Accept Apology Quotes

Accept Apology Quotes

Virtually every one of us has suffered hurt or been wronged at some point in our interactions with people. At such moments, various mixed emotions will flood our hearts and we may be tempted to just sideline such persons and put them at arm’s length.

However, the easiest thing to do is probably to forgive and forget once the offender admits their wrongdoing and apologizes for their actions. The offender is a human, just like you. We all lead busy lives and make mistakes on occasion and might have also wronged someone at one time or the other.

So, please accept the apology of anyone offering one for the frustration and disappointment caused due to their actions. Forgiveness is a sign of maturity and true love on our part. If you accept an apology and forgive others, it would be easier to put the anger and thoughts of retaliation at bay.

Accepting an apology is an important part of any relationship and it is not a sign of weakness rather, it is a sign of great maturity and wisdom. So, it’s time to forget all quarrels among us and our loved ones. Let these accept apology quotes show you how to.

Accept My Apology Quotes

Be the bigger person and accept an apology. When someone reaches the level of maturity to apologize, it is only corresponding if you accept the apology. In anything you do, always strive to keep the peace and strong harmony in your relationship with people.

1. If anyone has done something hurtful to a friend, apologize as soon as possible. Learning to say I’m sorry is the first step toward freedom. On this note, I want to say accept my apology.

2. There’s a lot of arguing and fighting in the world, but it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s that much easier to keep things civil by extending a hand of friendship instead of having an argument escalate into a full-on confrontation. Please accept my apology.

3. I’m sorry to apologize as I want to make this process as easy for you as possible. Rest assured that I am doing everything I can! This is the secret to a successful business. It is also relevant for a personal relationship.

4. Please accept my apology. No matter the circumstance, allowing an apology to be heard is a powerful sentiment toward maintaining a good relationship with others.

5. An honest apology can heal a broken friendship. Whether you want to write an apology letter or make a public apology, learn to say I’m sorry, please, accept my apology.

6. It’s only human to make mistakes, but it takes courage to admit and make up for them. Therefore, I want to express my sincere apology to you for the last issue, please accept it.

7. This can be hard to do, but if you want your relationship to last, a simple apology can go a long way. Please accept my apology is the way to go. Do not hesitate to ask for it.

8. Please accept my apology for all my errors. I am aware that to make the first move to your heal your friend; apologizing and forgiving are the friends’ behaviours. This can also make you be a strong person and take along responsibility for your behaviour.

9. When you’ve made a mistake, the right thing to do is apologize. When a friend has been hurt because of something you did or said, talk openly about how you feel and how you can help your friend from hurting again. Dear friend, accept my apology.

10. I might have had a falling out with my friend over something that happened in the past, but that doesn’t mean I can’t rebuild trust in our friendship. Accept my apology, dear friend.

11. There isn’t anyone who doesn’t need to be forgiven. I all have defects, shortcomings, and weaknesses. Accept my heartfelt apology. The best thing about letting go of an offense is that often when someone asks for forgiveness, you discover that the one asking is someone better than you realized.

12. Your house becomes a home when it’s filled with love and when you learn to apologize for every offense committed. Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, What! You too? I thought I was the only one. Accept my apology, my dear friend.

13. My actions have been done in error and ignorance. I have learned that next time one is in a situation where you’ve hurt someone; remember to say I’m sorry. It never hurts to say I’m sorry. I am sorry, accept my apology.

14. One that is important to learn is that if a friend has hurt you, apologize first before complaining about the situation. This will only further the rift. I am sorry, accept my apology.

15. I am so sorry to have done that, my dear friend. Please accept my apology. If a friend has hurt you, be the bigger person and apologize. It never hurts to say I’m sorry.

16. I love you. You never regret telling a loved one that you care. It’s one of the most important things in life. If a friend has hurt you, apologize too! I apologize for what I did; please accept my apology.

