Afraid Of Relationship Quotes

Afraid Of Relationship Quotes

Life is hard, but managing relationships are even harder. And nothing can truly prepare you for disappointments, the loss, and heartbreak that comes with being in relationships.

This is because most of us get into relationships expecting them to last forever. After all, it seems like the best thing that has ever happened to us. But sometimes, it hits us hard that people are not always whom they say they are. And hurts are usually the worst when it comes from those closest to us.

So, if you’ve been hurt in relationships in the past, it’s normal to fear getting into a relationship again. Perhaps your partner left you for someone else and it ruined your faith in relationships, or you found out they were with you for hidden reasons but love. Whatever it is, it is no less hurtful.

But you must know that you are not alone. And here are these on-point afraid of relationship quotes below I prepared for you that can help you process how you are feeling and even encourage you not to give up on love. Check them out.

Quotes About Being Afraid of Relationship

When you’re scared, suspicious, and wary of people generally; you have probably had a bad experience in a relationship(s). The times you’ve spent crying over a relationship that hurt you cannot be bought back, but one thing it leaves with you is fear of relationships.

1. It’s okay to be scared of relationships. You’re only human, and it’s natural to protect your heart from potential pain. It also takes courage to take that leap of faith and do what you need to do for love.

2. Do not be afraid of relationships. It is better to have loved and lost than never loved at all.

3. It is normal to be afraid of being in a relationship, because only then can we understand our true feelings about it.

4. Why are so many girls afraid to be in relationships? Because they are scared of being hurt.

5. Afraid to love? Remember, the opposite of love is not hatred. It’s fear.

6. We fear rejection, heartbreak, and the chance of being hurt all over again. But that’s because we haven’t met the right person yet.

7. We fear the unknown. We fear that things might not work out the way we want them to work out. We fear the embarrassment, the heartache, and the rejection that can come with relationships. So instead of loving, we hold back.

8. We don’t take a chance on love, even when someone special comes along; not because we don’t want to love but because we are afraid of being in a relationship.

9. It’s okay to be afraid of getting hurt. But it’s also okay to get hurt and keep going as long as you don’t stop.

10. You can stay away from relationships, even with someone you’re very attracted to because you’re not ready for another heartbreak. And you don’t have to feel bad about it.

11. She was afraid to love because she knew how it felt to lose someone she loved.

12. People don’t like being single. But they’re very afraid of relationships. Love is scary but that’s why they call it falling and not flying.

13. You are not broken if you are afraid of being in a relationship. You simply know how it feels when people’s character changes before your eyes.

14. The fear of relationships is not a fear of commitment. It’s a fear of wasting precious time.

15. Being afraid to be in a relationship is normal because, through that, you learn more about yourself than you ever thought you could.

16. You’re not in a relationship because you’re afraid it’ll end too soon. You’re in a relationship so it never ends.

17. It’s okay to fear getting into another relationship because you feel like they’ll leave eventually. We all feel that way somewhere inside our hearts.

18. Don’t be afraid to fall in love, you may never know who can break that cycle of heartbreak.

19. People aren’t afraid of relationships, people are afraid of being in a relationship with the wrong person.

20. It’s fine to be scared of everything that comes with being in a relationship. It might be cute and all, but it has so much pain also.

21. It’s difficult to trust someone when the person that made you feel most unvalued was the person that swore they valued you the most.

22. Maybe you’re scared of love because you don’t want to get hurt again. Or maybe you’re scared because you think it won’t last. Either way, it is a valid feeling.

23. Yes, being afraid to be in a relationship is hard, but you will learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible.

24. Reaching the point where being single sounds good to you, rather than constant hurt is normal.

25. Sometimes the reason we refuse to let anyone too close is that they remind us of someone else who hurt us.

26. It’s fine to be scared of falling for someone new because you’re not sure if you can ever completely get over the previous hurts.

27. Being scared to commit is normal. It’s a big decision, and you should take your time.

28. People are afraid that their hearts will get broken, they’re going to be used, and they’ll be hurt.

29. It’s okay to be afraid of love. Love is scary. It changes you in ways you have never thought possible.

30. If you’re afraid of getting into a relationship, that’s OK. Relationships are hard and they might even make you feel vulnerable. But they will teach you so many things about yourself and other people, which lessons can be invaluable when your partner isn’t around anymore.

