be very heart-wrenching. Don’t let the breakup overwhelm you, focus on healing.

103. Breakups really do make you ask if it will ever get better and if you will ever stop hurting. Yes, you will. Hang in there. 

In conclusion, nobody expects or wants to break up when they start a relationship. But when life happens, we have to keep pushing.

Hopefully, these breakup hurts the most quotes will give you the strength you need to heal from a breakup. Let me know if you enjoyed reading this post in the comment section.

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