17. I don’t have to like everything about my friend (even if I do) but I have to be a good person. An apology isn’t always enough, trust me. Yet, I have to offer it; please accept my apology.

18. There are many things to learn. One is that you’ll make it a little easier, and more pleasant, for that friend to accept your apology and put things behind you. We’re all human, so don’t be afraid to say you’re sorry. Please accept my apology, dear friend.

19. I hurt someone very close to me; please accept my apology. Accept my apology. When you apologize, it makes the other person feel better. It feels good to know that someone cares about you.

20. I accept responsibility for my actions and apologize. I have thought about my friend and the consequences of my action. We’re all friends here and want everyone to feel welcome. If I am rude to someone, then I will quickly apologize, please accept my apology.

21. Your act should be that of a peacemaker. When you hurt someone, prepare the heart of the person to accept your apology. I’m sorry. Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, I say things I don’t mean—or don’t fully understand. I’d like to make it up to you.

22. You broke my heart. Can I please start over and I will do everything in my power to make this right? Please accept my apology.

23. I know you’re dealing with a lot right now. Please forgive me. Let’s start over? I promise I’ll be the guy you fell in love with again. You broke my heart. Can I please start over and I will make you fall in love with me all over again?

24. I’m crushed, pls accept my apology. Let’s move on and start over. I don’t want to lose you. I want to be with you forever. I know that you are going to take advantage of this second chance and make the best out of it. I will support you in everything you do from now on.

25. I’m sorry for what happened. It won’t happen again. I promise. I Ire meant to be together. Come on, you know you still love me, and I promise to do better next time. Can I please just try again?

26. When you left me, I felt like my whole world came crashing down. It was all I could do just to pick up the pieces and move on. I apologize for everything, please accept it.

27. I had a great time together and I wish I could do it again. Please accept my apology for my error.

28. I didn’t work out, but let’s try again. I don’t have anyone else right now, and I’d love to try again with you. Please accept my apology.

29. I know how it hurts to offend a very special person, so I have decided to reach out to you, please accept my apology. I am indeed sorry.

30. I’m sorry for any inconvenience caused. Please accept my most sincere apology.

31. If there’s anything I can do to help, or make up for the problem, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m really sorry you had a bad experience.

32. Please let me know if there is anything further I can do to help. Please accept my sincere apology. I hope to make it up to you.

33. No matter what name you call it, whether you’re apologizing to a significant other, parent, or friend, allowing your apology to be heard is a pleasant sentiment that maintains good relationships with others.

34. We’re humans. We make mistakes. It’s important to allow an apology to be heard. This is a powerful sentiment to unite relationships.

35. Regardless of your feelings or circumstances, an apology can help you maintain a good relationship with others.

36. We believe that apologies are a powerful tool to maintain clear and healthy relationships with others.

37. Apologies are very important in maintaining a good relationship with others. Regardless of the situation, an apology can make a relationship stronger.

38. No one is perfect. Accept apologies because tomorrow, you may also offend someone. When you accept the apology o someone, it brings you close to being accepted when you offer your apology to the person you offended.

39. The ability to accept an apology can allow you to forgive and move on in your relationship, benefiting both of you.

40. If you’re guilty of alienating someone by not accepting their apology, read this article and learn how to keep the friendship alive.

41. The heartfelt apology can be simple, elegant, or even provocative. In any case, the words said by a friend, who acknowledges their mistake and apologizes, can make all the difference to your day and state of mind.

42. An apology is sometimes all you need to turn a mistake into a moment of clarity. Real friends are forgiving, and that helps conditions to feel safe. It’s okay when your friends make mistakes.

43. Apologies can mend broken relationships and bring everyone back to a friendly place. If you’re in a relationship with someone who has mistreated you, and they make an effort to apologize, it’s always worth your while to listen.

44. Making friends is hard. But what if friends make mistakes? It’s okay to not be okay with everything your friends do. Learn how to forgive and move on with this helpful guide.

