A Mothers Arms Are Made of Tenderness

A Mother’s Arms Are Made of Tenderness

Holding a newborn for the first time could lead to some of the most memorable times and bonding moments a mother could have with her child. The mother is expected to feel overwhelmed with love, joy, newness, hope, compassion, and tenderness. All these mixed feelings should run through her in a moment of holding the child in her arms.

As a mother hen gathers her chicks in her wings and protects them from the prying eyes of a roving hawk, so do the tender arms of a loving mother. These arms gather children as a nest gathers eggs and keeps them from cracking.

Over the years, these arms remain a reliable corner for her children to receive comfort, solace, lovely back pats, and sometimes soft reprimands birthed out of love. Feelings of comfort and protection engulf the one who is held within a mother’s arms. A mother’s arms are made of tenderness, not violence; they enfold and shelter during times of grief as well as times of joy.

These a mother’s arms are made of tenderness quotes will further bring to light the joy and importance of such tenderness arms of a sweet and caring mother.

A Mother’s Arms Are Made of Tenderness Quotes

Holding you close when you are small and helpless is one thing a mother should find joy in doing. She never ceases to find the cuteness of her children irresistible but will always hold them with warmth and tenderness, even when they’re bigger and taller than she is.

1. A mother’s arms are made of tenderness and compassion. To be in them is to be in the place where you always belong, held forever safe and warm.

2. A mother’s arms are made of tenderness and should be valued and appreciated for life.

3. Tenderness may not be able to stop a tank, but tenderness can stop a heart. A mother’s arms are made of tenderness.

4. A mother’s arms are made of tenderness and strength. Their arms have the power to hold you up when you can’t stand on your own.

5. No matter how old you are, your mother’s arms are made of tenderness. They’re tender enough to make all your hurt go away.

6. Your mother’s arms are made of tenderness, but only your father’s arms can hold the whole world.

7. These arms are made of tenderness. They are here to hold you when it feels like the world is falling, and there is nowhere else to stand. These arms are made of tenderness, so stay in them a little longer, huh?

8. A mother’s arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them.

9. Your mother’s arms are like no other. They are made of tenderness and grace. Hold them close, and tell her you love her today.

10. Your mother’s arms are always warm and tender, no matter what – even when you’re bigger and taller than she is.

11. Mother’s arms will always be warm and tender, no matter what – even when you’re bigger and taller than her.

12. Your mother’s arms are always warm, even when you won’t fit into them anymore.

13. Your mother’s embrace is always safe, warm, and tender. She has never been stronger than you.

14. Your mother’s arms will always be there for you no matter what. You’ll always be her little boy, and she’ll always love you tenderly.

15. Even as you grow up and become a woman, your mother’s love will always hold you close, keeping you warm and protected.

16. When it seems like the world’s gone dark and silent, know that your mother’s arms will be there for you.

17. Nothing compares to your mother’s hugs. They’re the kind of hugs that make you forget all your worries and they don’t stop when you grow up.

18. No matter how big and strong you become, a mother always has the power to warm and comfort you.

19. Your mother’s arms are made of tenderness. They’re always there for you, through thick and thin. May you always know that.

20. Mommy’s arms are made of tenderness and they always will be.

21. Mother’s arms are made of tenderness, hugs from mothers are pure comfort.

22. A mother’s arms are made of tenderness, and children sleep soundly in them.

23. Mother’s arms are made of tenderness. They encircle you and hold you ever so gently that you feel protected, loved, and cherished.

24. Mother’s arms are made of tenderness and gentle love. They wrap around and hug you, giving you a sense of security, affection, and comfort.

25. ‘Mommy’s arms are made of comfort. They surround you, take hold of you and make you feel safe, loved, and thankful.’

26. Mothers are tender creatures. They love with every fiber of their being, leaving you feeling protected, valued, and cherished.

