Admitting When You're Wrong Quotes

Admitting When You’re Wrong Quotes

Admitting to mistakes actually takes a whole level of maturity because it’s not easy to admit that you’re wrong. It only takes a single instance to prove that you are wrong. If you are not willing to admit it, you will never learn from your mistakes.

But if you admit what mistakes you made, and work hard to correct them, then there’s no telling how far you could go in life. If you are willing to admit that you’re wrong, you will learn something.

The admitting when you’re wrong quotes below will help you know if truly you’re at fault and also help you know how best to apologize for what you’ve done wrong.

Admitting Mistakes and Taking Responsibility Quotes

Admitting mistakes is one thing; taking responsibility for it is another thing. Both take so much maturity, especially when you’re not at fault. These quotes will help you go through this the best way.

1. No matter how perfect you think you are, you can’t always be right. When you err, own up and apologize. Remember, the person affected is also human and has blood flowing through his/her veins. It takes nothing to be good.

2. No matter how wrong someone is, they first need to realize and admit that they are wrong. If they take the first step to admit that they’re wrong, there’s hope for them yet. Be this kind of person.

3. If you are wrong, admit it quickly and emphatically, without you being forced. The truth is, we all err at some point in our lives. It’s only proper and human that you apologize when you’re wrong. It makes you a good person and also makes the one you wronged have a good thing to say about you.

4. We’ve all been there. We say or do something we regret, and it only makes things worse if left unaddressed. The best thing you can do is humble yourself and ask for forgiveness. It will be appreciated, no matter what.

5. Don’t beat yourself up. You have made a mistake. Everyone’s done it. Just make sure that you own up and apologize to that person. Be respectful while at it. Just apologize, and all will be fine.

6. The best thing you can do when you’ve done something wrong is admit it. It’s not enough to just say sorry. You must also own up, be honest and humble yourself.

7. One wrong action or series of actions that accumulate to the point where they become a real problem will always need to be addressed. But it can often be solved diplomatically, and the best solution should always be chosen, no matter what. Choose peace.

8. It’s never too late to apologize. If you made a mistake and want to make things right, don’t be afraid to ask for forgiveness. It will be appreciated, no matter the form it comes.

9. People make mistakes. I don’t care if you’re perfect or the messiest person in the world; we’ve all been there. A sincere apology can go a long way to making things better and right. Choose to apologize to the person you wronged.

10. You got something to apologize for? Say it. The sooner you say sorry, the better it will be for both you and the one you wronged.

11. Even when you make a mistake, if you own up to it, you’re showing yourself that you’re mature, responsible and accountable. It’s one of the best things about you.

12. Sometimes, we all face tough times and make bad choices. But it’s how we deal with them that counts. Be a better you, be kind to one another, apologize when you’re wrong, and always find strength in connecting with the ones you love.

13. You seem to keep making the same mistakes over and over again. The truth is until you realize your faults and fix them, forgiveness won’t come. Be a better person.

14. You’ve made a mistake already today. You will make another mistake again tomorrow. We all do. But hopefully, that doesn’t stop you from learning and growing and trying your best to become the best version of yourself possible.

15. Things go wrong. You say things you don’t mean. You do things you don’t want to. It doesn’t matter if you’re the president of a country, a CEO of a massive movement, or just a regular person like you or me. That’s life. But once you wrong someone, apologize.

16. There will be hard times. There will be mistakes. But do not react. Take a step back, and ask yourself, ‘How can I make this right?’ If the answer involves your humility, then humble yourself.

17. Acknowledging your mistakes and taking responsibility for them is the first step in starting fresh.

18. If you want to stand for something, you’ve to be willing to fall for anything. Whether it involves the embarrassment of falling flat on your face or having to look someone in the eye and say ‘sorry’. If it means you’re about to make a positive impact.

19. When you stumble, it means you have taken a step forward. It means you tried something new. It means you are engaged in a never-ending pursuit of wisdom and excellence, not perfection.

20. No matter how big or small you are, expect to make mistakes. But be sure to learn and grow from your errors by mastering the act of apologizing when you’re wrong.

21. Accepting that you’re wrong can soften your stance; taking the blame for things that aren’t your fault can strengthen your relationships, and admitting when you do something stupid can give you new opportunities to reveal your true self.