45. Everyone makes mistakes. When someone is willing to admit and apologize for theirs, you should be able to accept their apology, forgive them and move on.

46. When someone realizes they’ve said or done something wrong, an apology is the right way to let the person you’ve hurt know you care. An apology takes courage.

47. If you find yourself or someone close to you in a tense situation, try keeping an open mind. It may be enough to keep the peace and save a friendship.

48. Forgiving someone who wronged you can make it easier to move forward and rebuild your relationship, even if you’ve been hurt deeply.

49. Most of us want to be able to forgive and forget, but sometimes it’s hard. Here’s how to make that first step toward forgiveness.

50. We all make mistakes and are prone to making errors in judgment. When this happens, the best way to make amends is to apologize. An apology can repair a friendship and show you care.

Quotes About Accepting Apology

An apology can be a powerful tool to heal and create trust in any relationship. Accepting an apology is actually accepting the person himself and his genuine feeling to do good in the future. So, go ahead with your plans of accepting their apology for peace to reign.
The act of apologizing is a positive one.

51. While it’s never pleasant to apologize, consider the value of owning up to your mistakes as a chance to grow. It shows that you care about the relationship and desire to make amends.

52. It is most important that you say you are sorry if things have shifted to the wrong course. Sometimes, people have had a misunderstanding or conflict with another person, and they may need to apologize as soon as possible and sincerely.

53. It’s never too late to apologize for a mistake. By accepting an apology, a person can save face and be accepted back into the system.

54. Accept apology. Everyone makes mistakes, so when you’re sincere and willing to admit when you are wrong, it’s easier for me to forgive.

55. If you make a mistake, have the decency to acknowledge it and show that you’re sorry. So, accept my apology.

56. By accepting your friends’ or loved ones’ apologies, you show that you are caring and willing to work things out. You can also prevent unnecessary fights by admiring the person’s desire to amend the mistake.

57. By accepting an apology, you not only satisfy the other person but also allow your relationship to continue.

58. Apologizing is a two-way street. By accepting an apology, you not only satisfy the other person, but you also allow the relationship to continue and grow.

59. By accepting an apology, you offer a way for the other person to stay connected with you. Unlike stubborn and uncooperative people, you will give your opponent an opportunity to mend their ways.

60. By forgiving a person who has made a mistake, you open the door for that person to remain connected with you. You not only forgive a person but most likely will develop a lasting friendship from it.

61. By saying you’re sorry, you help the other person repair the damage they’ve caused. After a mistake, accepting an apology can help mend a relationship.

62. You’re writing the words that I want to hear. By saying sorry and accepting an apology after a mistake, you can build a better relationship with someone.

63. By accepting someone’s apology, you can finally put an end to hostility and hurt. It’s the first step to reconnecting with someone who hurt or disappointed you.

64. When someone screws up and they apologize, your kindness can make a huge difference. Your relationship will strengthen, even if you don’t let the person off the hook.

65. Of course, an apology always helps smooth things over and mends a relationship. Giving someone the benefit of the doubt is only human. When someone apologizes, give them a second chance.

66. If someone says they are sorry, it never hurts to accept the apology. Apologizing is a great way to take responsibility for your actions and make things right with someone.

67. By accepting an apology, you can spare the blushes of someone who has made a genuine mistake in their letter and move on with your life.

68. If you apologized and feel your apology has not been accepted, simply let it go. That’s the nature of relationships–even those with parents, spouses, and children. Be patient and loving, and allow the person to make their own way back to you.

69. While it’s important to forgive, it’s also important to remember the next time you or someone else makes the same mistake.

70. Accepting an apology allows everyone to save face, keep their pride intact, and continue to enjoy the relationship

71. Taking an apology allows everyone to save face, keep their pride intact, and continue to enjoy the relationship in the future.

72. Accepting an apology is an act of mercy and grace. It allows everyone the opportunity to save face, keep their pride intact, and continue to enjoy the relationship.