27. A mother’s arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them.

28. Her arms are made of tenderness, and her heart is made of gold. Her hugs could heal the brokenhearted, her smile could make the saddest person feel warm and loved.

29. Her arms were made of tenderness and when she held you, nothing else mattered.

30. Mother’s arms are home. They envelop you with warmth. Not only does her love shelter you, but it also comforts you and makes everything all right.

31. Your mom’s arms made you feel safe, secure, and loved when you were a child. Her hugs held all the comfort that you needed. And, even today, she still does the same for you.

32. There is no feeling in the world like being embraced by your mother’s arms—and there is no love greater than that of a son for his mom.

33. A mother’s love is a light that never goes out. It’s the kind of love that gets stronger over time. A mother’s love will always be there for her children, no matter what happens in the world.

34. You are so precious, special, and divine to your mother. You are everything to her; her world revolves around you.

35. Mothers hold a special place in our hearts. The tenderness in their arms is reserved for their children, whom they nurture and love.

36. A mother holds her child’s hand for a moment and their heart forever.

37. Every mother’s arms are special because they are made to hug their children.

38. My arms are made of tenderness, catching you when you fall over, holding you high for the very first time, and giving you the world

39. She has been my guide, my support, and my rock. She is the first person I want to call when something great happens, and the first person I want to call when something goes wrong. Her love is tenderness itself.

40. Mom, I’m so thankful for your tender mother’s arms!

41. Moms, I love you! You’re the best, and your arms are made of tenderness.

42. Mama…you hold me when things get too hard. You hold me when I’m scared. You hold me when I’m sad and you hold me when I’m happy–that’s why I love being in your warm, tender arms.

43. It’s hard to believe, but there are times when your children will be bigger than you. However, through it all, your mother can always find a place in her heart for your young ones and keep them safe in her arms and her home.

44. I’m wishing you a beautiful life. One that’s filled with many magical moments, successes, and blessings. I can’t wait to see the woman you grow up to be when you are in your mother’s arms.

45. Blessed to be your mother. To have the honour of holding you in my arms and putting to rest your head on my comfortable chest, as you drift off to sleep. I am eternally grateful for this happiness and privilege. I love you.

46. Mom, I know your arms are tired, but they hold a unique strength. They have held me since day one.

47. From the moment you arrive, until the day you leave, I’ll be there to guide you with my love.

48. I love my mother’s arms, they hold me when I feel lonely. I like to lay in her arms and feel her heartbeat as she holds me tight.

49. You’re the first face of love I met in this world, and I’ll always treasure that more than anything else in the world.

50. It is the mother’s world of love that insulates and protects, giving strength, providing confidence, and quieting fears.

Mothers Arms Quotes

Mothers’ arms are two of the safest and most comforting places on earth. They hold all of my secrets, hopes, and dreams. They hug me when I fall and guide me through life. They are strong enough to hold the weight of any burden but gentle enough to brush away tears. Mother’s arms are unique.

51. Moms’ arms are their children’s first resting place, their favorite hiding place, and the safest place to be.

52. A mother’s arms are a place where there is always comfort and love. A place where you can find peace and always come home to a loving embrace.

53. Running into your mother’s arms is, no matter how old you get, the best feeling.

54. All that I have done, all that I have achieved, all of my strengths and talents—I owe to the love and guidance of my mother’s arms.

55. Your mother’s arms are always warm even when her heart is broken. The warmth of a mother’s arms doesn’t fade.

56. One of the most amazing things about being a mom is having my son and daughter in my arms.

57. It’s a special feeling when you come home, and the mother you love is there to greet you with open arms.

58. When you see a mother with her children, try to catch the loving glances she throws at them and the eagerness in her eyes to hold them in her arms.

59. A mother’s arms are a place where even when you’re broken, you can feel whole again.

60. The best place to be in the world is my mother’s arms where I found comfort, love, and security.

61. There is no love like the one a mother has for her child. I love the feeling I get when my mom picks me up in her arms. It’s so comforting and just makes me feel like a little kid again.