22. We all make mistakes. Own up to yours and apologize. Sincerely, you will be appreciated for your honesty. It costs you nothing to be a good person.

23. If you are wrong, admit it quickly and emphatically. Nothing damages credibility as much as saying something confidently, later admitting that you were wrong, and then trying to shrug it off like it was no big deal.

24. Never mistake people’s silence for ignorance. They might choose to use words when there are none. To know and admit when you’re wrong is strength. To never apologize is pride.

25. It’s hard to admit you’re wrong, I know. I have a hard time too. It feels awkward and embarrassing, and it’s not comfortable. It can even be painful, but it is what it is. Apologize and move on.

26. Take a moment to recognize doing something wrong is sometimes part of doing something right.

27. Sometimes, we’re wrong for no reason other than being selfish and impatient. Forgive yourself, forgive others; let go of the burden of guilt, and just make things right. You deserve better.

28. Admitting you’re wrong opens your mind and frees your soul. Say you’re sorry more, it gives you strength to face tomorrow, and this will make you have little or no problems.

29. We live and learn, and if you’ve got a lot to say, don’t be afraid to admit when you’re wrong. Good things come to good people, especially those who apologize.

30. One of the hardest things to do is admit that you are wrong. It’s not wrong to change your mind, and it’s not wrong to apologize. An apology is a good way to save stress.

31. We all make mistakes, but what makes us humans is learning to accept our mistakes and apologize. This saves a lot of trouble and future problems. The act of apologizing is one way to live a good life.

32. Let your behaviour change rather than trying to justify it. Everyone makes mistakes because we all are humans. Never try to justify the wrong you did. Accept it, and then the apology will be sincere.

33. Making mistakes is part of human life; we can’t but do it. But when you’re at fault, make sure you apologize, learn from it, and move on. Don’t dwell on the past; live in the present, instead.

34. In all your dealings, make sure you admit to your mistakes and apologize. Trust me; it takes nothing from you; it only makes you human. It will free up space in your heart for the good things.

35. I’m always willing to admit when I’m wrong. And I’ve been known to apologize even more frequently than that.

Admit Your Fault Quotes

The moment you admit your fault, you’re the bigger person. But before you can get to this stage, you must be a very mature person. These quotes will help you know what to do to help admit your fault.

36. Admitting you’re wrong is sometimes harder than righting a wrong. But you still have to admit it willingly, without being forced. That’s when you know you are mature.

37. Let’s admit our wrongs and apologize to those we’ve hurt, especially while they’re still around. We all make mistakes, but ask yourself this; how can you make amends with someone if you never admit you were at fault?

38. Every human being makes mistakes. The trick is to make them when nobody is looking; then, you don’t feel the need to apologize.

39. Admitting you’re wrong is hard, but it is what you have to do. Apologizing for your wrongdoings doesn’t make you a weak person; it makes you the bigger person, in fact. Master the act of apologizing.

40. We only succeed when we learn from our mistakes and accept responsibility for our failures. If you know better, then do better.

41. You made a mistake yesterday, a big one. And you’re not proud of it. But while you can’t change the past, you can apologize and ask for forgiveness. And from there, let today be a new day.

42. Admit that you are wrong when you are wrong and make amends promptly. It takes strength to do so, and not many people can do it, but it’s what has to be done. Apologize and find peace. You know better; now do better.

43. Never forget to apologize and say you are sorry when you do something wrong. The best word we can ever say is sorry. Just apologize and make sure you never repeat the same thing anymore.

44. Never be afraid to apologize. Even though it takes so much courage to own up to what you’ve done, an apology is a sign of strength and not weakness, so it has to be made. You will be fine.

45. Own up to your mistakes, and apologize. Forgive each other and move on. If you keep hurting everyone who comes your way, you will have a problem with growth, and you will never learn. Choose to tow the right path.

46. Knowing when to say you’re sorry is as important as knowing when to fight for what’s right. Apologizing isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it at the end of the day.

47. It takes a strong person to admit error but an even stronger person to forgive those who point it out. In all, be a good person. You’re not a good person if you don’t take to correction.

48. Be humble enough to admit when you’re wrong because then, you’re doing good. Learn from your mistakes, but never regret them because, at one point, they were making you better.