73. A broad apology allows everyone to maintain the goodwill in a relationship, and maybe even continue it.

74. It’s my fault, accept my apology; words like these have gone a long way to end generational rifts.

75. By saying you’re sorry, you take the first step towards reconciliation. It’s important to let everyone know that you care about your relationship with them.

76. Forgiveness is a powerful tool. It allows people to stay connected and maintain relationships. So, accept an apology and move on.

77. Ending a conflict on a positive note strengthens relationships, makes everyone feel better, and eliminates the need to worry about the same thing happening again.

78. When you apologize to someone, it can be difficult to know what to say. Don’t allow a disagreement to divide your relationship. After you apologize, take this opportunity to reaffirm your affection and support for one another.

79. Well done – you showed a lot of integrity by recognizing your mistake. I’d like to accept your apology.

80. Tell them you will be open to their apologies and to talk later. That will give you a chance to better understand the situation from their perspective.

81. If you’re thinking, “That was a strange thing to say,” let it go. You don’t have to be perfect or right.

82. By saying sorry, you are both letting go of any tension and allowing your relationship to continue. When you accept an apology from the other person, you can continue your relationship with that person peacefully.

83. When people feel bad because of something they’ve done, accepting an apology from them can make them feel better. They’ll feel like you still want to be friends, and your relationship will continue.

84. This lets the other person know that they’ve done nothing to damage your relationship with them, and thus will allow the relationship to continue in a positive manner.

85. People who accept an apology are happier and healthier than those who don’t. But why are they so much more content?

86. When you choose to forgive someone, you’re not only letting them off the hook, you’re also letting yourself off the hook. By accepting an apology, you’ll keep your relationship from taking a hit.

87. Accepting apologies is key in today’s world. In fact, apologies are a must, whether done in person or via technology.

88. It is easy to respond graciously to someone who acknowledges that they have behaved badly. When people apologize, it removes the charge of negativity and opens the way for a fresh start.

89. You can’t spend tomorrow worrying about what happened yesterday, let it go, forgive and accept it and free your heart from the grudges that could hold you down.

90. If you’ve ever held on to the regrets from yesterday, or guilt from recent actions, let it go. Forgive yourself for making mistakes and accept them as a part of life. Tomorrow is a blank page, ready for you to make your mark.

91. You can’t carry yesterday’s burdens with you forever. It’s okay to let them go. Forgive yourself and move on.

92. We will teach you how to let go of what happened in the past, forgive yourself, and focus solely on the bright future ahead of you.

93. Don’t let the past hold you back. Let it go. Focus on the present, learn from your past, and don’t regret anything. Live in today’s moment and be happy.

94. The sooner you let it go, the easier your tomorrow is. Don’t linger on the things you can’t change. Forgive and move forward with your head held high.

95. Let go of all the stresses of your day, clear your mind and body, and embrace a better you by accepting apologies from whoever has offended you.

96. Don’t wait for the right time to do what you love; if it’s important to you, do it now. You shouldn’t spend time blaming yourself or someone else, just move on and improve.

97. Time to change your life is today. You need something different, time for a lifestyle reset. Let go of the stuff you can’t change and focus on the present, the now – that’s the place where you can actually make a difference! Accept apologies from people and move on.

98. When you accept apologies, you give the free passage of way for people to approach you when they offend you and you also give your relationship a chance to move on.

99. Accepting apologies isn’t a sign of weakness; rather it shows strength in you. When you accept an apology, you choose the relationship over your ego.

100. Accepting apologies makes your life free from dross. He who hasn’t sinned should cast the first stone. We all have erred at one time or the other; accepting apologies is the way to go if you want to grow.

There is not much purpose in clinging to anger and hurt over something so dangerous as you don’t know if it involves self-humiliation and regret at the end of the day.

Hope these accept apology quotes were exactly what you were looking for. If so, feel free to comment or share your suggestions below. You can also forward them to as many persons who will appreciate you for doing just that.

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