31. The fear of love is something we all live with every day, but we also come to the point where we weigh our pros and cons and choose love.

32. To know that you deserve love is one thing, but the fear of the pain that comes with it is another. Together, it’s a delicate state to decide your fate.

33. Those moments when your fear is not falling in love; it’s not being loved back.

34. The depth of the fear of letting someone in who will leave will always prevent you from taking a step of faith and love.

35. Being vulnerable with someone can be the most terrifying and beautiful thing in the world.

36. We’re all scared of being in the wrong relationship. That’s why we spend a lot of time avoiding finding someone to connect with.

37. I’m not scared of loving again. I’m just scared of falling for the wrong person again.

38. While it’s fine and healthy to be afraid of being in a relationship, it’s also important to work through your fears so you can give love a chance.

39. Being single means you aren’t stuck in the wrong relationship, and it is not too late to start fresh.

40. You don’t need to be scared of love. Just be careful with whom you choose to give your heart.

41. Even when love feels like a hurricane and you’re the last kid to be picked for the game, it’s worth fighting for.

42. Your heart might be bruised, but it will recover and become capable of seeing the beauty of life once more. It’s like having a bandaid. It hurts, but then it heals.

43. You don’t need to be afraid of loving again. You just need to choose whom you love carefully.

44. I don’t want to be in a relationship; I’m afraid of one. But I want someone to hold me and show me how to be loved.

45. I’m afraid of being in a relationship but still, want everything that comes with being in one.

46. The thing about being terrified of getting hurt is you won’t ever get to feel the happiness of being in love.

47. I’m afraid to fall in love again. I’ll do my best not to let it show.

48. You’ve never been afraid of being alone. What scares you is being forgotten by someone you’d take a bullet for.

49. I’ve only ever been afraid of being in a relationship. And that’s why I don’t have one.

50. I think I’m afraid to be happy because whenever I get too happy, something bad always happens.

51. The most beautiful kind of love is when you find the courage to hold on even after experiencing the heartbreak of letting go.

52. It’s OK to be afraid to be in a relationship because you may learn more about yourself than you ever thought you could.

53. It may seem that way but you are not alone in being afraid of love.

54. You may not be afraid of the commitment in a relationship, but you can fear the result.

55. If you’re still scared to be in a relationship then try being alone. It’s scarier.

56. Would you rather be alone than in a bad relationship? This is a choice life brings across our paths in life at one point.

57. Love is an act of bravery, not of fear. But for now, be sincere when you’re scared.

58. Fear is a sickness we all have, but the fear that keeps you from getting who your heart desires is a worse one.

59. You are scared of being in a relationship because it’s so scary to fall for someone who does not love you back.

60. I’m scared to get close and I hate being alone. I long for that feeling to not feel at all.

61. You can be scared they’ll leave even if they never do. That’s what a history of bad relationships has caused.

62. You’re afraid of being hurt, but you only get hurt because you rush in. Don’t hesitate.

63. If you’re not scared, it’s not love. Love has its fear until perfect love casts out fear.

64. You may feel that it’s better to be alone than to have gone through a bad breakup. But you shouldn’t be afraid of love.

65. Don’t be afraid of love. Be afraid of never finding it.

66. If you’re not scared, then you don’t know how much love matters in this world and to you.

67. You can be afraid to lose the one your heart loves, but the greater fear and loss comes when you’re even more afraid to have never tried.

68. We all feel this, and it’s okay. Don’t let fear stop you from being open, instead think about what you learned and then you can get past your fear.

69. We develop a fear of love when we are the ones always giving and never receiving.

70. To be afraid of love is to be afraid to live, so it is when you’re afraid of relationships.

Can you relate to the afraid of relationship quotes above? If yes, then you’re not alone, there are millions of people around the globe who are afraid of love and relationships as well. Don’t forget to comment on which quote was most relatable, and share them with your friends. Thank you.

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