49. If you make a mistake, the best thing is to acknowledge it, learn from it, then move on. Without this, you might not find peace, and that will take a lot from you.

50. There is absolutely nothing wrong with saying that you are wrong and that you are sorry. If anything, it only makes you a mature human.

51. Don’t be afraid to say sorry, especially when you’re wrong. In fact, sometimes, for peace to reign, just say sorry. It’s a sign of maturity and strength.

52. We’re always going to make mistakes, learn from them, grow and move forward. No one is saying you should apologize for who you are, but apologizing for my actions is very important.

53. When a person owns up and apologizes, it makes the person amazing and special. It’s the most important thing you can do. If you still haven’t mastered the act of apologizing, then you should now.

54. To know when you’re wrong, and to admit it quickly, gives you the right to be in harmony with yourself. And the person you’ve wronged will be in peace with you.

55. I’m sorry, I was wrong; it’s important to say those words, but sometimes, apologizing can make things worse. If you haven’t said these words and mean them in your heart, don’t bother saying them at all because it makes no difference.

56. Nobody is perfect. Nobody does everything right all the time. It’s okay to admit that you should have done something differently. So when you’re corrected, don’t make a fuss about it. Just accept it, and move on.

57. Being wrong isn’t the strongest or weakest thing we do; it’s our reaction to not being right that defines us. When life knocks us down, we should get back up, apologize for what went wrong and embrace that tomorrow is a fresh new start.

58. Not wanting to admit that you’re wrong is very wrong. You don’t have to make people feel bad. If anything, you should be good to everyone. And once it’s time to apologize, don’t be stubborn.

59. People who are willing to admit that they’re wrong, learn from mistakes, and apologize for their actions are more mature than people who don’t. You never go wrong by honouring your mistakes.

60. Though it went all wrong, sometimes you just have to admit you’re wrong and apologize. Admitting you’re wrong is not a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of strength. Own up to your mistakes and apologize for them.

61. When we own up to our mistakes, apologize for them, and make amends, we experience a newfound sense of peace and freedom; and things get better from there.

62. Sorry is the hardest word to say, and receiving an apology isn’t always easy, but it gives you room to forgive. Say sorry when you’re wrong; accept apologies when you’ve been wronged.

63. We’re all human; we all make mistakes. All you can do is apologize, keep moving forward and learn from your failures.

64. Owning up to your mistakes is the first step of true growth. Be a better person tomorrow than you are today. You will be amazed at how everything will align in your favour.

65. You were wrong, so apologize. It doesn’t take anything away from you; it only makes you a better person. Admitting mistakes doesn’t make us weak; it makes us human. Say sorry, now!

66. Let’s be honest, sometimes we all make mistakes and wrong others. Sometimes no matter who you are or what the situation is, you need to just say I’m sorry. Don’t wait for a perfect time to be sorry for your actions because it will never come.

67. Sometimes, you need to put your pride aside and be human. You were human first before any other thing. Just apologize. It is so tough, but it’s the right thing to do.

68. Mistakes are proof that you are trying. Perfection is not attainable, so why aim for it? Aiming for progress instead of perfection is a great way to improve your overall performance. Be yourself.

69. Nothing can help you live a long and healthy life like apologizing for your actions. It makes you free from drama and problems. You glow and grow differently.

70. Truth be told, growing up is all about learning when to apologize and admitting that you are wrong. You haven’t started living and growing if you don’t apologize for your wrongdoings.

Quotes About Admitting When You Are Wrong

No matter what, you must admit when you’re wrong. Admitting your wrongdoing doesn’t take anything away from you. If anything, it makes you the bigger person.

71. It’s okay to say that you made a mistake, don’t be afraid to admit your guilt and apologize. We all judge and make mistakes; it’s human nature.

72. You don’t have to be perfect to be amazing. Acknowledging that you are wrong is the first step towards being right. Wronged someone? Call them to apologize and be respectful while at it.

73. Trust me, you will never regret apologizing. You will regret not doing it soon enough. So pick up your phone, and call that person who needs an apology from you. Let them know how sorry you are.

74. Who knew something as simple as an apology could be so powerful? We sure didn’t, but we’re about to find out because it takes two to apologize.

75. Life is too short to be defensive. Admit your mistakes and apologize; it doesn’t cost you a thing. Drop your pride and do the needful. Life is forgiving. Love is patience. Life goes on.