62. I’ve always thought your arms were the strongest, most gentle, and loving place in the world.

63. There are so many types of hugs. But there’s only one kind that feels like home. That’s a mom hug.

64. Mothers are everything but lists of impossibilities. If a mother’s hands can reach out to hold her child, they can wrap around the entire world.

65. I’m so glad you grew in my arms and didn’t grow in someone else’s. They might not have held you as tight or as long.

66. Give Mom a big hug from me and let her know how dearly I love her.

67. I’ll never forget the first time you put your tiny hand in mine. I knew right then that life would never be the same.

68. A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.

69. I’m so glad you’re in my Mommy’s Arms. I love you so much. When you are sleeping, Mommy’s arms are the most special place to be because I get to hold you close and know how much I care.

70. The hands of a mother are never idle ones. She always has time to give a hug to her little ones, stroke their hair, wipe tears, encourage them and say “I love you.

71. Your arms are my safe place dear mother. Your arms are home indeed.

72. We love you so. Here’s to the hands that have rocked us, strong hands that have held us when we’re down, and tender hands that have brushed our hair.

73. Our hands are capable of many things, but holding our children’s hands is the sweetest.

74. There are many ways to show your mother how much you love her. But sometimes all it takes is a simple hug and holding her hands.

75. The hands that hold your drinking glass can hold your heart. Every mother’s hands are special because a mother holds the hearts of her children.

76. I love my mother’s hands. I know no hands more loving than hers—so large, so warm, so certain of what they hold.

77. A mother’s arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them.

78. I love my mom’s hands because they always remind me of how strong she is and have comforted me in hard times.

79. There is no feeling in the world that is more comforting than your mother’s arms supporting you.

80. Her hands have held more sorrow than most souls experience in a lifetime, and yet they still know how to cradle and nurture and comfort.

81. Your hands hold so many memories. Our commitment to bringing them to life is our honor.

82. I love the hands that rocked me as an infant, and caressed me as a child, to wipe away tears when I grew.

83. When I look at my hands, I see the hands of my mother and all the mothers who came before her. What do you see?

84. Every mother’s arms have touched your life in some way.

85. A mother’s arms hug you, hold you, rock you, embrace you and carry your joy.

86. Mommy’s hands cradle you, touch your face, tuck you in at night, wipe away your tears and protect you always.

87. Mom’s hands are the first to hold you, and they’ll be the last to let you go.

88. No matter how old you are, if you have a mother, her hands will always hold you tight.

89. There are only two times a day when a mother’s arms aren’t around you. One is when you’re in her womb, the other is when you leave her.

90. No matter how your hands have been used, they’re always meant to cradle, comfort, and love.

91. Holding my daughter’s hand and watching her grow up has taught me that the world is much bigger than my arms.

92. Baby’s first touch, mommy’s first love. Every time you hold your newborn, you’re touching history.

93. Mothers’ love is like the air we breathe, silent and invisible. Yet its presence creates everything.

94. Hand of a mother is the hand that rocks the cradle. A mother’s hands are placed by nature upon the loveliest things in the world.

95. Mom’s arms are always there to catch you when you fall.

96. When it comes to motherhood, a few hands are even more important than two.

97. What could be sweeter than the hand that rocked you as a baby, wiped your tears as a child, holding your hand as a teenager, guided you through life as an adult & still caresses you today.

98. A mother’s touch is tender and warm. It nurtures, protects, and soothes.

99. These hands have touched your face, held you when you were small, and will be there when you need them most.

100. No matter what life brings, you’re always there for me. I love your hands and everything they do for me.

Hope these a mother’s arms are made of tenderness quotes created in you the longing to once more be in the tender arms of your mother or to give that tender embrace to your beloved child as a mother.

Select the quotes you love most and forward them to your mother or any loving mother around you.

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