Ayandola Ayanleke

Ayandola defines herself by these three words... Christian... Writer... And you will find these reflected in my writing a lot. Apart from writing, I love to watch movies and read novels. I'm just a simple girl who wants to make impact with her pen.

Quotes to Hype up Your Friends

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedInIt’s amazing what you achieve when people believe in you and cheer you on. Your friends are in most cases your biggest supporters, your loudest cheerleaders at whatever you’re doing. They give you the confidence and energy and boost to do things that you’ve never done. When you get the chance to …

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Afraid Of Relationship Quotes

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedInLife is hard, but managing relationships are even harder. And nothing can truly prepare you for disappointments, the loss, and heartbreak that comes with being in relationships. This is because most of us get into relationships expecting them to last forever. After all, it seems like the best thing that has ever …

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