Quotes About Admitting When You Are Wrong

76. Learn from your mistakes and never be afraid to apologize. A wise person once said that the first step towards forgiveness is for you to admit that you were wrong. After that, you can proceed to apologize.

77. When you realize you were wrong, take immediate action to make things right again because you never know the damage you’ve caused the person.

78. “I was wrong. I made a mistake. It happened, but it will never happen again”. Those should be your words to the person you’ve wronged. It is admitting that you are wrong means that you were brave enough, to be honest with your actions. And that’s what matters.

79. It takes a bigger man to apologize than it does to defend his actions. If you are wrong, admit it quickly and wholeheartedly. It will be better for you in the long run.

80. When admitting you’re wrong is the best feeling ever, sometimes all it takes is a simple apology to turn a bad day around. The power of saying “I’m sorry” is awesome and changes things real fast.

81. A good apology is more than just words. It’s taking responsibility and showing that you care. Admitting you are wrong takes courage. Learning from it takes maturity.

82. Admitting you’re wrong is the first step in proving yourself to be a capable leader. Apologizing doesn’t always mean you’re wrong; you just want peace and love to reign.

83. Never be afraid to apologize when you’re wrong. When you are wrong, you lose nothing, but when you are right, no one remembers. This is why it’s important to forgive as well. Whatever it is, make sure you apologize for doing wrong.

84. The only way to be a better person is to admit your mistakes. An apology, if sincere, asks for nothing and deserves everything. If you think apologizing is a weakness, then you have never truly apologized for your actions. There is no shame in admitting that you were wrong. There is no shame in apologizing.

85. Even though apologizing doesn’t really fix the problem, it shows the other person we understand their hurt. And I think that’s the first step to healing. Never be afraid to be vulnerable and apologize. Admitting you’re wrong means you welcome change.

86. Realizing your mistake is the first step to fixing it. And when it comes to apologies, the sooner, the better. It’s easy to say sorry, especially when you really mean it.

87. Owning up to your mistakes is the first step to growth. Let’s admit our mistakes. Let us learn from them, and then let us forgive ourselves for them.

88. We all make mistakes. Admitting them and apologizing for them, however, is a rare trait. Be strong enough to apologize when you’re wrong, and learn from your mistakes. You’ll be surprised by how much better you feel from the encounter.

89. No one is perfect. We are all just doing the best we can. The key to a happy life is not making things perfect but accepting then moving on. Admitting you’re wrong is the fastest way to show personal growth.

90. We’re only human, and we all make mistakes. Accept your flaws. Admit that you make mistakes. Apologize to those you’ve hurt, and cherish those who care about you.

91. Apologizing doesn’t always come easily, especially if you’re very sure you weren’t at fault. But when it comes to wanting peace to reign, you can be the bigger person by apologizing; it’s the right thing to do.

92. While admitting to making a mistake is hard, doing so can be constructive. It creates the path for reconciliation and change, as long as you’re respectful about it.

93. It’s better to be nice and wrong rather than stubborn and right. If you haven’t made a mistake yet, you’re not doing anything, but accept your mistakes, so you learn from them.

94. Imagine how much we could achieve if everyone were able to admit their mistakes and apologize. The world will definitely be a better place for us all. Let’s keep it that way.

95. Nobody’s perfect. If someone is hurt by your actions, you can apologize and make amends. When you admit your mistakes, you give yourself the chance to learn from them.

96. We’re human; we all make mistakes. But admitting when you’re wrong and encouraging people to forgive is what makes us grow as humans.

97. It is important to admit your mistakes and apologize when you realize that you’ve hurt someone. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple apology to clear the air.

98. We are all humans, and we’re not perfect. It’s better to admit your mistakes than spend your life making excuses. Just make sure you apologize for doing wrong.

99. It’s never too late to admit you’re wrong; to apologize to the people you’ve hurt and make things right. Instead of having a great life, let’s have a meaningful one.

100. Learn from your mistakes and don’t make them again because great life lessons don’t come for free. We all make mistakes, but those who learn from them are smart; the rest never progress.

Hello dear. I hope you were able to see reasons to admit to your wrongdoings after going through the admitting when you’re wrong quotes up there. Please, let me know how you feel by dropping your comments. Thank you.


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